You’re My Bitch Now Ch. 08

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Big Ass

Rick scurried into work, determined to stay away from Rhona as much as possible. It was as busy day and he had to go sort out the Marketing Director’s laptop, which she had screwed up somehow. Rick spent an hour trying to fix it remotely, but in the end had to her office to pick it up and take it back to the office. Rhona, of course, was there and wanted to know what he was doing. ‘She’s important, Rick, don’t screw it up. Don’t make me mad with you.’

Rhona’s mood became worse and worse during the day and she gave everyone in the team a hard time. Rick began to worry about the next day and their trip to Manchester. If she was in a mood like this tomorrow, it would be a terrible trip, he thought. Finally, the shift came to an end, and everyone else was out the door as fast as they could. Rick came back to the office from delivering the Marketing Director’s laptop to find Rhona still there. He thought she had hadn’t seen him, but as he went to collect the bag with his shopping, she called out, ‘Rick, 8 o’clock at Euston, don’t be late.’ She glared at him as he turned to leave.

‘OK, I’ll be there.’

‘Oh, and don’t forget what you need to bring.’

Rick felt his face burning as she continued to stare at him.

‘No. no. I won’t.’ He fled the office as quickly as he could, hurried back to the flat and rushed straight past Chris and into his room. He flopped on the bed and started to thump the pillow in anger and frustration. Why couldn’t he stand up for himself? Why did he always have to give in to what others wanted? He heard Chris tapping on his door.

‘Go away,’ Rick shouted.

Chris knocked again. ‘Rick, let me in, what’s up?’

‘Oh, come in if you want, I don’t care. Nobody listens to me anyway.’

Chris came in and saw Rick stretched out on the bed. He sat next to him and stroked his back.

‘Rikkie, Tell me, what’s up sweetie?’

Rick shrugged his shoulders and turned his head away. Chris kept stroking Rick’s back for a while and then stopped, thinking it would be best to leave him alone for a while.

‘Please don’t stop,’ he heard Rick say.

Chris smiled to himself and resumed his steady stroking. Rick eventually turned over and looked up. ‘It’s just…’

‘It’s just what, Rikkie?’.

‘I don’t understand what’s happening to me. A few days ago, I would have laughed if you told me what would I would be doing now. It’s not just you, it’s Rhona too.’

‘Do you want to stop it, Rikkie?’

Rick groaned, ‘I don’t know. I mean, I enjoy what we do, and it makes me feel so good when we’re doing, you know…things together.’

‘But?’ whispered Chris.

Rick shook his head. ‘It’s just, I feel so scared sometimes, that I’m losing control of things.’ His eyes were glistening as he looked at Chris.

‘Does that make you feel bad, Rikkie?’

Rick blushed, ‘Not all the time, no. I kind of like it when you tell me to do things. You make me feel wanted. I was so lonely before we, you know…’

Chris gently stroked Rick’s face. ‘Is that why you spent so much time on porn sites?’

‘I guess so, but then I found your site and everything changed. When you invited me to watch and then when you did those things to me, I was so confused. I mean, nobody ever took any interest in me in that way before, and you made me feel so special, and wearing your panties, it was so exciting. I liked the way it made me feel, so sexy and you were there to teach me things. I’m not good at being in charge, you make it easy for me.’

‘Don’t worry, Rikkie,’ Chris wrapped his arms around Rick and pulled him close. ‘I’m here for you, and always will be, I’ll look after you.’

Rick melted onto the embrace and on an impulse kissed Chris on the lips. ‘I feel safe when I’m with you.’

‘That’s nice, Rikkie I istanbul travesti want to look after you, make you feel good, do things that you enjoy.’ Rick almost cried at Chris’s words, because there was someone who would look after him, wanted him to be happy. Chris pulled Rick up, ‘Come on, how about we go for a drink? My treat.’

Chris led the way to a pub Rick had never been to before. They stepped inside and Rick instantly knew that it was a gay pub. He hesitated, and Chris took his hand and pulled him in. ‘Come on, don’t be shy. They won’t bite, unless you want them to, that is.’ Rick looked at Chris in horror.

‘I’m joking, they’re lovely in here. Everybody will love you.’ Chris held Rick’s hand as he pulled him into the pub, and then across to the bar. Rick felt embarrassed to be holding Chris’s hand, but it also felt strangely nice he thought. He looked around, certain that everybody would be staring at the two of them holding hands. Of course, nobody was paying any attention to them. Duh, thought Rick, it’s a gay pub. Chris made his way to the bar, with Rick following behind, still grasping Chris by the hand.

There was a stool by the bar and Rick sat down. Chris ordered their drinks and whispered in Rick’s ear, ‘Don’t look now, but the guy to your right is an actor.’ Rick, of course, turned to look and his eyes widened as he saw the tall, good looking man next to him. He recognised the actor and had seen a couple of his TV appearances. He usually played hard man roles, but he had his arm around the waist of a pretty looking boy who was looking up at the actor with adoring eyes. ‘He likes your type,’ whispered Chris, ‘but the little twink he’s with might scratch your eyes out if you made a play for him.’

Rick’s head snapped back from staring at the actor and he felt himself go pink. Chris leaned in and whispered again in Rick’s ear. ‘Wouldn’t you like a daddy to look after you, Rikkie? Would you like to wear your pretty things for him? Make him happy when he comes home and you drop to your knees and take his big, hard cock into your mouth? Are you sure you wouldn’t like that Rikkie?’ Chris ended by flicking his tongue against Rick’s ear which made him moan. ‘Nooo,’ whispered Rick, shaking his head before edging closer to Chris and away from the actor.

To tell the truth Chris’s words had the mages they conjured had sent a shiver through Rick. Chris was talking to someone next to him and it gave Rick the chance to surreptitiously glance at the actor. He was tall and slim and looked older than he appeared on the screen, thought Rick. His hair was long and well cut, and Rick was stuck by his piercing blue eyes. The boy who had been clinging to the actor had disappeared, and as Rick stole another glance his way the man smiled and said, ‘Hi, I’m Scott, who are you?’

Blushing, he said, ‘Rick, I’m Rick.’

‘Pleased to meet you, Rick.’ Scott reached out his hand and touched Rick’s arm. ‘Well, Rick with the lovely brown eyes, can I buy you a drink?’

Blushing even harder, Rick said, ‘Thanks, but I’m with my friend…’ he turned to look at Chris to find he had disappeared. ‘Oh, he was here.’

‘Looks like we’ve both been stood up, Rick. Let me get you a drink, then.’

‘No. I’m sure he’ll be back soon.’ Rick was desperately looking around for Chris.

‘Until he comes back what don’t you have a drink and keep me company.’ Rick looked up at Scott and he was struck by the dark brown colour of his eyes, and the thought flashed through his mind that Scott was the most handsome man he had ever seen.

‘Oh OK, then. A Peroni if that’s OK?’

Scott turned to the barman, and ordered two Peronis. Rick looked around again, but there was no sign of Chris. Where the hell was he? Why had he left Rick alone with this anadolu yakası travestileri guy? Still, thought Rick, he wouldn’t do any harm to have a chat with the guy. You don’t get the chance to talk to someone as famous as Scott every day. Rick was feeling star struck, and he found himself thinking Scott was very attractive. Scott turned to him with their drinks and they clinked the bottles together.

‘Cheers, Rick. I don’t think I’ve seen you here before, have I? I surely would have remembered someone like you.’

Rick blushed and dropped his eyes before looking back up at Scott. ‘It’s my first time here. I came with my flatmate, Chris. He’s the one who’s disappeared. But weren’t you with someone?’

‘Oh, you mean Carlo? Not really.’ Scott leaned forward close to Rick’s face and putting his hand gently on his shoulder. ‘He’s pretty, but nothing between the ears. It’s like talking to a lamp post most of the time. He can’t string more than two words together.’ Rick felt light headed as Scott kept his hand on his shoulder, giving Rick a close-up view of his blue eyes.

‘Are you and your flatmate an item then?’

‘Oh no, we’re just good friends.’ Rick knew he should go and find Chris, but he couldn’t break eye contact with Scott and his heart began to flutter in his chest. ‘You’re an actor, aren’t you?’ Rick blurted the words out and Scott smiled.

‘Yes, I am. Have you seen me in anything?’

‘That thing you did last year about the army in Afghanistan, you were great in that.’

Scott grinned, ‘Thanks Rick, that’s kind of you to say so.’ Scott took a sip of his beer, then ducked his head towards Rick again. ‘Do you want to know a secret?’

Rick nodded, his eyes wide open.

‘You know the guy who played the bad guy? The one I killed at the end?’

‘I remember.’ Rick could remember a small swarthy guy, playing a Taliban warlord in the film.

‘I fucked him all through filming. He’s a little sissy really. Squealed like a pig, when I had my cock in his arse. He could sure suck a cock though.’ Rick’s mouth dropped open and he felt himself blush.

‘Oh, you look so pretty when you blush, Rick.’ Scott’s hand dropped to caress Rick’s leg and he felt his cock begin to swell in his trousers. Scott leaned closer to Rick and he whispered, ‘What are you wearing tonight?’

Rick looked at him in surprise, ‘Whaaaat?’

‘Are you wearing something pretty underneath your trousers?’ Scott’s fingers slid across the front of Rick’s trousers and squeezed his hard little cock through the material. ‘Mmm, I see someone’s pleased to see me tonight.’ Rick felt his heart flip in his chest as Scott continued to stroke his cock. He looked around in panic to see if anyone was watching them, but nobody in the crowded and noisy pub was paying them any attention. Rick closed his eyes and bit his lip as Scott continued to tease his cock.

‘You didn’t answer my question, Rick. Are you wearing anything pretty tonight?’

Rick could only nod, his face still burning and his little cock hard from Scott’s teasing fingers. Scott moved his hand from Rick’s cock to take his hand and moved it to Scott’s crotch. Rick jumped a little as he fingers brushed against a hard bulge, and he opened his eyes in surprise as he realised it was Scott’s cock he was feeling.

‘Do you like that, Rick?’ Scott was still whispering in Rick’s ear, and he felt dizzy as he listened to what Scott was saying. Scott covered Rick’s fingers with his hand and pushed them against the hardening bulge. Rick knew that he should pull his hand away and leave, but something in Scott’s eyes made his stomach flip, and he began to stroke Scott’s cock. It felt big to Rick and he wondered what it would look like.

As istanbul travesti if reading his mind, Scott whispered, ‘Would you like to see it, Rick? Maybe even touch it?’

Rick felt his heart pounding in his chest as he continued to stroke Scott’s cock through his trousers.

‘Come with me, Rick.’ Scott grabbed Rick’s arm and he slid off the stool, feeling his hardness tenting his trousers. In a daze, Rick allowed Scott to lead him towards the back of the bar and through the door marked toilets. Scott pushed open the door and went straight towards one of the stalls, pulled Rick in after him and slid the lock closed on the door. Rick’s thoughts were completely scrambled by now. Half of his brain was telling him to run, and the half telling him to enjoy what was happening.

Scott grabbed Rick’s head and pulled him in for a kiss, and Rick nearly passed out as Scott’s tongue pushed its way past his lips. After the initial shock, Rick began to kiss him back, and put his arms around Scott’s neck as their kiss became more passionate. Scott’s hands slid down to Rick’s bum and pulled him tight against his crotch. Rick felt Scott’s hard cock pushing into him and he began to feel hot and breathless. Panting, he broke the kiss and Scott said, ‘Show me’

Rick was confused, ‘Show what?’

‘Show me what you’re wearing, you little sissy.’ Scott grabbed Rick’s belt and started to undo it. Rick made a feeble effort to stop him but Scott batted away his hands and then the belt was undone and his zip was being pulled down. Rick’s legs wobbled, and he thought he would faint as Scott pulled down his jeans to reveal the white lacy panties Rick had put on before he and Chris came out.

‘So pretty, Rick.’

Scott stroked Rick’s cock through the lace and he closed his eyes as Scott hooked his fingers underneath the panties to allow Rick’s cock to spring free. ‘Oh, it’s so small and sweet.’ Rick’s face burned once more and then felt Scott’s hands push down on his shoulders and with his jeans now down by his knees Rick couldn’t stand up and fell down to his knees so that his face was right in Scott’s crotch. Scott unzipped himself and pulled his cock out right in front of Rick’s mouth.

It was as large as rick had thought, and the head glistened in the dim light. Rick was almost hypnotised by it as it swung from side to side in front of his eyes. He looked up and Scott grinned down at him, ‘Come on, get on with it, you know you want to.’

Rick opened his mouth to speak, but Scott slid his cock straight between his lips. It made Rick gag as Scott pushed it right in, and he thought he was going to choke. Scott pulled back a little and Rick took a breath before swirling his tongue around the head to be rewarded with a hiss from above. Feeling Scott’s hands on the back of his head, Rick had no option but to keep sucking. Scott was moving his hips backwards and forwards, driving his cock in and out of Rick’s mouth. He panicked as Scott’s cock filled his mouth, but he managed to catch his breath.

‘That’s fucking great, Rick, you have a hot mouth.’ Scott kept his hands locked to the back of Rick’s head.

Rick’s mind was spinning, but somehow, he kept on going as Scott pushed his cock deeper into his throat. He felt Scott tense and lock his hands around his head so Rick couldn’t move. Rick felt Scott’s cock twitch and then spurt cum into his mouth. He gagged, swallowed most of it, but some splashed out of the side of his lips.

‘That was good Rick, you make a lovely sissy.’ Scott tucked himself back into his trousers, pulled up his zip and unlocked the door. He stepped over Rick, opened the door and patted Rick on the head. ‘Now, you can brag you sucked off a famous actor.’

Rick slumped against the wall of the stall and tried to wipe away the cum from his lips and chin. He

finally managed to stand up on wobbly legs, and pulled his jeans back up. From outside he heard Scott’s voice.

‘With some practice, your friend will be very good one day.’

Rick looked out and saw Chris outside staring at him. His eyes wide open. Rick staggered forwards into Rick’s arms and began to cry.

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