New Friends


The tennis ball lobbed straight over the net, I stretched for it with all of my might, and still I couldn’t meet the ball. Damn, lost another game to Annette. After losing a set of tennis, I was tired, sweaty and frustrated. She beat again. We’re still great friends, and our Sunday tennis game is just friendly competition between us. We headed to the clubhouse for our cool down of lunch and drinks.

As we sat drinking our dry white wines, and cool lettuce platters, I couldn’t help but think back to how we met.

I met Annette 3 months ago at one of those boring cocktail parties my husband always drags me to. I hate them, but enjoy studying the social scene of all the hot-shots vying for the bosses attention to win that promotion. Annette is also the wife of one of my husband’s friends, and she and I hit it off immediately. We sat around watching the scene, and second-guessing everyone’s strategy. It was great fun.

Annette and I had a few drinks between us and we got talking about whether our husbands were cheating on us, noticing all the attractive women they work with there. I confided I think he was, and told her who I thought it was. She agreed and said her husband was also probably with her. I felt an immediate bonding with her, as we both shared this secret.

The party was held at our home and she asked if I’d like to give her a tour of our home. We walked out back to the pool, admiring the lighted pool and feeling cool summer air. I noticed then that because of the way the light hit her dress, she wasn’t wearing any panties; I could make out her trimmed bush against the silhouette. I thought, geez, here we were talking about having our husbands seduced at work, and here she is doing it in my home! I also felt a tingle run down my spine as I noticed her beauty. We stood talking as I admired the shapely nude silhouette of her shapely legs and ass. I sipped on my wine letting it moisten my dry lips from the breathtaking view.

I led Annette to the upstairs, giving her a grand tour of the master bedroom suite. I put my whole energy into the suite to make it a perfect escape for my husband and me. The bathroom had a dry sauna and Gaziantep Oral Escort a steam room, along with a whirlpool bath that was almost a mini-pool. I could sense Annette’s gasp as she took in the view. She said she loves steam rooms, and finds that it is very relaxing. She practically pleaded with me to let her use it, as she didn’t use it often at the gym because it’s so crowded; she says she feels like she’s sitting in someone’s sweaty shoe.

I hesitated, as I knew I didn’t want to be gone too long from being the hostess of the party. But relented, when she said she’d be okay by herself. I gave her a fresh towel, and turned on the steam.

I watched how she undressed, and saw for the first time her fully nude body. She had a perfect tan, without any tan lines. And her bush was trimmed beautifully, and her ass had the perfect perkiness to it; tight and full, not slender and bony. Her breasts were full with beautiful nipples. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. I felt that tingle again, but this time in my lower body, making me moisten my panties. I said without thinking, “I’ll join you”.

I went and locked the main bedroom door, as well as the bathroom door. I quickly undressed, and we both walked into the steam room totally nude.

We both sat near each other on the warm bench, feeling the steam envelope us.

Our knees kept hitting each other, as we fanned our legs to feel the steam. I could feel her delicate skin against me and the caress was wonderful.

I gently laid my hand on her thigh, as if making a point in our conversation. And gently began to rub her thigh.

She turned toward me and said, “You’re beautiful”. I responded, “You are too”.

She gently kissed me on my cheek as she rested her hand my shoulder.

I leaned forward and kissed her gently on the lips, as my hand brushed across her breasts.

In mid-movement I stopped, and told her, we can’t; not here, not now.

I said we must meet again. I told her she should come over Monday morning after her husband leaves for work; she agreed.

That Monday, the doorbell rang at 9:30, just as I was settling down alone after get everyone out the door.

I was wearing a bathrobe, with a teddy underneath.

She was dressed in a wonderful short skirt with no hose, and light silk blouse with a camisole underneath. I could see the faint outline of her nipples through the blouse.

We sat on the sofa talking drinking the morning coffee and getting to know each other better. I admitted to her, that I don’t usually go around seducing other women, but I was very attracted to her. She admitted the same to me. We both felt comfortable knowing that we’re both bi.

I took the initiative, by gently kissing her on the cheek, and caressing her bare thigh. I moved to kiss her on the lips, as her legs parted with the movement of my hand up her thigh. I kissed her deeply on the lips, each of us exploring the other with our tongues.

I felt her moistness on her panties, as my hand slowly massaged her. I could hear her quick gasp for air as I touched her there.

I whispered in her ear, “I want to taste you”.

I pulled her hand to lead her upstairs to the master bedroom.

When we arrived, I dropped my robe, and she dropped her skirt, and removed her blouse. She stood standing with her camisole and thong. Her nipples were hard and piercing through the thin material.

I lifted her camisole over her head, exposing her hard nipples. I moved quickly to place my mouth on one of the nipples, as my hand massaged the other.

I sat on the edge of the bed as Annette stood in front of me, her hips square with my face.

I gently removed her thong, letting my hands caress her ass as I pulled them down, and moving my hands around to touch her bush gently.

She was now fully exposed in front of me.

Her bush was moist, with pearls of wetness buried in her hairs. I peeled the hairs away to expose her beautiful full lips.

I gently placed my tongue there, parting the lips as I pushed my straight, stiff tongue in as deep as I could.

While I tongue fucked her, I massaged her firm ass cheeks, gently placing my finger at the opening of her asshole.

In unison to my tongue going in, I moved my finger into her asshole, thrusting both in as deep as they would go.

She moaned, and forcibly yelled, “Fuck me now you bitch”.

I took off my teddy; we were both totally naked now.

I went to my drawers and removed my strap-on dildo.

She gasped with a surprise, but also a look of anticipation.

I strapped the dildo on me, tightening the straps around me so the ‘cock’ stood straight and square over my bush.

I began to stroke the cock, as I motioned her over to suck it.

She knelt in front of me, as she quickly took the cock in her mouth, massaging my ass cheeks as she took the whole thing in her mouth. She sucked on it hard, and deep as I massaged her hair in my fingers.

I told her, it’s good and wet, now let me fuck you.

I said we’re going to do it from behind, because I want to feel the weight of your beautiful breasts in my hands.

She bent over, with her hands on the top of the chair.

I positioned myself behind her, letting the cock run the length of her ass cheeks, pressing it between her cheeks.

I slowly pressed the head of the cock in her pussy; she gasped with the stiffness penetrating her.

Inch-by-inch I pushed it in, thrusting my hips forward, fucking Annette with my cock, while my hard nipples from my hanging breasts rubbed against her back.

Once my cock was fully in her, I reached around to massage her swollen clit, pinching it gently between my thumb and finger.

I continued the thrusts deep and long into her pussy, while she moaned for me to continue.

I could see us in the full-length mirror. The sight of me, a woman standing there with a large cock, fucking this beautiful woman was just too intense for me.

I felt so powerful, and she seemed so submissive to my fucking.

I knew what I needed to do. After I made her cum with my fucking, I took the cock out of her.

I then had her get on her knees in front of me.

I told her to suck my cock.

While she did, I pulled her head onto my cock, force-feeding her my cock.

While she did that, one of her hands was fingering my asshole, while the other was fingering my pussy. It was so intense, that I came.

We collapsed on the floor together, holding each other, and talking about our next time together.

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