Much Love Forever. M. Pt. 03

What followed can not be told entirely, as it seemed endless. At some point, I found a couple of candles in the kitchen and lit them as the sun set and the room darkened. They mounted and rode me, I mounted and rode them. I took turns giving each ten strokes at a time, each mock-fighting with the other for an extra couple of strokes. We did sitting, standing, against the wall, oral chains, even a little light bondage with Star’s wrists bound behind her, blindfolded and gagged, and me pounding at her pussy from behind.

I came twice more in Chelle’s pussy, once in Star’s ultra-tight cunt, and once in her mouth. We fucked on into the night, up toward midnight, when the candles sputtered and burned out, the three of us ending up on the huge Persian rug in the front room, an oriental intricacy in black and royal purple and gold, with only the desk lamp for light.

The mad orgy concluded in a chain, with Chelle eating Star’s pussy while I pounded Chelle’s ass with my dick. The chain fired in sequence, with me cumming in Chelle’s ass in a frenzy of force. Chelle, feeling the last bursts of my juice in her ass, came next, screaming in climax with her mouth on her daughter’s cunt. That seemed to set off Star, whose orgasm broke her into a thousand shrieking pieces.

We all collapsed in a heap. We actually had reached a point where we could fuck no more without rest, without salving for our worn and beaten and stretched and depleted sexual parts. Star lay spread and half-conscious.

“Oh god,” she said weakly. “Oh Jack. Oh Mandy, Mandy, Amanda-mandy.”

* * *

BAM! Right between the eyes, the big picture suddenly clear and laid out in front of me. Amanda! Mandy! How could I not have seen? Amanda! Mandy! Or Chelle? Or what?

Twenty-some years before. Mandy, Amanda-mandy, and I had had a hot, hot, six-month “relationship”, afire with the kind of passion you only get at twenty, twenty-one, twenty-two. We’d broken it up at the end of that time — fairly bitterly, over slights and cheatings on both sides. We both moved on, and I’d never seen her again.

Until now. Looking at her, I saw my Amanda-mandy, matured into something new — not so much older, but a woman now sweeter and wiser. It had taken me a couple of years to get over her then, such was the intensity of our coupling. bursa otele gelen escort I’d heard she’d had a baby and had gotten married, and after that she gradually faded from my memories.

I rose quickly, suddenly wide-awake. “Mandy?” I said to her. “Mandy, it’s me, Joe.”

She seemed just slightly less surprised than I. “Ahhh, Joe, Joey,” She handled the name like a delicacy from the sea. “I’d really thought it might be you. It looked like you, the way you moved around on the roof today. I told Star I wanted to stop in and introduce myself to you.

“I could make out some old resemblances, but you said your name was Jack, and I used an aka also; for the night I would be Chelle, Shell, something perfect washed up by the waters. Maybe it was just to protect myself in case it . . . je ne sais quoi. But god, lover, it’s great to see you, to hold you and feel you.”

“I don’t know what to say either, Mandy,” I said. “Same with me. I saw in you someone I knew but didn’t remember knowing. Maybe too much time and travel have passed by. . . .

At this moment, I was seriously and truly in love. We melted together in a long, deep embrace. I felt extremely tender toward her and stroked her hair gently. She ran her hand along my cheek and neck, neither of us daring to say more.

But no, the day’s final, agonizing twist came quickly behind. “Star, darling?” she said to her daughter. “I want you to meet your father.”

A blinding explosion behind my eyes, and the gears and machinery of my mind ground and clattered to an abrupt stop, as if trying to reset all its parameters at once. Even Star, the self-assured, insolent Evening Star presented a look of confusion and shock.

“Mandy, that’s too much for me to take. How can you be sure? Have you brought this up to Star before?”

“I’m sure, Joe,” she answered quietly. “Yes, there were a couple men toward the end, but I’d had my periods. Then — you remember our last time? In that back bedroom at Perry’s house? It was so good I almost couldn’t leave you. But I had to go home to New Jersey, right then, right there.

“Well then, I didn’t have another man for like six months, and I started missing periods. And Joe, I knew, I just KNEW.”

“Mother,” Star said in a summons escort bayan that was almost a question. “How could you . . . did you know? When did you know. Wasn’t there . . . didn’t you . . .?” The girl was almost in tears, and I wasn’t real sure about myself. “Jack, Joe, you couldn’t have, like, you didn’t know about . . . “

Too much. Way too much for us all at once. The chances of such a meeting in this remote place were like zero and less than zero. And now, I’d met my own daughter, a daughter I hadn’t known existed until this moment. And I’d fucked her, fucked my own beautiful daughter.

Star may have suspected — or Mandy may have told her — that Jimmy was not her birth father, although he had fully accepted her as his daughter. The wonder she had felt about all such matters had come to a crashing conclusion right here, She had fucked her father, and whether that knowledge came after the fact didn’t matter.

Mandy seemed in the best position to understand a lifetime of complex chambers and hidden secrets. She believed firmly that Joe, long ago Joe, had been the father of her daughter, although it came as a loud morning alarm to come to this realization with crashing suddenness, after an evening and night of joyous, pure sex. And what now had this done to her daughter?

This all needed mental resolution. I went to the bedroom and picked up the piles of clothing. I pulled on my shorts and a shirt, then came back and handed each their clothes. Both dressed quickly and without speaking. None of it seemed real at all.

The three of us walked through the front door and onto the porch. I gave each woman a tentative hug — none of us seemed certain of how to go on with relationships that had gone up the funnel cloud in a couple of mind-racing minutes.

“Should I walk you home,” I asked, trying to be a gentleman.

“Oh, that’s ok, Joe,” Mandy said. “This place is nothing if not safe, especially at midnight. Everyone’s asleep by now.” They walked down the porch steps and up the sidewalk, turning at the corner onto the county road.

* * *

Mother and daughter left in the middle of August to go back to Maryland. I stayed two more weeks. Before the girls left, Mandy and I coupled a few more times, becoming familiar and intimate. We even mudanya escort tried out on a date, taking the ferry over to the island and sitting down for crabs and shrimp at a bait shack next inlet over. It was a nice day and night.

Star came by just once more, by herself, that is. Neither was sure of how to proceed, and although it had been easy for me to get lost in her sexual inventiveness, I had to keep in mind that she was still a young girl, vulnerable in many ways, and at an age where such a car crash could leave behind a lifetime of unanswered questions. We talked for quite a while, and I tried to be kind and understanding, but we both seemed taken aback by the sudden perversion of the rules of human conduct. We reached points of agreement and left it there for now.

There was one thing I yet needed to know. “Star,” I said. “Why was it that you called out your mother’s real name that night?”

“Joe, Mother and I have always been close — maybe too close in a lot of ways,” the girl said. “When I was 17, she and I shared one of her boyfriends — Jimmy wasn’t supposed to know, of course, and I don’t know that he ever found out for certain. Then it got to where Mother and I would, you know, play with each other, sort of, and . . . ” Her voice trailed off.

“We’d play a lot of games, and one of them was for me to pretend to be someone else, someone not her daughter. Don’t ask me what that did for her, but I got to liking it, and every now and then, when I’m really out of control, I guess I slip back into it.

“I’m almost sorry now that I gave the name away. I guess we’d all have found out some way, some day, but it was so heavy-duty finding out about it the way we did. I don’t think I could take anything like that again.”

* * *

Mandy promised to stay in touch with me. About two months after they left, Mandy sent me an e-mail:

Jack:how did this happen to us? I have to tell you, Star is pregnant, and we are trying to decide what to do. She swears she has not had sex since this summer with you. I want her to have an abortion. as much as I love Her I could not let her put herself through what I went through. I almost feel like calling that ass Jimmy just for some stableity in her Life. It seems like She wants to know some things to make Her decision. My dr. says he can match DNA samples but he would need one from You. please call me on my cel phone, or I could call you. I need to know.

Thank you for everything you have done. I am not trying to hold you up in any way but this is for Star and for Her piece of mind

Much Love Forever


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