The Beginning Ch. 02

Nancy’s story….

Nancy looks at the apartment door and sighs. She had already knocked twice and still no answer. She could have swore that her new roommate, Shirley, had said that she would be home. She knocks again.

She quietly curses her friend Gina. Nancy was new to town and Gina, an old friend, said that she knew this young college kid who needed a roommate and recommended Shirley. They spoke a couple of times on the phone and Shirley had seemed to sound like a responsible person but now she wonders if this was a wise decision.

Still no answer.

She turns the doorknob and finds the door to be unlocked.

“Well, this is my place,“ she thinks as she enters the apartment. She walks into the living room and stops. Sitting at a small desk must be new roommate Shirley. Wow, she thinks. Gina was right! She is cute. Her pussy dampens and she curses Gina again for doing this to her on purpose.

From the angle she is at she can tell Shirley’s breasts are a little smaller than hers but she finds herself fantasizing about them anyways.. Every since her eighteenth birthday when Gina taught her how to make love to another woman, she has been a straight lesbian. For a year now she had been seeing Gina but they realized that they wanted different things in life and both decided to split as a couple. What a nice parting gift, she smiles as she looks at the student. Nancy knows she will have to thank Gina properly when they see each other next. Her pussy agrees.

Time to say hi, she thinks nervously.

“Can you give me a hand?“

The girl looks up and freezes.

Wow, thinks Nancy as she watches the girl stare at her. Is this girl also a lesbian? Bi? Gina hadn’t said. Shirley is beautiful. Shoulder length brown hair. Dark brown eyes. Small nipples pushing through her thin t-shirt. şişli escort Her pussy gets wetter.

She decides to break the silence before she scares Shirley.

“I’m sorry to just pop in. I knocked and got no answer. I found that the door was unlocked.“

“That’s okay,“ Shirley says, pointing to her school book. “When I study I lose track of my surroundings.“ She stands and Nancy cannot take her eyes off the small nipples.

“Now let me help you.“

The rest of the afternoon is spent unloading her car. She finds Shirley to very nice but very distracted. She can tell it is her presence. More than once she turns to find Shirley staring at her breasts. She is lucky to be endowed with d-cups. Gina loves them. Hell, she loves playing with them too. They are very sensitive and she knows that if she was not wearing a baggy t-shirt, her new friend would see her big nipples trying to get some attention. She wonders what kind of reaction that would get. She grins.

Once the last box is in, Shirley goes back to studying and Nancy goes to her room. She spends some time arranging things and from time to time walks to the kitchen for water. Actually she only wants to see Shirley. Sure enough the young girl smiles at her every time she walks in.

She finds herself hungry and calls up Gina. They decide to meet for some dinner. Nancy finds herself very hungry as she hangs up the phone. However, it isn’t really for food. She showers and changes into another t-shirt. This time no bra, and a pair of tight jeans which shows off her ass.

As she leaves she asks Shirley if she wants to join her but Shirley doesn’t accept. So, Nancy says good bye and leaves.

She knocks on Gina’s door and it quickly opens. Gina falls into her arms and they begin to kiss. Their lips taksim escort meet followed by their tongues. Gina is shorter than she is and her tits are smaller but Nancy has never been bothered by that. Her hands caress the familiar back . Gina moans. Nancy reaches to the front of the robe that Gina is wearing and pulls it off. Gina gasps as Nancy attacks her small breasts.

Gina falls against the wall and moans. She runs her fingers through Nancy’s blond hair as her tits are being devoured. “ Oh,,,” she mutters as Nancy faces her and kisses her once more.

Nancy feels Gina’s hands grope her ass and pull her closer. Nancy moans.

“Did you meet your roommate,“ asks Gina as she pulls the t-shirt over Nancy’s head. Nancy’s big tits just hanging there. Gina grins.

“Uh- Huh“ Nancy is able to mutter as Gina unzips her jeans.

“I can tell,“ Gina grins as her hands rubs Nancy’s pussy.

“Damn, bitch! You’re hot!“

Nancy says nothing as they both fall to the floor and get in a 69 position. She hungrily licks Gina’s swollen pussy and shoves a finger in her teacher’s ass.

“Yes!“ Gina shouts.

“Fuck me, Bitch!“

Gina feels Nancy’s long fingers invade her pussy.

“Did you see her small nipples,“ Gina asks. A quick thrust of Nancy’s fingers tell her yes. “Did you want to fuck her?“ Another thrust.

“Oh yes, baby,” Nancy moans and moves her pussy to Gina’s face. “Suck my clit!“

Nancy continues to lick and suck Gina. Soon she feels Gina’s lips and teeth on her swollen mound. “Bite my pussy,“ she yells.

The passion continues as Nancy thinks of Shirley. “Do you want to fuck Shirley,“ she asks.

“Oh yes,“ Gina moans as she shoves a finger in Nancy’s pussy.

“Oh yes,“ Nancy moans.

Soon they both cum beşiktaş escort together and collapse on the floor.

They kiss tenderly.

“Come over to my place tomorrow evening, babe,“ she whispers.

Gina smiles. “Are you sure?“

Nancy nods.

“If this afternoon was any sign, she is very curious and we will have our way with Shirley.”

Nancy heads back home but finds herself still horny. That was the best sex she had since her birthday party but she was still unsatisfied. All she can think of is Shirley as she pulls into the parking lot. She walks in to find Nancy asleep at her desk.

She goes to her room, slips into her night shirt and looks at the panties she is holding. She puts them down and leaves .

She bends down to Shirley.

“Hey bookworm, wake up.“

Shirley stirs and wakes up.

Nancy notices that Shirley stares at her naked legs. She wants to stretch or bend down, anything so that she could give Shirley a look at her naked pussy.

“Good night,“ she says.

“Night,“ says Shirley.

Nancy tosses and turns. Her hands reaches up to her naked tits but she finds no relief. She has got to have Shirley.

She slips her night shirt back on and walk quietly to Shirley’s room. She begins to knock when she hears moans. She slowly open the door and her pussy screams when she sees Shirley lying back shoving a big dildo into her wet shaven cunt.

‘Oh my,” Nancy thinks as her hand goes under her shirt and begins to rub her pussy. She plays with herself as she watches this young girl. She comes hard when she hears her name mentioned as Shirley comes.

Nancy falls to her knees and watches as her roommate masterbates two more times until she falls asleep,

Nancy stands up and walks into the room. She looks at the naked girl before her. She smiles and then picks up the dildo. She smells Shirley’s scent on it and it is a wonderful aroma. She then licks all of the delicious, sweet juices off of the fake cock and places it back on Shirley’s bed.

She looks at her roommate and smiles once more as she quietly leaves the room.

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