My Freshman Year Ch. 01

I guess I’ll begin at the beginning. Natalya blew me away from the day I first laid eyes on her. I was immediately struck by her beauty. I was moving into my dorm room, looked up and saw her: 5’6″ with smooth brown skin, long black hair, wonderful long legs, thin waist, full round hips and a wonderful ass (I love asses). She smiled at me with those beautiful lips and gorgeous teeth and I almost tripped over my suitcase!

But, there was a problem, I didn’t even know if she was gay. It seems that all the girls I like are straight. So, I was a little worried about approaching her. For the first month of school, I barely saw her. Or schedules were so different that I only saw her passing. I did my best to make sure she saw me smile when we passed; I hoped that she wanted me as much as I wanted her.

One day, as I was coming back to my room, I noticed her struggling with more than a few bags, so I offered a hand. She looked up with the warmest smile and accepted. When she gave me one of the bags, our hands touched and she looked shyly into my eyes and looked down quickly. On the way up the elevator we talked about the weather (how cliché). When we bursa sınırsız escort got to her room, I said “Oh, I don’t believe I’ve actually introduced myself, I’m Shanice.”

“Hello, Shanice, I’m Natalya.”

There was a small moment of silence and she opened her door so that we could put down the bags. Once we got inside, she pushed me up against the door and kissed me. She broke the kiss and said, “Sorry, but the shy approach wasn’t working.”

All I could do was look at her, I was so shocked. She thought that I was offended and started freaking out, apologizing and telling me that she usually doesn’t just jump girls like that and rambling on until I grabbed her around her waist and kissed her again. When the kiss broke, we were both breathing hard.

“You have no idea how much I’ve wanted you,” I told her.

“I’ve wanted you too.” She said and kissed me again. We were just standing up, groping all over each other when her phone rang.

“Hello?… I’m in my room … No, what time is it? … Oh shit! I’m sorry, I’ll be right there! Bye” She turned back to me and said that she had to go pick up her sister bursa üniversiteli escort from the doctor’s office. She apologized and before I knew it, I was outside of my room and she was going down the elevator. I didn’t even get her number.

The next day, I saw her coming down the hall on my way out, she looked into my eyes and we both knew what was next. When I walked back into my room, she was right behind me. It was my turn to push her into a wall. We started kissing and she moaned into my mouth. (Oh my God, I found a moaner!) Our hands were everywhere on each other, pulling, squeezing, rubbing. I had to have her right then. At that moment I thanked the Heavens that she was wearing a skirt. When my hand found her wetness, she gasped and buried her face in my shoulder, wrapping her arms around my neck. I was gently rubbing her, avoiding her clit until just the right time. I pushed a finger into her and she cried out, wrapping her leg around my waist and pulling my in closer. I put in another finger and I could feel her getting closer. I could hear it too; she was whispering in bursa anal yapan escort my ear, “oh shit, baby, just like that,” and “oh my God, don’t stop, please don’t stop.” I gently flicked her clit with my thumb and that was all it took. She gave one last shout and her legs got weak. Holding on to me, she whispered in my ear, “That was amazing.”

Then, I heard a key in the door.

We straightened up just in time to sit down and pretend to be watching TV. My roommate came in all cheery and oblivious to what had just happened. She came in, got her chemistry book and didn’t even notice Natalya until we both said bye when she was about to leave. She turned back around and looked said, “Oh, hi. Bye!” Natalya and I just looked at each other and laughed.

We went to go get something to eat and talked. It was wonderful just being around her. I walked her to her room and was rewarded with the softest, sweetest kiss I’ve ever had. I floated back to room beaming from ear to ear. That night I dreamed of Natalya and woke up to my roommate grinning over me.

“What are you smiling about? Or should I say who are you smiling about? From the way you were moaning I’d have thought someone else was in the room!”

“Don’t you worry about who I moan for!” She walked away laughing.

I thought back to my dream and shivered. I couldn’t wait to make those dreams come true.

Hope ya liked it. If you did, tell me about it through the link below. Comments are always welcome.

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