Miss Boman Ch. 04


After Miss Lundin had left I was left on my own for the next couple of days. Mother was working in the office. On the Friday I was working in the garden being my task fixing it up for the weekend. In early afternoon mother said that she was going to the lake and that she would bring a picnic basket and asked me to join her when I was finished. It took me another hour.

I stopped dead in my tracks and got shocked when I entered our bathing place. Mother was on her back stark naked and with her legs slightly spread. The sun, filtering through her pubic hair made it look like gold and her ample breasts formed two half globes. She sat up.

“Hi Eric, come on in. Don’t be shocked, we have been naked together many times in the past, remember? I love to be naked in the sun, you know that. Oh, you should take a swim to clean up and cool down, you are sweating. Hard work today, eh? No no, don’t bother with swim trunks. Don’t be ashamed, you are such a handsome boy.”

Well, I was embarrassed but had to do as she said. So I quickly got out my shorts and jumped into the water. When I had had enough mother luckily busied herself arranging the picnic and didn’t look at me. I climbed the ladder and quickly found my towel.

“Come, sit here, coffee is ready,” mother called. There was no other way than to sit at her side. She was totally relaxed and made small talk. My tension gave way bit by bit. Then suddenly it got worse. Mother rose and walked around putting the picnic things back in the basket. Her breasts and ass bounced. Totally unashamed she bent over with her ass towards me and her legs spread. Her dark pink pussy blinked at me.

“All set. Now let’s talk,” mother said and sat down at my side again.

“Well, you know that I asked Mrs. Lundin to come and introduce you and teach you about sex. Mrs. Lundin told you that I had, didn’t she? You aren’t shocked or feel guilt? No, good, I thought you wouldn’t be. But I think we should talk about it and I want to explain why I did it. Let’s start with you telling me what happened and how you liked it. Don’t be shy, tell me everything.”

I hesitated but mother was very persuasive and comforting and in the end I told her everything. After a while it felt very good telling her and getting her remarks and explanations of things I had thought about. She giggled now and then mostly when I told her what Mrs. Lundin had said and how she had behaved. I told the story from the very beginning when Mrs. Lundin had flashed her naked body to me standing erect and being very statuesque. How I had taken in her big breasts and hairy, protruding mons. Mother giggled heavily when I told her about the academic language Mrs. Lundin had used in her lectures but how that language had turned into its opposite as soon as she got my cock in her pussy.

I got turned on while telling mother and thinking about all pleasantries that had taken place. My cock swelled and got hard but I didn’t think much of it. It felt naturally when telling how Mrs. Lundin had fondled me to hardness and how I had put my hard cock in her pussy and fucked her well. Not until I caught mother looking intently at my cock with a lusty smile on her face did I realize the fact that I was nude and erect in the presence of mother. She noticed my embarrassment.

“No need to be embarrassed Eric,” she said softly. “It looks so nice, being so hard and standing so proudly. It’s very handsome. No wonder that both your women worshiped it. You look so similar to your father in his younger days. Forgive me for staring at you but so many pleasant memories come to me when looking at you now. Please go on. What happened after you had speared her at the bed?”

She had consoled me and I went on telling. It felt natural again to be erect especially when I told mother how I had taken Mrs. Lundin in the ass.

“Did she take you up her ass just like that? But . . . well, I thought we had agreed that was for the advanced class. And she did it voluntarily? On this very spot? And she liked it as well? And you did like it? Well, you certainly are your father’s son.”

Mother had had her hand in her lap and now it was making small movements. It looked like she had a finger down her slit.

I ended my story with the events the morning when Mrs. Lundin left, how sexy she had looked in her thin robe and that she met me stark naked when I came to the cabin to get her bags. Mother wet her lips when I told her how eager Mrs. Lundin had been to fuck. Her hand moved rapidly when I thoroughly told how I had shafted Mrs. Lundin against the bedstead until she screamed in ecstasy.

“Oh my goodness,” mother panted. “Oh my god, that really was a full course she gave you. And from the advanced class as well. Much more than we had planned. Well, she couldn’t know how good you are and your ability to recover. We had thought that once a day would be enough but . . . let’s see, there were two and even three classes a day. No wonder that she was very sore although in heaven at the same time. gaziantep grup escort bayan And I am sure you had a very good time and learned a lot.”

Mother sat back looking at me for a while a little smile trickling in the corner of her mouth. She rummaged through her purse and looked back at me concentration on my very hard cock.

“Eric . . . well, uh . . . yes,” she said hesitantly. “Well, I think the proper way for me to behave now should be to leave you and let you jack off. I am certain that is what your lovely cock really wants. But I wonder . . . would you do a great thing for me? It’s not really appropriate I know, but not far outside the limits either. Would you jack off for me and put your come in a condom? I will tell you why afterwards if you comply. Will you?” A shy smile spread on her face that also showed both eagerness and lust.

I hesitated not knowing what I wanted. Jack off in front of mother? Could I do it? Well, I was very turned on and I felt that it would work. The thought turned me on even more.

“Please,” mother pleaded.

“Yes mother, I will. Tell me what to do. Tell me what you want,” I answered and was rewarded by a big happy smile spreading over her face together with lust filling her eyes.

“Well, I think the best thing to do is that you jack until you are about to come. I think you know enough by now to be able to stop in time. Then I want you to put the condom on and finish off.” Mother fished a package out from her purse and peeled the wrapping off a condom. “Oh, one more thing. Kneel at my side doing it. I want to watch closely.”

I was very turned on by now and jumped up and knelt at her side. My knees touched her body. I started to fondle my cock and it felt very good. My mother’s staring wasn’t disturbing, on the contrary. I jacked my cock for a while and then felt the tingling in my loins.

“Mother, it’s time,” I said hurriedly and reached out for the condom.

“Oh but let me help you to put it on the way I want it to be. And there must be no scratches,” mother said throatily.

My cock twitched when she touched it. She rolled the condom on expertly and very carefully.

“Now, finish it, but be careful,” she said giggling. “I think I will join you,” she added.

I started to stroke my cock again and saw my mother frigging herself fiercely. She moaned heavily and soon small shrieks came over her lips. I was well on my way stroking my cock just above her breast. My cock twitched and swelled and my come welled out into the condom in several gushes. Mother had left plenty of room at the end for my come. I caught mother staring intently at my pulsating cock and after I was finished she cried out once and her bottom bounced up and down.

Mother soon calmed down and sat up. She stopped me when I tried to pull the condom off and waited until my cock shrank. Only then did she take the condom off my soft cock again being very careful.

She held it up against the sun and smiled broadly.

“Thank you my darling. What a load. You certainly are a great stud. I am so proud of you. Now watch me. This is what I have been longing for.”

She made a knot on the condom and licked it clean on the inside above the knot. Then she spread her legs and stuffed the condom into her wet pussy. She rose and wriggled her hips a few times to get comfortable.

“Oh, it feels so lovely to have my son’s seed in my pussy. I will keep it warm in there for the rest of the day. Then I will put it in my collection and have it nicely arranged like the rest. Come, let’s swim.”

She pulled me into the water and was very playful. She got up first and stood on the jetty looking down at me a smiling broadly. I admitted to myself that she looked lovely. I followed her up, feeling very comfortable.

“Come and sit with me,” she called after we had dried ourselves. “There is more you have to tell me. How come that you know that Mrs. Lundin has unusually thick mons and pussy hair? And you didn’t say anything when I mentioned your two women. Well, I know that Miss Boman has been awfully kind to you as well. Tell me about it, tell me all.”

Well, there was nothing else to do than to tell her. I knew that she had heard it all from Miss Boman but she didn’t know that I know.

I gave her the full story beginning with the soft start when Miss Boman let me see her breasts, how she later on let me touch them, how she jacked me off just where we were sitting now and how I was spurting my seed over her face and breasts. Mother wriggled her hips when I told that. Then I spoke about the boat ride to the island and how nicely Miss Boman had introduced me and how sweet she had been when I came immediately after entering her pussy for the first time. I also told her how I had got a second, a third and even a fourth chance and that I thought that Miss Boman in the end was very pleased with my performance. I told lengthily about my feelings güneyşehir escort bayan and how adorable I found Miss Boman’s body. I added that she and mother were very similar in body build and that I thought that mother must have had an even greater body in her youth. I added quickly that mother still had a great body that would turn on anyone even young men like me. That seemed to please her immensely.

It took more than an hour to complete the story. Mother was especially interested to hear how I took Miss Boman from behind and wanted to know a lot about how it felt using the boulder and the step stones. There was longing in her voice when she asked about the boulder.

Telling the story made me get worked up again. Towards the end when telling how I speared Miss Boman from behind and shafting her against the boulder my cock grew to full hardness. Mother watched it grow and smiled several times.

“My, my, what a story. And you tell it so well. I can almost feel your hands on my body and how that handsome cock spears my pussy against the boulder.” She rose and walked around. “Oh my goodness, how good it feels, your sperm in my pussy,” she exclaimed. She walked around some more stretching her back letting her breasts and ass bounce. “Tell me, do you really think that I still could attract young men. I think I am too old,” she suddenly asked.

“No, no, not at all. If you weren’t my mother I should lust for you all the time. And Mrs. Lundin is of the same age and she certainly attracted me. You are much more desirable than Mrs. Lundin and she isn’t exactly bad,” I said trying to do my best to reassure her. And I didn’t exaggerate. Her curvy lush body looked great with the ample breasts and full ass bouncing very sexily when she wanted. “Tell me, isn’t it true that you did to Mrs. Lundin´s son the same as she just did to me. And didn’t he fancy you?”

I took a chance to flatter her further. I knew it was true because I had heard her tell Miss Boman that she had done it. But she must ask herself how I could know. But I worried unnecessary. Mother sat down and got quiet. A lustful smile was on her face but her eyes were closed. I guessed that she thought back and remembered the days she spent with Mrs. Lundin’s son. It must have been a nice time. She stroked her body cupping and caressing her breasts and fondling her mons for quite a while.

I watched her and it was like I saw Miss Boman sitting there teasing me. I remembered again the day at the island and how much pleasure she gave me. The thought made my cock to twitch.

“Oh well, yes you are right. Yes, I introduced her son and it was lovely. He was so eager and in the end fucked me so well. Pity though it had to stop so soon. But your father is very good and takes good care of me, don’t think otherwise. But a young man is something special.”

She leaned back and closed her eyes again. But only for a very short while.

“Oh my goodness,” she exclaimed. “Goodness gracious me, look at you. You are hard as steel again. Will that tremendous cock never tire? I thought that it was only when you told me about Miss Boman that you got hard for a while remembering her lovely body and that it should calm down. But that is a real erection you have there. Oh my god, it’s so very good looking. Do you want privacy to jack off again?”

I didn’t know what to say. I had looked at mother and dreamt about Miss Boman and I was fully erect. Lust and desire filled my thoughts. Would it be possible? Did I dare to ask? Yes I had to, no matter what.

“Mother . . . eh, well . . . yes I want to jack off. But I should want . . . well . . . uh.” My voice trailed off. I couldn’t muster the courage to ask.

“What is it my darling? Spit it out. You can ask me everything; you should know that by now. I won’t get upset for anything you want. Tell me, please, tell me.”

“Oh well then. It’s weird I know but I want it so much. And it isn’t really outside the limits, not in the mind anyway. Well uh, I should want to jack off watching you but pretending that it is Miss Boman I am looking at. You look so similar so it’s very easy to fancy that. Please.”

I waited for mother’s reaction. She was quiet for a while, it felt like an eternity. Then a smile slowly spread over her face.

“Oh my darling, how sweet you are. You mean that I could stand in for Miss Boman and her gorgeous body? Yes, it’s a bit weird of course but it will do no harm I think. All right, yes, if you really mean it I will be happy to volunteer, yes I will. . . .But hey, I got an idea. We can do even better. I can act. I am rather good at it you know. If you can fancy me being her I can act as being her. You told me before how Miss Boman jacked you off at this very spot. Why not let her do it again? Much more pleasant to have her do it than to do it yourself, isn’t it? Like the idea?”

“Like the idea? Oh yes mother, I mean Miss Boman, I would very much like to be jacked islahiye escort bayan off by you. Oh my god.”

“Come here then. Straddle me and kneel over me. Is this the way she did it? Good. Start fancying, here we go. Nice and slow I guess is the way to do it.”

Miss Boman-in-my-mind took hold of my cock and very gentle started to jack me. She put her arm between my thighs but used it to finger herself. She stroked me cautiously wanting me to last long. Her body writhed under me and she panted hard and moaned now and then. Her ass heaved lifting me up. She bounced up and down but she kept a slow pace stroking my cock. Suddenly she cried out and her ass heaved strongly and then sank back.

“Oh Eric how lovely it feels to have you on top of me. Tell me what you think of my body. Tell me what parts of me you like.”

“Miss Boman, I love your voluptuous body. I love your bouncing breasts and your full round ass. You are so sweet and soft to touch. I love everything and your hand feels so good on my cock. Please go on, Miss Boman.”

I didn’t have to fancy at all. It was Miss Boman I was straddling and who so masterly stroked my cock.

“Oh, that was very nicely put, my darling Eric. Miss Boman appreciates it very much. . . You should caress my breast now if you want it to be the same as last time. I would love it so please do.”

She placed my hand on her breast and I started to caress her. She moaned of pleasure and her hand went down again to her pussy. She increased the tempo on my cock when her ass started bouncing and I increased my efforts on her breasts and especially her nipples which I squeezed and pinched. She cried out and again her ass heaved under me. This time her cry lasted a long time just like I remembered Miss Boman doing when she came.

The hand on my cock got more determined and got help from the other hand fondling my balls. I grunted and felt the tingling in my loins. Miss Boman felt it as well.

“Yes, yes my boy. That’s right. Come, spurt your seed all over my. I want it on my breasts, I want it on my face, I want it in my mouth. Come . . . come . . . oh my god . . . yes, yes”

I came violently. My first load landed on her breasts, the second on her face but the rest she was able to catch in her mouth. When my spasms were gone she milked my cock of the last drops being careful not to touch my highly sensitive cock head. She was a pro.

I sat down on her stomach. Miss Boman-in-my-mind made smacking sounds swallowing my come. She licked her lips for more and then scoped up what had landed on her face and put it lustfully in her mouth. She savored it for long. Then she lit up.

“Oh, it tastes so fresh and sweet. And it should be of course, being freshly produced in the last hour. I wish I could get more.” She sighed very contented.

Then she moved the seed on her breasts up the mounds to her nipples. She rubbed it in carefully and the excess she rubbed into her breasts.

“I love it,” she said beaming. “I love to have your seed in my pussy, in my mouth and on my breasts. I savor the taste, the fragrance vapors into my nose and I feel the heaviness in my pussy. Lovely, just lovely.” She reached up and hugged me pulling me down over her body.

“Do you feel it,” she whispered. “Can you feel Miss Boman’s lush body under you? Can you feel her big firm breasts and her round belly? Can you feel her strong thighs enclose you? Can you feel her pussy press against your cock?”

While whispering she put her legs over mine. She heaved her ass grinding her pussy hard against me. She changed position and planted her feet steadily and heaved her ass lifting me up on her hips. She moved her ass rapidly up and down making my limp cock to slide up and down her slit and massage her clit.

“Oh my god. Goodness gracious me. Miss Boman is coming again. She is a horny bitch,” she suddenly yelled. She pulled my hands to her breasts and her ass bounced forcefully up and down giving much friction over her clit. She moaned highly and suddenly arched her back lifting me up to rest on her body. Her long scream told without doubt that she had reached the climax. She fell back down crying of pleasure.

“Oh my goodness. Miss Boman really knows how to get the best out of you,” she panted and hugged me hard with both arms and legs. It was very comfortable on her soft, voluptuous body.

Eventually she rolled me off her. She sat up and looked down at me.

“I was good, wasn’t I? You had no problem to fancy that it was Miss Boman who jacked you off. I did everything she would have done in that situation. She always comes three times you have told me so I did just that. And I enjoyed it as much as she would have done, screaming when I came. Did you like it?”

“Yes, oh yes. It was wonderful. It was Miss Boman jacking me off and who screamed when she came. Just fabulous,” I said and really meant it.

“Thank you my darling,” mother said softly. “Yes it was a fabulous experience that we must keep to ourselves as a very rare memory.” She leaned over and kissed my forehead her naked breasts scraping over my chest.

Slowly we collected our things and with a tacit agreement started for home still naked. Where the path was narrow mother went first and let me enjoy her swinging ass rolling her hips a little extra. Where the path was broad enough she wanted me to have my arm around her waist.

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