Solo Flight


I laid in my bed in the cool, quiet, calm that settled over the house once everyone else was in bed. The house was peaceful, but my mind was not. It still raced with your words and the images they had conjured. My body began to thrum with excitement as I mentally reviewed our earlier text conversation.

As I thought about you, I began to feel the same arousal I had when we were messaging.

I placed the backside of my fingers along my sides and ever so lightly scratched down my sides with what little fingernail I had, raising goosebumps and causing a ticklish tingle to creep across my scalp. A hot pink flush crept across my pale, freckled chest and neck.

As I reread our conversation, I snaked my right hand down and into the waist of my pajamas, parting my lips with my middle finger to find wetness already building there. I lazily stroked my lips, coating them with moisture and feeling them begin to swell. Once my arousal began to build in earnest, I decided some visual stimulation would help speed things Escort bayan up, so I opened tumblr and flipped through the images on some of my favorite blogs.

Seeing the lithe, muscular bodies of lovers in various positions and scenarios gave me the thrill I needed. I felt my heart pound in my chest and the warmth spread over my body as my lower abdomen twinged. I rested one finger against my clit and felt it pulse on its own accord. I slowly stroked it, imagining you and I in the same positions and scenarios I’d seen on tumble. Licking my already sticky fingers, I tasted the musky saltiness of my juices and returned my now wetter finger to my pussy.

I traced slow circles around my clit until it grew and peeked out from the hood. Then I sharply slapped it with my two middle fingers, sending a twinge of pain and pleasure deep into my core. I slid the middle finger of my left hand deep into my pussy, which was swollen enough to feel tight even around the lone finger.

I paused long enough to Escort remove my pants under the covers. I quickly dipped my right fingers in and dragged moisture out to coat my lips and clit. Reaching down with my left hand as I circled and thrummed my clit with my right hand, I curled my finger against my spongy, swollen inner wall and the first warm waves of pleasure washed over me.

My neck and face flushed with heat and my breathing started to get ragged. Pumping my left hand inside, I used my right hand and pinched first one nipple and then the other firmly, giving them a little tweak and felt another wave of ecstasy roll through me, causing me to clench around my fingers. I cupped my heavy left breast and thrummed my thumb over the tight, hard nipple, sending deep vibrations through my whole body.

I added my ring finger and resumed stroking and stretching my channel, then used the growing moisture to slick down my perineum to my ass. At the same time that I started strumming my clit with my right hand, Bayan escort I slowly invaded my ass with my left ring finger and increased the pace of the curling inside me. I set a languid pace of steady pressure in and gentle removal of my finger in my ass, adjusting to the pressure and relative strangeness of the sensation.

It felt good, but in a deeper, way- like the baseline of a song while the finger pumping in my pussy was the uptempo treble and my other finger on my clit the rapid, random, rhythmic drumming. I closed my eyes and tried to control my breathing as I felt the roiling and squirming in my abdomen, the pulsing and clenching deep in my womb that sent a warm wave through my abdomen, chest, and even my throat. My eyelids fluttered and my thighs trembled as the heat built inside and warmed me with a slow, but deep orgasm. As I pulled my fingers out, my pussy and ass grabbed at them, protesting the emptiness. I dared the slightest touch on my swollen, soaking clit and was rewarded with a fluttery, tingly aftershock.

I gently tickled my sides, ribs, under my breasts, and upper thighs, trying to draw out the moment. When my pulse slowed and the squeezing subsided and the warmth inside ebbed away, I slept- my mind blissfully blank.

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