Neither of us really wanted to go out for New Year’s Eve. We would’ve rather curled up on the couch with a good movie and a pizza, but our friends insisted we at least make an appearance. It was early evening already, and the party started around 6ish. Nick and I were both hurrying around, trying to throw together festive outfits and preparing for our night out.

I had just finished showering, and was heading to the bedroom to look for clothes when Nick grabbed me by the wrist and dragged me to the closet.

“What the fuck is this?” he asked. He was referring to his blue striped dress shirt, which I had improperly buttoned on a hanger. Nick preferred the top button of his shirts to be secured; he said it helped the collar maintain shape.

“It must’ve come undone,” I claimed. “Either that or I just forgot to fix it. I’m sorry.” I knew no excuse I had would make things right.

Angered further by my response, he threw the shirt, hanger and all, across the room. “Well, looks like someone needs to remember how to do things the right way,” he said. “Do I need to teach you how to do things the right way? Do you need punished?”

I knew what was coming. This had happened before. Nick was always looking for an excuse to punish me.

He grabbed me by the waist and shoved me towards the bed. I was only wearing my towel from the shower, and he tore it off of me, tossing it to the floor. He bent me over at the waist so that my ass was facing him, and he shoved my face into the bed.

His belt he withdrew from his pants, and without notice, he smacked it across my bare ass, leaving one streaking red mark. I cried out in pain, and he offered up another. I pleaded with him, sobbing, promising to hang his shirts up right from now on. But the more I cried, the more alt yazılı seks he whipped me. Eventually, the pain dissolved and I began to like the sting. My cries turned into purrs, but once he noticed my enjoyment, he stopped.

“You starting to like that, huh?” he asked. “Let’s see how you like this.” He reached into the bedside drawer and pulled out a pair of fishnet stockings. One he tied around my eyes and the other he stuffed in my mouth, keeping me bent over the edge of the bed. Blindfolded, I was only privy to the sensations I could feel, and I felt his hand squeezing my ass hard. It was comforting given the beating I’d just received. He ran his hand up and down my pussy and ass, caressing the crease with all of his fingers. I was dripping wet already.

“Spread your legs,” he demanded. I did so, and he shoved three fingers deep into my pussy. It took a few seconds before the pain of the initial thrust faded, and then he began working them in and out of my cunt slowly. He rubbed my clitoris with his thumb as his fingers worked my hole. I moaned, but the stocking in my mouth muffled my voice. Soon, I came, and my legs were shaking so hard I found it difficult to stand. My knees buckled and I fell onto the bed.

“I didn’t say you could lay down!” Nick yelled. “Get back up here, whore.” He wrapped an arm around me and, with brute strength, lifted me up so that I was on all fours at the bed’s edge. I could only anticipate what he would use me for next. My vision impaired by the blindfold, I listened as he rustled through our naughty bedside drawer. After a couple seconds, I felt his tongue in my pussy, on my clit. He wrapped his lips around it and flicked his tongue across it fast. My whole body shook with pleasure. Just as I thought porno 92 I might come again, he pulled away, chastising me verbally for being so greedy.

I listened as he walked to the other side of the bed, and he pulled my body towards him. Soon, his cock filled my mouth and he was thrusting into my throat. I gagged on the head of his dick, and thick spit spilled out of my mouth onto his cock. I always loved how his cock tasted, how his pre-cum was like icing on a sweet treat. I licked it up, stroking his cock long and hard with my tongue. I tried to pull back, to have a taste of his balls, but he grabbed my head and pushed it far down onto his cock. He refused to have me doing anything other than gagging. I grinned each time his cock nearly made me vomit; the sensation made me want to take him in my throat even deeper.

After he’d gotten his fill of my mouth, he walked back to the rear of me, and pulled my ass to him. I felt warm spit trickle down my asshole, and he rubbed it with his thumb. He fingered my tight pucker until it wanted more. I expected he might finger my ass while he fucked my pussy next, but I was in for a surprise. He rubbed my asshole for a long time, and I started to get worried, wondering what he was preparing it for. Soon, I felt the tip of something hard going in. The small tip soon turned into something wide that stretched my hole so far I started to scream.

“Oh, yes,” he said, as if he had an epiphany. “I forgot about your muzzle. I’d like to hear you scream for this.” He removed the stocking from my mouth and shoved a very large anal plug into me. “I bought us a new toy. Happy New Year.”

The sensation was more than I could handle, and I came immediately, screaming in pain and pleasure. He laughed at my orgasm. xvideos porno “You’re such a slut, I knew you’d like it.” With the plug still inside me, he rubbed my pussy with the head of his cock, and began shoving it in. This is what I had been waiting for, what I always looked forward to the most. I could endure all the pain he could offer just to be rewarded with his thick, hard cock pounding inside my belly.

He began fucking me slowly, gently, although I was filled so tight his motion was nearly uncomfortable. His strokes became faster, more desperate, and I started meeting his thrusts with my own. I backed myself onto his cock hard and fast, letting him touch me inside deeper than he ever had. I was enjoying the fuck way too much, though, and he had to put an end to it. He grabbed my arms and held my wrists behind my back, shoving my face back into the bed. My ass stuck straight up in the air as he continued to fuck my pussy from behind. He held my wrists together with one hand as he wrapped the other around my throat. He choked me harder and harder as his thrusting became more fierce. One last time, I came, and as my pussy quivered around his cock, he came, too, filling me with his hot fluid.

When it was all over, Nick collapsed beside me on the bed, and he reached over and removed my blindfold. He lovingly kissed my lips and stroked my cheek. “You alright?” he asked.

“I’m perfect,” I purred.

We held each other for a long time, still shaking from our adventure. Before long, we realized we were going to be extremely late for the party, but we didn’t mind; the distraction was worth it.

I got up from the bed, walked across the room, and picked up the shirt Nick had thrown across the room earlier. “You still wanna wear this?” I asked, giggling.

“Well, it’s kinda wrinkled now,” he said.

“I can iron it for you,” I offered.

He agreed, and I went to work. A few minutes in, I burned a huge hole right through the arm of the shirt. I never did learn how to iron properly. Guess I’ll pay for that later – if I’m lucky.

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