Creeping Jenny

Aidra Fox

It is such a beautiful morning, there is time for me to have a nice cup of coffee and review the plans for my day. You see, I am an almost middle aged Divorcée who is so well taken care of by her ex-Husband that she has an incredible amount of free time. Today is one of those weekend days when the girls are with their Dad.

The wonderful thing about making plans? The whole action is incredibly fluid. As I gaze out my back window, (checking to see if it needs mowing,) and notice my neighbor, on her on her hands and knees with a weeding spade, fluidity presents itself. Today is the day I shall be neighborly and welcome her.

“Ok, Snooks, lets go outside.” He skitters around the corner and almost crashes into the wall. “Now, slow down you knucklehead.”

“Rowr mrrrr, rowr rowr,” (cat talk for, ‘hurry up and open the door.’) Majestically, he goes out the door then regally strides to the top of the steps to survey his kingdom. Sitting on the grass looking out over the lawn he then turns his head to me and politely thanks me with a nice little, “mrowr.”

Casually picking at some stray fallen blossoms from my planter I say to her, “Hello. You are working hard today.”

“Oh, yes, well this yard is a disaster.” her hand brushes her hair back from her eyes.

“Oh I know the last people that lived there were one step above trailer trash.” I laugh lightly, “You have made a great deal of progress though in what? One month?”

Time to introduce myself, “My name is Deidre, by the way.” as I walk down the steps and towards the fence.

“Oh, uh Nadine.” she removes her glove, “uh, I’d shake your hand uh,” and wipes her hand on her jeans.

“We don’t need to be so formal Nadine. Nice to meet you.”

“Oh, good.” her toe brushes over the tops of the weeds, “What is this stuff anyway? The whole yard is infested with it.” she looks and refers encompassingly to her yard with a gesture.

“We call it, ‘creeping Jenny,’ ” I laugh lighty, “I have some over here myself, the best you can do is try to establish a measure of control over it.”

“I pulled on one just awhile ago, right here,” her foot taps at the fence, “and it’s root was over 2 feet long!” Referring to her shovel which was leaning against her side of my fence she continued, “I had to encroach over your fence to chop the root off.”

“Yes, well, that’s,’Jenny.’ She gets around.”

” ‘ … gets around.’ I’ll say!” she said. “Definitely.”

“You are doing this all alone. Where is,?”

“Pardon?” she is affronted.

“Well,” I gesture towards her work, “I’d apologize but it does seem to me to be a valid question. Oh well, I guess it’s none of my …”

“No, no,” she reaches to my arm to keep me from turning away my gaze, “it is a valid point.”

“Un unh.”

“He has, ‘issues,’ he says.”

I laugh aloud, ” … issues? Oh, that’s good.”

“Yeah I know, it is amazing that he can’t multi task his issues into helping me a little bit. Oh well.”

I walk to the gate that separates our yards, “You need to take a break dear. Do you have some time for coffee?”

“Well, uh,” she looks around the yard.

“Believe me Nadine, ‘Jenny,’ will continue to creep. We’ll take a break. We can then handle ‘Jenny,’ together.” I open the gate.

” … sounds like a good idea.” She laughs and walks through the gate.

“You’re not allergic to cats are you?” we walk up the deck steps side by side.

“Oh no, not at all.”

“Well, the girls are at Daddies for the weekend and it is just us, and the cats of course.” I open the door for her, “Welcome to my castle.”

“Oh my,” her eyes take in the modern furnishings of my kitchen, “this is nice.” then she cranes her head to the side attempting to peek into the sitting room.

“Well if Harold had known that I was going to get the house in the settlement, he most likely would’ve bought a house down in “shanty-town.”

” ‘Shanty-town?’ “

“Oh I forgot you’re not from around here, my Dad used to call the poor side of town that.” Walking over to the coffee pot I attempt to brush away my age, “I shouldn’t date myself I guess.”

“Oh,” at the table she continues, “… what, you’re like 30?”

“Goodness!” I shut off the water and walk over to the coffee maker, “Well, that is a good enough place to stop counting anyway.” I lightly laugh dismissing this part of the conversation, “I have flavored coffees here, French Vanilla, Hazelnut, Mocha, uh,”

“I love hazelnut.”

“Ok, Hazelnut it is then,” after settling the basket under the top of the coffee maker I turn and gesture towards the next room, “lets go sit in the sitting room.” I touch her elbow, “Much nicer.” and we walk in together.

“Wow,” she said, “this escort bursa is a female paradise you have here.”

“Well, as I said my Ex takes good care of me.” I refer her to the couch which abuts my love seat. “Let me get a sheet.” After clicking the remote to my CD player, I walk to my linen closet.

The singer introduces his song, ‘well, if it sounds country, it’s because that is what it is, a country song,’ and then the smooth country beat begins.

Listening to the smooth sounds she says, “Who’s that?”

“Oh, he’s the one who wrote it. Uh, Kris,” I unfold the sheet.

“I’ve only heard that one girl singing it,” she takes the sheet from me and places it on the love seat next to me.

” … right Janis. Uh,” I sit with a bit of hesitance but offer her the spot she claims, “Here I am dating myself again, my dad was an ex hippie, I like his music much better than what passes for music now.”

“Well, that is good, I mean it is so smooth, good music is always good.” she turns and smiles at me, “There is nothing wrong with old.”

“Well I’m glad you think that way Dear. The coffee is ready,” I stand.

“Let me.” she stands and takes my arm, “Are the cups in that cabinet above the coffee maker?” interlacing it with hers.

“Well, yes they are.”

“Well it’s the least I can do, anyway I was a waitress before I met my uh, whatever he is.”

“Oh,” we walk into the kitchen, “you two aren’t married?”

“Un unh,” she pours up two cups of coffee, “he says what we have is just as good.”

“Yeah,” I laugh, “for him.” and take the cup from her, “I apologize, I don’t need to agg,”

“Oh it’s ok, don’t worry. I got my eye on this situation and I can handle it if I have to.”

“Yes dear,” I nod my head, “I do believe you might just have some control over that.”

“Oh yes, I was going to ask, would you like creamer also?” I open the refrigerator door. “I have the standard creamers, (I really like my coffee,) or this.” and show the bottle of Irish Creme whiskey.

“Wow!” she interrupts, “Yes, I would like that much better.” and pours out some of her coffee into the sink. She adds quite a bit of splash to her coffee, (actually making it just a shade under white,) “I love that stuff.” and laughs lightly.

“Well so do I,” I add quite a bit less to my cup, (thinking of that lovely laugh,) ” … but I need to watch it, uh a bit closer.” then turn to walk with her back to the living room, ” … I’ve already uh,”

“Then, ” she takes the cup from my hand, ” … you definitely need more.” and poured quite a bit more into my coffee cup. “Tell you what, I’ll watch it for you.”

” … oh, uh, yes, … Nadine.”

“Yes.” she agrees peremptorily, “Lead the way.”

I turn towards her, “Pardon me?”

“Your living room?”

“Oh, yes.” I laugh lightly, and notice her slight, ‘take charge,’ attitude, feeling the pressure of her hand guiding me to my Living room. “Uh, I wasn’t referring to,”

“So.” she sits on the couch and interrupts again. “Tell me all about, Jenny,” and laughs, (after elongating the pronunciation of, ‘all about,’) “oops, I mean Diedra. I apologize.”

“Oh, don’t worry about it, you have that on your mind.” I sit beside her on the abutting love seat. “What’s to say?”

“Well, plenty.” she interrupts, “You don’t work do you?”

“Well, I work here,” I stammer, “uh, raising my daughters and I uh,”

“Right. That is a job in and of itself.”

” … and I volunteer and things.” I continue, “Yes, that is serious work.”

“How old are your daughters?”

“Well, one is going to the University currently, she’s graduating in May.”

“In today’s world that is an accomplishment.” she says, “And the other?”

I nod, “Yes, she wants to be a Doctor.” and continue, “The other is 14.”

“I wanted to be a Doctor,” she says playfully.


” … yup, until I found out they all have the same thing.” she tips her coffee cup and drinks it all in one gulp.

I laughed out loud and took another sip of my coffee, “That’s good.”

“You do, know I’m only 4 years older than your daughter don’t you?” she sits back against the couch and holds out her cup to me. “Would you please be a dear and refill this for me?”

“Uh, yes.” I place my cup on the table and reach for hers.

“You did, notice how much coffee was in my cup didn’t you?”

“Well, yes.” I laugh lightly, “What is,”

“Do it.” she says imperiously, “And bring the bottle back, you need some more.”

“I don’t know about that.” I walk to the kitchen. I pour up her coffee and turn to walk back into the Living room.

She is standing at the door jam. “I told you I’d watch that for you.”

“I bursa merkez eskort thought you were joking.”

“Pardon me dear?” she says sweetly as I walk by her. “I never joke.”

She takes my hand and leads me back into the Living room and sits. She pats the seat beside her on the couch. “Right here sweetie.”

I sat down, a bit to the side from her.

She sighs “I guess that will do.” and reaches for my cup. She moves it forward and back indicating that I should pour some into it. She looks at the paltry amount I had poured. “Now, that, will definitely not do.” She pours more into my cup.

“What are you doing, trying to get me …?”

“No,” she replies, “Compliant.”


” ‘Jenny,’ needs to be controlled, you said..” she places the cup before my lips. “Do you have a problem with that?”

“Well, maybe I do.” I stand and walk back to my love seat, and sit. “I’m old enough to be your Mother!”

“Unh hunh.” she says, “Isn’t that hot?” She hands me my coffee cup, “Now, drink up,” indicating that I should drink with a nod of her head, ” … and let me tell you what to do.”

“You don’t have any problem with that!” I said.

“Please?” she laughs.

There’s that lovely laugh again, “Well, I don’t think,”

“Oh, it’s not going to hurt you to step away from your, ‘mommie mode.’ ” she replies, “You might even like it.”

I sip a bit of the coffee.

“See?” she laughs as I take another sip, “It wasn’t that bad was it?”

“This is my house.”

“Yes it is.” she stands and turns to walk out, “If territory is so important to you, come over to my, ‘lair,’ then.”

“No!” I stand and touch her arm, “No, it’s ok.”

She looks down at my hand there and, tsks,’ do you know what this is Diedra?”

I turn my head away, looking down at the couch, then take a deep breath and look at her, “Yes, I do.”

She sits back down on the love seat, “You know, this is really very easy dear.” She pats the seat next to her, “I’ve seen you looking at me. I knew it was more than neighborly interest.”

“Well yes, but I was hoping I wasn’t that obvious.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that.” she says, “It’s not like you were ga ga or anything, you acted very proper.” she turns my head towards her.

“Oh good.” I said quietly, “Wouldn’t want my girls …”

“Don’t worry, they won’t find out.” she says and kisses me, “It’s just that,” then continues kissing me lightly, “with me though, it is my way.”

“Oh,” I sit back after she breaks the kiss and pick up my cup, “I understand.”

“Oh,” she stops me from drinking, “you don’t need that.” Her other hand frames the right side of my face. She kisses me fully, her tongue slithers inside my mouth as I’m forced to breathe her breath. She brushes the stray hair away from my eyes, “I think you understand, ‘compliance.’ “

“I do, Nadine.” I murmur as her breath dissipated in my lungs.

” ‘Miss.’ ” she says.


“Very good.”

“Now.” she elaborately sighs “What am I going to do with you?”

“Uh, I don’t know.” I laugh nervously, “I mean you definitely are in charge here.”

“Yes. I know that.”

“Would you like another cup of coffee?” I laugh lightly..

“Now dear.” she says with a light laugh, “You and I both know I am not here for coffee. Would you do me a favor and run a bath for me?”

“Uh, sure.” I look at her moving my head perplexedly, “I, uh, surely will. I mean of course.”

“Of course you will. I will be clean for you.”

“Yes,” I stand and walk towards the bath room, hiding my blush, “Uh, come with me?”

“Certainly you silly goose. I don’t know the way, you can lead.” she laughs lightly, “For now.”

“This is my, en suite, the girls have their toilet on the other side of the house.” I open the door.

“Very nice.”

“Uh, like I said, alimony.” I bend towards the tub and start running the water.

“So, you earned it right?”

I turn my face up to her and lightly laugh, “Yes,” while testing the water’s heat, ” … I guess,”

“Oh, I’m sure you did.” She reaches and strokes my cheek, “Would you be a dear and strip for me?”

“Pardon me?” I stand and look at her inquiringly, “This is for you, yes?”

“Of course it is.” she replies in a very cool manner, “It’s just that I would like my ‘attendant,’ to be naked when she washes me.”

“Oh.” I murmur quietly and think of her looking at me. “You might not think it’s all that great when you see me naked Nadine. Uh, I mean Miss.”

“Pardon me?”

“Look, I turn 41 next Monday. I’ve had two children,”

She walks to me slowly, “And, you are the hottest MILF bursa sınırsız escort in this neighborhood.” She reaches to the buttons of my blouse, “Do you really,” and opens the first two buttons, “think,” then the next one, “that you have been the only one,” She jerks open my blouse, (causing the last two buttons to go skittering across the room,) “… checking out the neighbor lady?”

“Uh, I guess not.” I reach to the waistband of my leggings.

“Oh no, no, no, no,” she wags her finger at me and backs me up against the sink, “I get to do this.”

She lowers to her haunches and pulls down my leggings, (taking my panties along for the ride,) “Lean back dear.” After my leggings pass off my feet she looks up at me, “This, is for you.” She seals her mouth on my mound.

I groan and reach to hold the back of her head.

She stands again, (semi-circling me,) “Goodness, you need a lot of taming Diedra. I’d think that an nice older lady, such as you, would want to take her time.”

I noted silently that she had been in my house for over an hour, seducing me, it was definitely worth the time. “Uh, yes I’m sorry Miss.”

She turns and dips her fingers into the water, “Hmmm, you set up a very nice bath Diedra.” She turns to me, “Please undress me. It will be just like undressing your daughter.” she laughs lightly, “Only I’m not, your daughter, and you get to enjoy it.”

“Yes, and,” I reach to the hem of her t shirt, ” … you’re uh, developed.” and pull it up slowly, seeing her braless breasts.

“Exactly,” she replies, ” … and, we’re going to play.” She takes my hand and places it on her breast.

While staring at her hardened nipple I open and close the palm of my hand on her other breast. Wonderful, so full, so post pubescent, but not mature. Wonderfully firm.

She reaches to the back of my head and pulls me close so that I could kiss her other nipple, “I always wanted her to do that.”

I lick the nipple wet before slowly closing my mouth on it. She pulls at the back of my head. I caress her breast with my face and she murmurs “But that was Mommie, this is you. Much better.”

I lick over the nipple softening it and push it into the surrounding flesh. It thrusts itself back into my mouth demanding my attention.

“Oh!” she moves my fingertips to the side of her breast and uses them to coax sensation through and coos. “Shouldn’t tease me dear.”

I tightened my lips around it again and moved my face on her breast. My hand caresses her breast as my face caresses the other.

“Goodness.” She backs away from my kisses and caresses, “You’re good at this! I don’t know if I should let you take off my jeans.”

I look at her smiling, (the blush of arousal clearly showing on my pale skinned body,) “I promise N … uh, Miss,” then walk the two steps to her, “I’ll be good.”

“Oh,” she laughs, “I’m sure you’re good.” and backs up to the sink. “Please?”

“Yes Miss.” I kneel and unsnap her jeans inching them down side to side, as she leans back. She hitches herself up onto the sink and stretches her right leg out. I move the jeans down, then move over and inch the jeans down over her left knee.

I leave them laying on the bathroom floor and move up quickly before she could, well, decide anything, and place my fingertips on each side of the wet spot on her panties, stretching them, then place my lips there and begin a gentle sucking on the wet spot.

“No!” she struggles.

I reach up and pin her arms against the wall and move forward so she is against the wall sitting on my sink. I lick her panties while sucking the wet from her pussy.

“Oh, you naughty girl.” she gasps and finally reaches to the back of my head. She begins meshing my face to her pussy. Her hips began to grind. Peeling her panties to the side and exposing her vagina I push my tongue deep in her.

“Damn!” she cries out, “Don’t stop.” She frantically clutches at the sides of the sink raises her hips up and out. Her hips grind frenetically.

I feel the heat inside her pussy as her clitoris begins to contract. I stand and shove two fingers in her feeling for that soft spot in her, finding it and rubbing on it. “Cum for me.” I whisper and turn her face with my other hand and kiss her demandingly, my tongue taking its place in her mouth. “Now!”

As I feel her wet gurgling and oozing onto my fingers, her pussy clutching and loosening around my fingers, I let my kiss become less demanding and more sensitive.

I clutch her close to my body. Her body is totally spent. I bring my other arm up and wrap her up in an embrace and say quietly, “Well Nadine, this is, my, way.”

I take her hand and help her from the sink’s edge, “We will bathe together.”

She starts walking to the bath tub with me, “Oh, yes.”

I stop her, turn her face to mine, ” ‘ … yes.’ Ma’am.”

She looks at me solemnly and lowers her eyes, “Yes Ma’am.”

“Very good.” I nod at her. We step into the tub together. “Jenny can’t be tamed, she goes where she wants.”

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