Hot Teacher

Their senior year of high school was almost over. Three good friends, Tim, Scott and Jason were all excited about being done with high school and moving on with their lives since they had all turned 18 and were ready for collage. There was just one thing they wanted to do before graduation. There was this certain teacher that they all wanted to do. Her name was Miss Johnson and she taught the guys English. She was the hottest teacher in the entire school and dressed to impress. As the year went by, she seemed to dress sluttier each month and by the time spring arrived and the heat began she was always showing cleavage and even part of her bra on some days with her short tight skirts to cap of the visual.

She was discussed on a daily basis and not just by the three friends. All the guys who she taught and even many of those she didn’t, talked about her and what she was wearing that particular day. Miss Johnson was single of course and no one really knew how old she was but they all figured late twenties early thirties. What a body on this teacher though. She put the skinny immature female students to shame with her voluptuous curvy body. Her breasts were at least a D probably a DD and as squeezable as a pair of breasts could possibly be. She had dark brown hair and wore the sexiest pair of glasses making her look older than she really was. The rest of her body was toned and in perfect proportion to her breasts. Sometimes, well most of the time, it was difficult to focus on what she was teaching instead of daydreaming about that body naked and getting some of that.

Her attitude toward the three friends perpetuated there fantasy. Let’s just say Miss Johnson was a flirt bordering on a tease by the way she leaned over to help them with a question or brushed their arms or put her hand on their legs or back when helping them. It was almost like she wanted them to make a move. And as with her outfits getting skimpier, her flirting and teasing increased as well, to the point that Jason in particular was positive she wanted him.

He knew this because of what happened three weeks before the end of school. He stayed after class with a genuine question on an assignment, not because he wanted to see more of her. Of course he didn’t mind that bonus and she was looking particularly nice that day. The rest of the class filed out and he found himself alone with her, walking up to her desk. She looked up and smiled this spectacular smile and asked what she could help him with. He set his assignment on her desk and asked her the question pointing to a place on the paper.

“I can’t read upside-down very well, Jason. Come around with it,” she said.

He walked around her desk and set the assignment in front of her, looking down her shirt at the same time. Her cleavage was spectacular and he could see a lot of her breasts and the flawless canyon of perfection between her famous orbs. His words got all garbled as he couldn’t focus on anything else but her breasts and sliding his cock between them. She looked up at him, catching him looking down her shirt. She smiled and he felt his face grow hot as he quickly looked away.

“Focus, please… what was your question?” she asked with a little giggle.

Jason finally got the words out as he leaned over her desk and pointed again to his paper. He suddenly felt her hand on his back as she began to explain the answer. Her hand was moving slowly down his back as she spoke until she was touching his butt and acting like nothing was wrong. She was actually cupping his right cheek fairly firmly. Her voice never changed nor did she pause in her explanation. Jason froze, his heart began racing in his chest and his cock literally lurched in his pants and began to rise. He didn’t hear a word she was saying he was so distracted by his teacher’s hand on his ass.

“Does that answer your question?” Miss Johnson asked as she removed her hand.

“Yes!” he practically yelped and stood up straight, backing away from her, trying to hide his growing penis.

“Good, I’m glad I could help. Let me know if you have any other problems you need help with,” she said and he swore she glanced down at his crotch and smiled.

“Right, okay,” he said quickly walking out of her classroom, too shocked and taken aback to do anything else.

Jason didn’t tell Scott or Tim… he didn’t think they would believe him anyway but he did talk to them about how awesome it would be to get her alone with the three of them and fuck her before school ended. The other two just blew it off as fantasy but Jason never stopped talking about it and had even begun to plan actually doing it. He tried convincing the other two that she would totally be open to the idea without telling them what happened with his butt. They didn’t believe him so Jason told Scott to stay after class and ask her a question and see how she acted toward him. Scott was perhaps the best looking of the group and Jason figured if she had put the moves on him she would probably do the same to Gaziantep Escort Numaraları Scott. Scott agreed.

Jason stayed in the hall and waited for Scott to come out after asking Miss Johnson his question. Jason knew instantly that something had happened because Scott’s face was red and he was adjusting his dick when Jason saw him.

“Dude! Holy shit! I think you’re right! She was rubbing my leg as she was answering my question and she fucking touched my cock! I swear to God, dude!”

“I knew it… I didn’t tell you guys but she totally fondled my ass the other day and that’s why I wanted to see what she did to you.”

“She totally wants it… We need to tell Tim!” Scott said.

“Oh we will.”


The next day Tim stayed after class to see if what his friends had said would happen to him. It did, she grazed his cock with her hand a few times and he was so stunned and frozen he had left without his papers. The other two were waiting in the hall and the plan Jason had been working on became the only thing the three friends talked about from then on. They were determined to have her before graduation.

The next couple of days the three friends noticed her watching and looking at them a lot and at the end of class on Wednesday she told the class she was planning on staying late on Friday if anyone needed help with any last minute assignments. She would be in her class grading papers and anyone was welcome to ask her for help. As she said this she took turns looking at Jason, Scott and Tim. After class the boys knew they had their opportunity.

“She so wants us!” Scott shouted in the car on the way home.

“Totally, dude. Why else would she tell the class she’s staying late the last week of school?” Jason asked.

“And Friday of all days! She knows no one will show up.”

“Except us!” Scott screamed again.

They all laughed and went over the plan again. None of them could think of anything else and couldn’t wait until Friday.


Miss Johnson wondered if anyone would be in her classroom as she walked from the faculty lounge back to her room. It was Friday and school was out. The halls were empty and she opened the door to her dark classroom. She flipped on the light and sighed because not one of her students had taken her up on her offer for help. As she was about to walk to her desk she heard a voice behind her.

“Hey, Miss Johnson… are you still willing to help students tonight?” Jason Rogers’s voice asked.

She turned around and saw the tall student standing in her door. He was her favorite but she didn’t tell anyone that. She loved his strong young body, thick dark hair and those damn eyes of his melted her. She was also a big fan of his tight ass, a desire that was even stronger after she had touched it.

“Sure, Jason… what can I help you with, she asked walking to him.”

He noticed quickly her blouse was open even further than during class that day. She was probably six or more inches shorter than him. She stopped within arms distance and looked up into his eyes. He looked good and she noticed he didn’t have anything with him. No papers or books.

“I think you know what you can help me with?” he said looking directly at her breasts and showing cleavage. He could easily see her black lace bra showing between the blouse. She was wearing a black chocker necklace with a pink flower around her neck. Her dark hair was up today and her breasts were on display more than ever before.

“I do?”

“Yes, it’s something you’ve wanted to help me with all year,” he said moving closer to her.

She didn’t back up and felt his heat and smelled his day old cologne. Suddenly she heard footsteps behind her and she turned quickly to find Tim and Scott coming up fast. They must have been hiding behind her desk in the dark.

“Something you’ve wanted to help all of us with,” Scott said.

“Boys? What’s going on?” she said, getting a little nervous.

“You know what’s going on. You’ve been teasing us all year and now have set up this fake tutoring session to get us all together,” Tim added.

“I don’t know what you are talking about!”

“Don’t play dumb, Miss Johnson… you planned this… we’re here just as you wanted,” Jason said.

She turned to him as she heard the door to her classroom close and lock. All the classrooms locked now days because of the new lock down rules.

“This isn’t funny, boys… it’s time for you to leave!” she raised her voice, and yelped as Scott grabbed her from behind.

“Let me go! What is the meaning of this!” she screamed.

Tim grabbed her as well and she began to struggle. They started to rub her body with their hands and she struggled harder. Jason watched his friends pull her shirt from her skirt and both of them grabbed one of her large breasts.

“Get your hands off of me!” she screamed for affect but didn’t struggle that much.

She could do nothing to stop the strong young men and soon her shirt buttons were torn off and her large breasts, covered only by her black lace bra were out in the open. Jason saw the clasp was in the front and walked a few steps to her as his friends held her.

“We’ve wanted to see these for a long time, Miss Johnson. You’re always showing them off. It’s time now for the big reveal,” Jason said, reaching forward and popping the clasp open with one hand. The tight bra flipped off her huge breasts and they fell forward unrestrained.

“How dare you! You boys are in so much trouble… you have no idea!” she said, trying not to giggle.

“Really? You brought this on yourself. What about the hands on our butts and the boys here say you even touched both of their cocks?”

“Innocent accidents! I assure you!” she said suppressing her smile.

Jason laughed and reached forward to finally touch her spectacular breasts. She flinched at his touch but he saw her mouth part as well. Using both hands he fondled her large orbs and felt the nipples hardening under his palms. Pleasure flooded Miss Johnson’s body from her favorite student fondling her large breasts. She had fantasized about him doing this and the three of them having their way with her.

Scott unzipped her skirt and Tim pulled it down to her ankles. Jason removed the bra and there she stood with just her matching black lace panties on. They backed away from her and admired the view. She put her hands over her face as if she was ashamed. She could hear them undressing but was afraid to uncover her eyes. Once the noise stopped, she parted her fingers and immediately saw Jason standing in front of her naked and hard. She was immediately taken aback by the large size of his cock and began to chuckle. He looked incredible naked. Young and strong with a ripped chest and abs. she knew he would look good but actually seeing it was better than she had imagined.

“I didn’t think you boys would actually get the hint and show up tonight. But you did. And I’m really glad.”

Dropping her hands she walked directly toward Jason and pushed him down into an empty chair. Scott and Tim’s mouths dropped open and they looked at each other, stunned. Miss Johnson sat on Jason’s right leg and wrapping an arm around his neck leaned in for a kiss with her other hand on his large cock. She began to gently caress his cock, moving her hand up and down as she kissed him. Breaking the kiss she fell to her knees and took hold of the large tool with both hands lightly. Using her tongue, she began at the middle of his cock and licked upward to the tip before repeating the process as erotically as she could.

Jason’s heart was pounding in his chest. He was hoping his plan would go well but he never expected her to take charge and treat his cock to the incredible sensations he felt then.

Her pretending to be shocked and disgusted by the boys was only an act. She wanted them all as much as they wanted her. She was a little surprised by the way they had engaged in taking her. She knew they would have had their way with her whether she liked it or not. Good thing she liked it. She licked Jason’s shaft up and down a few more times before opening her mouth wide to take his head inside. Jason’s cock felt wonderful in her mouth and was longer than she thought it would be at his age. He tasted musty but that soon went away as she worked his tool over, whipping up a stringy mess of pre-cum and saliva on his cock, dripping down the shaft to his large heavy balls.

Bobbing and twisting, she sucked and delighted his cock to an exquisite blowjob the likes Jason had never felt before. Strings of goo hung from her chin and his shaft as she took him deep with each descent. Jason’s girlfriend, Cindy, wouldn’t even try to suck this deep or for this long. He was lucky if she did it at all. Miss Johnson was an expert, practically swallowing all of his seven inches down to his balls before she flew off him for air the last time.

“Stand up!” she ordered.

He did so, knowing the boys were no longer in control and Miss Johnson had now taken over.

“Put your hands on the chair and lean over?” she commanded. He turned around and did as she told him.

With one hand on either side of the chair he leaned over as she knelt behind him on the floor. It looked like he had assumed the position for a prostate exam. She began licking his balls with his legs spread and caressing his cock through his legs. He moaned loudly as she began to eat out his asshole before returning to suck on his nuts. His pleasure was growing rapidly and he felt his load rising to the surface as she began to stroke slowly at first and then faster and faster.

Tim and Bill were rooted to the ground. They were frozen in place watching their incredible teacher jackoff their friend and suck his nuts from behind. Their cocks were rock hard and oozing plentifully as they watched. Her perfect breasts swayed back and forth as she manipulated Jason’s cock and sucked his balls into her mouth. For several minutes she knelt behind him and sucked as she played with his long wide cock. She ignored the hard floor and felt her panties soaking up her secretions as she manipulated her favorite student’s impressive shaft.

“Cum for me… Splatter this chair with your load!” Miss Johnson said, stroking viciously now on Jason’s cock.

She knew he was close from the strength of his erection. He was like steel in her hand and his balls had become so tight around his shaft she could only lick them now. He began to pant and breathe heavily in preparation for the explosion that Miss Johnson expected to be massive. Jason couldn’t hold it any longer and let his climax erupt through his body, spraying the top of the chair with an incredible amount of semen.

“Oh that’s it! Yes! Look at all that cum,” Miss Johnson screamed as she stroked his cock and load onto the wood. “So much! That little bitch Cindy must not be taking care of her man very well.”

Jason didn’t comment, his body was jerking and flinching with each contraction. The amount of semen spoke for itself as his cock finally eased down and dripped the remains of his load onto the chair. It was covered in streaks and puddles of white thick semen. She knew her young student would be potent but this amount of semen surprised her.

“Good boy. I bet that felt really good to release all that build up pressure. If I didn’t know better I would think you didn’t have a girlfriend at all. I’ll bet you’re so sexually frustrated that you won’t even go that soft before you’re ready to go again.”

She stood up and turned to Tim and Scott. “You two! Organize a few desks together and make a place where we can have some fun off the floor.”

They both jumped to work and soon had four desks facing each other for a perfect platform. Long trails of clear pre-cum ran down both of their cocks as they swayed back and forth as they worked. She watched them and admired their young strong bodies and cocks. Neither of them was as long or as wide as Jason but they were not tiny either.

“Now, Jason, lay on the desks,” she said one the other two had finished.

He obeyed and what she said was true. His cock only went halfway flaccid before beginning to grow rock hard again in less than two minutes. Removing her soaked panties, she used the chair, he came on, to climb on the desks, facing Jason. She still had her black high heels on. Crawling over him, she reached back and fed his now hard cock into her pussy. Miss Johnson moaned and screamed in pleasure as his large cock filled her. She sat down fully on him and basked in the depth and width he offered.

“Damn! You’re large for your age… what a cock!” she screamed, placing her hands on his chest.

She began to ride him hard and fast, knowing he would last after just cumming a few minutes ago. Her knees were on the desks and she used her legs to lift herself off and back onto Jason’s wonderful cock. Tim and Scott had an exceptional view from behind. They watched Jason’s extensive length being ridden by the best looking ass they had ever seen. Miss Johnson’s pussy looked unbelievable wrapped around his shaft and her little ass pulsed and parted slightly with each descent onto his cock. They had puddles on the tile floor under their cocks from the amount of pre-cum dripping from their heads.

She continued to ride Jason, rotating her hips and gyrating up and down his shaft, taking him where she wanted his long cock. The pleasure was everything she had imagined it would be. His young body felt incredible under her hands and the cock inside of her was the best part. She kept up a healthy rhythm taking him deep each time as her large breasts giggled and moved above his face.

A few minutes into her riding him a phone started ringing. They both turned toward the noise and saw Jason’s phone on the desk next to them on top of his pile of clothes. Cindy’s picture showed on the screen. Jason’s girlfriend was calling. Miss Johnson snatched it up before Jason could reach it.

“Look who’s calling. I think I should talk to her and tell her she’s missing out on not fucking you as often as possible.”

Jason tried to snatch the phone from her hand but she dodged him, sitting up tall and accepted the call. She had not stopped her movements and was still riding him just like before. She was moaning in pleasure not trying to hide the fact she was having sex at all.

“Hi, Cindy,” Miss Johnson began. “This is Miss Johnson, Jason’s English teacher… guess what I’m doing to him right now?” she asked, moaning as she said it.

There was no response from Cindy but Miss Johnson knew she was listening so she continued. “I’m fucking him in my classroom right now. Riding him hard with his big cock buried over and over inside me. It’s amazing, Cindy… you really should have taken advantage of him more often. It’s spectacular the way it feels deep inside of me,” she said calling out in pleasure and picking up the pace on Jason as she gave Cindy the play by play in explicit detail.

“He hits all the right places, Cindy… it feels unbelievable I’m going to cum soon.”

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