Just Being Neighbourly Pt. 04


Karen and Dan are off to get married, on a cruise.

This one is a little longer than my average chapter, but there’s just so much to do on a ship. So many opportunities for fun.


I knew there had to be some good that would arise from the recently soft economy. It just took a while to find it.

Cruises were taking a beating, and several of the major lines were running specials, including extra perks for last minute bookings. Extra perks were always welcome, and we took advantage of everything we could get. You’d be surprised just how compliant people become when you tell them you want to get married.

I had been on cruises before. The ship is half the fun, and this one was going to be a ball. One of the biggest on the planet, it had all the usual accouterments, such as food, food, food, food, booze and gambling. It also had a zip line, climbing wall, ice rink, theatres, about half a dozen pools, and various other things you wouldn’t expect to see on the high seas.

We booked the best room available, an outside suite with a balcony, and were looking forward to a relaxing time in the luxurious surroundings. The whole Belinda situation had taken a toll on both of us, and even though it had worked out fine in the end, we needed the time away to repair the damage.

Still, it had brought us closer together, and inspired Karen to suggest we get married. Sometimes the best outcomes are purely accidental.


On the day of our departure, we loaded our luggage into a taxi, and headed to the port. We had arrived the day before after a pleasant flight, and spent the evening enjoying each other in the hotel room.

The check-in process was extensive, but had been streamlined in the last few years. We were among the earliest to embark, so perhaps that played a role in the pleasant surprise that greeted us.

We handed our documents to the pretty black girl behind the counter, and she scanned our passports into her terminal. A pause, while she checked the information against the reservation, and she smiled brighter.

“Getting married, I see?” she asked, her Caribbean accent showing.

“Yes,” Karen replied, taking my arm and pressing her breasts around it.

“Well, I may have an early present for you,” the girl, whose name tag read ‘Lydia’ said melodically. Her fingers pecked at the keyboard, then the mouse was clicked a few times. More keystrokes, then her smile really lit up. “Yes I do. I’m going to upgrade your cabin. On behalf of the Company and myself… Congratulations!”

With that, Lydia handed us our package of information, and our key cards. She explained how we were to swipe our cards whenever we went aboard, and again when we went ashore… “If you actually make it out of your room,” she added with a wink.

“Oooooooooo, honey,” Karen giggled, “you’re a girl after my own heart! I suppose we might find some time in our busy schedule.”

Off we went, weaving up the gangplank, and into the ship, where we swiped our cards for the first time. Hospitality staff members were on hand to direct us, and a steward smiled when he saw our room number.

“Oh, I think you’re going to enjoy your cabin,” he nodded. “Head aft, through the Promenade, to the aft elevator, and up to Deck 17. Thank you for cruising with us.”

I had been on cruise ships before. So had Karen.

Never had either of us seen such a place.

First of all, the ship was absolutely huge. The space he mentioned… The Promenade?… basically a mall at sea, with shops and restaurants on both sides, and a high ceiling more at home in a Vegas hotel than on a ship. Since we were in no real hurry, we did a little window shopping along the way, until we finally came across the elevators as directed.

A short ride later, we stepped out onto deck 17. In the usual way, we turned the wrong direction out of the elevator. It didn’t matter though; this deck was small, and laid out in a loop. We stopped in front of 1740, like two kids on Christmas morning, anxious to see our surprise. I swiped the key, and the little light went green, allowing us in.

If I thought the Promenade was impressive, well, I hadn’t seen anything yet.

“Oh my god,” Karen smiled. “Really? This is ours? Holy shit! We’ve got a balcony!” she gasped, and dashed out to the small platform.

I paused. There was something not right about the windows. They were so… tall. So was the ceiling. I turned.

“Um, honey,” I babbled, “we’ve got more than just a balcony. We’ve got a second level!”

“What?” she asked, stepping back inside. “I didn’t hear y…” Her mouth hung open, as she looked up at the bedroom and bath, situated in a loft above the main level. “Holy shit! I’ve had apartments that weren’t this big, and nowhere near as nice!” She raced up the stairs, her breasts bouncing crazily, and jumped up and down. “This is incredible!”

“That’s an understatement,” I laughed, joining her upstairs. “If this is what we get ateşli gaziantep escort bayan for getting married, we’re going to have to do it every vacation.”

Karen laughed, and sat on the edge of the king-sized bed.

“Um, baby? What should we do now?” she asked, her voice playful. “We could go explore the ship, or go have lunch, or…”

Clothing began to fly within seconds, as we decided option ‘C’ sounded like fun. Karen was naked first, and on her knees, waiting impatiently for me to catch up. As soon as I managed to drop my pants, she yanked my underwear down, and gobbled my dick. I wasn’t hard yet, but she would certainly take care of that.

I was still standing, watching her beautiful red hair as she bobbed her head, sucking greedily. Her lovely big breasts were swaying in time with her movements, and my cock was responding as desired. Nice and hard now, she added one hand to her preparations, stroking me firmly, while checking herself for adequate moisture with the other hand. Satisfied we were both ready, she scooted up on the bed, laying back and spreading her legs.

“You’re ready, I’m ready… Come on baby. Fuck me,” she purred, caressing her breasts happily.

I kicked free of the tangle around my ankles, and crawled up between her thighs. She lifted her legs, and opened her arms, welcoming me into her embrace. One hand reached down, and aimed my probe at the target. I felt her sexy, dangling labia surround the head, and pushed home.

“Mmmmm, yes. Stick that big cock in my juicy pussy,” she moaned, wrapping her legs and pulling me deeper. “Give me what I need.”

I wonder if Lydia had any idea how right she was. We hadn’t been on the boat ten minutes, and already we were naked, and fucking each other like rabbits.

In this case, we weren’t even terribly loving rabbits, just really horny ones, and I wasted no time giving it to her hard.

While she may have been totally unique physically, Karen was no different than any other woman when it came to sex. Her preferences changed with her mood, from day to day, and though she usually enjoyed our gentler, tender sessions, today she was more interested in getting pounded. The only emotion she wanted to feel was my lust for her body. That was easy. It allowed me to be selfish, and just fuck her.

So, I was bridged on hands and knees, drilling her pussy with long, hard strokes, while she yelped and squealed her enjoyment. I was rather enjoying it too. My ardent thrusts were making her breasts very mobile, and if you know anything about me by now, you can guess how that was effecting me. I just love big, bouncy tits!

“Yes! Yes! YES!” Karen gasped, in time with my body crushing hers. “More! More! Harder! Yes! Yes! YES! GOD, YES! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUuuuUUuuuuK!”

Her nails dug into my shoulders, as she arched her back. Her orgasm was perfectly timed, as I was very nearly there myself. As though reading my mind, she pulled me tighter against her, signalling that she would like me to cum inside her.

“That’s it baby, fill my pussy!” she hissed, searching out my lips with hers, while I grunted and came, grinding into her juicy depths throughout. It was a frenzied, but satisfying christening of the room for us.

I rolled off, and Karen immediately darted into the bathroom.

“Hey! We have a bathtub!” she called out.

When I went to see what she was talking about, I found her on the toilet, disposing of my semen. There, instead of the usual cruise ship shower stall… so small you need to leave the room to change your mind… was a deep tub. Luxury knows no bounds.


We were relaxing on the bed together, just kissing and caressing each other in the afterglow of our respective orgasms.

Karen rolled over onto her tummy, and perched on her elbows, a girlish pose that she made into a sexual display, with her big tits hanging until the mattress stopped them.

“Dan? You’re okay with this, right?” she asked. Her blue eyes were serious.

“Okay with what?” I wondered.

“Getting married. I mean, it hasn’t been that long for either of us. Do you think we’re rushing into it?” she said, kicking her feet in the air, and tracing imaginary patterns on the bed.

“You think there’s a statute of limitations on love?” I laughed. “I miss being able to trust someone, absolutely. I miss knowing my best friend is waiting for me at home. I miss being married. If you hadn’t suggested it, I’m sure I would have. Does that sound like I want to wait?”

“I’m your best friend?” she beamed, a smile breaking through the serious face. “I miss being married, too. I just wanted to be sure you felt the same way.”

“So, now that that’s out of the way, and we’ve broken the ice in here,” I smiled, gesturing to the luxurious surroundings of our cabin, “we should go to the forward Café for lunch, and maybe do some exploring. Unless you have other ideas?”

“That sounds good,” she giggled. bakımlı gaziantep escort bayan She started to stand, looking around her. “Where’s my bra?” she asked.

“I don’t know. You took it off,” I replied, finding my own clothes.

“Okay, I was standing here,” she recounted, running through it in her head. “Facing this way… Top off… Undo bra… I think I tossed it this…” she turned, looking over the knee-wall of the loft, and down. She started to laugh.

“What?” I asked, moving closer to look as well.

Below us, hanging from the light fixture over the living area, was her bra. About ten feet above the floor, out of reach from below, and above as well.

“Oops!” she giggled. “Hmmm. I kinda need that, at least until our luggage arrives, unless you want me jiggling all over the ship.”

“I’m thinking, I’m thinking,” I laughed, picturing her boobs unrestrained on the Promenade. “Okay, maybe I can reach it from the staircase. Let me get dressed.”

I put my pants on, and with Karen holding my belt for security, I leaned well over the railing, stretching my fingers as far as I could. I was just able to reach the cable the fixture hung from, and a few pushes started it swinging, barely enough to move it closer, and let me grab it.

“Gotcha!” I smiled, triumphantly lifting the fixture and pulling it in. Karen retrieved her missing garment, and kissed me on the cheek.

“My hero!” she snickered.

“Next time, just hang it in the closet, okay?” I suggested, watching her harness her twin treasures. She stuck her tongue out at me, and smiled, then went back upstairs to retrieve the rest of her clothing. I was looking out the window when I heard her footsteps on the staircase, and turned to watch her descent.

If you’ve been paying any attention at all, you can probably guess why I wanted to watch her coming down the stairs. I’ll give you a hint; it rhymes with ‘ounce’.

That’s right, I never missed a chance to watch her big tits bounce, and she knew it, intentionally giving me the show.

“We should take some pictures of the room, before we mess it up,” she smiled, finally reaching the bottom step with a seductive jiggle.

“Good idea,” I laughed, pulling my phone out. “We can send them to Cindy, so she can stop trying to set you up with somebody.”

“Yes!” she giggled. Cindy was her former sister-in-law, and a busybody of the highest order. She didn’t seem to care how many times Karen told her she was happy. Maybe the news we were getting married would calm her urge to meddle.

“Okay, baby. Go back upstairs, and I’ll be the cameraman. How about a short video to start?” I suggested.

“Absolutely!” she smiled, and wiggled back up the steps. She was wearing her white short-shorts again, and I recorded her ascent for myself. She disappeared behind the knee wall upstairs. “Ready?” she asked. I stopped my video, and started the one for Cindy.

“Action!” I yelled.

“Hi Cindy!” she smiled, popping her head up over the loft wall. “Just thought I’d send you a message,” she continued, standing up and walking to the top of the stairs, beginning her descent again. “My boyfriend Dan, and I, are on a cruise, and this is our room.”

She paused, about halfway down, and did her best spokesmodel flourish, gesturing elegantly around her with one hand, the other on her cocked hip.

“The cruise line upgraded our room as a gift for our wedding,” she smiled, continuing down. “That’s right. We’re getting married!” She flashed her hand at the camera, showing the sparkly bauble on her finger. “Thanks for being my friend, Cindy.”

“Cut!” I giggled.

We took a few stills around the room, with Karen still doing the model routine. Her poses were becoming more provocative as she went, so I think they were meant more for me than Cindy. A final shot of her smiling, her diamond adorned finger bridging across her cavernous cleavage, and we were done.

That ring had come in just in time. It was the one thing we totally forgot about, and it was Karen’s idea to use her old wedding rings, and Belinda’s relinquished ones, as material for a new one. We found a jeweller who shared our vision, and he managed to turn four rings into three; one engagement version, which took most of the diamonds, a wedding band for her, with the remaining stones, and a plain band for me. He delivered them two days before we left.


Exploration of the ship went well. We had, of course, done a thorough exploration online, and knew pretty well what was where, but seeing it in person was a little different than on the computer screen.

Every ship on this cruise line had a Windjammer Cafe. Located forward on the upper deck, it was the traditional location for the welcoming lunch, and among out first stops on our wandering tour.

Well, I for one was hungry. Karen may have been fifteen years older than me, but that didn’t mean much in the bedroom. gaziantep bayan escort Her experience advantage was a great boon for me, and she knew what she liked me to do to her. Keeping up with her was physically taxing.

We both gorged ourselves on the buffet, sitting under the domed skylight that protected the area from the heavy winds when the ship was underway. More and more other passengers were filtering in to join us, as the boarding process progressed. It would still be a couple of hours before departure, so we had plenty of time to wander about. We might even come back for more food.

We were at least methodical about our travels, going from bow to stern, then down a deck, then stern to bow. The only decks we didn’t bother with were those that were full of cabins. Along the way, we found the spa, theatre, dining room, shore excursion desk, casino, zip line, climbing wall, and even the central park. A final elevator ride brought us back to our deck, and our cabin.

I opened the door, to find a notice slipped under it, and our luggage, which had arrived during our walk.

“Damn, this is a big fucking ship!” Karen sighed, flopping on the couch. “I’m exhausted!”

I was reading the page that I found on the floor, and smiled as I finished it. Karen saw my grin.

“Uh oh. What is it now? We’re invited to steer the ship?” she giggled.

“You’re not far off, ” I replied. “Our dining arrangements have been changed. We are now at the Captain’s Table.”

“Really?” she smiled, sitting up excitedly. “Gee, I may have to buy a new dress!”

“Like you need an excuse for that?” I laughed. Karen had a considerable wardrobe. One of her main additions to my home renovation plans had been more closet space. We spent hours going through her clothes just to pack for this trip, with her modelling her selections for me. It led to another protracted session of sex.

Like we needed an excuse for that.


Regulations require that cruise ships run a lifeboat drill before they leave port, and this was no exception. We grabbed our life jackets, and headed to our muster stations at the appointed time, and did our part.

Only Karen could make such a dry assembly into a sexual one. It started when she decided to actually put her jacket on, instead of merely carrying it.

Life jackets are pretty utilitarian. While they do come sized for adults or children, the adult category doesn’t differentiate between male and female. I suppose there are those that do, like the sleek, sporty models used for waterskiing, but these were purely life saving devices, and style was not part of the design process.

She wriggled into the vest, and snapped it shut. Despite her abundant curves, she fit in it alright. The fun began when she pulled the straps tight.

Perhaps it was just a happy coincidence, or maybe the designer also did lingerie on the side. Whatever the reason, pulling those straps had the same effect on her voluptuous chest as one of her favourite bedroom items had. She had a bustier at home that didn’t have anything on the life preserver when it came to squashing those big tits together, and lifting them up. Six inches of mouthwatering cleavage became visible, as her breasts formed a nearly horizontal shelf in front of her.

I was trying to behave myself. We were, after all, in public, with dozens of other people around us, so despite having noticed her suddenly far more buoyant chest, I kept my hands and comments to myself.

Karen took the opportunity to torture me, bouncing lightly on her toes, and causing a jiggle that she knew I was going to have a hard time ignoring. Emphasis on the ‘hard’ part. She was right.

I moved slowly behind her, and whispered in her ear.

“Darling, are you enjoying yourself?” I asked.

“Mmmmm hmmm,” she smiled. My hands encircled her waist, and pulled her backside tight against my bulge. She gasped softly. “Mmmmmmmmmmm hmmmmmmmm,” she added, pushing back. Her left hand reached behind her, and palmed my swelling.

So, we stood there, surrounded by other passengers, for all appearances listening to the crew member explain the procedures for using the lifeboat. In truth, she was caressing my hard cock, while I had a hand on her ass, and was peeking over her shoulder at the incredible cleavage that was there for the taking. The drill took several minutes, and by the time we were dismissed, both Karen and I were about ready to rip each other’s clothes off and get it on right there.

Somehow, we managed to curb those urges… at least, until we made it back to our cabin. Once inside, there was no holding back.

For the second time since our boarding, we stripped each other with reckless abandon. We didn’t even bother going upstairs, getting naked in our living room, and gazing at each other with obvious lust.


The ship’s horn sounded, indicating our impending departure. Traditionally, the passengers would take to the open decks and balconies, waving goodbye to the crowds ashore, as the voyage began. Karen grinned, having come to another conclusion entirely, and bent on a new tradition of her own.

She strolled over to her discarded life jacket, and put it on, snapping it into place again. That eye-popping cleavage appeared, and she stepped out onto our balcony, otherwise naked, the bright orange of the jacket attracting attention.

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