Rachel’s Perverted Workout Show


I just felt like writing something kind of fun and light hearted. Don’t bother to comment on how stupid and unrealistic it is. It is just supposed to be a fun read. If you are looking for realism and technical accuracy, this isn’t for you. Make any comments about how ludicrous the situation is, and know that I am laughing at you.

For those of you that want the background on Rachel, please read ‘Bitch Mom to Incest Pain Slut’. You probably don’t have to, but it might give a little clarification to the main character, and there are a few references to past events.

Should this story inspire any women to imitate any of the exercises, as a condition of copyright, I require a video of your workout.

Again, this is FICTION. Abandon realism and enjoy. I don’t use editors. I self-edit. If that bothers you, I don’t care.


Rachel’s Perverted Work-out Show:

Hey guys and gals. It’s me, the slut formerly known as Rachel. As you may know, I used to be a total bitch until I was taken and changed into a pain slut for my kids. You can read all about that in my previous story ‘Bitch Mom to Incest Pain Slut’. I’m writing this to tell you about my new job. Now, I know you are thinking ‘What does. a slave doing having a job?”. Well, that is because of my Mistress Daughter and Masters sons.

One evening, after they had all gotten home from work and school, they were sitting in the living room discussing expenses. True, we really were well off, but they began discussing long term. Jennifer wanted to move into a bigger house and have Mary move in with us. That would require a house with a basement that would be turned into a ‘training room’. Mike and John agreed, but questioned that if I began doing something else, that might take time away from them. Also, how was I going to get a job without leaving the house? Jennifer assured them that she had been keeping track of my time, and I had plenty of time after finishing my chores before they got home. Of course, no one asked me about it. I couldn’t have answered anyway, as I was deepthroating Michael at the time. They discussed it for a bit until John mentioned that I was getting a bit out of shape. I had stopped working out at the gym when Mary drugged me and changed my life. I had swallowed Michaels load and was working on John when he blurted out his idea.

“Hey, why not combine a workout with making money? We could have her do a workout webcam show. That solves all of the issues. She gets back in shape, makes money, and she can do it from home.” Mike said excitedly.

‘What now?’ I thought.

“We could set her up with a webcam account and have her do her workout online. We could charge an initial fee for access and let them tip for extras.” John added.

“Hmmmm.” Jennifer considered. “I kind of like the idea, but it needs something different to stand out. Just having a naked slut doing exercises will get boring fast. There are literally hundreds of those videos on the internet for free. We need something better if we are going to make any real money off of it. I have a few ideas, though. It would mean modifying the equipment some.”

So, the idea was born. Over the next few months, details were added, revisions made, and preparations were begun. Mike, being the computer whiz, set up an elaborate system of cameras in the third bay of the garage. John was really good with mechanical things, and he bought a bunch of old exercise equipment. Of course, Jennifer and Mary couldn’t just leave it at that. They worked with John on modifications to the equipment. I was not allowed to see what modifications they were making. I was told that I would get my first look during my first show. I had a bad feeling about this.

A week before my debut, Mistress Mary took me down to a tattoo parlor and got the hood of my clit pierced. It was a small ring with a quarter inch diameter steel ball on a couple links of chain connecter to it. They spent quite a bit of time measuring the chain to make sure that the ball hung in exactly the right spot. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what it was for as soon as I stood up and took a couple of steps. The damn ball would swing and smack into my clit on every step. It sent a jolt of pleasure through me like a lightning bolt every time it hit. This wasn’t going to be good for me.

The First Show:

I had the script for the first show. The rest of the shows wouldn’t have a script. I was wrong about having a bad feeling about it. It was way worse than that. I had just been introduced to Samantha. Well, introduced might not be quite accurate. She was part of the sorority that I spent the weekend with at the end of my training. She had just graduated with a degree in media production, or something like that. It’s kind of difficult to really understand what is being said when your face is buried between someone’s thighs. That was part of her benefits package for being the show’s producer. There wasn’t going to be any editing, görükle escort since the show was going out live, but she would work the cameras and monitor the chat line. I would be following her commands as far as what the viewers requested.

I finally got my first look at the workout room. Horrified doesn’t even begin to describe my feelings. There was a stationary bike – with two dildos for a seat. I saw the treadmill – attached to a whipping machine. There were mats on the ground – with strategically placed dildos on the floor. There was a squat machine – with a stool holding two dildos sticking straight up. The leg lift machine had a hole in the seat. It was modified so that every time I lifter the weights, two dildos would rise up and into whoever was sitting there. Similarly, the bench press machine was equipped with horizontal dildos that would move forward with every lift. I was fucked – quite literally.

Lights, camera, ACTION!

“Hi. I’m Slut. I used to have a real name, but, because I was such a bitch back then, my owners turned me into a pain whore, Now, I’m just named Slut. Anyway, my owners thought that I was getting a bit out of shape, so they decided that I needed to start working out again. Since I am such a shameless whore, they decided that they would allow you to watch. Feel free to make requests during the show. If my Mistress, who is controlling the cameras BTW, likes the suggestion, or if you tip enough, she will have me do it.” This was all said in a bright, cheerful voice with a big bimbo smile on my face.

“First off, we need to do our stretches. Can’t get a pulled muscle now.” I walked over to one of the mats and sat down with my left leg bent and my right leg straight out in front of me. “OK. This is a hamstring stretch. We simply lean forward and stretch out the hamstring in the right leg. You can see the mark on the dildo in front of me. We are done with this leg when my lips reach that mark. It will also help to gently bob up and down a bit. But before we begin, we are going to put on these alligator nipple clips with the rubber bands on. Make sure to attach the other end of the rubber bands to the O-rings in the floor. That will give you added incentive to maintain your form and prevent you from lifting up too soon. Believe me, you don’t want to have that happen.” With that, I leaned forward, connected the rubber bands to the floor, and sucked the dildo into my mouth. The clamps bit into my nipples, and every time I lifted up, the tension on the rubber bands increased and pulled on my nipples. Thankfully, I was still limber enough to keep my tits close to the floor and the tension mostly off the rubber bands. After stretching out the right hammy, I switched to the left and repeated. I made sure to give a good show and lick the dildo between sucking on it.

Next up, it was thighs. “OK girls. Now to stretch out those inner thighs. You should probably lube up before putting that fat dildo sticking straight up out of the floor up your ass. That will help maintain your posture and keep your back straight. As you can see, I still have the nipple clamps on. Before we begin, attach the rubber bands to your knees. This will ensure that your nipples are pulled as you stretch out. Also, be sure that the strings from the clips on your cunt lips to your toes is tight. This will keep your feet together. Trust me, you don’t want your feet jerking out and rip the clamps off.” This was usually a pretty simple stretch. You sit straight up on the floor, bend your knees until the soles of your feet are together, then spread your knees as far apart as you can. Having a rigid 10-inch long shaft buried in your ass makes it a bit more difficult. Alligator clips on your cunt lips tied to your feet adds to the difficulty if you can’t keep your feet close to your body. Nipple clamps pulling on your tits as you spread your knees out REALLY HURTS. Damn. My cunt was getting wet.

“We have our first winner.” The voice came through my ear bud. Goddess Jennifer had been doing some serious advertising on the cam site for the last couple of weeks. The monitors on the wall indicated a couple hundred viewers. It also showed several tips that had been given. Apparently, for certain amounts of tips, the viewers would be given special perks. Lesser tips could also make other requests as to what I was to do.

“Make sure to thank Badboy623 for his generosity.” Samantha said over my earpiece.

So, there I was. Sitting on the mat with my nipples and cunt lips stretched out and a 10-inch long dildo buried up my ass. Suddenly, the dildo came to life. Shit! No one told me that the dildos were vibrating dildos. My eyes flew open wide and an “OH” escaped from my mouth. Within about 10-seconds, my ass was swamped in the puddle leaking from my cunt.

“He gets 2-minutes of control of the vibrating dildo in your ass.” Samantha laughed.

Pain and pleasure spiked through me as I began unconsciously bouncing up and bursa escort bayan down on the dildo. That caused my tits to bounce, pulling more on the nipple clamps. It also put more tension on the strings between my feet and the clamps on my cunt lips. Play with the vibrator, he did. He would ramp it up, then cut it back. Sometimes slowly, other times instantly. It very quickly drove me insane.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck…NNNNNOOOOOOOO!” I cried out. The first was as I was approaching an orgasm, and the last was when the vibrations suddenly cut off.

“Two minutes are up, Slut.” I vaguely heard. FUCK!

“Oh, God. Thank you for your generosity, Badboy623. I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did.” I somehow managed to breath out.

“Request for toe touches. Get 12-inches away from the camera so they can get a really good look at your ass and cunt when you bend over. Oh, and reach back and spread those ass cheeks too.”

Ten times touching my toes, then reaching back and spreading my ass out. The camera got a really good shot of my gaped asshole as well as my cunt drooling down my thighs. As a special bonus for my viewers, I reached up and slid a couple of fingers into my cunt and asshole on the last one.

I di a few yoga poses to finish the warm-up. This wasn’t too interesting to describe, except that I had inserted a vibrating butt plug and remote vibrator. Two viewers managed to score control simultaneously. One on the plug, and the other on the vibrator. I almost lost it on that. Samantha had warned me that I would be tied to the cross in the playroom and teased without being allowed to cum for two days if I orgasmed. Of course, she had sent a message to my two tormentors that they would receive a special bonus if they succeeded in giving me an orgasm. Yeah, she was a bitch during my time at the sorority too.

“Aaaannnnndd – TIME.” Oh, thank God. Another couple of seconds and I would have been toast. I needed a water break.

Water bottle drained; it was time to begin the workout.

I got things started with 20 jumping-jacks. Not much to tell here, except for those of you that like to see a pair of naked 34DD tits bouncing around like a horizontal speed-bag being worked on by Sugar Ray Leonard.

“OK. Let’s start with some simple push-ups to get the blood flowing in the arms. Again, make sure to tighten the nipple clamps securely and connect the stretch bands to the rings on the floor. As you can see, the rings are positioned so that they line up perfectly with my tits when the dildo on the floor is lined up with my mouth. There is a sensor at the base of the dildo to ensure that I take the whole thing in my mouth and down my throat. If the bell doesn’t sound, that one doesn’t count.” This probably doesn’t take much imagination to figure out. Pushing up, my tits were pulled by the nipple clamps attached to the floor. Going down, I was deepthroating the dildo. There was just one other minor detail. They had installed a laser scanning device that checked my posture. I was supposed to keep my body rigidly straight. It was on the seventh one that I felt the sting on my ass from the whipping machine beside me that informed me my posture had failed. It would be two weeks later that I would discover that control of the whipping machines was another perk that the viewers could purchase. And, if you read my previous story, you can guess what that did to me.

“OK. Time for some sit-ups to tighten those abs. What’s that?” I said as I heard my earpiece talk. “My producer just told me that there is a special surprise for me if I don’t do these correctly.” Surprise my ass. I had a bad feeling about this. “Again, there is a sensor at the base of the dildo to verify that I take it all the way down. As before, it doesn’t count unless it goes all the way in.” It took three tries before I managed to take it all the way. The basic premise was that at the top of every sit-up, I would take the dildo positioned there all the way down. With my fingers laced together behind my head, I used my abdominal muscled to lift my torso off the floor into a sitting position. At the top of the sit-up, I would open my mouth and suck the dildo down my throat until my lips touched the base of the dildo. I didn’t really pay attention to the small door on the face of the dildo stand until my tits caught fire on my first attempt. SURPRISE! There was a flogger hidden behind the small door that whipped my tits every time I failed to reach the base of the cock. Apparently, my children were seriously perverted with huge imaginations.

“Hey, bitch. Get with the program and do it right. This shit hurts!”

“Fuck that, Slut. Those tits get a couple more shots of that, and I’m going to let loose a geyser!”

I began to question my need for therapy when my tits and cunt began arguing inside my brain.

“I’ll make you pay for that, Slut.” I thought I heard when I mentally agreed to my tits and pressed my lips to the base bursa escort of the cock on the rest of the set.

On to the treadmill. There were no hidden surprises here. Nope, the whipping machine was standing in full view right beside it. Samantha had selected the thin leather strap today. I slipped on the trainers that were beside the treadmill so I wouldn’t get blisters on the soles of my feet. Taking a deep breath, I stepped on the machine and turned the power on.

“Hold on.” Samantha said. “Got a request from Sugartits69. She wants you to run with a large butt remote butt plug, oh, and MistressB32 wants the Ben Wah Balls inserted.” I’m going to die. This is it. I’ll never make it off the treadmill. With resignation, I stepped off and inserted the plug. Then I got the balls, and stuffed them in my cunt. Finally, I got the belt and strap to hold everything in place. The belt is just that. A belt that tightened around my waist. The strap connected to the back of the belt, ran between my ass cheeks, and over my cunt before connecting to the front of the belt. This held the butt plug in place as well as keeping the balls from falling out of my cunt. Just as I stepped back onto the treadmill, the butt plug came to life.

“Good news.” Came over the comm. “MistressB32 bought control of the butt plug for the next 5-minutes.” Samantha had a very warped idea of what ‘good news’ was. “And Kurt69365 has control of the speed of the treadmill for 4-minutes.” My subconscious picked up the ‘dings’ as the tips rolled in when the mask of horror enveloped my face.

Thus, began the next 10-minutes of hell. MistressB69 was an expert at determining just when to turn up and shut off the vibrations in my butt plug. Kurt69365 was just an asshole who enjoyed turning up the speed to ensure that the whipping machine kept busy on my ass as I tried to keep up. Of course, the balls continued to clack together as they stimulated every nanometer inside my cunt. Oh. I neglected to mention the electrodes that connected to the clamps on my nipples. Yep, every time I began to falter, a shock went through my tits to wake me up. Sorry, but I just can’t give an accurate description of the entire time here. I have almost no recollection after the first two minutes. I realized that the time had expired when the treadmill stopped and I crashed into the front of the machine.

I staggered off the machine, undid the belt, and removed the balls and plug. Another bottle of water was guzzled. Next up, the stationary bike. I took a few minutes to get myself together. Thankfully, the stationary bike was only scheduled for 10-minutes. I was relieved to see that the front dildo was only 6-inches, and the back one was 4-inches.

“Hey, Slut.” Came over the comms. “Jenny469 paid $50 for the 10-inch dildo on the front, and Gaybob4U paid $80 for the 8-incher in your ass.” I was really beginning to hate these comms – and Samantha.

It only took a couple of minutes to change out the dildos, then I climbed aboard. It was one of those high-tech bikes with the screen and controls to adjust the difficulty and speed of the machine.

“Hey, more good news.” I almost threw up. “Georgetheman paid to select flat with a slight downhill, so you can really pick up the speed. We also got several requests for you to orgasm – a lot!”

More speed meant that the dildos would be moving faster. I was about to be royally fucked by a stationary bicycle. With the dildos securely embedded, I fired up the machine and began to pedal. The faster I pedaled, the faster the dildos moved. Within minutes, I felt the first orgasm crashing over me. I began humping up and down on the seat as my feet rotated the pedals. Faster and faster, I went. Screams of ecstasy filled my ears as another orgasm rocked through me. I lost track of the orgasms after that, as well as the time.

I was suddenly jolted to consciousness by a stream of ice-cold water being sprayed on me.

“What the fuck, Slut? I’ve been calling you for the last 5-minutes.” Samantha yelled. “Your time on the bike is over. Get some fucking Gatorade and move on!” She had apparently come out of the booth to get my attention, since I wasn’t responding to her calls.

“Upper body time.” She said over her shoulder as she walked back to the booth.

I somehow managed to stagger my way over to the bench press machine. “OK, viewers. Let’s start with the bench press. Unlike most guys, I am not trying to build muscle mass, I’m working on toning up my arms and chest. That means that instead of slowly lifting heavy weights, I’m going to be using a relatively light weight with fast reps. I’ll start with 20-pounds and 20 quick repetitions.”

I set the weights and laid down on the bench. It took a few minutes to properly adjust the dildos so that they were just inside my cunt and ass. “Don’t forget to lube the dildo in your ass.” I cautioned. I took a deep breath and began my reps as fast as I could go. The dildos were levered so that every time I pushed the bar up, the dildos pushed inside of me. I literally fucked myself as fast as I could. My already foggy mind clouded up even more as the dildos pounded into me. My arousal was getting higher and higher. I could feel an orgasm beginning to build inside me.

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