Sleepwalking Mom Ch. 10


That night, after dinner, I got into my bathing suit and went to the hot tub. I just sat in the gently swirling hot water. I didn’t turn on the jets. I had expected that the twins would join me. They usually did, but instead, Mom appeared in her robe loosely cinched. She had a new sort of hybrid one-piece/bikini bathing suit on. It was very sexy. She removed her robe and posed for me briefly before stepping over the edge into the hot water. I smiled as I watched her hot body disappear below the surface. She moaned as she sank down to her neck.

We were both quietly enjoying the warmth when Mom said, “The girls confessed about their trip to your office today. Actually, I pulled their confessions when they got home. I’ve grounded them until the birthday party. They put you and all of us at great risk today, and they were completely oblivious. It’s one thing for me to go to Jarod’s office and have sex. It’s a common sexual fantasy. It’s quite another for siblings to be engaged in sex anywhere in public. All it takes is for a rumor to get started.” She looked up at me and continued, “And shame on you for allowing it to happen. We all have to be more careful.”

I chuckled and said, “Says the woman who intentionally staged a fake suck my son while fucking my husband sleepwalk session in the dark. I still don’t know how we got away with that.”

Mom was silent a moment and seemed to be reliving last night. She smiled and said, “I’m just as bad as you guys, but we have to stop taking such wild risks.” I nodded. My guess was that her words were just that, words. She seemed to be consumed as much by the getting caught as the sex itself. The thing with the twins in my office today was just stupidity on our parts. Getting caught wasn’t even part of the equation.

I told Mom about my group secretary, Ginger, listening through the wall to my office while the twins were there. “She must have heard something and maybe everything. Thankfully, she couldn’t have listened into your phone call, which revealed that my visitors were my sisters.” Mom nodded but she was clearly worried by the fact that we may already have a problem. I had already come to that conclusion.

Mom frowned as she worked on the problem. I watched her facial expressions and decided to lighten the mood, “What do you think? Should we have her killed?” Mom’s eyes went wide for a moment before she realized that I was just kidding. She giggled and playfully punched me on the arm.

The twins joined us in their micro-bikinis and then the water splashed over the top of the hot tub as Dad climbed in. I couldn’t recall if there was ever a time when all five of us were in the hot tub together. The twins related their HR visit and Dad talked briefly about his planned resolution to his secretary’s problems with his hound-dog bosses. Mom hadn’t known about Sylvia’s problems. Mom talked about the preparations for the birthday party and asked who us kids had invited.

June responded for both of them, “We just invited Jazz, Sarah and Amber.” Julie looked at me for my reaction. It seemed like anything but a coincidence that they had invited the three friends with whom I had had sex with beyond the sleepover party night. I gave Julie a tentative smile, wondering what they were up to. There wasn’t a chance that this party would evolve into a sex-a-thon. Not with Dad and his sister Mary and her two daughters present.

Mom asked me who I had invited and I said, “You suggested that I invite my date from the other night and I did. She said it sounds like fun.” I don’t know why I didn’t break the news that my date was Dad’s secretary, Sylvia. Dad knew who my date was and he glanced at me with a look that told me I should tell them. Our eyes locked and I shook my head as imperceptibly as possible. He nodded with much less imperceptibility.

Mom was watching our non-verbal argument and said, “What are you two disagreeing about?” I dropped my eyes to examine my wrinkled fingers. Mom waited for one of us to speak before she asked again. I looked up at Dad and he smiled and nodded.

“My date was with Sylvia and she’s my invite to the birthday party.”

Mom looked at me and then Dad and said, “Your secretary, Sylvia?” Dad looked at me and nodded. “So, why the secrecy? She seems to be a nice girl. We’ve talked on the phone. It will be nice to meet her.” A smile formed on my face and Dad just nodded.

The twins had not met Sylvia and didn’t even know what Dad’s secretary’s name was. They knew now. Julie giggled as she looked at me and said, “Seriously? You’re dating Dad’s secretary? How freaky is that?” June covered her mouth with her hand and giggled too.

Mom glared at the girls and they stopped their giggling. Mom looked at me and said, “No guy friends?”

I said, “No. I thought about inviting a couple local high school friends but we haven’t talked in over a year and my college friends aren’t from around here.”

June said, “Too bad. We could have used a few extra guys gaziantep suriyeli escort bayan to mix in with all the single women at this party.” I knew where her head was; the same place it always was.

Because the party was on Saturday, no one had mentioned that June’s actual birthday was today and technically, Julie’s was tomorrow. I looked across the hot tub at June and said, “Happy Birthday, June.” A wide grin formed on her face; happy that someone had remembered. I looked at Julie and said, “I’ll save your ‘Happy Birthday’ for tomorrow.” Julie grinned too.

Mom and Dad both piped in with ‘Happy Birthdays’ and they hugged and kissed both of them. With Mom’s head blocking Dad’s view, June looked at me and mouthed the word, “Later.” I just smiled back.

I went to bed that night wondering what ‘later’ meant. I only had an hour or so to wait to find out. I was awake waiting to see if Mom would fake another sleepwalking episode. I doubted that she’d be that blatant only one night later and with her caution about being more careful.

I was just about to drift off when I heard the carpet fibers crushing under feet at my doorway. In the silence of the night, the sound was distinct and recognizable. I opened my eyes just as a pair of lips pushed against mine. I expected to find Mom there, but it was June. She pulled back and whispered, “We need your help again.” She looked at my digital alarm clock and whispered, “You have to come now. It’s time sensitive.” I had no clue as to what she was referring to as being time sensitive but I pulled the covers off and pulled on a pair of boxer shorts. She was wearing a long tee shirt that dropped to the top of her thighs. She was pulling on my hand as we moved as silently as possible down the hall and stairway. Dad was snoring loudly as we passed their room.

June pulled me into her room and closed the door behind us. There were no locks on the bedroom doors. If this was going to be like the last time I was here in the middle of the night, I wished there was a lock on the door. The nightlight between their beds revealed that Julie was sitting in her bed naked. June stripped off her tee shirt and yanked my boxer shorts down to the floor. She giggled quietly as my dick grew quickly to bounce at a forty-five-degree angle above horizontal. I reached for my cock but June beat me to it. She pulled me by my erection between their beds and pushed me back to sit down on Julie’s bed. Julie got up on her knees and pushed her lips to mine while June started a great blow job, but she didn’t stay there long.

June pulled back and Julie swung a leg across me lap and sat down as June guided my cock to her vagina. Julie groaned hard as she let gravity drop her all the way down my shaft. I groaned too and pushed a wrist to my mouth to squelch the sound. I expected Julie to begin fucking my cock but she just sat there muttering, “Fuck. I love this cock.”

June stood and sat down beside me and said, “At eleven-fifty-eight PM, nineteen years ago, I was born and Julie was born three minutes later at twelve-oh-one AM. To celebrate, we want you to fuck us both so that we have orgasms at those times.”

I laughed and said, “You two are amazing. How do you come up with these thoughts anyway? Does this mean that I keep fucking you two until the minute I was born twenty years ago?”

Julie giggled and said, “If you can keep it going for another week without being interrupted, sure.” June laughed and had to squelch the sound with her hand. “I’ll tell you what; you do this and we’ll reciprocate at the minute of your birth twenty years ago. We’ll all be at work but I’m sure we can figure something out.” I chuckled and nodded at her proposition. Julie pulled herself up to the ridge of my knob and dropped herself down again. I cupped my hands over her tits and palmed her nipples as she muttered, “Fuck. I hope I can hold out that long.” The digital clock on their nightstand read eleven-thirty-seven. I wasn’t sure I could hold that long.

June said, “Just remember, I’m first.” She stood up on the bed and swung one leg between Julie and me and pressed her pussy to my tongue and her body pulsed hard as she dragged her clitoris over the tip of my tongue. I released Julie’s tits and grabbed June’s butt-cheeks. Julie grabbed June’s hips to assist her efforts to fuck herself up and down my shaft. I pushed a finger into June’s anus to the first knuckle and June didn’t immediately pull away from it like she had before. I guess she was expecting me to do that. June leaned forward and wrapped her arms around my head to hold me tightly to her sex. We were all breathing hard.

Julie stopped fucking me and gasped for air. She was obviously letting herself come back from her pending orgasm as she kept looking at the clock. I was glad she did so that I could push my own orgasm back. June seemed to be less concerned with the timing and she rolled into a gentle orgasm gaziantep türbanlı escort bayan with five minutes to go. When she recovered, she slid down my body to sit between Julie and me and then pushed herself back at Julie, forcing Julie off my granite-hard cock.

Julie came around and took June’s place on my tongue as June worked to get herself on my cock. She groaned loudly as she let herself drop. She fucked herself to raise another orgasm and then stopped when it was coming on too fast. I kept Julie’s pending orgasm right there on the edge until there was only two minutes left.

June scrambled off my cock and Julie dropped herself to her bed beside me before moving into a doggy position in the middle of her bed. June moved in beside Julie and waggled her ass at me. Julie was reaching up between her legs to diddle her pussy as I moved in behind June and pushed my gooey, wet cock into her pussy. She muttered, “Fuck. Give it to me big brother.”

I gripped June’s hips and looked at the clock and started driving my hips forward and back. The stops and starts had my orgasm circling around on the periphery. I had to remind myself that I wasn’t supposed to cum with June’s orgasm. I had to leave enough time for Julie to have hers, three minutes later. We hadn’t discussed when I was allowed to cum. Julie was whimpering as she kept herself right on the edge and I assisted her by fucking her ass with two fingers.

It seemed like that last minute went on forever and June’s gasping breathes increased steadily. Her body steadily tensed. I knew she was ready to blow and when the clock turned to 11:58, I started pummeling her pussy with my cock. She released the breath that she had been holding and buried her face in Julie’s pillow and screamed as she exploded into a violent orgasm. Her pussy clenched hard on my shaft and my orgasm seemed to leap closer. I had to stop to hold it back. June’s clenching pussy was milking my cum and I groaned hard as I pulled out of her. She wasn’t done and she tried to grab my cock with her pussy. June dropped her hips to the bed and began grinding her pussy into Julie’s bed.

If history held, I could have cum in June and stayed hard to immediately begin fucking Julie, but I wouldn’t be able to cum again in three minutes. It all could have worked out unless I went soft after cumming in June’s pussy. This seemed important to the girls so I didn’t dare risk disappointing either of them.

I moved over behind Julie, who was already moaning from her own ministrations and slowly pushed my cock into Julie’s pussy. I contemplated fucking her ass but I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold off to the appointed time once I started fucking her hot tunnel. As my cock pushed to her depths, she continued diddling her clit. June was giving her the countdown as she said, “One more minute.” I couldn’t tell if Julie was ready to blow but I sure was. There was no more wondering about when I was going to cum. The answer was, as-soon-as-possible.

I watched the clock seem to hover at twelve midnight for that same long minute waiting for June’s birth-minute. Then the clock ticked over to twelve-oh-one and again, I drove my cock in and out of her. Julie groaned hard into a massive orgasm. I kept right on fucking her and her fingers slowly stopped and pulled away.

I suddenly realized that I was holding my breath when Julie pulled off my cock and both girls pushed in close and they both gripped my cock and jerked me off several strokes until I groaned out, “YYYUUNNGGGG” and cum rocketed from my cock with enough power that neither of them caught. It went right between their faces and splattered off Julies headboard. They both giggled and pushed their faces together to get a share of the remaining shots. They caught some in their mouths and then guided my cock to splatter cum off their faces and tits. They giggled with each shot and then alternated pushing their lips over my glans to collect the last few shots that just drooled out of me.

I sat back on my heels and muttered, “Holy shit. That was amazing.”

Julie pushed her face forward and licked my cock clean and collected any remaining cum from the eye. She knee-walked up close to me and pressed her cum-covered tits against my ribs and kissed me with her cum flavored lips. June did the same and said, “Thank you Dex, for properly launching us into our twentieth year. Julie giggled and nodded.

Then the upstairs toilet flushed and we froze as we listened for any evidence that someone was coming down the stairs. We heard the door to Mom and Dad’s bedroom shut and the latch click. I started breathing again and Julie snickered and said, “I guess you have to stay here with us for a little while.”

June giggled and said, “I can think of something to do while we wait.” We all snickered and they went to the bathroom to wash cum and juices from their pussies, faces and tits and then washed my gooey gaziantep ücreti elden alan escort bayan cock off after we all moved over to June’s bed.

We laid there looking at the ceiling waiting for Mom or Dad to get back to sleep. June broke the silence when she said, “You know, I haven’t given up on you fucking my ass. You guys seem to enjoy it so much. I must be missing something.” Neither Julie nor I responded to June’s statement. There was silence again for several moments and then June said, “Maybe you can butt-fuck me when we launch you into your twenty-first year, next week.” We all giggled.

We must have all fallen asleep. I woke and wasn’t sure where I was even after looking at the digital clock to my left. I had the same clock in my bedroom. The clock read 3:18 AM. I gently lifted the girl’s hands off my flaccid dick and slowly pulled myself down the bed from between them. They stirred as I got my feet to the floor at the foot of June’s bed. I pulled on my boxer shorts and quietly exited their room. I eased up the stairs and down the hall to my room.

I laid down on my back with my hands behind my head. I hadn’t removed my boxer shorts and I could feel my flaccid dick poking through the front gap into the cool night air. It was a hot and humid night and I didn’t pull the covers over me as I laid there thinking about all that had happened this summer.

I woke to a pressure on my morning woody. The sun was close to coming up. Before I opened my eyes, I pushed my hips up against where the pressure was coming from. I moaned as I did that and a giggle was the response. It was Mom. I recognized her giggle. I opened my eyes and looked into her smiling face. The pressure was coming from her left hand gripping my cock.

She said, “What? You don’t even get under the covers anymore? You’re just goading me to come down here and jerk you off or give you a blow job?” She ran her hand down my woody and stopped. She said, “Sorry Baby. You don’t have the time. Your father is at the dining room table now.” I looked at the clock on my nightstand and groaned.

“I have to take a shower. Tell Dad to go without me. I’ll drive myself today.” Mom pulled her left hand from my cock and sniffed it. She smiled and stood up and left my room. I gripped my morning woody. It was so hard. I closed my eyes and dropped my head to my pillow and slowly stretched the skin down my shaft. This action made my cock even more sensitive than usual. I heard Dad’s car start and before he was out of the driveway, Mom was climbing across my body and pushing herself down my hard cock.

I smiled and pulled my hand back as her pussy displaced it. I opened my eyes and looked up at her grinning face. She was already thrusting her hips on and off my cock. She said, “It’s been a while since I’ve had your big cock in me.” She had stripped off her robe and she let her tits hang inches above my chin. Her nipples were hard and long and I palmed both of them as she moaned from the contact. She asked, “Do you think you can cum twice before you go to work?” I was sure that I could do that and I nodded. When I found out that she meant ‘could I cum twice in a row, I wasn’t so certain. Mom said, “Do that piston-fuck thing and cum in me and then I want you to cum in my ass. Gaawwdd, I need you in my ass.” I wasn’t so certain that I could deliver what she wanted, but I’d give it everything I could.

It was obvious that she knew exactly what she wanted from me as she lifted her weight off me and pulled half-way up my cock and waited for me to begin. I slammed my cock up hard into her and she groaned hard, “Oh my gawwddd, Baby. Yes. Fuck me with your big cock. Punish me.” She smiled down at me as she spoke. I smiled back and gripped her waist as I piston-fucked her with half of my cock. She let out a scream that warbled with my motion. I was sure that would bring the twins running and sure enough, within a minute, both girls were running down the hallway to my room.

They both stopped in my doorway watching Mom, perched above my hips as I thrashed them up and down. Mom’s eyes were closed as she concentrated on the staccato motion of my cock. She was groaning out a long series of “AHHs”. She didn’t know that we had an audience.

Both girls had pulled their long tee shirts up to their waists and were vigorously fingering themselves. They were smiling at me as I gritted my teeth and increased my pace. Mom half screamed and half groaned at the change.

My climax was rising and I was anxious to feel that sensation wash through me. I knew this was just the preliminaries. The main show for Mom was what would follow. She felt my tension growing and she looked down at me and said, “Cum for me Baby.” Then she noticed the girls masturbating in the doorway and she had an embarrassed look on her face. She motioned for them to come over by the bed. Without removing their fingers, they walked right up beside my bed. I was looking right up into their wet, bubbling pussies.

My ejaculation kind of caught me by surprise. Suddenly, I was cumming and I savored the sensation as I humped my cock all the way, deep inside her. Mom groaned out, “Oh Jesus. You cum so har…” She didn’t finish her sentence before she rocked hard into her orgasm. She was flailing around on my hips as I pumped many shots into her pussy. She reached up under the girl’s tee shirts and grabbed a tit on each of them to steady herself.

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