Hot neighbor affair 4


A knock on my opened window grabbed me out of my dream. The first thing I saw was her reflection from the street lights and then I reached my hand to find my phone and check the time. It was already 2 am. She asked quietly:
-„Are you awake? “
-„Not quite, but I’m getting close…“ I answered.
-„Are you up for a glass of wine? Or two maybe..? “
-„Yeah, sure, I am. Come on in, the doors are unlocked. “
-„Oh, great! I’m coming in…“
I was still sleeping with my right eye so I wasn’t aware I am completely naked and she is about to enter my apartment. She was already at my door when I grabbed my towel and covered my crotch. She went directly in my room and asked:
-„Do you want me to sit on the bed or..? “
-„No, let’s go to my living room, there’s the air condition“
-„Great, I need that! “
She didn’t wait for me but was already on her way to my couch. It seemed to me she knows my place already. Then I remembered that John told me she had a fling with the old neighbor. I got up of my bed and tied the towel around my waist. I got to the kitchen, took two glasses and the cork-screw and then followed her lead. She was already sitting on my office-like chair right under the light so I sat on my couch on the other side of the room. She took the cork screw and went to open one bottle. She started…
-„I’m sorry for barging in like this but I’ve had the most boring night out ever and I really had to have a glass of wine with somebody that won’t be boring or over aggressive. My friends really know how to ruin a nice day…“
-„Well, that day is behind us, we’re already over two hours in a brand new day you know..? I don’t even want to ask you to tell me what happened cause I can presume the situations.“
-„Yeah, and I don’t want to trouble you with my problem since I woke you up from your sleep…“
She was sitting on my chair with her legs crossed and I again started to admire her as a lady. My eyes were all over her what she noticed from the start. She stood up from my chair, poured our glasses and made a few steps towards me giving me the glass.
-„For big cats I presume…“she lifted her glass for a toast. „…cheers! “
I smiled back and said „Cheers to you too Monica! “ She turned away and went for my chair. As I saw her ass all of my blood went to my cock and I, once again, started thinking of all I’ve seen from her the past few days.
-„I know I told you already but you look completely amazing tonight. I bet you’ve heard that enough times this evening but I have to say what’s on my mind. “
-„I really appreciate that from you… and thanks, it really is nice to hear that. It’s nice of you being so honest too! “
-„You’re welcome madam…“
-„Can I be so much open and tell you what is on my mind..? “
-„Most definitely! “I said.
-„Well, I’ve been thinking of you for the whole evening you know..? “
-„Wow! “was all I said.
-„Yeah! I was so sad that I had to go to town with my girls… I really wanted to stay here with you…“
-„Yeah, I was so sad too. Especially when I saw you outfit…“ I said and I smiled.
-„So, you really like what I’m wearing? Don’t you think this looks funny on me..? “
-„No Monica, most definitely no, it doesn’t look funny at all. And yes, once again, I like what you are wearing! “
-„Any part favorite maybe..? “ She looked at me very seriously.
-„Off course! But, I’m not so sure I should tell you… I don’t feel so comfortable… at least not yet…“
-„Well, well, are we shy all of a sudden..? You really don’t have to be you know… I mean, you are sitting across me with only your towel over you, this looks very comfortable to me…“
-„Yeah, you are right, who am I kidding…“
-„Especially with me, I’m a woman with a much opened mind…“
-„Yeah, I noticed that…“
-„Really*! How is that? Give me an example… please…“
-„Well… the clothes you wear… you wear some things that not a lot of girls would be ready to wear… and your underwear… do I have to keep on going? “
-“My underwear..? You like my underwear? Wow, we have a kinky one right here!”
-“Yes, well, one of my fetishes…”
-“One? Are there a lot of them? Should I be afraid..?”
-“No, no, you are safe with me…”
-“Would you like to tell me what the others are..? No, wait, can I guess? ”
-“You can try…”
-“You like high heels right..? Am I right? ”As she asked me that she slowly caressed her heel in front of me. “And you like the ones I’m wearing..? ”
-“You are absolutely right!”
-“Well, you see, we already have those two in common… I like those things too! Very much!”
-“Huh! That’s a rock from my heart!”
-“Well I’m glad! Are you now more comfortable..?”
-“Yes, I am… you still want to know huh..?”
-“Well, I have been waiting for you to get comfortable and say it to me… you really don’t have to worry about a thing…”
-“It’s your legs… and your ass… they look so sexy I could look at them all day long… there, I said it!”
-“Hmmm… you like these legs?” She asked as she caressed Sex hikayeleri her outer thighs with her long fingernails. “And my ass you say..?
-“Yes, your ass is amazing!”
-“Is there a thing you would like to do..? To my ass..? I’d like to hear that…”
-“Well, there is, but I want to know something about you too you know… I’ve already said a lot…”
-“Just keep on going… what would you want to know..?”
-“Well, what exactly did you think off for the whole evening?”
-“You do get to the point fast; I wondered when you’re going to ask me that…”
-“I thought about you, watching me this morning… while you were lying on your chair…”
-“Yeah! You are a nice built boy you know? Or, should I say a cat..?”
I almost forgot about the mistake I made while I was trying to make it quiet.
-“It was you, wasn’t it..? I won’t be mad, trust me, I was actually pretty happy about that. Did you see anything you liked on my drier..?”
-“It was… it was me… I couldn’t help myself; these things are stronger than me…”
-“Things like… fetishes..?”
-“Yes…” I answered quietly.
-“Mmmm… this is a thing I like to hear! So, did you find anything..?”
-“Yes, I did, but today’s choice was much better!”
-“Well than, I’m sure you’ll be glad to hear I got them all out because of you…”
-“It came to my mind when I saw your second outfit…”
-“You saw me the first time? I thought you were asleep… God this is embarrassing!”
-“It really shouldn’t be… I mean, I’ve told you what my biggest fetishes are… doesn’t that equal to your outfit exchange..?”
-“Well, I guess it does… so you’ve been watching me the whole time?!”
-“I sure did! I haven’t blinked at all… but, isn’t that what you wanted..?”
-“It was… in deed it was… Now, you’re one step ahead of me…”
-“Ok, what do you want to know next..?”
-“Really?” She asked with a big smile on her face.
-“Sure… shoot! As they say…”
-“Well now… I’d like to know if you’ve done anything dirty except went through my underwear..?”
-“You mean like sniffing them..? No, I’m not into that…”
-“Than what..?” she asked. “Were you a naughty boy in your room after that..? Are you trying to tell me that?”
-“A naughty boy… yes, I’ve been naughty…”
-“What did you do?!”
-“Wow, wow, slowly… isn’t it my turn now..?”
-“Well yeah, it might be…” she laughed with the look of a devil…
-“Was this outfit done for me..?”
-“You read me as a book! All for you! I’ve said already, I was sad of leaving you…”
-“So you like to dress up for a man right..?”
-“Those are two questions so I’m ahead but yes, it is one of my fetishes… but, back to you… right? I have two questions now..?”
-“What did you like about me today while I was drying my clothes..?”
-“Well, besides your sexy lingerie being stretched right in front of my eyes… It was your whole body that turned me on… and the way you moved around showing yourself to me…”
-“That’s nice to know! I really put an effort to it!”
-“You’ve said you were a naughty boy after I left… what did you mean by that..?”
-“Ok, this is a hard one… ” I started to talk but I didn’t know how to explain… I didn’t want to be too direct or a filthy mouth… I really didn’t know what to say…
-“Ok!” she said, “I’ve got time to spend so let’s make a game out of this… since we both were playing with each other for the whole time… Truth or dare than..?”
-“Sure, why not!”
-“Since you haven’t really given me an answer, I have a command for you to do! Or, a dare if you like it that way…”
-“Now I’m a little scared about your dare but sure, let’s try it…”
-“I want you… to take off your towel!”
-“Wow! That really is a hard one!”
-“What? You’re hard..?”
-“Well, yeah, since I saw you under that light I am…”
-“Then, remove the towel…” she said gently…
I was in front of a hard decision. But, I went for it. I don’t have a sexy hot milf asking me this kind of stuff that often here so, here we go… I un-wrapped my towel and moved it to the side of me.
-“Nice!” She said when she saw my erect penis at his almost full size. “Now I’m getting even warmer…”
-“Ok, my turn… truth or dare?!”
-“Well, I’d like a dare this time…”
-“Show me your ass…”
-“You want me to show you my ass..?”
-“I definitely do!”
-“How would you like to see it..? Naked or..?”
-“Surprise me!”
-“Hmmm… ok, I’ll try…” she said and she slowly moved her right leg as she uncrossed them. She closed her eyes and tilted her head to her right. She started touching herself at her hips, than she slowly went over her stomach and over her tits until she pulled her fingers through her hair. She grabbed the handles on my chair and lifted her ass off of it. She than started to sway left to right. She took her glass, took a sip and spoke: “Is there any music here..? I’d sure like some music…”
-“Sure there is, my pc is up and running… just press play on my winamp…”
She turned around and moved my chair to the side so I can have a better view. Sikiş hikayeleri She widened her legs and pushed her ass up to the ceiling and then she leaned to grab my mouse. She pressed play and some sweet sounds came to our environment. I had a compilation of deep, sexy house sounds right there waiting.
-“Nice!” she said. “I love a good rhythm…”
-“I see you doo…” I added, “…by the way your hips are moving…”
She then said nothing. She removed her hands from my desk to her knees.
-“You like my legs, don’t you..?”
She didn’t get an answer to that because her dare still wasn’t done. It looked as if she understood what my silence was for so she slowly raised her hands over her thighs up to her ass. She grabbed both of her ass cheeks and shook them a little. Then she lifted her shirt a little, just so she could grab her tights at their upper edge and still moving in the rhythm, started to take them off. As her tights went down and I started to see her butt crack I realized she wasn’t even wearing a thing under them. At this point I was so horny I could rip her tights with my teeth. She kept on going until she reached the floor. She took one leg out and then the other. She threw them to me as if she wanted me to smell her on that tiny piece of her wardrobe. She then turned around covering her pussy with her left hand, pulled the chair with her right and sat right back to my chair, crossing her legs again and pushing her sexy red shoe to my sight.
-“Ok, It’s my turn now…”
-“It sure is!”
-“Well then, truth or dare..?”
-“I’d like one more dare…”
-“Are you sure?”
-“Stop asking me that and say what you want me to do…”
-“Uh, I like that… anything..?”
-“This is the point of a truth and dare procedure isn’t it..?”
-“It is, you’re right! Well than… show me, what did you do when I went away this evening… “
I’ve spread my legs even more and I grabbed my dick with my hand. I started to stroke it and now her jaw was wide opened.
-“I like what I’m seeing! I like it a lot! What do you want me to do now..? Tell me…”
-“So, there is no question of truth or dare anymore huh? Just a dare..?”
-“Please, tell me… my mind can’t focus on talking right now…” she said as her hand slowly went to her crotch.
-“Ok, than take your top off!”
She said nothing and her hands went to her back to unzip her shirt. She had some problems with that but I didn’t want to help her. I didn’t want to touch her yet. I really enjoyed this game we’re playing. She finally got the zipper to the end and then she slowly removed her shirt. As she thrown her shirt my way too I caught it and took a big breath of her sexy perfume that was on it. I moved her shirt to the side of me and took a glance of her tits. They were in a red mini bikini style bra. Only her nipples were actually covered with maybe two square inches of red cloth.
-“Do you like what you see..?” she asked as she started fondling her nipples that were already erect.
-“I thought only dares were available. No questions… right?”
-“Well, you can please an old lady… can’t you..?”
-“Off course… I mean, I’ll try…”
-“Well then, do you like it..?”
-“I totally do! You are really a sexy lady… can I ask you a question..?”
-“Sure honey, go ahead…”
-“What do you feel like..?”
-“Huh, I feel like a little whore to be true… and I like every bit of it…”
-“Well, then let’s make you feel like that some more… what would you want me to do next my hot little whore..?”
-“Mmmm… I like it when you talk dirty to me… I guess that’s what you made me to become… a filthy little whore… I want you to come closer, I want you to sit right here on this table…”
I had a small coffee table in the middle of my living room. I removed our glasses and the bottles and I sat. I sat right in front of her. Just inches from her crossed legs.
-“You smell so fine…”
-“Is there anything on me that you don’t like..?” she smiled.
-“Well, actually, there is one thing your crossed legs… spread them apart…”
She started doing what I told her without a sound. She slowly removed her legs, than pulled the chair a little closer, spread them and lifted her heels on the table, each leg to another side of me.
-“Is this good? Is this what you meant me to do..?” she asked as she moved her hips to the end of my chair exposing her pussy even more to my sight.
-“Right about that!” I answered as I started licking my lips. My cock was in my hand all the time. I was stroking it up and down and she watcher my every move.
-“My turn now… kiss my leg… please…” she said as she lifted her right leg up to my shoulder. “Kiss it as much as you like it baby…”
I turned my head to the side and started kissing her ankles gently. She released a deep sigh of enjoyment as I started licking them.
-“Do you like me licking your leg madam..? Do you like it..?”
-“Yes I do baby, yes I do… keep going…”
-“I will… but only if you make my next wish come true…”
-“Anything baby, anything you want… your tongue feels so Erotik hikaye good…”
-“Then show me how good it feels… put your hand on your pussy and touch yourself…”
She really liked every single thing we’ve done by now because she did all of my commands without a question. And while doing them she started breathing more and more heavily. She slipped her left hand between her legs and spread them even wider, pulling the chair even closer to me. She really started rubbing her pussy and obviously forgot about our little game.
-“It’s your turn baby… what’s my next step..?”
-“Oh baby, I need you to do something for me… come a little closer and untie my bikini… It’s really starting to get in the way…”
-“Sure thing!”
As she removed her leg off my shoulder I stood in front of her, still jerking my fully erected cock. I leaned to her stretching my left her to her back. She than leaned too so she could give me a better view of the job I’m doing and her lips were so close to the pulsating head of my cock I could feel her heavy breath on it. I pulled one string of her bikini towards me and I gently started to massage her back. That encouraged her to lean some more an in the next second her lips were pressed to the tip of my cock. I grabbed my cock at the balls and said:
-“Open your mouth please…”
-“With great pleasure!” she said.
The next moment my dick was in her mouth all the way to her throat. She sucked it in almost all the way to my balls. And she wanted even more of it. She removed my cock out of her mouth just to spit at it than went straight back on it. Her right hand found a way to my balls and she started caressing them with pointy, long red fingernails. That almost gave me a heart attack. As she rubbed her clit pretty hard, her pussy started making beautiful scents that gave me another quake as I sniffed the air above it.
-“Oh my! My pussy is dripping wet… I’m going to cum baby… I’m so horny I’m going to cum really hard baby… are you close? Is your big cock ready to come?” she took my dick out of her mouth, left my balls and grabbed my cock. She started stroking it nice and easy.
-“Oh yes! I’m really close… tell me what you want… tell me what does my little whore want now..?”
-“Yes baby, talk dirty to me… Oh yes… cum, I want you to cum into my filthy mouth!”
-“Oh you dirty little whore; you really know how to handle my cock! Put it back to your mouth where it belongs!”
-“I will baby, I will…”
She grabbed my butt with her hand and pulled me close to her so she could pin my dick even deeper to her throat.
-“That’s right baby, that’s just the way a little… kinky… sexy whore like you… should suck on my cock!”
That part was obviously too much for her as she slipped her middle finger inside her pussy and started gagging on my dick. I realized she was about to come so I grabbed the back of her head and started thrusting her mouth.
-“I’m coming Monica… I’m coming… I’m coming deep in your throat!”
I was at the peak of my ecstasy when I saw her back twisting. I knew she was coming and that was the drop that spilled the glass. I grabbed her head with both of my hands and started coming hard… My dick was pulsating so hard I felt her lower teeth grinding against the skin of my balls. As she started chocking I pulled my dick out and another thick gush landed on her all the way from her chin to her small bush of hair.
-“This was amazing baby, just as I imagined… your cock felt so good wherever it touched me…”
-“You imagined this?! When did you think of that you kinky little whore?!”
-“When I was done with my drier… the sight I had of your big hard dick made my little pussy so wet I started dripping on the floor of my house… until…”
-“Until what baby..?”
-“Until I crashed to my bed with a dildo in my hand… I stacked the dildo hard into my pussy and it went inside me without any problem because you made her get so wet… two more thrusts and the sight of your cock made me cum in a matter of seconds…”
-“You dirty little cunt!”
-“Yes, I am, I’m so filthy and dirty but you showed me how I’m supposed to behave tonight honey… you really showed this dirty whore what is her place…”
She looked at me and spoke:
-“Now I’m going to let you go to sleep baby. Tomorrow is a new day for playing some more… filthier games”
She licked my slimy cock one last time, than stood up and kissed my lips… I really felt them for the first time and they were so warm and gentle. She took her purse, than went to my couch, picked up her shirt and went for the door. Without a sound, bare naked, she went out of my apartment in only a pair of heels and that sounded perfect for me. As she came to my window she whispered:
-“Good night baby… see you soon!” and blow a kiss at me.
-“Good night Monica…”
She went away in a matter of seconds. The thought of her running around our house made me realize she must be out of her mind, that’s why she already got caught in the first place. This chick knows what she wants and doesn’t care for the rest of the world. It sounded a little like me. I would do such a thing without a thought. I turned my light off and went for my bed. As soon as I touched the pillow with my head I was sound asleep.

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