Sharing Secrets Pt. 01


It was all still a bit of a blur, my wife filing for that divorce and it quickly ending. She’s gone. The bedroom still has a few of her clothes that she left behind when she hastily left me for that young thing.

I’ve paid enough to her to keep her happy, that I guess she left some of those things behind. Perhaps they brought up bad memories? Perhaps she wanted a clean break, anyway I happily paid enough to keep her happy and quiet in her new life. So, it makes sense she doesn’t need what she left behind.

It must have been another hot day as the sun has set and it’s still a pleasantly warm. I’m standing naked holding my slender cut cock in my hand as I admired my smooth balls while taking a piss. I am feeling guilty over my recent divorce whose reasons I’ve kept secret from my son. He just turned 18 this year and is old enough to understand the circumstances and events that led to my divorce.

He’s been home from college with the summer break just starting. But he hasn’t said anything about his mom being gone. Just said to me on the phone when he agreed to spend the summer with me, that he felt he should be with me at this time. He was always a very considerate boy.

He never asked about the divorce, didn’t want to pry into our business. Would he understand if he knew? Would he understand his parent’s slightly unusual sexual needs that were the reason for the divorce?

Hmm…my son and sex… a topic that seems oddly distant and separate.

I just thought about it and realized I have never seen any evidence of my son’s own sexuality. Not ever.

He’s grown into a good looking young man, reminding me of my EX, how she must have looked when she was his age. He has her Asian raven black straight hair, which he has allowed to grow long, shoulder length when it is not tied in back. He has a soft sort and shapely body, long of leg and arms, thin waisted to accent his slightly wider hips and rounded butt.

He has her small delicate hands and feet as well as her long thick lashes, full lips and cute little nose. I think his body is basically hairless, which my EX found attractive in me. I don’t think either of us have hair under our arms and I never had much pubic hair to speak of, which is good since I like keeping soft and smooth down below. I wonder if my son has any pubic hair? Can’t say I know, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him undressed. I don’t even recall him ever using the hot tub out back.

He’s always been a quiet and very shy boy. Hmmm.

He must have by now some sexual urges. I know I had then at his age. Couldn’t keep my hands of myself. But, I don’t believe he’s ever exhibited any. None I know of and none my EX has ever mentioned. We never found him secretly on his computer and masturbating, which I would have been doing a dozen times or so a day at his age. Come to think of it, I don’t think he has ever done it.

I’ve felt guilty about leaving some of my porn out during the days of the separation, and yet, thinking back, they were never disturbed. I don’t think he ever checked them out.

That is just wrong.

Does my son have no sexual urges?

This is not good. I need to figure out a way to find out and remedy this over sight in his life’s education.

I wonder if my son’s confides in his best friend Dion? Interesting name, what was the story behind it, my son told me. Hmmm…oh yes, he was named after Dionysus, that was it. They often sleep over here or at his place. He should know something I would image.

How can I broach the subject?

I step into the shower, after a long day at the office I like to indulge myself in a nice long soapy hot shower to relax. I admire my naked body, still in good shape, the gym and the swimming keep me firm. I notice a little hair under my arm pits, I will have to shave them, though the rest of me is pleasantly smooth and bereft of hair, what little pubic hair that I occasionally spot I shave off. I let the hot water cascade down my back and onto my firm ass as I run my hands over my chest and tweak my nipples. I grab the soap and lather my legs, arms, and chest, savoring my cock for last.

I lather my hanging balls and my soft cock and then slowly carefully begin to use the razor on the few wisps of hair on my balls, then the base of my shaft and finally the little bit of pubic hair. I let the warm water soak my now baby smooth package as I fondle myself. I put away the razor and reach down to pick up a purple toy. My dear friend, an anatomically six inch with low hanging balls and a well-crafted cut cock head.

I take it in my mouth and suck on it, then pour some shampoo on it and with practice and delicacy I bring the cock head to my anus. I feel my pulse begin to race and flood my tool with blood as it begins to rise up and get hard. I slip the head into my hole and slowly push it deep into my ass. Then slowly pulling it back out and then in again

I use my other hand to stroke myself, feeling the blood throb in my hard manhood. As I fuck myself and jackoff I feel that glow and heat of lust gaziantep kızıl escort bayan and that wonderful sex buzz from my usual evening self-pleasuring.

As I jack off and fuck my ass with my silicon prick, I consider how I can discover my son’s sexual inclinations. I day dream about ‘mistakenly’ leave lying around some of my old porn and when thinking how it would be amusing to come home unexpectantly and find him naked watching some porn with his greased up dick in his hand as he works it while watching some hot scene on the screen. This gets my own cock throbbing in my hand. Ahhhh…yes…

Maybe on the screen will be one of my favorite scenes, the one with the two Tranny’s going down on each other 69 style. Yessss…I always like to imagine that I’m the one in that scene sucking and getting sucked. My balls begin to boil with the thought.

Oh yes…how can my son not indulge in this bliss?

Ahhh…that familiar feeling of sexual rush as my cock is on the verge of bursting…ahhh…then that wonderful ejaculation burst forth with a gush of cream as I rapidly pound my cock forcing ever drop of hot molten jizz out of my body as I am lost in the heat of the water and the climax.



Finally, I come back into myself, as I hear the soft thud of my silicon cock slipping out of my well fucked ass and landing on the shower floor. I watch as all my cum begins to melt down the drain. I wonder if I cried out?

If I did, my son didn’t react. We put his room at the other side of the house for just this reason, we didn’t want him to overhear his parents sex.

Too bad. She was discrete, but I secretly wished that we could have been overheard. Oh well.

I know, perhaps I can have him invite that cute looking boyfriend of his, to spend the night.

Maybe I can solicit some information from him about my son. The two of them have spent their life blended at the hip together, almost as if they were twins. Now, his sexuality of that I am certain. His love of tight jeans that show off a solid bulge, oh yes, he has come into his young adult body well. I’m sure he is a chronic ‘bater. He has the look.

Yes, I will ask my son to invite him over for pizza, beer and then a wicked thought, the hot tub. We never let him use it, tonight the three of us could share a relaxing time together, just us men bonding in the privacy and intimacy of those steam bubbles. The alcohol and the hot jets should loosen their tongues, and let something slip out.

I lather some body lotion over my moist skin after getting out of the shower. Slipping on a short silk black robe over my naked body, and striding down the hall towards my son’s room.

I find him sitting in front of his computer console playing a video game and talking with his friend, Dion. He’s succumbed to the heat and he’s wearing a pair of white briefs and a tank top. I can’t help wondering what he’s packing in those briefs. Sitting at the machine, I can see he reminds me of my EX with that shapely and full bottom as it spreads out on the chair.

“Hey Son,” my hand taps him on the shoulder.

“Oh hi dad.”

“Is that Dion you are talking to?

Why don’t you invite him over, to stay the night. Hell, why don’t we share some pizza and some beers this evening, it would be a nice night to lounge about relaxing sipping wine in the hot tub, what do you say?”

“Sounds fine dad. Though I will pass on the beers. He might like some.”

“Fine. I will go order the pizzas.”

Dion shows up before the pizzas arrive. He has a sort of Page boy or Beatle’s cut straight blonde hair. He is an a more muscular slender package. A bit heftier with more meat on his bones than my elven son. But he still has an androgynous shape and features. Though more like a Greek God as is his heritage. He is wearing a pair of tightly fitting short cut offs snuggly fitting over his solid hips and solid butt and a clinging pale red muscle tee showing off his youthful flat firm stomach. There is a solid bulge in the front of his cut offs. He seems perpetually hard. He has a pale purple backpack resting over his shoulder as if it was a big purse.

“Hi Mr. Dickson, thanks for inviting me to stay the evening. Looking forward to the pizza and hot tub.”

“Glad you could make it.”

“Was Hoshi pulling my leg when he mentioned the beer and wine?”

“No, he was not, you two have reached that age of maturity when you can indulge a bit. Have you ever partaken before?”

“I have to confess Mr. Dickson, I’m a virgin, never had a drop.”

“Really? Come on, you can let your hair down with me. I won’t snitch to your folks. You’ve never snuck a taste?”

He blushes.

“Like I said, virgin. Looking forward to my first taste.”

“Well you are in for a treat, I pack the good stuff. Get your bag into my son’s room.”

The doorbell rings and there on cue is the delivery boy. I give him a generous tip, as I usually do with all my delivery gaziantep köle escort bayan boy’s and then I’m joined by my son, now wearing tight and skimpy cut offs as well, matching Dion’s.

We settle in for our meal, Me and Dion share some pale ale but Hoshi, my son passes on the beer after a taste. I offer him some wine spritzers and he finds that more to his liking.

We eat, drink, and chat about sports, Game of Thrones and other recent fantasy flicks.

They help clean up and we make quick work of it.

“Well, how about some nice wine and a soak in the hot tub?”

“Sounds great Dad.”

“Yeah, well go change into our swim trunks and …”

“Oh no will have none of that in my tub,” I explain with a bit of a wink.

“Huh? Mr. Dickson?”

“One never wears swim trunks in a hot tub, it’s just not done. We’re all boys here and it’s perfectly natural for us to go naked. In this heat, being naked makes more sense when you think of it, so disrobe if you please.”

I then undo my own rob to reveal my nudity underneath. I notice that both my son, Hoshi and Dion check out my package. I have always been proud of my balls and cock, not too small but big enough. Now my quarter size balls hang below my soft cut cock which when relaxed like this is a modest three inches in length and about an inch wide, though it filled Hoshi’s mother’s slender form perfectly. I don’t think her pussy could have contained anything bigger than my full erection at six inches and about an inch and half-wide.

“Well, boys, you are both slightly over dressed for the Hot tub,” I say.

“Yes sir!” Dion pipes up. “You don’t have to tell me twice,” as he excitedly stripes off his tank top and then grins as he undoes his cut offs and lets then fall to the floor, revealing that he was going commando. His boyish cock and balls are revealed. I notice that he either is basically hairless or that he keeps them shave smoothed. Not a single sign of hair to cover his small hang balls and his slender and semi-aroused four-inch penis.

“Why don’t I go and get some towels for us, I’ll be right back,” my son quickly departs still wearing his shorts and shirt.

“He’s kind of shy,” Dion explains. “Always has been that way in gym classes.”

As I pick out a sweet Riesling wine and I open the bottle, I motion Dion to approach.

“Can I ask you something private and personal?”

“Sure Mr. Dickson.”

“You can call me Richard or Dick with you like, anyway it was about your sexual practices.”


“Like are the two of you virgins as you intimated or was that a pun earlier?”

“Yes, we are both virgins. Hoshi’s never even held a girl’s hand or been on a date. Though I’ve just managed to kiss and grope, on the few dates I’ve been on.”

“Yes, as I thought. I was sure my son was a virgin. Does he like girls?”

“To tell the truth, I don’t know.”

“How about you?”

“To tell the truth Mister Dee, I’m an omnivore.”

“Ahh…meaning you find both girls and boys attractive.”

“Yeah. But that’s our secret, right?”

“Absolutely. Now, do you masturbate?”

“As often as I can sneak it.”

“How about my son?”

“As far as I know, nope. Not ever. I’ve talked about looking at pictures on the Net, but Hoshi seems to never have done even that.”

“I was afraid of that. So, I want a favor from you.”

“What is that?”

“I want you to educate my son in sex. Stay the week, I will arrange it with your folks. Will use this hot weather as an excuse to make this a clothing optional household. Get my son to masturbate and see if you can find out his sexual orientation. He seems too shy and avoiding sex is unhealthy. Won’t you agree?”

“Oh definitely, I know my balls ache when it’s been too long between unloading.”

“Exactly, it will be our secret. I have a trunk in my bedroom of some great porn and other things. Help yourself to that, and beer or wine while I’m at work.”

“Thanks Mister Dee. You are great.”

With that we turn to the sound of my approaching son. We see he has a towel wrapped around his waist, like a knee length skirt. He looks good in a skirt I must say. He has the other two towels in his arms.

Dion and I gather up the glasses and wine bottle and head out to the deck. I notice Dion checking out my naked body and I feel confident that he finds me attractive. All that swimming and gym pays off.

Dion and I get into the large sunken hot tub built into the back redwood deck. It can accommodate a half dozen occupants so long as they don’t mind being very friendly.

“Wow,” Dion exclaims as he sits down in the tub, “this feels fantastic! Sort of sexy being in semi-public naked in this.”

“This back yard is very private, so is the whole house. If this weather stays like this I suggest going naked all the time, what do you two think?” I slyly wink at Dion as I say this.

“Sounds great to me!” Dion says with real enthusiasm at the idea.

“Ahh…” gaziantep kumral escort bayan Hoshi mutters as he shyly undoes the towel to finally reveal his nudity. He looks so beautiful and sensual with an hourglass shape to his body and he has the cutest small balls and cock. I notice he has his mother’s large pink areolas and erect nipples, with his delicate hands covering his genitals he looks like an attractive nubile young Japanese girl. “I guess so.”

I pour the wine and offer glasses to Dion and Hoshi who has settled in across from us in the tub. After pouring myself a glass I offer a toast. “To just us boys!”

“To us boys!” Dion joins in with a grin.

“Boys,” Hoshi quietly chimes in as we all clink our glasses. Hoshi gulps the wine down.

So does Dion. I pour them more.

“I find wine so very relaxing,” I say.

“I’m feeling really good, Mister Dee,” Dion says as his hand slips under the water to I imagine play with his cock and balls.

My son looks a bit flushed from the wine, and so he begins to relax and get comfortable in his own bare skin, Dion is all bubbly from the beer and wine and I can see through the steam, and bubbling water as he fondles and plays with his bone enjoying the sensations. We just quietly relax and enjoy the night as we finish off the bottle. Once my son finishes his second glass he leans back and dozes off.

“We’ll have to get him in to bed,” Dion says nodding in my son’s direction.

“Yes we will. So, are you up for my proposition?”

“You mean about staying over and teaching Hoshi about how the birds and bees play? Were you real about the stash of porn?”

“Oh yes.”

“Hot damn! This will be great! You’ll clear it with my folks and all?”

“Oh man…beer, wine, porn and hanging out naked, do I have that right?”

“Yes you do.”

“The thought of it has been making me so damn horny all this time.”

“I’ve noticed.”

“I really need to work one off soon. I mean really soon, Richard.”

“Go ahead enjoy yourself.”

“Oh man, that’s great,” he gets out of the water to sit on the tub’s edge and takes his engorged penis and begins to stroke himself off. He sports a slender five inches now that it is fully erect and he strokes it like a pro. I can tell he’s been doing this often.

“Ohhhh man…I’m going to burst my first one…NOW!!”

With that, a burst of white cream gushes forth and lands on his chin and neck.

“That’s better,” he says happily, as he begins again to run his hand up and down his now semi-flaccid penis. He is once again fully aroused and hard as he stroke his dick.

“I see now what you mean about your ‘first’ one. I take it you really can cum more than once.”

“Oh sure,” Dion says getting all sex flushed from his masturbation. “I can shoot off a few times during any one session. Not sure of my limits, never had the privacy or the time to find out.”

“I guess you’ll be able to find out in the next few days.”

“Hell yeah! I’m planning on it!”

“I can see that,” I say as I watch Dion go at it with such enthusiasm finally overcomes my own sense of propriety. As I sit my own wet bottom on the steamy edge of the hot tub and show off my own hard on.

“You have a nice package Mr. Dee,” Dion says as he works himself up into another climax.

“I noticed that you noticed.”

“Yeah, couldn’t help myself, Mister Dee.”

“Not a problem, part of the pleasure of being naked is being noticed.”

“Yeah. I like it.”

“I can see that.”

We both laugh. I settle in to a comfortable edging session and Dion starts to show off his youthful skill and talents as he burst forth with another white blast of cum that land on his bare moist chest.

While my son sleeps blissfully in the warmth of the water, Dion and I indulge our own sensuous needs.

I edge myself while watching Dion blast off with burst of hot glistening creamy cum loads onto his most bare chest, the hours pleasantly go by and when he finally is working on his sixth or seventh load, I’ve lost count, my own moans of excitement fill the evening air as we both work ourselves into a crescendo of lust.

We ejaculate almost at the same time. Me finally cumming over and over again, covering my face, neck and chest with warm cream while Dion adds to the melting mass of glaze that has accumulated from all his hard work this night. We both sigh with relief and bliss letting ourselves slip back into the heated water to caress our bare skin as we savor the satisfaction of a great masturbation session that we’ve shared together.

“That was a wonderful and inspiring performance, Dion.”

“Ohh…thanks Mister Dee…I was inspired as well at the sight of you.”

“We need to get Hoshi to bed don’t you think?”

“Yes sir.”

“I will carry him to his bed, you can clean up the bottle and glasses later, you’ll have all day tomorrow.”

“Sure Mister Dee.”

I pick up my naked son, he is light and relaxed against my bare body. I carry him to his bedroom with Dion in our wake. Dion pulls back the covers of my son’s twin bed and I settle him gentle down. Dion gets into bed with him and cuddles up to his naked, moist and warm form.

“Night Dion.”

“Good night Mister Dee.”

“Pleasant dream?”

“For sure.”

As Dion pulls the covers over his and my sons naked bodies I turn out the lights and retire to my own bed.

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