Valentine’s Day with Vibes Ch. 02


I wanted to do something fun for Valentines Day. To make the evening out a bit more memorable, I got a remote controlled vibrator for the wife. I was a little concerned she would be upset by the proposition, so I setup a nice dinner out and wrapped up the box. As she was finishing getting ready, I handed her the surprise gift and with a cute smile said, “hope I can talk you into a bit of fun this evening.”

She happily unwrapped it and took a pause after realizing what it was. I anxiously awaited the answer, and with relief she agreed. I left her some time to finish getting ready and waited for her downstairs holding the remote in my hand inside my pocket planning how I would go about the rest of the evening.

She came down acting normal. She did not say anything about the toy, so I wondered whether she really followed through with wearing it. But I also thinking she thought I could not hold myself back from trying it out. To keep her suspense, I also acted normal and did not use it before we left. We drove to the restaurant and got seated. She was looking slightly curious, wondering when I would give her the first buzz. As the waiter approached to take our drink order, I could see some nervousness. But I also let this time pass.

After our chat with the waiter, she started telling me about her day as though she had now forgotten out the toy. With this, I took the opportunity of surprise and turned the vibe on low. She immediately paused her sentence, confirming that she was definitely wearing her new gift. Having gaziantep ucuz escort accomplished what I needed, I turned it back off for a more opportune time.

I kept my eye out for the waiter coming back with our drinks. As he approached, I turned it back to low anxious to see her control of herself. She gave me a dirty look, but she had to know this was coming by agreeing to the adventure. As the waiter listed the specials, I was watching her move her legs around to different positions. I did not even hear what the waiter said. I was only thinking about the teasing I was giving to my wife’s pussy. I did hear him ask to take our orders, and kicked the vibe up one notch to see if she would be able to answer. She was sitting very still now trying to keep calm while listing her choices.

After the waiter left, she glanced me a smile to let me know she was enjoying herself. I decided to be a tease and turn the vibe back off. I got a playful sad face, but only gave her a wink to tell her it would not work. I could see her rubbing the tops of hers thighs like her body was wanting more.

We continued through the appetizers and salads. I was still holding out. Even though I was super horny myself wondering what her pussy would be like if I reached under the table, I was enjoying watching her beg in subtle ways. When the main course arrived, it was time to put the toy into full use. I started on low watching her relax from get what she wanted. After a few bites, I gaziantep ukraynalı escort turned it up a notch. She closed her eyes for a moment. I was enjoying the show. But she quietly asked me to turn it down, which I did not wanting to stress her out just yet.

We finished dinner with my mind still high on thinking about her being wet under the table. She was obviously getting comfortable with the low vibes. When the bus boy took our dished, I again turned the vibe off to give her a break. The wife gave a sigh and I had to laugh a little knowing the control I had.

When dessert came, I wanted to give her a real treat. I turned the vibe on and switch the setting to alternating high and low. She started to great habit faster and in a rhythm. Her foot rubbed my leg. I took that as a sign she was liking it. I placed my hand on top of her thigh. She immediately grabbed it pulled it towards her crotch where I could just barely feel the vibrations. With that, I turned the pattern to faster alternation.

She jolted for a quick moment but quickly regained control. So I turned the settings up to full. At first she gave a big smile, but quickly a look of panic came over her face. I did not think the vibe was powerful enough to make her cum, but was wondering if she was afraid she might now. I squeezed her hand to let her know I was going to see how far she could go.

She let go of my hand and clenched the chair. Now I knew what she was thinking. The gaziantep üniversiteli escort thought of her cuming right there had me wanting to unzip my fly and take her. She closed her eye, bit her lip, and held her breath. I was wondering how she would orgasm when trying not to be noticed. I could see the tablecloth moving as her legs jittered, and then a large exhale with fast breathing. I was amazed she was able to keep it so quiet.

I turned the vibe back to low to give her a break. She then excused herself to the ladies room.

When she returned, she slid her hand up my pants and pressed on my crotch, undoubtedly feeling my rock hard erection. She whispered in my ear, “I have never wanted you inside me more than right now.” I scrambled my fasted to pay for the check and head out.

Our place was about a 30 minute drive. After a few minutes, she asked if I could turn the vibe up again. I had forgotten it was even still on. But she must have been getting turned on from the low vibes. I decided to tease again and promptly acted as though I had not heard her. She asked again and I continued with the same strategy.

I looked over to give her an awry grin, but I saw that she had pulled her skirt up and was rubbing herself. I had never seen her masturbate before, and it was hot. I was about ready to explode in my pants. She orgasmed after just a minute or two. But this time she gave her usually loud moans of pleasure as she did in our bedroom.

When we got home, she said, “Your turn now.”

I bent her over the couch. Under her skirt I saw she was no linger wearing panties. She must have taken them off in the ladies room at the restaurant being so wet. I finally took my chance to feel her dropping wet pussy. It was the wettest I have ever seen her.

I dropped my only my pants, quickly sliding my hard penis inside her. I felt her muscles clench tightly. And then we both orgasmed together.

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