The Pool Party


The Invitation Dilemma

It was a real surprise to receive the invite from Vinnie, Mark’s boss to a pool party at his home. Although they had worked together for the past 6 years and got on really well, Mark and Izzy had never before been invited to his house. Izzy was even more unsure as she had only met Vinny and his wife Yvonne once before and that was at the company Christmas party last year. Ok, so she had got on well with Yvonne that evening and they had finished off a couple of bottles of champagne between themselves but she would not say they had become lasting friends.

The other difficulty as usual was what to wear and not just for the normal reason that it was a party at the boss’s house, but also because the invitation clearly stated that the dress code said, “Wear what you normally wear to the beach.”

This would not be a problem if Mark and Izzy had not been going to nude beaches for the past 10 years. Could they dare turn up naked? As fun as that might be, they decided to be more conventional. Izzy decided on a red bikini and a sarong, whilst Mark went for his old swimming trunks and t shirt.

The day arrived and they drove up the drive and saw a number of cars already parked. After ringing the doorbell, it was only a minute or so until Yvonne opened the door. Yvonne was a good looking woman of about 48 with short blond hair and a slight figure, not too skinny. She was wearing a blue bikini. She welcomed them both with a hug and kiss on the cheek, Mark could feel the firmness of her breasts against his shirt as she hugged him, and was taken a little aback when she pinched his bum at the same time. He did not mention it to Izzy, but then she did not mention to him that Yvonne had done the same to her.

“It is great to see the two of you again,” she said,” Christmas seems a long time ago now.”

“It does for sure.” replied Mark.”Mind you, I am surprised you remember it after all that Champagne.”

“I can assure you I remember everything perfectly,” she said with a smile. “Let me introduce you to everyone else” and with that she turned around expecting them to follow. It was then that Mark and Izzy noticed that her bikini bottoms were a thong style and that the string was firmly in the crack of her bum. They looked at each other with raised eyebrows and smiled.

They followed her wriggling bum as she walked through the house, to the back. There they were greeted by the sight of a fairly large sized pool; around the pool were a number of people. Mark instantly noticed that there were more ladies then men. In fact the only other guy that he could only see was Vinny lying on a sun lounger next to a younger looking woman of about 42. Vinny saw them and waved. Then came over and greeted Mark with a handshake and Izzy with a hug and kiss. This time Mark noticed that Vinny squeezed Izzy’s bum as he kissed her. Interesting he thought to himself.

“Mark and Izzy this is my sister Jane” he said as he introduced the woman lying on the lounger next to him.

“Nice to meet you” she said as she looked up at them.

Jane was dressed in a white swimsuit with high legs and a deep plunging neckline showing a little more cleavage than one would expect to see at the local pool. Izzy could immediately tell this was an expensive suit, Mark just appreciated the sight as she got up and went to the pools edge to cool down.

“Grab yourself a beer Mark and sit down, I am sure the ladies will get chatting to themselves shortly,” Vinny said.

Mark took a beer from the cool box and sat on the recently vacated lounger, whilst Izzy was whisked off to meet the other women.

Firstly there was Yvonne’s older sister Jill. She was sat on a chair in a black bikini which accentuated the size of her boobs, which were considerably larger than her sister’s. Next were two older ladies, the first was Yvonne’s mum, she was aged about 70 and was in a flowery swimsuit she had a good figure despite her age and it was clear that Yvonne got her looks from her. The other lady was Ruby her sister. About 65, making her just a year older than Izzy. Her genes had obviously gone to Jill as she had a full figure and her breasts were low and hanging despite the best efforts of her swimming costume.

After the introductions Yvonne poured Izzy some wine and they settled down on the sun loungers opposite Mark and Vinny.

On their side of the pool the guys were chatting and Vinny had told Mark who the other guests were. Vinny caught Mark looking over at Jill a few times and eventually said,”you seem to be enjoying the view of my sister-in-law.”

“Well yes, she has a great body, Vinny”

“Even better when she is topless.”

“You mean you have?” Mark asked.

“Oh sure, normally they are all topless by now, maybe they are not sure with you and Izzy being here.”

“Maybe, but they needn’t be worried.” Mark laughed.

On the other side of the pool Yvonne invited Izzy to take a dip in the pool with her.

“Yes, I am getting a little hot sitting here.” Izzy replied.

The ladies gaziantep bayan escort ilanları sat on the edge of the pool first then slowly lowered themselves into the cool water, conscious that they were being watched by their husbands. “Well I have to say I am a little disappointed Izzy.” Yvonne said as they swam to the middle of the pool.

A little surprised Izzy asked “Oh why is that?”

“Well, the invite specifically stated that you were to wear what you normally wear to the beach. And I was not so drunk at Christmas that I forget you telling me that you and Mark go to nude beaches.”

“Did I, then? I must have had more than I thought to drink.”

“Yes, and since then I have been planning this party. I have not told anyone else. But I wanted to see what you would wear.”

“Sorry to disappoint you. I completely forgot that. Can I ask why though?”

“Well two reasons really. Firstly, because we have thought about going nude, and secondly, because you looked great at Christmas, but I wondered what you both looked like under the posh clothes.”

“What do you think so far?”

“Very nice, the both of you. Actually there is a third reason too.”


“As you can see, there is a lot of family here today. All were invited specially, as I want them to join in with our nude experience too. We are all very close if you know what I mean, and being topless together has never been a problem before.”

“So you want Mark and me to break them in too?”


“Ok, nice and slowly then, we better start by getting topless ourselves here in the pool. Let’s swim over in front of the guys and whilst they cannot see us take of our tops and throw them at them,” Izzy suggested.

“Nice idea”.

Vinny and Mark were watching them as they swam over to the poolside, but could only see their heads when they stopped.

“Having a nice time?” Vinny asked Izzy.

Izzy did not reply immediately, but when she did, she shouted, “Yes!” and threw her bikini top at Vinny as Yvonne threw hers at Mark. Then they both pushed away from the pool side onto their backs so everyone could see their boobs on the surface of the water. Causing a cheer to go up from everyone.

Jane who had been sitting on the poolside all this time, called over to Yvonne, “So is it time for us all to take our tops off? I’ve been waiting for you to convince Izzy to go topless.” With that she took off her top and joined them in the water.

Vinny looked at Mark, and said” three down three to go!” and winked.

Within less than a minute the other ladies who were still lying on their loungers had joined in. Jill had taken her top off, and Ruby and June had rolled down their costumes to let the sun fall on their mature breasts.

Back in the pool, Jane swam to Izzy and Yvonne and said, “So how did she convince you to go topless then Izzy? Although I can see from your tan that it is not the first time for you”

Yvonne and Izzy just looked at each other and smiled.

“What’s the joke?”

“Well I have to be honest with you, this is not my first time topless as you guessed from the lack of tan lines, and actually, I don’t have any at all.”

“I am sorry I do not know what you mean…Oh I get it. Really?”

“Yes! She and Mark are nudists, Jane,” added Yvonne.

“So Mark is a little overdressed then?

“I guess he is.” Replied Izzy.

“As you have opened up to us about your lifestyle, I think it is only fair we share something of ours, I mentioned we were close earlier. Well this closeness goes quite far. You could say we are a swinging family, if you know what I mean.” Yvonne confided.

“I see” replied Izzy “but there are so few men.”

“It was ok before I got divorced.” said Jane. And Jill has just come out of a long term relationship. We all had fun together, but it has been quiet recently. But then Yvonne mentioned you and Mark, and we agreed to invite you along to see if you would fit in. We keep it all private here, but it sounds as if you have gone more public with the nudist stuff.”

“Oh, we are not ashamed of our bodies.” replied Izzy.

“Well I think it is time we turned the heat up a little here. Time for a game I think” said Yvonne. “Leave it to me.” With that she swam over to the other ladies and whispered something to them.

Mark was watching everything, enjoying the sights, and wondering what they were all finding to talk about. He continued to watch as Ruby and Jill got up and walked over towards him and Vinny. He was fascinated by their large boobs swinging and wobbling as they walked over. “You were not wrong about those boobs, Vinny” he said.

The ladies came over and picked up the discarded bikini tops that Yvonne and Izzy had thrown earlier. Quicker than either the guys expected they put the tops on the guys’ heads and tied them at the back, so that they were blindfolded.

Next the beds were reclined so that they were lying flat.

“I gaziantep escort bayan ilanları think the fun is about to start Mark.”


“Wait and see, I am sure the girls have a plan for us.”


The next voice they heard was Yvonne’s. “We sure do boys.”

The Guess Who Game

Mark felt a pair of hands grab at his swimming shorts and slowly pull them down and off. He could only surmise the same had happened to Vinny.

“Wow what a nice pair of dicks we have here girls” Said Jill. This caused a cheer once more from the ladies who were now all standing around the men.

“Ok boys, we are going to play a guessing game. Each of you is going to get his cock sucked by one of us. If you correctly guess who, you will get a prize. We will do this until we have each sucked you both. At the end the one who guessed the most will get the ultimate prize. Ok?”

All the guys could do was smile and nod.

“Of course the loser will need to be punished somehow. Oh and no touching either, just by the feel of the mouth.”

The next thing Mark knew was the feel of a mouth on his cock lips gently kissing the tip and then moving slowly down the length. He was just starting to get really hard when the mouth moved off.

Yvonne asked, “Ok so that was your first one, who was it Vinny?”

Mark had forgotten that he was getting the same treatment.

“I know those lips anywhere,” Vinny said. “That was my lovely sister Jane”

“Ok and you Mark, who was yours?”

Mark had been thinking about this, he knew it was not Izzy for sure. It was not an older lady, so that ruled out Ruby and June. Vinny had chosen Jane. “Jill I think!” he finally said.

“One each! Now it’s your reward for getting it right, the lady in question will now sit on your face and expect a good licking as a new one takes over your cock.”

Izzy was feeling excited as she stepped up to Vinny for her turn at him. She looked over at Mark lying there blindfolded as Jill crouched over his face and lowered herself onto his lips. She lifted Vinny’s cock with a couple of fingers and started to lick the tip before taking a breath and slowly lowering herself on to the shaft taking in about 4 inches, then withdrawing from it to repeat again. She felt a tap on her shoulder and looked up to see Jane sucking deeply on Mark’s now very hard Cock. Not to be outdone she gave Vinny one last deep suck before pulling off.

“Time to guess again” said Jill as she got off Mark’s face with a broad smile.

“That was Yvonne!” said Mark.

“And I think that was Izzy as I have not felt those lips before” added Vinny.

Jill gave the scores. “That’s another one to Vinny. Sorry Mark it was not Yvonne, but we are not going to tell you who it was.” She laughed.

Mark was really disappointed not to win that one as he loved to lick a new woman’s pussy, but he consoled himself thinking of his boss being straddled by his wife and giving her a good tongue fuck.

And my was Vinny good. Izzy sat on his face, looking towards his feet so she could still watch all the action. No sooner as she got on him was his tongue exploring her depths splitting her pussy lips apart and getting in deep. She had to resist the temptation to rub her tits as he tongued her.

Mark was now being sucked by another woman. He could feel that this was an older mouth, either Ruby or June he was sure. She was very experienced at giving a good blow job he could tell. She managed to suck on his cock so hard that it drew his balls up at the same time. He did not know which was it was, until she lifted herself of him and he felt her boob touch his leg. The he knew for sure. There was only one lady with soft hanging tits like that.

“That was Ruby!” he called without being asked.

Izzy had been watching June with interest as she had not sucked on Vinny’s cock but had sucked his balls, licking and turning them with her tongue.

“Oh June, you know that does it for me.” Vinny said.

“Well done to the both of you, but that’s still 3 to 2 for Vinny. Going to have to do better Mark” said Yvonne.

“He has an advantage.” Mark said before he was muffled by Ruby’s pussy sitting on his mouth. Ruby’s pussy was natural, but due to her age was not as full and hairy as a younger one. There was a lovely smell to it though, and her clit was long and hard as Mark licked it and probed his tongue into her.

Now it was Izzy’s turn to go to Marks cock, as she got down to it she had a great idea and waved June over to join her, she was reluctant to eave Vinny’s tongue but the game was moving on faster now. Together they kissed the length of his shaft from top to bottom, then knowing what June had done to Vinny she motioned for her to do the same to Mark whilst she herself sucked on is cock.

Mark could feel two sets of lips on his cock, one he knew straight away as Izzy the other he was unsure. Then the second pair started to suck on his shaved balls, escort gaziantep ilanları this was an experienced mouth as she sucked each ball into her mouth and tenderly stroked it with her tongue. Whilst he continued to plough his tongue into Ruby’s pussy.

Not to feel outdone Vinny was taken by Yvonne and her sister Jill. They were both kissing his cock tip and darting their tongues over it so that they touched each other on the top, before they kissed each other over it and then let Vinny’s cock slide in between their mouths so that he was encased in their kiss as they moved down his length. Vinny was fighting the urge to cum and in his desperation called out “Oh Jill and Ruby that feels fantastic, I am going to cum if you do that to me.”

Yvonne was so surprised that he did not know it was her, “How come you did not know that was me? You are going to regret that my boy!”

“Oh shit, sorry love. But you got me all confused with the two of you.”

“Well come on Mark, now is your chance to show him how it’s done.” Said Yvonne.

“Well I know my wife’s lips and that was her for sure, I think the other one is June, such experience she must have been sucking cock for years.”

“Two out of two” said June. “Yes I have been sucking cock for a long time, but now you are going to lick my pussy for all you are worth.” She added as she sat on his face and his tongue got to work on her saggy pussy lips and clit.

At the same time Jill got onto Vinny, as at least he managed to get her right, even if he could not recognize his wife.

“One round to go then”, said Yvonne. “It’s 4 each now.”

Mark could feel a new pair of lips touch is cock now. He was so glad it was going to end soon as he could not hold back much longer. These lips were amazing, the way they kissed his shaft and sucked on the top of his cock. It was not the amount of cock that went into the mouth that mattered here; it was the technique of sucking on the top that made such a difference.

Izzy watched as Yvonne did this to her husband and could not help putting her hand between her legs to feel her own pussy lips, still wet from Vinny’s attention. She was spotted by Jane who just gave her a wink, before she too started to rub her own pussy.

Meanwhile Vinny himself was getting the attention of Ruby now as she gobbled his cock greedily making loud slurping sounds as she covered it in her saliva. Vinny was still reeling from not getting Yvonne correct, and maybe this was why he got this one wrong too. He was sure it was one of the older ladies, but had forgotten that June had already had her turn and so when Jill lifted herself off his face he said. “That is June isn’t it?”

“Noooo!” shouted all the women watching.

“Ok Mark! It is down to this last chance. You can win if you get this right.” Said Yvonne.

Mark knew that it was either Jane or Yvonne, as they were the only ones not accounted for. But which one. Then it came to him, Yvonne was speaking to him very close by, it had to be her. “That was Yvonne, no doubt about it!” he announced confidently.

Everyone except Vinny clapped and he knew he had got it right.

Reward and Punishment

“Well you can take your blindfolds off now boys. Well done Mark, you are the winner.”

“Beginners luck.” Said Vinny, a little smile on his mouth.

“So what’s his prize?” asked Izzy.

“What do you think ladies?” Yvonne asked as she looked at the other women.

“Let him choose one of us to do with as he wants” suggested Ruby.

“No make it three” added Jill.

“Three it is then Mark.” Said Yvonne. “Who do you want?”

Mark could not believe his eyes when he took his makeshift blind fold off. All the ladies were now naked of course and standing up like an inspection line for him.

First in line was Izzy, who he knew so well of course, she was smiling at him. He went to her first and kissed her deeply, knowing that she would taste all the pussy juice from the other women on his lips. “All ok?” he whispered to her.

“Fine love, enjoy yourself, I am.”

That was all he needed to hear. Next to her was Yvonne, she looked amazing. Everything he expected from when he had seen her earlier. “Thanks Yvonne, this is a great party.”

“My Pleasure Mark.” Mark could hear the capital P in pleasure as she said it.

Next to her was Jane, she looked great too, not looking so prim and proper now in her nakedness. Her tits looked firm and not too small, and her pussy hair was neatly trimmed as Mark expected of such a woman. It was the last three ladies in the line that Mark was waiting to get to. Jill was flanked by her mum and Aunty; all three of them looked great. Jill and Ruby both had large boobs, which were now hanging down without the support of their swimming costumes. Jill was shaved whilst the other two still had natural bushes, which were starting to thin and grey.

“Ok I will have you three ladies as my prize” Mark announced at the end of the line. “Come with me”. He took them all off to the end of the pool by the sun loungers, leaving Izzy, Jane and Yvonne looking at Vinny in his sorry state. “So what should his punishment be then?”

“Well I know he would love to watch us three getting it on, but let’s ties his hands so he cannot wank as he watches.” Said Yvonne.

Once again Vinny found himself in an uncomfortable position. His hands were tied behind his back and he sat on a lounger with these three hot women in front of him.

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