Freshers’ Week Ch. 06



John was having his cock sucked. He was stirred awake by the feeling of Clare’s tongue rolling around its tip as her lips slid up and down his rock hard shaft. Despite his tiredness and hangover headache, he smiled to himself as he came to his senses.

After a few days of flirting and some fleeting encounters, John and Clare had finally hooked up properly the previous night. Though their drunkenness and tiredness meant it hadn’t been the long session they’d fantasised about, both of them had been delighted to release their pent up lust for each other as they fucked.

What Clare didn’t know, however, was that John’s late arrival in her bedroom was because he’d been hooking up with someone else first. Yes, he’d met Lizzie that evening and headed back to hers for sex before going on to meet Clare. Whilst he knew that this wasn’t exactly gentlemanly behaviour, he had come to see the events of the last few days – his first week at university – as about one thing and one thing only: sex. And he didn’t think that was going to change any time soon.

John smiled again as he replayed the previous evening’s events in his mind, all the while enjoying Clare’s superb oral skills under the covers in front of him.

After a minute or two, he lifted the duvet up to reveal Clare’s head.

“Hey,” he whispered softly to her.

Clare continued sucking on him for a moment before releasing John’s cock from her mouth with a slurp and looking up at him.

“Hey to you too,” she purred, a wide grin spreading across her face.

She scooted up John’s body so she was lying almost on top of him and planted a deep, sensual kiss on his lips. He responded in kind, running his hands down her body as they made out lustfully.

They carried on like this for several minutes, exploring each other’s bodies and mouths with their hands and tongues, until Clare broke their kiss and got up off the bed.

“Come and fuck me in the shower?” she asked him with a come hither smile.

John had no intention of refusing and smiled back, but stopped himself for a moment to watch as Clare turned and disappeared into the bathroom. As he surveyed her long, shapely legs, her fit arse, and her incredible body, John felt the same swell of pride and joy that he’d been able to get with her as he had with each of his previous partners that week. When he heard the shower water running, he too got up and headed into the bathroom.

Once inside, John wasted no time getting into the shower with Clare, standing behind her and reaching round to caress her breasts. He groped her like this for a moment but she wanted more and jutted her bum back towards him until his hard cock was nestled between her smooth cheeks.

Saying nothing as the warm water from the shower cascaded onto them, John took his dick in hand and guided it into Clare’s wet pussy from behind. They both groaned as it filled her up once more. John reached round and cupped her firm titties again before beginning to ease himself in and out of her.

“That feels so good,” purred Clare as John fucked her.

Wanting even more stimulation, she squeezed some shower gel into her hand and rubbed it across her chest. John joined in, lathering her breasts until they were slippery and then running her hands all over them as he continued to work his cock into her. She braced herself against the shower wall to enjoy John’s ministrations to the full.

After just a couple of minutes of this, combined with the blowjob he’d got earlier, John was almost ready to cum. Wanting Clare to do so too, he slowed down his fucking and redoubled his efforts on her boobs, twisting and rubbing her nipples harder and eliciting gasps and moans from his partner as she came closer to the edge.

Eventually he moved a hand down Clare’s front until he reached her clit. The soft touch of his fingertips was enough to make her climax – she tensed up and moaned loudly, triggering John’s own orgasm. His cock spurted deep inside her. He waited a moment, kissing her neck, before he pulled out.

“Thank you,” he whispered in her ear.

Clare turned round, her face beaming.

“You too,” she said softly.

They showered off in silence, stopping every minute or so to kiss each other. After drying off, they stepped back into Clare’s bedroom.

Clare lay down on the bed and watched John as he gathered his clothes from last night and began to get dressed.

“So…I hope we can hook up again soon?” she said after a moment or two.

“Errmm, sure,” John replied, not entirely convincingly.

He was thrilled to have finally got with Clare but he didn’t want to lead her on. After his exploits so far in freshers’ week, he had no intention of getting into an exclusive relationship and wanted to keep putting himself about over the coming days and weeks.

As if reading his mind, Clare looked at him and smiled.

“Look, I know I’m not the only one and I’m not ready to be anyway,” she said coyly, “but I really like what we’ve got started…”

“Me too,” John gaziantep eskort bayan replied much more confidently, a wave of relief washing over him.

But just as he was about to say more, he noticed Clare’s alarm clock by the bed: 9:55am. The wave of relief was replaced by a rush of panic.

“Oh shit!” he exclaimed.

“What’s up?” Clare asked, looking surprised at John’s sudden outburst.

“My intro lecture starts in five minutes – I completely lost track of time.”

And with that, John hurriedly did up his trousers and made his way to the door before doubling back and bending down to kiss Clare on the bed.

“I’m really sorry about this,” he said, sounding flustered, “but I have to dash to this or I’m going to miss registering for all my courses. I promise we’ll get together again soon.”

“Go!” she told him, with a smile. “See you soon.”

John left Clare’s room, his delight at their shared approach to hooking up replaced by the dread of showing up late to his first lecture and course registration. For all that he’d never been top of the class, John had always taken his studies seriously and didn’t want to mess up so early on.

The lecture hall was at least a fifteen minute walk away, so John ran with all the speed he could muster, doing his best to power through the tired hangover that was dogging his brain.

He arrived at the hall only five minutes late, but burst through the door so hurriedly that the assembled students and the lecturer all turned round at once to see what the commotion was. John sheepishly walked into the room of two hundred or so people and scanned around looking for a seat. He eventually sat down at the end of a row near the front and felt the eyes of the room move back to the lecture.

The lecturer continued, setting out the course structure for the term ahead in mind-numbing detail as John tried to concentrate. He borrowed a pen off the guy sitting next to him and attempted to make some notes, but he was too tired and still too flustered from running to the lecture to really focus on anything that was being said.

As the time wore on, John cast his gaze around the room and noticed several of the students he’d been chatting too at drinks last night. But his eyes stayed fixed when he spotted Lizzie, the girl he’d hooked up with, a couple of rows behind him. Again, she looked almost impeccable, with her neat brown hair and her subtly made-up face. Before long, he was again replaying his memories of their sexual encounter in his mind.

A few seconds later, Lizzie turned and noticed John looking back at her. She smiled sexily at him, and John, suddenly woken from his daydream, winked back at her before turning to face the front so he didn’t look like a gawping idiot.

After what felt like an eternity, the lecturer finally finished and invited all the students to come up to the front and formally sign up for the course. John found himself near the front of the queue and had soon added his name. He was just heading to sit back down when he heard a voice behind him.

“Hey stranger!”

He spun round. It was Rachel, a friendly girl he’d met at the drinks last night and who’d encouraged him to make a move with Lizzie. For all John had found her a little forward, he liked her and imagined that they could become friends. She was dressed much more casually than at their last encounter, wearing a red hoodie and jeans, but looked cute with the way she’d done her hair and make-up.

“So, how was it?” Rachel asked excitedly.

“How was what?” John replied, knowing full well what she was asking.

“With Lizzie,” she replied with a wide grin.

“Ummm yeah, really good thanks,” John muttered, not quite sure what to say.

“Is that it?” Rachel probed, “I want all the juicy details! I know you didn’t stay over as she was down early in the canteen for breakfast this morning and you got here super late.”

“Yeah I…” John began, having been reminded of how forward Rachel could be.

“And you’re wearing the same clothes as last night,” she cut across him as she noticed.

“Ummm, it was…” John tried to think of something but Rachel had him rumbled.

“Oh my god, you fucked them both, didn’t you? You hooked up with Lizzie and then you went to meet your booty call! Oh wow.”

John saw no point in pretending and, for all that she was a bit brazen, he couldn’t help but like Rachel.

“You’ve got me,” he admitted with a smile, “but keep it to yourself.”

“That is sooo hot,” Rachel replied, “and don’t worry, I will. I still want to hear all about it though.”

But before he could say anything in response, the next lecturer had taken to the stage and asked them all to resume their seats. John joined Rachel at the back of the room where it was a bit quieter.

The new lecturer was even drier than the previous one, and John quickly zoned out again. At least this time he had Rachel for company, and the two of them were soon making whispered eskort bayan gaziantep jokes and conversation. They were both pleased to discover that they were planning to take all the same courses that term.

Despite Rachel’s best efforts, John steered away from sex as a topic given where they were, save from admitting that he was single and not pursuing a relationship with either Lizzie or Clare.

As he had last night, John got the distinct impression that Rachel was flirting with him, and she certainly wasn’t shy about touching his hand or playfully grabbing his arm as they chatted. And John was more than happy to play along – with Rachel as a distraction, the time flew by and they soon found themselves back at the front registering for this course after the lecturer finished.

Once this was done, John looked at his timetable for the term ahead.

“It’s an hour’s break now,” Rachel said, peering over his shoulder. “Apart from this slot, everything else is back-to-back all week, every week. Yawn”

“Ah ok,” John replied. “Well, at least we get one break.”

“Come and hang out at mine?” Rachel asked. “It’s just round the corner – you know, near Lizzie’s.”

John smiled back at her and raised an eyebrow. He may have been many things but he wasn’t stupid: Rachel’s flirting and the way she asked meant this was surely an invitation for sex.

Rachel laughed as she saw the expression on John’s face.

“Hey, you can’t blame a girl for asking,” she said. “I’m not trying to date you, just to have some fun. You clearly like sex, and I do too – isn’t that what freshers’ week is all about?”

John’s mind was already imagining it and his cock knew it too. Rachel was pretty, rather than hot, and, bluntly, not as attractive as the other girls he’d hooked up with that week, but his sexual appetite was such now that he wasn’t even thinking about refusing. Like she said, freshers’ week was about having fun, after all.

“Well, when you put it like that…” John replied with a smile.

“Follow me!” Rachel beamed.

They made their way out of the history complex and into the open air. John knew from his trip to Lizzie’s that it was only about a five minute walk away to Rachel’s halls.

“So, just how many people have you hooked up with this week, John?” Rachel asked casually as they walked towards her room.

“Ummm…six, I think,” John answered, pretending to think about it even though he knew instantly the answer to Rachel’s question. He had long since given up being surprised at how bold she’d been in asking about his sex life.

“Bloody hell,” Rachel responded, “that’s impressive from you. And was our dear Lizzie the best? I bet she was so hot”

“Haha yes she was,” John said, albeit slightly bemused that he was being interrogated about his very recent sexual encounters by a girl he was about to have sex with.

“Anyway, what about you?” he added, trying to turn the tables on her.

“Nothing so impressive as you, studmuffin,” she said with a giggle. “Just this girl Chloe I met at a bar on Sunday night. I’m bi,” she added, seeing the slight look of surprise on John’s face.

“Ah ok,” he muttered in an attempt to play it cool, even if his now raging hard on betrayed his typical male thoughts in response to this latest revelation. Already his mind was fantasising.

“Looks like we need to swap stories then, huh?” Rachel joked as she saw John shuffle uncomfortably in his trousers.

And with that, she launched into recalling how she’d gone out for an LGBT social on Sunday night and had met this other bi girl Chloe in a bar. They’d hit it off after a few drinks and started making out and touching each other under the table before making a hasty getaway to Chloe’s halls, stopping in an alley on the way back for Chloe to finger Rachel to a juicy orgasm. Once in the bedroom, the two of them had gone at it every which way, scissoring and 69’ing, culminating in Rachel fucking Chloe with a strap on.

Rachel explained it all so calmly and matter of factly, but John listened agog as they walked along, sporting an ever harder erection. By the time Rachel’s halls came into view, he was desperate to have sex with her.

“But don’t worry,” Rachel added with a wicked smile as they walked up to the main gates, “I still like a nice cock best of all.”

John laughed nervously and followed her as she marched them towards her room.

A minute later and Rachel was unlocking her door. The two of them stepped inside, both giddy for what was about to come.

As the door closed behind them, John looked round at the small, untidy room inside. Rachel walked over to her bed and sat down on it, before taking off her hoodie and throwing it down onto the floor. She looked up expectantly at John and patted the space on the bed next to her.

John keenly obliged and scooted across the room to sit next to Rachel. They smiled at each other before coming together in a frenzied kiss. John ran his hands gaziantep bayan eskort through her hair as they made out, and Rachel responded in kind, running her hands up his t-shirt and feeling his chest.

John’s cock strained against his jeans. Rachel may not have had the sex appeal of Clare or Lizzie, not to mention the other girls he’d been with that week, but John was thrilled that they’d hooked up and wanted to take things further quickly.

Rachel was a great kisser too – a fine balance between sweet and sexy. Her tongue worked its way into John’s mouth and she purred as his hands caressed her firm breasts through the fabric of her top and bra.

Before long, John’s hunger for more took over and he eagerly lifted Rachel’s top up and over her head before dropping it on the floor. She did the same to him, and they both intuitively stood up before unbuckling their jeans and shimmying out of them.

They surveyed each other, waiting for someone to make a move.

“So,” Rachel began after a moment, “why don’t you get us in the mood by telling me all about your adventures with Lizzie and Clare while I suck your cock?”

John was faintly amused at her continued obsession with his sexual exploits, and always felt a little awkward when a girl asked him to talk dirty, but he was hardly going to refuse. Saying nothing, Rachel unclasped her bra and cast it aside, revealing a pair of shapely titties, and then dropped to her knees before him.

His cock swelling, John looked down at her with a smile as she pulled his boxers to the floor and grasped the base of his shaft in her hand.

“Mmmm,” Rachel purred as she slowly slipped his dick into her mouth.

John groaned in turn, watching her all the while, and, after steadying himself for a moment, began recounting the story of his evening with Lizzie and Clare.

“So…errr…I got together with Lizzie at the bar,” he stuttered awkwardly, not really knowing where to look or what to say.

Rachel took John’s cock out of her mouth with a slurp and looked up at him, as if telling him to say it better, and with that John decided to go all in.

“We started making out and feeling each other up a bit outside the toilets, but we got interrupted so we snuck into a storeroom.”

Rachel resumed her blowjob, salivating over John’s cock as he continued.

“We kissed some more and I started running my hands all over her body, up her legs and round her bum. She felt amazing.”

Rachel purred around his shaft.

“Eventually I slipped a hand into her panties and touched her. She was so wet.”

Rachel murmured again, captivated by John’s words but working his dick hard all the while.

“I fingered her really hard. First with two fingers inside her, then another one. We kissed again as I did it.”

Rachel groaned, before removing John’s cock from her mouth and eagerly licking around its head.

“Then she…oh god,” John groaned as Rachel began licking all over his shaft down to his balls. “Then…she came really hard on my hand. She looked so hot when she came.”

“I bet she did,” Rachel said softly, jacking John’s engorged penis slowly.

John was incredibly turned on again, not just by Rachel’s assertive oral skills, but by the story he was reliving too.

“We rushed back to her place and got naked. She wanked me for a bit but we soon started fucking. She got on top and rode me really hard.”

“Oh yes,” Rachel hissed quietly.

John noticed her slip a hand down to her panties and shift them aside before rubbing herself as she blew him. Clearly, he wasn’t the only one who was thoroughly aroused by the experience, and he longed to cap it off by having sex with Rachel too. He sped up his story.

“We fucked really hard for ages – she looked so great bouncing up and down on me. I felt her body up loads, and then we both came at the same time. Fuck yeah,” he moaned as Rachel began deepthroating him.

“We finished up and I ran straight over to Clare’s so I didn’t miss out on her,” he continued breathlessly, now desperate to get to the end and fuck Rachel as soon as possible.

“She was wearing a really hot bra and panties. We made out for a bit but she wanted to fuck so she lay down on the bed and I stripped off. My cock was still really wet from Lizzie but I climbed on top and put it in her pussy.”

“Oh my god,” Rachel cried, now rubbing herself harder.

“I fucked her hard until she came, then I came too. Mmmmmm,” John cried as Rachel sucked him harder.

“I stayed over, then this morning she woke me up with a blowjob, then we fucked in her shower before I had to run to the lecture.”

He exhaled deeply as he finished the story, looking down to enjoy Rachel’s superb ministrations on his cock. After a few more seconds, she stopped and looked back at him.

“That…was so hot,” she whispered. “Want to fuck me now?”

John said nothing, but pulled her up onto her feet and guided her back over to the bed. Standing next to the bed, Rachel braced herself on the mattress with her hands and jutted her bum out, ready to be taken.

John smiled as he took his wet cock in hand once more and lined it up with Rachel’s pussy. He slipped in with ease – she was already incredibly wet. Animal instinct soon overwhelmed them both and before long John’s hands were on Rachel’s hips and he was thrusting hard in and out of her. They both groaned loudly.

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