SOI: Greg, Sandy, Mom , Dad


Hi, my name is Keith and as a teen I had an unusual interest in sex. I guess that I had more raging hormones than most. I developed an interest in sex that was out of the ordinary than most and was turned on by group sex and swinging. These remained only fantasies in high school until my later years in college when they became actual experiences. I met Bobbi in my junior year of college. From the moment we met, there was an instant attraction between us and before long we were living together. Bobbi was a natural redhead from Texas with an open minded wild side which probably led her to go to a more liberal college in Wisconsin. While living together, we explored sex as much as we could with each other. We explored and enjoyed oral, different positions, masturbation, nudity, and even anal.

We were open with each other about our fantasies. The great thing about our relationship was that we could not only talk openly with each other about our fantasies but we would not judge each other. It was nice to discuss group sex and swinging with her. Bobbi had fantasies about being with other girl and about incest. We were both the only child at home and didn’t have any brothers or sisters but the thought of being with a brother-sister couple or watching them turned us on. In our senior year, Bobbi had made friends with a girl in her class who turned out to be Bobbi’s first bi experience and our first threesome.

After college, we went to Chicago in 1980 to work new jobs and to live together. Our both our incomes provided us a bigger better apartment and luxuries that we had done without in college. I have always been a technology lover and after getting my first real job, I bought a Betamax video recorder with the latest black and white camera. It seems primitive by today’s standards but it was the latest back then. We extended our sexual interest to collecting and taping sex. We taped each other together or solo. We found an active swing club in Chicago and intimately got to know some couples. Sometimes we would swing at the club and sometimes we would have parties at the apartment. We taped as much at the apartment as our friends were comfortable with. It still is nice to watch the tapes from those days.

1983 was a year that brought some changes to our lifestyle. The new threat of AIDS stopped our swinging fun. We got married and we upgraded our video to a VHS deck with a new color camcorder. We continued to tape ourselves and with the new technology of the camcorder, we were able to tape our neighbors. The new camcorder could record in low light and from longer distances. The apartment complex we lived in had many young couples who never bother closing their blinds late at night which usually provided a show for a voyeuristic couple like us.

Bobbi became pregnant in 1984 and Greg was born. We moved to a house in 1985 and Bobbi became pregnant again with our second child, Sandy. The next few years were busy with raising the babies and our video activities diminished. After a family vacation, Bobbi and I were watching videos of the vacation and an idea popped in heads. We noticed how our children were growing up and knew that soon they would be starting to explore their sexuality. What if we videoed that like we had the normal videos of them growing up? We were intrigued and excited by the idea of secretly videoing their bedroom activities.

I went that weekend to the best electronics store in town. I bought an upgraded vhs tape deck that could interface with video cameras, record over long periods of time, and could easily edit with other VHS deck. Finding the right cameras took awhile but soon I had two camera video cameras that were smaller than my fist and gave sharp clear images in very low light. I was able to mount the cameras in the bedroom closets where they could not be seen but each one had a great view of the bed when the door was partially open. I ran the wiring through the attic and connected all of it to the master tape deck hidden in my office. Every day, Bobbi made sure that the closet doors were open enough for viewing as she put away the kid’s clothing. The tape deck timer was set for early mornings before school and late afternoons to evening.

Soon, we were editing scenes of Greg and Sandy changing clothes, some nude and some semi nude. As they grew older the videos got more interesting. I believe that we had taped some of the first times they tried masturbating and had many scenes of them masturbating afterwards. We even had a scene or two with Greg and some of his friends jacking off together. As they got older, there were videos of Greg with some of his first girlfriends and Sandy with a boyfriend or two. Bobbi and I went away for an evening and left the kids in charge as Greg was 20 and Sandy was 18. I reset the timer to record to start when we left to when we expected to return the next morning. One was always a thrill to view a recorded video because you didn’t know if you captured an erotic event escort gaziantep özbek bayan or normal day to day activity.

This one turned out to be special. The video did not tell us why the event happened or what led up to it but there was Sandy and Greg walking into her room, taking off each other’s clothes, and making love for a hour or so. I showed the video to Bobbi as soon as we were alone. The video not only surprised us but got us very horny. We always an interest in incest but never thought that we would actually see a brother and sister together, much less our own kids. This became our most watched video and always led to Bobbi and I making love afterwards. A year had passed after that weekend before we saw Sandy and Greg together again on tape. Again we were out for the evening and left the children in charge. This time Sandy had her friend Judy over and they had a threesome in Greg’s bedroom. It was the first time we had seen Sandy even naked with other girl much less touching each other. Well, like mother like daughter and this became number one on our watch list.

This year was our special wedding anniversary and I was taking Bobbi on a two week Caribbean cruise. I didn’t feel confident about being away from the video equipment for so long and I dismantled everything. I figured that I might upgrade the equipment when I return and maybe use the new DVD technology to replace the tape. We had no problem with the kids watching over the house. Greg was going to be twenty one soon and was working and going to college. Sandy was just out of high school and was working part time. We trusted them that there would be no booze parties while we were gone. Sandy and Greg drove us to the airport that Monday morning for our connecting flight with the cruise ship. We kissed and waved goodbye to each other as we entered the security check area. I looked back and thought how they have grown up so fast. Greg was six feet tall with sandy brown hair and brown eyes with a tennis player physique but hated tennis.

Sandy looked a lot like her mother, petite, fair skinned, but with auburn hair and blue eyes. Bobbi and I boarded the plane without a care in the world and prepared to celebrate twenty years of wedded bliss and more.

Greg and Sandy walked across the airport parking lot and headed for the family SUV.

Greg said, “You want to drive?”

Sandy walked to the passenger door and said, “You can drive, the traffic around here scares me.”

Greg unlocked the doors and climbed into the driver’s seat. He started the engine and looked over at Sandy. “You mind if I just drop you off at the house? I have to be at work


Sandy fumbled in her purse for some lipstick and applied a fresh coat. “Sure, not a problem. You have plans this weekend? I going out with Brad on Friday but that’s about it. We have the house to ourselves for a couple of weeks.”

Greg looked at Sandy and smiled. “No plans at all. Jenny is going on vacation with her parents after Wednesday. No plans at all.”

Sandy turned on the radio and cranked up the sound. Soon, the SUV was pulling into their driveway and Sandy stepped out. She walked over the Greg’s window and motioned him to lower it. Greg started to play around and was moving the window up and down. He laughed at her and finally let the window go all the way down.

“OK, smartass” smiled Sandy, “I’ll be home tonight and will leave the backdoor unlocked for when you get home.”

“Thanks, I probably won’t get off until about 11:00. See ya.” Said Greg as he leaned his head out the window and kissed Sandy goodbye. Sandy waved as the SUV rolled back out of the driveway and she walked to the backdoor. Reaching in her purse for the door keys, she unlocked the door and walked in. How quiet the house was. Usually mom was home making some kind of noise around the house. The quiet was pleasant for once and Sandy felt free in the empty house knowing that no one would be there for hours. She went to the family room and turned on the computer. She took off her clothes as the computer booted up. Once the bells and whistles stopped, Sandy sat nude at the keyboard. She loaded her favorite cd into the player and checked her email and instant messages. Nothing interesting came in, she thought then opened the browser and started to surf the net.

Sandy went to her favorite site which was contained erotic stories of types and interests. Sandy looked through the list of current offerings and chose to read whatever struck her fancy. Sandy found this site many years ago and found out more about sex than just the normal man and woman stuff. Some days she liked to read more romantic or first time stories and sometimes she would read about lesbians or group sex.

Her favorite was about incest. The idea of fucking a family member excited her and a really good story was hard to come by. The stories had given her ideas that made her porno videolar horny for her brother and later she had seduced her brother. She then shared the story site with him. Sometimes they read together and masturbated or did oral sex when no one else was home. One time they planned and seduced Sandy’s best friend into a three way. Sandy loved her first bi experience and it was everything that she thought it would be. She loved to watch Greg screw her friend but her friend was at first shocked and then excited to see Greg fuck his sister. “What a wild night that was”, thought Sandy. Sandy continued reading various stories and jilled her pussy with the better ones. Sandy had some small orgasms with the stories and soon realized it was getting late and how tired she was. Sandy picked up her clothes and walked nude through the house to her bedroom. Throwing her clothes on a chair, she laid down in her bed and immediately went to sleep.

She woke up the next morning as the sun started to come through her window. She didn’t realize that she had slept so soundly. She didn’t even hear Greg come in the house that night. She put on her robe and went into the kitchen. Greg was already up and dressed for work.

“Hi want some coffee?” smiled Greg and he poured milk over his cereal.

“Yeah, but that’s about all.” She said sleepily, “I have to get in the shower soon and get ready for work. I’m already running later than usual.”

Sandy took the coffee from Greg, gave him a kiss, and headed for the bathroom. She drank her coffee in sips between showering, dressing, applying makeup, and walking out

the door for work. Greg had already left and had taken the SUV which left the old Toyota for Sandy to drive. The car never would start on the first try anymore but it did start and Sandy drove into work. Both had work the rest of the week and the week went by slow. Greg saw Jenny off to go on her vacation with her parents and Sandy went out with Brad on Friday night which ended up in an argument that brought Sandy home early.

Sandy looked for Greg but apparently he was out doing something. Sandy was upset with Brad being such an asshole and she thought a drink would calm her down. Her parents were cool open minded parents but they kept the liquor locked in a cabinet in the family room. Bobbi had left her keys on her dresser and maybe, Sandy thought, the key to the liquor cabinet would be there. She took the key ring with her to the family room and tried several keys to open the cabinet. None worked until finally one key slid in the lock and turned. Opening the double door, Sandy looked at the choices of liquor to choose from.

She always liked VO and coke and poured the golden liquid to about half the glass. She went to put the keys back on her mother’s dresser and stopped by the kitchen for a cold can of Coke. She back into the family room, turned on the TV, and mixed the coke in with her VO. She sat down and took a long drink from her glass.

Soon, she was getting very relaxed and could give a shit about Brad. While reaching for her glass, Sandy accidentally knocked it over. Sandy thought “damn, now I have to clean this up. I hope that it doesn’t stain.” She got some old shop towels and soaked up the carpet area and then she sprayed some carpet cleaner on the spot. She got on her knees and started to wipe and dry the area, Sandy thought, “looks OK now.” While kneeling over the spot , she saw something that she never noticed before or thought about. The liquor cabinet had a lower second set of double doors on the cabinet. She had never seen them open and always assumed that it contained more booze. Since the cabinet was unlocked, might as well see what booze is there as I need to replace the drink I spilled and didn’t get to finish. Crawling over to the cabinet, Sandy pulled on the two handles and opened the doors. To her surprise there were no liquor bottles only rows of plastic video tape cases.

This looks interesting thought Sandy. The cases were not marked on their spines so Sandy pulled out the first case from the upper left hand corner. She opened the box and saw a video tape that had a label on it that had “Bobbi and Keith 1980” handwritten on it.

Sandy smiled with curiosity as she wondered what was on it. She fixed another VO and coke and went over to the VCR. She pushed the tape cartridge in the VCR and sat back in the chair as the TV turned form black screen to a flickering black and white. Sandy took a sip of her drink and almost spit it out as she watched the black and whites of her mother, a very young Bobbi, removing her clothes. It was almost funny to see her with permed big hair but she was an attractive lady with a hot body back then. Sandy did start to laugh to see the next shot with her Dad with longer hair and a Fu Manchu moustache.

Her laughter subsided as he took off his clothes and revealed a very nice hard cock. She turned up the volume on the rus escort bayan gaziantep remote but there was mainly tape hiss interspersed with occasional laughter.

You could tell on the next scene that her Dad was holding the camera as Sandy’s mother was giving a blow job. Sandy thought to herself how strange to watch this but she was getting turned on watching. After about 15 minutes of Bobbi’s tongue licking Keith’s cock and bobbing up and down on it, Keith came. The camera had closed in on mom’s face as streams of cum landed on her cheeks and nose. You could tell for the next scene the camera had been placed on a table and left running as mom and dad entered in to the shot of their bed and dad started to fuck mom. The original tape speed must have a bit slower than normal as their actions appeared to be one step in fast forward. It looked funny from the tape speed and being without close-ups but the sound of her mother moaning came through the sound loud and clear. Dad got out of bed and moved out of the scene towards the camera. The view was moving as dad walked over to the bed with the camera and shot of close-up of mom with a big silly grin on her face. The tape ended and Sandy got up to rewind the tape. As the tape was rewinding, Sandy thought how wild her parents are and how drowsy she was. Putting the tape away, Sandy went to her room and went to sleep.

Sandy woke up that Saturday around 11:00 and rose out of bed with a slight hangover. She struggled into the shower and ran hot water across her body. She finally started to feel better and got out of the shower. She dried herself, put on a robe, and headed for the kitchen. It was almost lunch so Sandy passed by the breakfast food and fixed a can of chicken soup. Greg walked in the kitchen only wearing boxers as Sandy was finishing her soup.

“When did you get in?” asked Sandy

“Around one” yawned Greg, “Bob and I were just cruising around. What did you do?”

“It started out bad.” smiled Sandy, “but it got better. That ass, Brad, started a fight and I left and got home early. I got in dad’s liquor cabinet and you will never guess what I found!”

“Oh what” said Greg thinking no big deal.

“Videos of mom and dad fucking!” grinned Sandy “and there is a whole shelf of them”

“Wow!” said Greg with a change of attitude, “A whole shelf. Will you let me see them?”

“Only if you are nice to me” smiled Sandy as she took Greg by the hand and lead him into the family room. “Lose those boxers too” as she let her robe fall to the floor. Sandy turned on the power to the TV and the VCR, and then opened the bottom cabinet doors. Greg lay nude on the couch with his eyes glued on the TV as Sandy inserted a tape. “This is the one I saw last night” as she pressed the play button. “There are plenty more so it looks like an all day and night video party.” The black and white video started just like last night and since she had seen it already, Sandy went into the kitchen for some cold sodas and came back. Sandy walked back in to see dad on the TV screen cumming on mom’s face and Greg stroking himself. “Wish you were in the picture?” teased Sandy.

“I wouldn’t pass the chance up” said Greg, “Mom was a little hottie back there, still is.”

“You had better slow down, there are a lot of videos to look at” grinned Sandy as she sat next to Greg. They watched the rest of the video, put it back they way they found it and loaded the next couple. It was more black and white of Keith and Bobbi. Sandy pulled out the fourth tape case. “Hey this is marked Keith, Bobbi, John, and Chris 1981.

I wonder what is on this one?” laughed Sandy

The tape started to play. The black and white scene opened with mom and another couple in bed. We assumed dad was holding the camera. The three toasted wine glasses and started to take turns kissing each other. Not your average kiss but French kisses and we were surprised to see mom deep tongue Chris, the other girl in the scene. Things became more surprising as Chris was on all fours eating mom while getting fucked by John and then the partners switched with Mom eating Chris and Mom was getting fucked by John. The scene ended with what looked like John cumming in mom and then John walked out of the camera scene, then some camera movement and Dad walked into the scene. The action started to repeat itself with Chris eating Mom again and Dad fucking Chris. The tape ended with Dad cumming in Chris.

Greg and I got worked up while watching the tapes and started to masturbate each other.

The last tape with the other couple got us going I was moaning with Greg’s fingers in my pussy and I pumped Greg’s cock where he shot his cum in the air, landing on his chest.

“Wow”, said Sandy catching her breath, “I didn’t know that Mom and Dad were swingers. Especially Mom with that girl, Chris!”

“Yeah” grinned Greg “If I was there I would have fucked them both! You’d never guess Mom and Dad did that. I know they are cool parents and open minded about some stuff but not this open minded.”

“You mean that you could have, want to, or like to fuck, Mom?” teased Sandy

“Mom, when she was younger” said Greg turning a little red, “I don’t know, maybe even now. She is still very hot looking. I just never really thought it before. How about you and Dad?” Greg teased back.

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