Secret Makes Him a Cuckold Bitch


Getting caught doing something kinky or sexual for some people is a turn on, for others it’s humiliating. There’s lots of different variations. Like when you get caught doing something with another person or get caught doing something by yourself. Anyway way you slice it, getting caught can be embarrassing to some degree. This story is about someone finding out about my kinky secrets.

I’d only been in San Diego for a couple of weeks when some people I knew at my new job set me up with her. She went by Zora, she was a bit older than me and had a thick Slavic accent. She was really outgoing, loved to cook and dance. I was really busy with my new job and really didn’t have time to “play the field” so it was convenient and fun to hang out with Zora.

I think we had sex after the second date, straight up no frills sex and we both enjoyed it. We became pretty much a regular thing and in a few months we were sleeping together exclusively. I had a feeling early on that she was looking for something serious, as in marriage, but I was definitely not ready for that.

Like most guys I experimented sexually with other men in the past. I thought of myself as straight but deep inside I craved something taboo. My masturbation fantasies sometimes were about me sucking a guys cock.

To feed my kinky jerk off sessions I had a stash of porn locked up in my closet. It started out as just magazines, ones with kinky stories about bi couples and some femdom stuff. As my fantasies evolved I added some sex toys to my collection, a couple of dildos and a anal plug. I even went so far as to buy a shemale blow up sex doll. I would get it out when I was alone to play with.

One night Zora and I got a little drunk at my house. We made out in the living room and were working our way to the bedroom when she popped the question, “What’s in your box?” It caught me off guard, she knew it. I told her it was just important papers and stuff. She pushed me further and asked me to open it up and show her. It was probably the alcohol that made me do it but I caved in, got the keys and opened my dirty little box of secrets.

At first Zora seemed angry, like I’d been cheating on her. She stood there looking at everything for a while before she turned to me and said, “show me what you do.”

I pulled my toys and magazines out of the box. She hadn’t noticed that the blow up doll was a shemale and was surprised when she saw the penis on it after I inflated it. To tell the truth I think she was a bit relieved to see it wasn’t a female doll.

I was embarrassed exposing my secret fantasies to her but also a little relived to share it with someone. The fact that she didn’t leave when she saw everything made me feel ok with opening up to her. We had sex that night but not like nights previous. She was curious and wanted to see how I had sex with my doll.

While she watched me got between its legs and started sucking it’s cock while she watched. I even lubed my ass, straddled it and fucked myself on the doll. Zora laid back on the bed and I ate her pussy while I continued riding the doll and playing with my cock. We both had intense orgasms that night.

It liberating to be so open with her but the next morning, in the light of day, I was embarrassed. I didn’t even know how to start a conversation with her. Thankfully she was the one who broke the ice. She brought out a stack of my magazines and put them on the table. She asked me to go through and flag the stories that I liked the most so she could read them, saying, “it might be fun.”

She was going out to do some shopping and would be back later that afternoon. While she was gone I went through the stories and marked them with “sticky” notes. Stories about guys being forced bi or being fucked by women with strap-ons made up the majority of my favorites. I remember one of them was about a woman that dressed her husband up like a woman in a sexy red dress, drove him over to her lovers house and made him suck his cock while she watched. I loved kaynarca escort to jerk off imagining I was getting forced to suck cock.

When Zora got home I was pretty horny from reading all the stories. I wanted to jerk off but was afraid I wouldn’t be able to perform well that night if I did. She unpacked groceries and I noticed a package in a black plastic bag, my curiosity was up and I tried to sneak a peak of what was inside. She stopped me by playfully slapping my hand, saying “you don’t want to ruin surprise for later do you?” She took the package to the bedroom and hid it somewhere. The rest of the day went like any other, we did popcorn and a movie and ordered Chinese food delivery. A couple of times

I noticed Zora going through the magazines, looking at the stories that I had flagged.

As night came she snuggled up close to me and asked “do you want to do something for me?” I asked her what it was? She got up and led me to the bathroom and turned on the shower. “I want you to shave for me,” she said. I gave her a puzzled look. She pointed to my underarms and crotch and legs. “I want you to shave all your hair off for me, I want you to be smooth, ok?”

I’d never thought much about shaving before but decided to play along. She got in the shower with me and helped but after a few minutes she got out and came back with a container of hair removal cream. “Here this will make it easier,” she said and began applying it on everything from my neck down. She even did my arms. When finished I was squeaky smooth all over, it felt strange. My cock even looked bigger without any hair. She told me, “I like men that are smooth like this, it doesn’t poke me when I get close.” We laughed together and kissed and caressed each other until all the hot water was gone.

We got out of the shower and dried off. She took me by complete surprise when she told me, “I want you to throw your silly plastic blow up doll away, will you do that for me?”

I was deflated and a bit confused but reluctantly agreed. I secretly was thinking I would just go get another one to replace it.

She then led me to the middle of the room and pulled a scarf from the dresser. She asked me, “do you want to play my game tonight?” I told her I’d love to, probably obvious with my erection.

She covered my eyes with the scarf and tied it behind my head. “Stay right there for me,” she said. I heard the dresser open up and the sound of a plastic bag opening. I knew it was the bag from earlier and was getting nervous and curious.

A few minutes passed and then I felt her hands on my shoulders pushing down. “Get on your knees for me,” she said. I held on to her arm and slowly knelt on the carpeted floor. “Take off your blindfold now!” she said.

I reached up and removed the scarf from my eyes. Zora was standing in front of me. Protruding out from her crotch was a huge life like cock. She looked down at me and said, “I’m your fuck doll from now on, no more plastic blow up toys, do you understand?”

I stammered for a moment and she grabbed a handful of my hair, pulled my head back and forced me to look up at her. Looking down at me was a different person, she was a predator and I was her prey.

“I always thought you were a little bitch but when you showed me your collection of toys I knew you were more of a sissy than I realized,” she said.

I’d never thought of myself as a sissy, just a curious guy who enjoyed being kinky. I was crossing into uncharted territory and Zora was taking control.

Still holding me by the hair she pulled me closer pushing her cock against my lips. “Suck my dick bitch,” she commanded. I let my inhibitions go, opened my mouth and accepted my fate.

Pandora’s box was wide open just as my mouth was. It wasn’t like she hadn’t seen me suck a dildo before but it was different now that it was attached to her. It was her cock that I had in my mouth not just a piece of phallic shaped plastic.

She rammed it into my mouth, pumping küçükyalı escort back and forth until my jaw was sore. I later found out that the strap-on had an insert that went inside her pussy and she felt every thrust she making.

When she tired of standing she pushed me to the floor and fucked me from behind. At one point I reached between my legs to play with my cock and she slapped it away, saying, “I come first, you can wait.”

She had multiple orgasms while fucking me. My ass cheeks were bright red from her spanking, my cock bounced untouched between my legs as I became her bitch.

Exhausted she collapsed on top of me with her ever hard cock still buried deep inside me. She finally rolled off and removed the harness. She tossed it at me and told me to go wash it clean and bring it back. I obediently trotted off to the bathroom holding the dildo and harness.

I looked at myself in the mirror as I cleaned her cock, I was different, I was definitely her bitch and things were just getting started. She let me jerk off while laying next to her on the bed that night before we fell asleep.

The new normal kept my body completely shaved smooth for Zora. Sex became more frequent and she was the one doing the penetrating, not me. Sometimes she would lay back and have me use a dildo on her and lick her clit to orgasm.

Occasionally she would have me pull it out of her pussy and suck it while she critiqued my technique. Other times she would straddle my chest and work the dildo in and out of my mouth and let me stroke my cock to orgasm. She would say, “suck my big cock sissy bitch” and make me choke on it.

One afternoon while doing laundry she pulled a pair of her panties out of the dryer. She held them up to to me and said, “I think you need to try these on for me.” I put them on and she had me parade around the rest of the day in them.

A few days later I noticed that all of my underwear were gone and replaced with women’s panties. When I asked Zora she told me that she like the way they looked on me and wanted me to wear them for her. I liked they way they felt on my cock especially now that I kept it shaved so I agreed.

Since Zora like me wearing panties she insisted that I remove all my other clothes while in the house. I got used to being in them and felt comfortable with it.

One day while wearing a skimpy pink pair with white lace the doorbell rang. I totally spaced out and without thinking opened it to see a delivery man there with a package.

We both stood silent for a moment as his eyes looked me up and down. He held out the box and clipboard for me to sign. I did and when I handed it back to him he looked straight at me and said, “I got another package for you if you want it.”

I’m not sure what came over me but I dropped to my knees and told him to close the door behind him. I nervously reached up and fumbled with his pants freeing his cock. I hesitated when I saw how big his cock was. He took over and grabbed my head telling me, “get your fucking mouth on my cock right fuckin now.”

I felt a rush of submissive lust rush through me for doing something so naughty. I opened my mouth and took his cock in. He forced it all the way in to the bottom with hardly any effort. It was easier given all the practice I’d had on Zora’s strap-on. I deep throated him as played with his balls.

It only took a few minutes before he shot a huge load of cum in my mouth and all over my face. He quickly pulled his pants up, grabbed his clipboard and left me kneeling there on the floor.

He had barely left when the door opened again…

It was Zora. She was home early and I had been caught, no hiding the fact that I had just sucked the delivery mans cock. The evidence was all over my face. She stood there with an astonished look, I tried to say something but she cut me short. I was embarrassed at getting caught, worried that I had ruined everything that I had with Zora.

She picked up the package sancaktepe escort and put it on the table. She told me to go clean the sperm off my face and to stay in my bedroom and wait for her. I scrambled to get away, anything to be separated from the embarrassment of the moment. I washed up and sat on the edge of the bed still wearing my panties.

The door was closed but I could hear Zora talking on the phone in the other room. I couldn’t make out the conversation and strained to hear. Who was she talking to? I sat there like a kid who was in time out for misbehaving. My mind was racing, I could still taste the delivery guys cum in my mouth. I laid back on the bed and curled up.

The door opened and it startled me. I must have dozed off for quite a while. Zora was standing there and she wasn’t alone. Two good looking black men were with her. She was dressed to the nines and they both had on nice suits.

She walked over to me holding the package that was delivered earlier. Handing it to me she simply said, “open it sissy.” Her demeanor had changed, she sounded mean and abrupt.

I took the package from her hands into mine which were now trembling. I opened it to find a pouch with a draw string. Inside was a heavy chrome cock cage with a lock and key. Zora spoke, “I noticed lots of the stories you liked in your magazines were about cuckolds that were kept in chastity, your about to experience it for real now.”

She continued, “no more pretending, just hard core from now on.” I looked at her and then to the men behind her and realized I was in a no win situation.

She told me, “I was planning on doing something like this to you all along but after I caught you today I decided to speed things up.” Smiling as she spoke she told me, “Now stand up, drop your panties and show these real men here what I’ve had to put up with.”

I stood and slid my panties down for her. Despite my current situation my penis was erect and betrayed me. I was turned on and everyone in the room knew it. Zora asked, “would you like to jerk and squirt your pathetic sperm right now?” I meekly replied, “yes please.” They all laughed.

She put me in the corner of the room on my knees facing the wall. She told me to jerk off into my hand and show it to them when I finished. It took only a few strokes and I filled my hand with a good size load.

I held out my had to show her, beat red with embarrassment. She took my hand and pressed it up against my mouth and ordered , “slurp it up faggot.” The guys were laughing as they watched me eat my own cum.

“Now strand up and spread your faggot legs for me bitch,” she barked. I got up, faced her trying to cover and hide my penis from everyone in the room. She slapped my hands aside and grabbed my balls and squeezed.

Zora slipped the heavy metal ring around my balls, it felt tight. Next came the tiny cage which slipped on easily without an erection. She put the lock on and removed the key. She handed it to one the guys and said, “if he wants out he has to prove to you he deserves it.”

I was dumbfounded – how could this be happening? All I did was show her my little box of sex toys and now this.

Zora pushed me out into the living room and ordered me onto my knees. “I’m not sure you fully understand your situation right now so let me explain,” she said. “I fuckin own you now, everything you have is mine, right down to that little fucking clitty between your legs.”

She continued, “You thought it was fun sucking the delivery mans cock? Well I’m going to redefine fun for you bitch. Your going to be sucking so much cock that from now on you’ll spend more time with one in your mouth than you will without. Got it cunt?” I was shaking.

Zora made me suck both of the men’s cocks before they all left to go out clubbing that night.

She told me to leave the door unlocked and to stay close by on my knees because I was going to have some more packages delivered that night.

She said that I shouldn’t think to run away because there was a GPS tracking device in my cock cage. She said the guys she was with would hunt me down if I did. Over a dozen “packages” were delivered that night, all of them right down my throat. I had become Zora’s cock sucking cuckold bitch in chastity.

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