The Fragile Abandoned Ch. 09



It took me a couple hours before I fell asleep. Jessica saw Natalie and I fucking. And she got off on it. Natalie pretended she didn’t notice, but the smug look on her face suggested otherwise. I wanted to question her, but she fell asleep before I found the right words to say.

When I finally went to sleep, dreams of having a threeway with both my little sisters haunted me all night. The image wasn’t unpleasant. In fact, it was quite the opposite. But where did that path lead? When would enough be enough? I didn’t want to hurt anybody, but when I tried to pull out before, all I did was hurt Natalie.

I woke up early the next morning in dire need of coffee. I grabbed an old pair of boxers from my drawers, put them on, and quietly left the bedroom. I shuffled my feet downstairs and into the kitchen to see Jessica at the kitchen counter, sipping coffee and eating cereal. She was wearing an old, baggy t-shirt that went down to her thighs and hid her figure.

Color left her face when she saw me come in. I gave her a small wave and went to the cabinet to grab a coffee flavor. I picked out one of the little coffee cups, grabbed a mug, and went to the Keurig to brew my cup of coffee.

I stared at the machine as it whirred and hummed, trying to avoid an awkward confrontation with Jessica. However, the silence between us only made the situation even more awkward. Fortunately, Jessica cleared the air before I did.

“I’m sorry about last night,” Jessica said, softly.

I smirked. “It’s fine. I figured you were just curious.”

“I wasn’t talking about that.”

I chuckled and so did she. “It’s okay.”

“I get really protective with that girl. She’s just so fragile,” Jessica said.

“Listen, we need to talk about something,” I said, lowering my voice. “She’s been asking about Dad.”


“I know. We should have prepared for this, but the thought never really crossed my mind.”

“I don’t know if he’s ready. Shit, I don’t know if he’ll ever be ready.”

“For now let’s just focus on what we’re gonna tell Natalie.”

“Okay, but we have to do it together.”


I saw Natalie coming down the staircase and I turned around to grab my coffee. The less suspicious Jessica and I looked, the better. Natalie came in and gave the both of us a big smile.

“Good morning, guys!” Natalie said, cheerily. She was wearing a tight tank top with no bra (her breasts were small enough to not really need one) and some booty shorts.

“Morning,” Jessica and I grunted.

“What were you guys talking about in here?”

“We were just making up,” I said. “You guys want pancakes?”

Natalie gasped. “Yes!”

“Dude, I just had cereal,” Jessica groaned.

“So is that a ‘yes’ or a ‘no?'” I asked.

“It’s a ‘yes,’ but I’m gonna bitch about my weight later.”

Natalie wrapped her arms around Jessica.

“Shut up, Jess, you have nothing to bitch about,” Natalie said, before planting a small kiss on Jessica’s cheek.

“That’s funny, coming from the ninety-pound twig that can eat anything.”

“Oh, I cannot eat anything.”

“Very true. Who can forget the haunting scent of 2010’s spicy burrito incident?” I said with a smile.

Natalie gasped, ran over to me, and started hitting me in the arm repeatedly, while Jessica just sat there, laughing her ass off.


For the rest of the day, all the drama and sexual tension died away and we were siblings again. We ate breakfast, Jessica told us all about college life (but reminded us that it didn’t matter, since she dropped out), and we spent the day watching movies together.

All three of us sat on the leather couch in the TV room, with me in the center and both my siblings on either side of me. The room still vaguely smelled like sex, but at least the couch was dry. I was surprised that our sweat and cum hadn’t left massive stains on the dark brown leather.

“Can we pause for a second?” Jessica asked. “I have to tinkle.”

“Sure,” I said. I moved to grab for the remote, but Andy was closer. He paused the film and Jessica got up to go to the restroom. When I heard the door close, I leaned over to Andy.

“There aren’t any stains on the couch!” I murmured.

“I know, that’s amazing. I don’t think we cleaned up at all!”

I giggled and pressed myself against Andy. I kissed him softly, then backed away by only an inch.

“I want you. Right now,” I breathed.

“Jess is right over there in the bathroom.”

“It’s okay, she obviously knows about us.”

“She’s gonna think that she can’t leave us alone for a second without us getting it on.”

“What if escort numaraları she joins in?”

“She wouldn’t.”

“She totally would. She’s jealous of us, Andy.”

“Never in a million years.”

I hopped up and sat in Andy’s lap, then leaned in to whisper in his ear.

“When you were away, Jess and I fooled around.”

I leaned back to see the gratifying look of surprise on his face. He smirked.

“You little liar.”

“I’m not-“

The lock on the bathroom door snapped and Jessica came out. She paused when she saw me in Andy’s lap, then rolled her eyes.

“I guess I should get used to that sight,” she said.

Jessica plopped herself down on the couch and I rolled myself off of Andy, making sure to graze his crotch with my hand. He started the movie again and shifted his legs to hide his growing erection. That failed, so he tried using his hand. I placed my hand over his, then rubbed it lovingly. I maneuvered my hand so that it was touching his cock through his boxers.

“What are you doing?” he said, with a harsh whisper.

“Shut the fuck up,” I whispered back. The surprise in his face reflected my own. I didn’t know what I was becoming, but I didn’t really care at that point.

My hand snaked its way under his boxers and found his cock (not that it was particularly hard to find). I stroked him slowly and watched his face with pleasure. His mouth was slightly drooped open and his eyes were fixed on the TV, though I’m sure he wasn’t paying attention to what was happening on the screen.

His cock pulsed in my hand. I could feel the veins against my fingers and I could feel myself getting wet. I squeezed my quivering legs together and moved closer to him, resting my head on his shoulder. He looked down at me and I gave him an innocent, sweet smile. His cock pulsed again and I knew that was my signal to escalate things.

I slowly moved my head down and into his lap. Andy made a feeble attempt to stop me, but it was no use. I pulled back the waistband of his boxers and revealed his cock, the tip of which was soaked in precum. I licked the tip, then closed my lips over it. I moved my head up and down, swirling him around with my tongue.

“Are you fucking kidding me?!” Jessica cried out. My head shot up and I wiped my mouth. “Right in front of me. Seriously?!”

Jessica started getting up, but I leapt over and grabbed her arm.

“Don’t go,” I said, softly.

“Just warn me next time.”

She stood up and I stood up with her. Before she could go anywhere, I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her hard. After a couple awkward moments, she kissed back. I pushed my tongue into her mouth and our tongues both danced around each other.

I pulled my head away, smiled, and looked down at Andy. His mouth was wide open and his cock was throbbing. Jessica and I looked at each other and giggled. I started pulling Jessica’s shirt up, but she stopped me.

“Wait,” she said. “I don’t know if I can do this.”

“We did it last week, remember?” I said.

“That was different. If Andy fucks me… I don’t know. It’s stupid, but…”


“It’ll be real.”

I smiled at her. “You can watch us, if you want.”

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Then she opened them.

“No, let’s do this.”

I was beaming. I leaned in and whispered in Jessica’s ear, then looked over at Andy.

“Stay down here and don’t come upstairs until we say so. Do you have your phone on you?”

Andy took a while to respond. When he finally processed the question, he snapped out of his trance. “No.”

I rolled my eyes. “Okay, come upstairs with us but you have to stay outside my room. And don’t come inside until I say so. Promise?”


I smiled at Jessica and took her hand.


My heart was racing as Natalie pulled me along by my hand. We ran upstairs and into Natalie’s bedroom, where she slammed the door behind her. She attacked me with her mouth again and pulled her tank top up and over her head. Then she pulled my shirt off.

This was a side of Natalie I’d never seen before. She was so horny and eager and mischievous, it was a little scary.

She stopped kissing me for a moment, then looked into my eyes, smiling.

“This will be fun. I promise.”

Natalie pulled her panties off and I followed her lead. I had to admit, her beauty was intimidating. She was so thin and her small breasts were perky and tantalizing. Her long, dark brown hair was a little wild, but still managed to be gorgeous. Not to mention the fact that she had the cutest little pussy and ass gaziantep escort bayan numaraları I had ever seen. No wonder Andy couldn’t resist fucking her. As I looked at her, I felt scared, jealous, and insecure.

“What’s the matter?” Natalie asked.

“Nothing,” I said. “You’re just really pretty.”

Natalie rolled her eyes. “Oh, please. I wish I had your boobs and curves. I look like a little girl.”

Natalie then gave me a look that told me that everything was going to be fine. She grabbed my hand and pulled me to the bed. We climbed on top of the covers and we kissed again. Our limbs were tangled together and our combined scents filled the room. She rubbed my soaked pussy with her finger and I sighed. She pulled her finger away and sat up.

“I think we’re ready,” she said with a wicked smile.

“Come in!” Natalie yelled to Andy.

The bedroom door swung open and our big brother walked in, already naked and rock hard. My heart was in my throat and my face was hot. I looked over at Natalie and she was beaming as she stared at Andy. The look in her eyes confirmed for me everything that she told me that I couldn’t believe before. She really was in love with him.

Andy walked over to Natalie and she got up on her knees. She kissed him with earnest and stroked his cock. As I stared at the two sexiest people I knew, I grew more insecure. Then Andy stopped kissing Natalie and looked at me.

“Come over here, Jess,” he said, softly.

I smiled and crawled over to him. I got up on my knees, placed my hands on his shoulders, and looked into his eyes. Andy leaned forward and gave me a soft, passionate kiss on the lips. I kissed back and ran my fingers through his hair. I could sense Natalie smiling at us as she kept stroking Andy’s cock.

Andy’s hand ran up my side and over my left breast. He squeezed and caressed it, making me moan a little. His hand moved away and I could feel Natalie’s hand in mine. I looked over at her as she pulled both Andy and I into bed.

Natalie kissed Andy again and pushed him so that he was laying on his back. She pulled me over to his crotch and I draped my left leg over him. I was hovering over my big brother’s rock hard cock, just a couple inches away from him penetrating me. I was shaking like a leaf, as if this was my first time.

I looked into Andy’s hungry eyes, bit my lip, and sank down, letting him penetrate me. I shut my eyes and moaned as he filled me up. When he was funny inside me, I just sat there, enjoying being filled by a cock again. I opened my eyes and smiled at both my siblings.

Natalie giggled and positioned herself over Andy’s face. She sank down a little and Andy’s tongue rose up to eat Natalie out. She moaned and clutched her little breasts.

I grabbed both sides of Andy’s hips and started riding him, slowly, to savor every moment. I looked up to see Natalie’s face contorted with pleasure and I came a little. Andy grunted when he felt my pussy squeeze him. Encouraged by this, I rode him faster and squeezed him harder along the way.

Andy grabbed Natalie’s hips and pulled her down so that she was fully seated on his face. Her eyes rolled back and she let out a wild moan. I came and started moaning too, before shuddering and collapsing on top of Andy, who raised his hips and kept fucking me.

Natalie climbed off of Andy’s mouth, then tapped me on the shoulder.

“My turn,” she said.

I moved forward and let Andy slip out of me. I hovered over Andy’s face and let him grab on to my thighs. Natalie slid down onto Andy’s cock, biting her lower lip and letting out a groan.

Andy’s tongue penetrated me and I felt it probe around inside of me. He certainly knew his way around, despite not being a girl. His thumb massaged my clit and I came again. Andy gripped my thighs tighter, steadying me.

Natalie was riding Andy hard and fast, not giving him a break at all.

I felt Andy’s hot breath as he panted on my cunt.

“Fuck, I’m gonna come,” Andy breathed, after pulling his face away from me.

Natalie leapt off of Andy’s cock and pulled me off of his face. She pulled me off the bed and onto the ground so that we were both kneeling. Andy climbed off the bed, stroking his cock.

Finally, Andy came. His hot cum spurted out and landed on Natalie’s face and mine (mostly on mine). Natalie stared at my face with a fierce hunger, then lunged at me. She eagerly licked at my face, getting all of Andy’s cum off of me. When she was done, she darted over to Andy’s dying erection and sucked on it for a while.

After Natalie was finished, she licked her lips gaziantep escort numaraları and smiled up at Andy, then looked over at me.

Andy said what we were all thinking: “Holy shit.”


We cleaned ourselves up and got dressed in silence and I couldn’t stop smiling. It was late afternoon and I was starving.

“Is anyone hungry?” I asked.

“Fuck yes,” Jessica sighed.

“I can see what we have and make us something,” Andy said.

“I’ll help. I’m probably a better cook than you,” Jessica said.

“I cooked damn fine pancakes this morning.”

“They were pretty good, but I know I can do better.”

Andy folded his arms and arched an eyebrow. “Really?”


“Can I help?” I asked.

“You just relax,” Jessica said. “You’ve done so much for me. Let me do this for you.”

“If you’re talking about what we did today, that was as much for me as it was for you.”

“Still. I’m cooking for you.” She came over and kissed my forehead. “Let me do this for you.”

“Okay,” I said.

When Andy and Jessica had gone down to the kitchen to make dinner, I decided I would do laundry so I could at least be productive. I gathered all the clothing and dirty towels in my room and threw them in the laundry basket. I went out on the balcony that overlooked the first floor and called out to my siblings.

“I’m doing laundry! You have any dirty clothes you want me to wash?”

They both called back: “Yeah, thanks!”

I went into Jessica’s room and grabbed several armfuls of her dirty laundry. When her room was empty of dirty clothes, I dragged the basket to Andy’s room. He didn’t have much in there, but it was still a good amount. His dirty clothes smelled like him and I sniffed them, held them close to me. I grew self-conscious and felt creepy, so I chucked them in the basket before anyone saw me.

There was a shirt under his dresser that was poking out. I snatched it up, and with it came an opened envelope. I tossed the shirt in the basket, then leaned down to pick up the envelope.

It was from someone named Ken Miller and addressed to Andy. My curiosity getting the better of me, I looked inside and pulled out a card. It was a birthday card from this year, it looked like. I opened the card. I ignored what the card said, but I read the personal message.



Holy shit. This was our father. MY father. Ken Miller.

I looked at the address and it looked like it came from his work, rather than his home. He worked in the Valley, at California State University, Northridge.

My heart fluttered and I put the card back in its envelope, then placed it on the floor. I knew his name and I knew where he worked. This was the closest I had ever been to any sort of answer. I needed more.

I lugged the full and heavy laundry basket down both staircases and into the laundry room. I quickly dumped everything in the washer, not caring about lights or darks, chucked some soap in, and started the laundry.

I scurried back upstairs to my bedroom, grabbed my phone, and dashed into the bathroom, slamming and locking the door behind me. I opened the web browser on my phone and Google’d the CSUN website. When I reached that page, I typed “KEN MILLER” into the search bar.

Then I waited. And waited. I remember Jessica once complaining to me about how all college websites suck ass and you can’t find anything. She sure wasn’t kidding.

The search results finally appeared and his profile was the first result. I clicked on it and waited, but not too long. My heart beat rapidly when his picture loaded. It was a picture from a few years ago, taken on a point-and-shoot, but the details were clear enough. This was my father. I just knew it.

He was incredibly handsome for his age, which I guessed was mid-forties. We had the same eyes, the same high cheek bones, and the same smile. His hair was graying, but the dark brown hair that wasn’t gray was the same shade as mine. I recognized Jessica’s nose, Andy’s chin, and he had a very sexy beard stubble that I, fortunately, did not have.

The screen blurred and I realized I had tears in my eyes. I wiped them away and smiled, then looked at the details of his page. He was a film professor and specialized in film production. His office number and the building it was located in were there and I made note of it.

Suddenly, there was a loud knock on the door and I gasped. My phone jumped out of my hand, but I caught it before it hit the floor.

“Natalie, you in there?” Andy called.

“Yeah!” I called back, trying to keep my voice steady.

“Dinner’s ready!”

“Okay, I’m almost done!”

When I heard Andy walking away, I sighed with relief. I closed the web browser on my phone and set a password so that Andy and Jessica couldn’t find my search results. They were hiding something from me and I wanted to find out what they were hiding and why. But, more importantly, I needed to finally meet my father.

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