Roles Ch. 02


Sarah stared at the ceiling, motionless. A few feet away, out of the corner of her eye, she could see Lisa getting back into her own bed. The tall, lean brunette was settling into the tangle of rumpled covers.

Sarah could smell sweat. She could also taste the girl-cum coating her lips and saturating her tongue.

Sarah had just been raped. This was, technically, what had happened. Lisa, her new roommate that she had known less than a day, had bound her knees, held her hands above her head, and then ground her pussy into Sarah’s mouth until she came. She had been used, against her will, for the pleasure of another. There was no other word for it than rape.

But Sarah didn’t know what to do about it. Lisa seemed perfectly content to leave her alone now. Sarah couldn’t deny that no real physical harm had come to her. The whole thing had been fairly quick, and no more invasive than an affectionate dog humping her leg. She considered the possibility of emotional damage, but really, that’s the kind of thing you had to wait on. At the moment, Sarah could sense no real pain. She pondered it over, and considered the possibility that see was in shock. She began cataloguing the experience in her head.

Her senses were wired now. The taste in her mouth seemed stronger. Sarah had briefly tasted herself before, and knew from numerous post-cunnilingus kisses with boyfriends what she tasted like, but this was different. Lisa’s come was heavier, muskier. Her knees were still wrapped up in the belt, but this was not something Sarah minded to much. She was a sub, and bondage play was nothing new to her. Her wrists were a little sore, but didn’t really hurt. She finally came to the sensation that really troubled her. Her pussy was wet. And not just a little moist, but dripping wet. Sarah was horny as hell now.

Sarah had never been with a girl before. canlı bahis She loved sex, and had an academic appreciation for other girls’ bodies, but she was straight. Or so she had thought. There was no denying how much her pussy had responded. She couldn’t pretend the experience hadn’t turned her on.

Bringing one hand down to her pussy, Sarah rubbed it experimentally. It was soaking wet, and just the light touch set her on fire. She undid the belt around her knees and let her legs fall open. Even in the heat of the room, her sex was like a small furnace.

She turned her head and stared at Lisa. The tall, leggy girl was on her side, facing the wall. Sarah inspected the well-toned frame, the slender and muscular legs, and then the space between them, and the pussy lips peaking out, peach-like, between them. Those lips were red and wet, and Sarah licked a little of the leftover juices off her chin while she stared. She liked the taste.

Sarah realized that, almost without her knowledge, her hand was rubbing faster now. She was pressing against herself, hard, teasing her tender clit.

“Lisa,” she whispered.

Hearing her, Lisa turned over to face her. There was a look on her face of contentment, and when she saw Sarah pleasuring herself, she smirked. “Slut,” she whispered across the small room.

Sarah came. It was the quiet insult that put her over the top. She cried out and then bit her lower lip. She closed her eyes and arched her back. All the muscles in her thighs tensed up, and then suddenly relaxed. Sarah could feel her own cream filling her hand, and she went limp, idly rubbing her juices through her thatch of dark pubic hair.

Sarah heard laughter and opened her eyes. Lisa was sitting up in bed, leaning against the wall. Her legs were splayed, and her perfectly hairless slit was in full view. “You little betwoon slut,” she said again. Sarah could fell herself quiver in response. “You actually liked that, didn’t you,” Lisa was saying. “You liked eating my pussy out. God, you are such a whore.”

Sarah began to rub herself again. The denigration was turning her on like nothing she’d ever felt before. Suddenly there was a hand on her wrist, pulling it away from her aching pussy.

“Nuh uh,” Lisa said. She was standing over her. “Hands off your cunt.”

Sarah stared up at her. “Please, let me finish. Please.”

Lisa smiled at her. A warmer smile than she’d had on since raping Sarah. “Let me.”

Sarah felt a rush of relief and delight as Lisa got on the bed and lay on top of her. They kissed, now with Sarah a willing participant instead of a victim. Lisa was more tender now, her tongue teasing Sarah’s lips. Sarah squirmed happily underneath, holding Lisa’s face in her hands as Lisa’s arms wrapped lovingly around her.

Sarah’s legs went up and tightened around Lisa’s narrow waist. Lisa played a hand across Sarah’s generous breasts, then broke the kiss. She slid down Sarah’s torso, their bare skin rubbing against each other, lubricated by a mixture of their own juices, sweat, and saliva. Her lips fastened around Sarah’s left nipple. The taste of so many fluids spiked by the distinctive but indefinable and subtle flavor of a nipple. Sarah whimpered underneath her, and Lisa brought a hand down to her waiting pussy, splaying the tender young lips and slipping a finger in easily.

Sarah moaned at the welcome intrusion. She needed it badly. “Fuck me,” she whispered. Lisa stopped her suckling but continued the slow and steady penetration. She propped herself up on one hand and looked down at her eager young lover.

“What was that?”

“Fuck betwild me. Please. I’m begging you.” Sarah looked at her with pleading, puppy-dog eyes. “Please, fuck me. I need it.”

Lisa smiled. “You dirty, dirty girl.”

Sarah giggled and wriggled her pelvis on Lisa’s finger. “I’m filthy, sure. Please, clean me off.”

Lisa grinned. “Sure thing.” She slid down, increasing the pace of her thrusts. Her tongue found it’s mark quickly, licking up and down her exposed inner labia. Sarah moaned and began to shake. In no time at all, Lisa was working three fingers into the tight confines of Sarah’s dripping cunt, and sucking her clit without mercy. She brought her fingers up, finding Sarah’s g-spot, and pushed against it.

Sarah moaned and began to come. Her fingernails dug into her own thighs. The fingers came out of her cunny, and she felt Lisa’s lips fasten around her clit, sucking on it and tweaking it with her tongue, biting and torturing. She began to thrash, and Lisa’s hands found hers, pulling down with her arms at her side, holding Sarah steady. Sarah could feel the wetness on them from her quim. There were teeth around her clit now, threatening and promising at the same time. Sarah surrendered to Lisa’s control, letting her body go limp. Lisa’s hands tightened around her own, squeezing them firmly, but not cruelly. Her toes curled, sheets bunching up beneath them. It felt like electricity running down her spine from the base of her neck. All the energy and tension in her body seemed to drain out of her over stimulated clitoris. Her orgasm peaked, an explosion of juices that splashed out and coated Lisa’s mouth, chin and neck.

Sarah’s whole body went tense and rigid one more time, then utterly limp. Lisa crawled up the bed and locked her mouth around Sarah’s, pouring collected juices from her orgasm into mouth in a sticky kiss. Lisa brought Sarah’s arms up above her head and held her wrists there. Sarah felt stretched out, exposed, vulnerable and fragile. But, with Lisa’s strong, reassuring weight on top of her, she also felt safe and protected. That is how they fell asleep.

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