My Young Brother-In-Law


Hi, I am Sally, Sally Daniels, I am 28, live in a plush house, my husband is in banking, and no, he is not a nerd, he makes us a very good living, I am happy, love my life, it’s uncomplicated, (Well it was!)

I have 2 small children, and generally life is better than good.

As I said I am 28, 5ft tall, very good looking in my small way, elfin type, short dark/black hair that is pixie looking and I love it, I always used to wear it long, but I thought it was time for the new me, I’m about 100lb have a great figure, no funny bumps, symmetrical to my size, slim waist, slim hips, legs that taper to my dainty feet, my hands are small and dainty too.

I am fit, drink very little, don’t smoke, I have Bridget Bardot lips, that men of all ages look at, and I know what most of them think, “how they would love my hot mouth wrapped around their cocks!”

I am sexy, I dress sexy, look sexy, and I love sex, my husband is constantly under pressure to keep me happy, or else I tell him, I will look elsewhere, although I would never dream of being unfaithful, he believes me, so he does keep me happy in bed.

I am flirty in my ways, and love the attention men and boys give me, lots of my friends are jealous of the way I look but I can’t help that can I?

My problems, if you can call them that, was when his younger brother Donny, who was 17 at the time, and started baby sitting for us, I would never leave my kids, but my husband persuaded my that Donny was just the guy to be trusted, so I gave in, and one Saturday night we went out for the first time alone for a long time.

This led to other Saturday nights, that led to more and more, Donny was fantastic, he loved doing it, and his elder brother paid him too, so we were all happy, By the way, I had noticed him checking me out, the more time’s he came by, the more he made it obvious, he didn’t do it when Dave was around, just when he was alone with me.

I must confess he was and still is very good looking, not very tall about 5ft 9″ but as I was to find out later he more than made up for being short in height by being ‘big’ elsewhere, lol, he had lots of girlfriends and sometimes he would bring a new one along to baby sit, and I don’t know why, but I felt a little jealous, there he would be ogling me, then a girl would knock on the door, and he would see us off with a cheery wave, and wink at me!

This went on for a year or more, well after his 18th birthday, he was starting to show signs of real masculine manhood in his demeanour, as his birthday arrived and officially entered manhood at 18, I thought it added to his growing personality.

Then came my marriage fidelity downfall, Donny had girlfriends, and I know he was having sex, but he was old enough to go his own way, do his own thing etc, he had seen us off at the door, he was on his own this night, we were going to a ball in town.

I had on a long silk strapless gown in white satin, it was gorgeous, I didn’t wear a bra or panties, I didn’t want to spoil the lines of my body, bit like Pippa at Kate’s wedding, I also wore a little gold necklace, and matching dangly earrings, and I knew how good I looked, I was really looking forward to flirting and teasing other men.

I had left Dave’s number, for Donny to call in case things went awry with the kids, as I always did, and I had his own number in my mobile phone too, but as we walked out of the door to leave, he made sure Dave wasn’t looking as usual, and gave me a very crude wink, and a somewhat sexy sneer, I loved it,

Then he did the one thing that led to my unfaithfulness to my husband with his 18 year old brother, he flagrantly grabbed his privates, and intimated to me that he wanted to fuck me, he just mouthed the words, ‘I want fuck you, okay?’ I was shocked and stunned, but massively aroused in that 2 or 3 seconds of him grabbing bursa eskort himself so lewdly, and saying that.

I know I flushed because Dave asked me if I was okay, I just told him I was excited about the evening.

As the evening wore on, I got more and more aroused by Donny’s intimate suggestion to me, I wanted fucking, some of the men there that night would never know that if they had got me on their own, I would have let anyone of them fuck me wherever!

About 11:00 pm I was unable to control myself any further, I went to the ladies and called Donny, and just said to him ‘call Dave, tell him you need me home because one of the kids is unwell, and can I go back for ½ an hour.’

I was next to Dave when his mobile went, and took the message, he started apologising as we would have to leave, I told him, ‘nonsense, give me the keys, I’ll go home and be back in an hour, I don’t want to spoil the night.’

He reluctantly agreed, and I flew out of the building, dived into the car and raced home.

When I got back, I walked in, slapped Donny’s face and ordered him upstairs to my bedroom, he did as I said, and I followed him, I was nearly orgasming as I went upstairs after him, my pussy was red hot!

I told him, ‘go and sit on the bed, face the window and don’t turn around.’

‘Okay,’ he muttered, thinking I was going to bollock him uphill and down dale.

I stood on the opposite side of the bed behind him, and quietly unzipped my dress, let it slip to the floor, and climbed over the bed to his back.

The first inkling he had of anything going on, was when I slipped my arms around him and started kissing his neck, he moaned involuntarily, as I said to him, ‘so you wanna fuck me, do you?’

‘Well’, I murmured into his ear, ‘if you do, you’ve got about 30 minutes to do it in, so get on with it boy!’

As I was saying this I was undoing his shirt and ran my nails over his smooth strong chest, then slipped my hand down over his balls, and grabbed what I was to find out, was a very beautiful strong hard powerful prick.

He spun around to find me completely naked apart from my jewellery, ‘Oh My God,’ he whispered, he tore his clothes off, threw me down onto the bed on my back, and dived on me, It was heaven, I fully expected what I was to get, totally ravished for 30 minutes, he was never off me, or seemingly out of me.

He drove his cock straight into me so hard, he expunged the breath from my body, and it felt like I was being driven through the mattress!

He shot his load in double quick time, which I knew he would, so I wasn’t too disappointed, but what did surprise me was, his dick never seemed to go down; he just kept on fucking me like a piston on a railway engine.

I came then, and as he just kept on at me I orgasmed again and again, it was wonderful, we were kissing and panting into each others mouths like horses after a race, he blew another load into me which sent me over the top for one final time, I love my Dave, but he has never fucked me like this, I was totally blown away by him, what a man, what a boy?

I hurriedly dashed to the bathroom, sat on the bidet and washed out my battered pussy, dried off, threw my dress back on, kissed him goodbye, had a quick feel of his dick, made sure my face was okay, and cleared off back to the ball, I was a very happy satisfied woman, it had been a long time since I felt like that, although I only just realised it.

Back at the ball, I assured Dave that all was okay, though he had no idea of how okay I was feeling, I could still feel Donny’s wonderful prick in me as I danced around, I had a great time and returned home around 3am that morning.

Donny was in bed obviously, sound asleep I’ll bet, We went to bed, I was tired and so was Dave, he had had a bit too much booze, bursa merkez escort I had had only one glass of wine, I fell asleep about 10 seconds after Dave did, but I woke up at 5:00am for some reason.

I mulled over what I had done with Donny, and had to admit, I had been seriously, monumentially fucked by him, I smiled at my lewd thoughts, that’s when the desire for him surfaced again in my pussy, I slipped out of bed making sure Dave was still gently snoring, and made my way to Donny’s bedroom, slipped in and knelt by his bed, I slid my hand under his covers, all the while listening for sounds from elsewhere.

Gently gripping his delicious cock, I began working my hand up and down, it didn’t take long for it to grow in my hand, what a feeling that was, the feeling of power a woman has when the prick in her hand grows all by itself, and she excites a man sexually.

It was now fully erect, so I lifted the covers and leaned over to kiss it and suck it into my mouth, I didn’t go for it wholesale I didn’t want to wake him, well not just yet anyway. I licked and sucked and slurped, but I never banked on the arousal that was building within me for his it.

I could contain myself any longer, I pulled my top off and gently climbed on him, sinking myself down over him, this did wake him now, I clamped my hand over his mouth before he could say anything, then I leaned forward and kissed him, while I got my hot body working over his now fully embedded cock in my white hot pussy.

He grabbed me by my shoulders, and began jamming me up and down on him, being as small as I was, it was easy for him to do it, I came in no time, quickly followed by him, I leaned over again and kissed him so passionately, I even surprised myself, it was wonderful being loved and fucked like this, one more orgasm, sent me into la la land.

I got of him very slowly; the feeling of his semi hard cock sliding out of me sent ripples driving through my body.

I kissed him one last time, went again into the bathroom to clean myself up, and went back to my still ignorant snoring husband.

The morning brought reality, I was aghast at what I had done, but not repentant, I had loved it, and wanted to continue, but what would Donny think?

I was up at 8:30 with the kids, Mike got up around 10, Donny was no where to be seen, but I was on real tenterhooks waiting for a possible confrontation from someone, somewhere, but as the morning wore on nothing transpired, the kids wanted some sweets, so Dave walked them to the shops.

I was at the sink when arms enclosed me, two lots of fingers found my hard sensitive nipples and I was immediately transported back up stairs to my bed, where Donny and I made sweet music for thirty minutes, he couldn’t get enough of me, nor I, him.

I made him lie back on the bed with his feet on the floor, and I sucked and sucked his beautiful cock as if my life depended on it, I went on and on as hard as I could until he shot his load down my waiting throat, gorgeous!

He had me on my knees, feet over my head, on my back, knelt on the floor; where he skinned my knees a little, he was a whirl wind of manual fucking, the best bit for me was when I had him on his back on the floor and me kneeling over him, what a sensation of control, fullness, and fulfilment, being as small as I am, control or commanding wasn’t much of an experience for me, but he encouraged me, I came like a train out of a tunnel, I just literally exploded.

I remember the times when me and Dave first started making love, but I couldn’t remember it being like this, it was fantastic, I leaned over and kissed him, told him I loved him, he said he loved me too, then he turned me onto my tummy, got over me in the 69 position, made me part my legs, and then did the most amazingly erotic bursa sınırsız escort thing I have ever had done to me in my life, he stated licking my bum hole, stuck his tongue in me too, I squirmed and wriggled, I came, it was stunning.

And then he said, ‘would I consider letting him fuck me in my arse.’

I replied, ‘yes,’ immediately,

Although I hadn’t tried it, as my size was against an anal assault, but if Donny wanted it, Donny was going to get it, I told him the next time we were alone my arse was his to do with what he wanted.

‘But would you please be gentle with me?’ I whispered into his mouth.

‘Don’t worry Sally,’ he promised, ‘I wouldn’t hurt you for the world.’

‘Okay then, next time, but I’ll pop out and get some lotion for my bum hole.’ I laughed.

Already I was looking forward to being arse fucked by my 18 year old stud brother-in-law.

It’s marvellous isn’t it, I’ve never been unfaithful to my husband, and yet here I was full to the brim with his young brother’s cum, and knowing I wanted more, the only thing was how often was I going to get it?

The next day I went out and got the required KY Jelly, and some baby oil, but I had to wait another 2 days before I was able to have time with my young stud lover, he took Wed afternoon off, and was with me by 12:30 so I knew I would have at least 2 hours, but he spent the first hour or so just making love with me, I had orgasm after orgasm, I didn’t mention me being bum fucked in case he had changed his mind.

But then he whispered to me, ‘have you got the lotion?’ It was the moment of truth for me.

‘Yes I have,’ I replied.

‘Well get it out then and get on your knees baby,’ he told me.

I did, and got on my knees, I was fearful but I wanted this more than anything I had ever wanted, I wanted him to take me, use me, abuse me, fuck me, violate me, and fill me with his hot spunk, God, I wanted it so badly.

He fingered oil into my bum, making me squirm, knowing what was coming was going to be a great deal thicker and longer than his middle finger, I just got hotter and hotter, then KY was spread around and in my hole, I was ready for him to fucking fuck me like I had never ever been fucked.

I felt his cock head against my hole then he pushed toward me, so I pushed back and in it went, It made me slide forward on my face, trapping his dick in me, he lay down on my back, hooked his hands under my shoulders, his knees held mine apart, there was to be no escape now, whether I wanted to or not.

I whimpered, grunted, and groaned but as much as it was hurting, I wanted his cock in me more, and he duly obliged, he shoved and shoved, I felt his whole cock sliding into me, and I came, came and came again, and boy, the feeling of complete and utter fullness when he told me he was coming, and did, overwhelmed me.

We spent what little time we had kissing and cuddling, speaking terms of endearment, I knew already that my marriage was not going to end, unless things got out of hand, and Donny agreed, but what did happen was, he had a contrived row with his parents, so he could ask Dave if he could stay with us for a while.

During the evening of the day Donny had fucked my arse I was limping a little, I told Dave I had slipped and hurt my bum, Dave bless him, offered to massage me, which I accepted, and during the massage I told Dave that he would have to get around to fucking me there, to which he replied to me, ‘sure.’

So I said, ‘but not tonight, I’m still a little sore.’

Donny asked Dave and he agreed straightaway, not knowing his wife was being fucked stupid by his 18 year old brother, and Donny moved in to my utter delight, and we really did do some serious loving, but it was to last only 3 more months, before Donny and I agreed that it was getting too dangerous, I sadly saw him off one weekend, on the promise that my pussy and arse was his when ever opportunity presented itself, which it still does thankfully.

I am also pregnant with my 3rd child, who will have a name, Donna, or Donny depending if it’s a girl or a boy, because I am absolutely certain it is Donny’s baby.

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