Wedding Day Revenge Goes Awry


Mother of the groom foils her son’s former best friend.

The speeches were over at last. I wiped away a tear and swallowed the last of my champagne. My handsome son Jonathan and his lovely bride Emma were now man and wife. There would be a new Mr and Mrs Gilchrist on the scene, and Harry and I could head towards graceful retirement. I wondered what that would entail. Harry swayed drunkenly in his dress kilt, shirt and beer belly escaping over the top. His herd of brothers were the same. We Gilchrist’s are only Scottish at weddings and funerals, and the rugby. But once he had enough to drink, or watched Braveheart for the millionth time, Harry’s heritage would come to the fore. It looked like being one of those days. I’d make my rounds thanking guests, then retire to our room and rest before the disco in the evening.

We held a small dinner for the immediate family on the eve of the wedding. Guests were Rsvp’d to say if they were coming to the service and reception or just the evening do. To Harry’s delight, most plumped for the evening do with a cash bar. The sixty people who stayed for canapes and champagne after the ceremony didn’t make too much of a dent in his wallet. Harry drank away his good fortune. “Judith, I’m just off to the bar with the boys for a couple, then I’ll join you in the room later, love.” He winked and pinched my arse. Empty promises, I knew he would turn up three hours later, so drunk all he’d be up to was a quick grope before rolling over, farting and falling asleep. The sexy underwear under my mother of the groom outfit was a wasted expense. We were only fifty-five for god’s sake, but our love life was over. We could easily live another thirty or forty years. But not like this. I’d kept myself a trim120 pounds from Tuesday keep fit and walking the dog and still got the odd glance from other men, which was nice. I’m top heavy for my five foot seven, but my boobs, which entertained Harry so much in our youth he once threatened to sell the TV, had not tempted him in a while. Still, the expensive bra I’d bought on his credit card earned its keep today. Several friend’s husbands gave me the once over, but their eyes were on autopilot.

Our next-door neighbours came over to thank me for the invite. He had to go, but his wife would stay and leave with friends later. Some other ladies came over, also refugees from their bar bound husbands, and we chatted about weddings and kids, the usual stuff. I heard a man’s voice behind me and turned but had to look down for its owner. My high heels gave me another three inches, but without them I’d still look over the head of Billy Jennings, my son’s best friend from primary school. Billy stopped growing at fourteen while Jonathan sprouted up to six foot two. They made an amusing pair.

“Lovely service Mrs Gilchrist. Thanks for inviting me. Jonathan is rocking the kilt and Emma looks beautiful. You must be thrilled.”

“Thank you, Billy. I can’t believe Jonathan overlooked your invitation. It was lucky we bumped into each other last week. I’m so glad you came.”

“I wouldn’t miss this for the world Mrs G. Can I get you ladies a tray of drinks before the bar closes?” Billy headed to the bar with his ears echoing with praise for what a nice boy he was. Billy was twenty-eight like Jonathan, but his stature was more like that of a teenager.

Moments later Jonathan appeared and asked for a word.

“Mum, what’s he doing here?”

“Billy was your best friend at school he would have been heartbroken to miss your big day. I’m embarrassed you forgot to invite him.”

“That was deliberate mum. We fell out a while back. It was great when we were kids, but he followed me to university and then into banking. He’s like a bloody shadow. I tried to be kind, but our friendship ended badly.”

“I’m sorry to hear that, son. You seemed keen to speak to him after the service.”

“It shocked me to see him. I thought he was here to cause trouble. I warned him off.”

“Oh Jonathan, I’m sure he won’t do that.”

“Look, he likes you mum. Had a schoolboy crush on you years ago. Can you keep an eye on him and make sure he goes before the disco tonight? Emma and me are off for a bit of a rest.” His cheeky grin let me know that one Mr Gilchrist would keep his promises.

“Okay, son. You have a nice rest and I’ll sort this. I’m sure Emma will welcome the opportunity to put her feet up.” The bubbles had made me fruity and Jonathan blushed. I’d accidently walked in on them at it more than once. The first time he was fucking Emma as she gripped onto the edge of our bath. I thought I’d made enough noise coming up the stairs to warn anyone, but the door was unlocked. The second time he was doing her on the bonnet of Harry’s classic Rover car. I was looking for peas in the freezer we keep in the garage. I scuttled away, but I heard Emma, “You get turned on by the thought of your mum catching us.” I thought the same.


Billy was back with a tray full of drinks and two bottles of champagne with his escort gaziantep bayan reklamları compliments. We invited him to join us. He’d be intimidated by a group of young women, but with us old mums he was in his element. He told funny stories about when he and Jonathan were kids. I felt sorry they were no longer friends. His stories somehow always mentioned me, and I was not the only one to notice it. When he excused himself to go to the loo, one of the ladies said, “I think you’ve got at admirer there Judith.”

“Don’t be silly, I’ve known him since he was a kid. He may have had a boob fascination when he reached puberty, but what lad doesn’t?” I dismissed their banter as the drink talking. Billy had kept our glasses topped up, so I’d slowed down. I’d put the glass to my lips several times but drank only once. Two glasses went into a plant holder and were refilled with icy water from the bucket when no one was looking.

Billy came back from the loo as the first of our group complained she felt odd. Thelma said it was as if someone had pulled the plug. All the others agreed with her. I was okay, but I played along given Jonathan’s warning about Billy causing trouble. Had he been spiking our drinks? We called it a day and cabs were rung to take the others home.

“I think I need to lie down; I’m going to my room. Would you help me Billy, I don’t think I’ll make by myself in these shoes?”

“Mrs G, give me your arm.”

“Do you like my shoes Billy, I noticed you admiring them?” Since my conversation with the girls, I’d was conscious of his subtle glances. He could not help himself. It was quite a turn on a woman my age could have such an effect on a youthful man. The drink was working its magic. My nipples tingled; my gusset was moist. I’d promised Jonathan to keep Billy in check, but that didn’t mean I could not have some fun.

“They are lovely shoes, Mrs G. Your outfit is lovely. In fact, you are lovely.”

“Stop it Billy, you’ll turn my head.” He held open a swing door for me to pass by, I brushed against the front of his trousers and felt his erection against my thigh. My blood pumped; a pulse reawakened in my groin. What if he won’t leave me at the door? What if it insists on coming into our bedroom? I was more excited than I’d been in years.

Two other people waiting for the small lift and we all squeezed in. Billy stood behind me while the other couple complimented me on the lovely bride and groom. Billy took his chanced and pushing his hard on against my arse. I knew it was wrong, but it had been so long since I’d had a man desire me that much it turned me on. I subtly pushed back against him while making small talk. When we got to my room, I was only half pretending I could not get the door card into the lock.

“It’s okay Mrs G, I’ve got this.” Billy took it from me. Now we were alone. Something with a harder edge replaced his eager to please smile. He led me in and closed the door behind him.

“What are you doing Billy?”

“No more games, Judith. I know you want me. I felt you pressing against my cock. Your husband won’t be back until he’s drunk himself senseless. I never understood how you stayed with that fat oaf. I will kiss you, then I will fuck you and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

I held the chair for support. “What do you mean Billy?”

“I’ve roofied you, Judith. You know, rohypnol? The date rape drug. It’s a hypnotic sedative, muscle relaxant and best of all it causes memory loss. You won’t have a fucking clue what happened. I had to give all those other stupid bitches a dose as well, just to make sure I got you. But it was worth it.”

I slumped into the chair, shocked at the lengths he would go to. Thank God I’d stopped drinking when I did. Billy was slightly built, but the look on his face scared me. “You don’t have to do this, Billy.”

“Yes, I do Judith. It’s one thing Jonathan won’t.” I didn’t understand what he meant. Billy undressed. He flung his jacket to the ground and pulled at his shirt. He did not have the patience to undo his buttons. “I’ve wanted you since I was old enough to wank. I must have come a million times thinking about you.”

I was appalled and aroused at the same time. “Billy, stop it.”

“I used to steal your knickers from the laundry basket. I must have a dozen pairs. I used to put them over my head with the gusset against my nose and mouth and breath in your pussy smell as I came.”

“Billy, that’s disgusting.”

“Disgusting is it? Why are you turned on Mrs G?”

I looked down at my nipples pushing against the white silk blouse. I could feel pussy juice soaking into the lining of my skirt. He walked up to me. His crotch just below my eye level, an impressive erection tenting his suit trousers.

“Like I said, a muscle relaxant.” He took my hand and told me to pull it away. I feigned struggling and slumped, resigned. “You will enjoy this Mrs G, but not as much as I will.” escort gaziantep resimleri Billy let go of my hand and dropped his trousers and pants. An impressive sized erection sprang up. He put my compliant fingers around his cock and I realised the optical illusion. His cock was no bigger than my husband’s but it seemed so because of his slight frame. I gripped it and pulled the skin back. The head was coated in pre cum. I wanted to stick it in my mouth, but I was supposed to be under his control. “That’s it slut, wank me.” His hips responded involuntarily as I tugged him. He breathed heavily, then told me to stop. He bent down and pulled his phone out of his jacket pocket. “Everyone enjoys seeing wedding pictures, Mrs G. Now suck my cock.” He stuck it between my lips and started clicking away. He fucked my mouth, making me gag. Billy pulled the back of my hair, raising my face to the camera so there was no mistake. He captured the rope of saliva connecting the head of his cock to my lips. “That’s a good slut. I love that silly little hat you’re wearing. I’ll make sure I come over it.”

I’d forgotten my fascinator was still pinned to my head. So that was his plan. The petty bastard would send these filthy pictures to Jonathan and my husband to get one over on them. Now I knew his game, I relaxed. He did not know I was not drugged. I’d enjoy myself until it was time to spring a trap of my own. Billy held the back of my head and fucked my face hard. I struggled to get my jacket off. He stopped thrusting and helped me. “That’s a good slut Mrs G. I knew you’d enjoy it.”

I stood up and towered over him in his stockinged feet. “You want my tits, don’t you, Billy? You’ve always wanted them.” He played with his cock as he watched me undress. When my blouse came off and he saw my black lacy bra, I thought he would come. My knickers flooded. I was so turned on. He pushed me back onto the seat by my shoulders and ran his wet cock across my exposed tit flesh and stuck in into the cleavage. I held him to me by his slender arse cheeks. “Do you want to fuck my tits, Billy?” He almost crumbled, but caught himself.

“I’m in charge, slut. Get on the bed.” I undid my bra and lay back. My heavy breasts parted and he sighed. Like his cock, my tits are an optical illusion. They are only a thirty-eight D, but because of my small back they look larger. ‘It’s all tit flesh and no waist,’ Harry used to say back when he was still interested.

“Come on then, Billy, you’ve waited long enough.” I squeeze them together and that did it. He was on me. My tits looked even bigger in his small hands. He cupped both hands around one tit, then another as his mouth worked my nipples to even greater hardness. I’d come if he kept it up, but I had to keep him off balance. “Are you going to fuck my tits now, Billy? I’ll hold them together for you if you like.” He was frantic as he straddled my chest. His hairy balls tickled my stomach. Billy parted my tits and licked up and down the cleavage.

“Spit on my cock slut,” I hesitated, and he grabbed my head. It took me a few goes to provide the lubrication needed. He massaged his shaft, then he pushed my tits together and began fucking them. His cock head just peeped out of my cleavage at the top of his thrust and I had to crick my neck to lick the shiny helmet. Billy was beside himself with lust. “I saw this in a porn mag Jonathan had when we were fourteen. I could not stop jerking myself thinking of doing this to you. Once I thought I’d broken my cock.” I could feel his balls twinge against my stomach and he did too. “Hold them tighter around my cock, slut.” I did as he bid and he sped up. He was so out of it I could have thrown him off, but I was enjoying our game. I was very turned on, and the illusion that he was in charge was an added frisson.

His first spurt hit my chin and throat, then Billy grabbed his cock and steered it onto my hat as promised, but he had enough left for my eyes and mouth. “Look at that, beautiful.” He grabbed his phone and took more incriminating photos.

My last boyfriend before I met Harry was a heavy spunker, and I loved the way he would coat me. I moaned and pinch my nipples. Billy slumped on my stomach, watching me. His shrinking cock twitching in his hand. I used my finger to wipe his cum from my face and eyes and sucked them clean. With both hands, I spread the jizz on my neck and chin into my breasts and massaged it into my nipples. Billy smiled. “You’re a dirty whore Mrs G. You love it.” He beat his flagging cock against my tits and his final ooze appeared in the slit. He rubbed it over each nipple. “There you go, Mrs G. All my goodness.”

I thought I would give the little perv something to remember, so I took my tit in both hands and brought the nipple to my mouth and sucked the cum from it. He made me stop to get his phone to video me before I did the second one.

“I’m glad you cooperated Mrs G. I know Harry doesn’t do this to you. But you need this, escort gaziantep bayan sitesi don’t you, you filthy whore?” I just nodded. “I will eat your pussy now. It won’t take me long till I’m ready to fuck you properly. How do you get this skirt off?” I undid the hidden zip at the side and I lifted my hips so he could slide it down. His face was a picture of delight when he saw my underwear. “What the fuck is that. I love it.”

“It’s called a girdle Billy. It holds the tummy in and gives a place for the suspenders to attach to. Do you like my suspenders, Billy?” He ran his hands over the black elasticised material and the cream lacy panel at the front. His fingers twanged the six old-fashioned heavy suspenders. He smiled like a kid in a sweetshop.

“Young women should wear these things. If they did, their boyfriends would want to fuck them more, instead of chasing other pussy. Look at me, I’m hard again. I wouldn’t be if it was just some stupid thong?” I smiled at him. He could be sweet if he were not such an idiot. He pulled my knickers down and struggled to get them over my shoes. Then he held them to his face and sniffed. His face was a picture of ecstasy. “I love the smell of your cunt Mrs G. I’ve had other girls but none smell like you. Its such a disappointment.” He rubbed my pants on his cheek. “They are going in my collection.”

My hands had been covering my pussy, but now he pulled them away. “A bush, a proper bush just like when I first saw it!” I looked puzzled. “You were in your nightie making us breakfast when we were kids. Remember your old fridge? When you bent down to get the milk out. I saw it for just a few seconds.”

The depth of Billy’s obsession was a real turn on, and I could feel the juice oozing from me. “Well, its time you had a proper look then.” I raised my knees and slowly let them fall open. Billy stopped breathing. I splayed my pussy lips. Their redness contrasted with my black pubes.

“It’s beautiful Judith, beautiful.” I’d hypnotised him. I lifted my back so he could see the hole. Billy made a strange animal sound in his throat, then his hands pushed the back of my knees, splaying my cunt to his eager mouth. He stuck his nose in first and coated his face in my wetness before his tongue found my clit. I started to spasm. I could not remember the last time Harry had eaten me, but I knew it had not felt like this. My murmurs turned into moans. Billy looked up at me. “That’s right Judith, pinch those nipples. I will make you come harder than you have ever known.” The little sod was right. He stuck three fingers inside me while he lapped at my clit. He was rough, but I was so wet and open it did not matter. I thrust my aching cunt towards him, desperate for my climax. His fingers found my g-spot, and that was it. I came so hard. I tried to muffle my screams with my hand, but I had to suck in air before I passed out. Billy kept teasing my clit on the aftershocks and I had several small cums on the way back down. “No more please Billy.” I pushed his hand out and curled into a fetal position. I was tearful and not fully conscious. His voice seemed far away. “Look at your wife, Harry. Look at your mum, Jonathan. See how swollen her cunt is. If you could have heard the noise, she made when she came just from my eating her, you’d be impressed.” I looked into the harsh light of his phone. He was videoing my shame. “Smile for your boys, Judith. Let them see you suck your cum from my fingers.” He turned my head to the camera and thrust his fingers into my mouth. “There’s a good slut. I’ll be back after I’ve fucked her.”

He dropped his phone and turned me on my back. “Enough Billy, please. Just leave me alone.”

“I’ll say when it’s enough.” He opened my legs and thrust his cock into me, going to the hilt on his first push. To my shame, my hips responded to his thrusts with a will of their own. “You see Judith. This is what you need. You want me to treat you like a slut and that’s what I will do. This is only our first time. After today, I will phone you up and you will drop whatever you are doing and come to where I say. You will wear what I say. I will fuck you in hotels, in toilets, in cars, in shops in… in anywhere I want.”

“No Billy, please.”

“Or would you rather I showed everyone these pictures? I bet your neighbours would be interested.”

“No, Billy, please. I’ll do what you say.”

He ploughed on triumphantly. “You know what, I will share this one with the boys. Get on your knees, slut.” He turned me over on the bed with my head down and knees splayed. He was in me again. “Play with your clit whore.” He pulled my hand between my legs. I felt the beginnings of my next orgasm and would have done it, anyway. The light on his phone was back on. “Here we are again, boys. Sorry for the shaky picture, but you can guess why. Look at that pussy and that lovely arsehole. He stuck his finger in it and I moaned and backed onto him. “Mr G. I have to say your wife is a first-class slut. Listen to her moan. Your mum moans better than Emma did when you were fucking her in her flat upstairs, Jonathan. Emma was my girlfriend, or she would have been when the time was right. But Jonathan Gilchrist saw her at the party I invited her to, and that was that. I said she was spoken for. She was just being nice to you and you took advantage. Jonathan, I thought you were my best friend, but you have always been a complete and utter cunt.”

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