Seth her boyfriend

Cindy his girlfriend

Judy and Missy girlfriends of Tammy


First time


First time





As with all my tales I try not to give blow by blow descriptions of the sex acts. If you want that type of thing many other authors can supply it for you. I prefer to let the imagination fill in the blanks.


Her education and her brother

I was lying in bed doing what most recent high school grads do. Looking at porn on my laptop and slowly masturbating. What I didn’t need was to hear soft knocks at my door and Tammy, my twin sister, asking if I was awake and could she come in. “Ah…give me a second.” I closed the cover and pulled a sheet up to hide my nakedness. “OK, come on in.”

“I’m sorry to bug you this late at night but I just have to talk with someone and you’re selected.”

“You can’t talk to Judy or Missy? They’re your best friends I thought.”

“Well they are but this is kind of embarrassing.”

“Worse than when you guys went skinny dipping and got caught?”

“Don’t bring that up and just listen will ya?”

I pretended to zip my lips shut.

“Thank you. You know I’ve never had a real serious boyfriend right? Well I think maybe Seth might be. We’ve been kissing and kind of touching each other. I kind of let him touch my breasts. Over my clothes, not bare skin and I kind of like it, ya know.”

Tammy was a red from blushing. So trying to relax her, “I don’t think that’s a big deal. You’re nineteen and if you want to let him touch you there and it feels good just go for it. I’ve done that and more with Cindy.”

“How much more did you guys do?”

“Umm…she let me take her blouse and bra off and umm let me kiss her there. You know on her nipples.”

“Oh boy…that’s kind of what Seth has been trying to do and even more. Can I tell you even more?”

“Listen, I’m your brother and you’re my sister, if we can’t tell each other who can we tell?”

“Well…When he was touching me, you know, up here, he took my hand and put it on his pants. Right over his penis and it was so hard.”

“That’s kind of a natural reaction from boys when kissing a girl. Even thinking about a girl can bring that to happen. It happens sometimes when not even thinking about a girl.”

“Ok, I understand that but then he wanted me to unzip him and you know.”

“If you don’t want to go any further and he doesn’t understand that then he’s not a real boyfriend. Break it off…not his penis…the relationship. Tell him the truth and if he can’t accept it find another guy. You’re smart and good looking. Got a killer body, I suspect that finding another would be a piece of cake.”

“Well…that’s kind of the problem. I might want to go a little further. But I don’t want to look like a fool or something. I’ve never seen one before, a penis, ya know. In health class they had those stupid line drawings that where cut a ways with blood vessels and stuff.”

She turned even redder if possible, “And I watched on the internet some stuff. Ya know, men and women doing things, sex things. So I’ve seen what one looks like but not a real one. What if his comes out and I act like a fool? How do I handle it and stuff?”

“Well just do what you’ve seen maybe. Hell I don’t know. Be confident and just do what you want.”

One more shade darker, “Can I see yours?”


“Your penis…can I see it?”

“What, are you nuts? You can’t be serious. I’m your brother remember?”

“You told me, ‘be confident and just do what you want’ right?”

And she did what she wanted. With a flick of her wrist my sheet was pulled back and there rus escort I was naked, exposed and with an erection.

“Oh wow…That is really something. A real penis isn’t it. A hard one, don’t stop, please don’t cover up. I want to look at it. Is it always that big?”

Then it got even more embarrassing. When she pulled the sheet away the laptop lid opened and the movie I was watching started to play. Tammy went from watching the video to looking at my penis, back and forth. “Can I do that? What she’s doing to him. I think that’s what Seth wants. If I learned how to masturbate him that would be so cool, let me do it to you, just for practice.”

“Be confident and just do what you want. That’s what you told me.” Just like that Tammy took a hold of me. It was no longer a penis, now it was a cock. I was in no condition to object. It was the first time someone else was handling me and it was unbelievable. The fact that it was my sister had no bearing on the sensation. I real live person, a female, was touching me.

Her hand was moving up and down the shaft. “Am I doing it right? Does it feel good? What should I be doing? Talk to me Tommy.”

There was nothing I could tell her. She was doing it just perfectly. Maybe it would feel that good whatever she was doing? I fell back and let her do whatever she wanted. “It’s perfect. Just keep doing it.”

Tammy was leaning over me with her face within inches of my cock. I could feel her breath. Her eyes wide open. “Oh wow. Are you going to have an orgasm? Will stuff squirt out? How much longer is it going to take? I want to see it happen. Come on do it.”

I’m only human. Before I could even think about warning her I was erupting. Tammy jumped back. But not in time, the first shot hit her on her chin. As the flow slowed and ran down over my shaft and her fingers she kept stroking me.

“Please stop, I’m sensitive right now.”

Tammy pulled her hand off and looked at it. “Wow…That was impressive. Does that much always come out? Did I do it ok? Can I do it again? Why are you getting soft? Did I break it?”

So I explained how things were after an orgasm and no, I wasn’t broken and yes, she could do it again but it would take a little time before I was ready. Tammy was sitting there looking at her hand and smiling. When she stuck out her tongue and tasted my emissions I was surprised. “Not great. Not terrible. It’s kind of slimy maybe. Not something I’d want as a steady diet that’s for sure. Do all guys taste like that?”

Suddenly she stood up, “Ok, thank you. That was very interesting, if I come back, could we do some more? I’d kind of like to check it out some more. If I could that is. I think you liked it, didn’t you? I’ll just wash my hands then I’ll be back. Ok?” Out the door she went.

I grabbed a handful of tissues that I keep handy and cleaned myself up as best as I could. I shut down the computer and started to pull the sheet back up to cover my nakedness when I realized I needed to do a better job of cleaning myself. After my shower I nodded off, until I felt someone shaking me by my shoulder. “Tommy…Tommy…Are you awake? Tommy…Tommy…Wake up.”

“What…What going on? Leave me alone, I’m sleeping. Go away will ya?”

“Wake up Tommy; I want to look at it again. Come on wake up, it’s only midnight. You said it would get hard again if we waited a bit.”

As skinny as she is Tammy is surprisingly strong. She grabbed me by the arm and flipped me on my back. In a flash the sheet was gone and I was trying to cover my privates. “Tammy, go away. I’m tired. I want to sleep. Come back in the morning.”

“Ok, in the morning. You promise? I’ll just look on the web some more.” And she was gone.


“Tommy…Wake escort rus up. It’s morning. You said I had to wait, I did and now it’s morning.”

I was barely awake and felt my sheet being pulled away. “O wow…You’re right it’s hard and you can’t be thinking about girls right now or are you?” Fingers wrapped around the shaft and she was stroking me, ever so slowly. “Does it feel good Tommy? Should I go faster? How long before you shoot again? I want to see it happen. Tell before so I’m ready this time. Ok?”

I opened my eyes to see Tammy knelling on the bed and her tits swaying back and forth as she was working her hand. “You’re not wearing a top.” Dumb thing to say I supposed. I’m sure she knew she was topless.

“No…I’m naked…I’m not wearing anything. See.” And she knelt up higher showing me the bushy hair around her bottom.

“Are you crazy? You can’t run around like that. What if mom or dad caught you? They’d have a heart attack and ground you forever.”

“Don’t you remember? They left last night right after dinner. Gone for the weekend to grandmas and won’t be home till late Sunday. We got all day and most of tomorrow. I thought if I could see all of you it was only fair that you could see me. Besides if I’m going to see Seth’s penis he’ll want to see parts of me I think.”

Her argument seemed to make sense. Of course with her soft hand still caressing my cock anything would make sense right now. I lay there watching those wonderful breasts swaying. Feeling her hand moving up and down my cock, knowing that it wouldn’t be long before the orgasm would hit me.

“Can I touch one?”

Tammy looked up at me, “What?”

“Can I touch one? A boob…Can I touch one?”

“Oh, yes. I would like that, I think.”

I reached up and ran my fingers across one. “Yep…I like that. It feels good. Do it some more. Ya…I really like that. Around the nipple…More…No…don’t stop. Keep doing that.”

“Here it comes. I’m going to do it. Keep moving your hand, keep doing it.” I don’t know but it felt like this was even better than last night. Of course I’ve never had bad one but this felt special. Maybe watching and feeling a boob increased the intensity? Maybe knowing it was safe, that the old people were gone. Maybe it was that Tammy was naked like I was? Whatever it was, this was one good feeling.

“Yah…I like doing that. It’s fun. You get all tense and make funny noises. Your ball sack gets tight and draws up. I think your penis gets harder and bigger right at the end. Then boom it all comes shooting out. Just like a volcano erupting. What’s it feel like? As good as it sounds? Like when I do myself, do you get all soft and squishy feeling? Tell me Tommy, what’s it like?”

I tried to explain it but my words couldn’t do a proper job. When I ran out of words I realized that my sister had probably had needs that needed to be taken care of. Twice she had drawn a load out and I had never done any more than touch one tit. “Can I touch you?”

“You did…I liked it, much better than when I touch them.”

“No, I mean really touch you. Maybe make you feel what I’ve been feeling, ya know. Touch all of you. If you do to Seth what you did to me he’s going to want to return the feelings.”

“Just what do you think you’re going to do?”

“Maybe just let me start. If I do something that doesn’t feel good tell me and I’ll stop.”

“Promise me?”

“I promise but you have to let me try. Don’t stop me until you give it a chance.”

Uh…ok. But you promise.”

Tammy never stopped me. I started touching her breasts and moved on to licking rus escort bayan them and sucking on her nipples, softly until she seemed to be asking for more so I increased the pressure. I worked one hand to touch her wetness down there. I could smell a faint odor that wasn’t me. Her breathing was getting shallow and a little frantic. When I was licking her navel she was holding my head tightly and pulling on my hair.

I was running my fingers around her bottom lips, teasing and not trying to penetrate her. “Are you ok? Can I go further?”

When she didn’t say no I moved further south. First to kiss and lick her inner thighs and when her legs opened up even further I went all the way. My thumb was deep inside her, a finger resting in her butt crack and my tongue doing what it could to her clit.

She screamed and clamped her legs around my head and squeezed me so hard I though my head would pop. After the longest time she relaxed and let me free. “My God Tommy…What did you do to me? I thought I was going to die. That was…Was… I don’t know what that was but I want it again. I want it as soon as I get my wits back in place. You licked me and sucked me and fingered me. You even touched me back there. I can’t believe it, so much better than my fingers or my vibrator.”

I let her lay there, resting, while I played with one boob than the other. I was running a finger around the nipples ever so softy and tugging on one or the other, just keeping them erect.

“Why did you do that? Lick me down there. They do it on the web but I thought it was just for show, something dirty and perverse. Do normal people do it, really do those things? Not just on porn.”

“Yes…It’s called cunnilingus. Slang has a bunch of names for it, eating at the y, hair pie and lots of gross expressions. The books I’ve read say that most women can only achieve satisfaction from having their clit deeply involved and what I did was one of the best ways to do that. I think that you certainly enjoyed what I did, didn’t you?”

“Oh, did I ever. It was unbelievable. I want it again, soon. Can you…Will you? Please. If I promise to never ask again. One more time and I’ll do whatever you want. I’ll do your laundry, make your bed. I’ll do your penis every morning and every night. I’ll put it in my mouth like they do on the porn shows. Whatever it takes, if you’ll do it to me one more time, please, just one more. “

“Prove it…put me in your mouth. Lick me down there. Suck my cock until I empty my balls. If you do and do it when I want I’ll do you whenever you want. We can have an agreement. A mutual satisfaction agreement, you keep me satisfied and I’ll keep you satisfied. Fingers and tongues ok? No fucking though. That would be going too far. Oral sex and fingers only ok?”


It was an agreement we kept for many years, even when we had found our loves and were married to others. I had told my wife of our agreement and though she wasn’t real keen on the promises we had made she didn’t object when Tammy or I wanted that special treatment. In fact on a few rare occasions she would partake in the event. Not totally but maybe watch or touch Tammy’s breasts while I was occupied doing the other thing.

On the other hand her husband to be almost had a cow when she first informed him that we shared this quirk. Luckily, he loved her enough and chose to allow her this pleasure when she felt the need. In fact as the years went by if she started to act restless he would suggest that she get a motel room for the night and invite me to visit her or she would visit my house if my wife didn’t have any objections.

In case you’re wondering we never had sexual intercourse. It was only masturbation together or doing the other person or oral. It was mostly cunnilingus and fellatio because that seemed to be all that was needed to keep us happy.

The end of this tale and I hope it gave you some enjoyment. As always comments are appreciated. Thanks.

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