The Elites Ch. 04 – Ass-o-rax


Author’s note – This should really have been part of the previous chapter (Synorax), but I decided to make this one its own.

I was also wondering if this should be published under the Sci-Fi heading but decided against it. Comment and let me know!

I followed Kate without realizing that I had entered the women’s locker room. She headed straight for the shower, and I was about to do the same when I saw a naked woman walking toward me. I realized where I was, and I quickly mumbled an apology.

I was about to leave when she said, “How is Synorax working out for you?”

“Huh?” I responded.

“Well, you are covered in what I presume is your own semen, and the woman that just walked by appeared to be covered in the same stuff. Unless five men were jizzing on that lucky girl, I think it is safe to assume it is the big S at work.”

“Well, it sure does fill up the balls. But I think it is wearing off now.”

“Do you have any more left in there?” she asked, coming closer and fondling my balls.

I was taken aback by her forwardness. However, here I was in the women’s locker room, covered in sex juice, talking to a woman who most likely was looking forward to a weekend full of sex with multiple partners; who was I to complain? Kate hadn’t minded me fucking Pam, so I didn’t think I needed to seek her permission. I decided to approach the situation with confidence.

“Good Question. What are you thinking?” I asked with a smile.

“I can see you have at least one more left,” she said, pointing at my now hard dick.

“I guess I do. You didn’t answer my question.”

“Did you know that Synorax is an experimental drug created specifically for this event by the organizers of Black?”

“I knew it is not available for public use, but I did not know it was experimental or created exclusively for Black.”

“This event is at the forefront of recreational sex research. They have something new every year. Synorax has been around for a few years and is deemed safe, but I have the privilege of trying out this year’s product.”

“What is it?”

Ignoring my question, she asked, “You are the anal expert, right? I am told that you can make a woman orgasm by anal sex. Is that true?”

“I have been called that, and I am very good at it. But how did you find out?”

“Your reputation precedes you.”

“You spoke with Pam?”

“Not Pam, although I would like to meet her. I have other sources.”

“You are not answering any of my questions,” I said, exasperated with the conversation.

“I have seen firsthand what you can do for a woman and her ass.”

“How? Did you see the Black tapes?”

She ignored my question again and said, “Let me show you what I want you to do. It is easier than explaining. Follow me.”

I followed her.

She was a good-looking, olive-skinned girl, probably in her late twenties. Her body was all curves. Her hair was slightly wavy and ended in soft curls on her shoulders. Her breasts were heavy and big, but her areolas were small, which enhanced her breasts even more. The nipples were erect. I was walking behind her and couldn’t take my eyes off her round butt. Like every other “elite” I had met, there was not an ounce of fat on her. She was soft but fit.

She led me to a slatted wooden bench, the kind commonly found in locker rooms, and got on all fours. She motioned me to stand behind her.

She had said that she would show me what she wanted, and I assumed she wanted doggy style. I started positioning myself to enter her from behind when she said, “No, wait! That’s not interesting. Spread my ass cheeks. Talk to my beautiful asshole. Caress it. Love it. A little foreplay goes a long way in getting a girl ready for some sweet action.”

Her asshole was indeed beautiful, and it was clenched shut. A small ring of wrinkles with a pinhole center. It seemed tight. I ran my finger over the soft ridges. I pushed lightly at the center, but it did not open. My fingers bounced back. Very tight indeed.

I bent down and inhaled deeply. Each woman has a different scent down there. Some women I dated would perfume down there or apply deodorant. I like the natural smell better.

To my surprise, she had no smell. She smelled .. clean.

I couldn’t resist. I got down on my knees and started kissing her asshole.

“Mmmm… that’s much better. She loves being kissed!” she said.

I tried to stick my tongue in but had no luck. It was shut tight. I started licking around the asshole, gently and slowly, hoping to open her up.

“Mmmm… Keep licking .. you are getting me wet!”

I assumed she meant her pussy was getting wet, but to my utter surprise, a small drop of what I could only call “ass juice” trickled out of her asshole. (I know it was impossible for that hole to self-lubricate.)

“Caress it. Lick it. Keep going!” she encouraged.

I lightly touched her hole, getting my fingers wet in her “ass-juice.”

I went back to work and started eagerly licking around her butthole, making my way to the beautiful escort bursa hole at the center. This time, when I tried to push my tongue into the asshole, it gave a little.

I pulled away and stared between her ass cheeks. I could see the pinpoint of the hole dilating. It was opening up ever so slightly, glistening with the liquid flowing out of it.

“Don’t stop! I need your tongue!” she pleaded.

I bent down to eat her ass again, and as soon as my tongue touched her asshole, the gates opened, and my mouth was greeted with a stream of “ass juice”.

I was shocked. “What the – “

“Surprised?” she asked.

“Very!” I responded.

“What do you think just happened?”

I thought for a bit and answered, “I think you were holding in a whole bottle of Astroglide in your ass, and you just released it. That is the only explanation I have.”

“Well, you are wrong. My sphincter is strong, but even I can’t hold that much liquid, for this long, without leaking.

“Let me prove it to you. What does it taste like? Does it take like lube?”

I already knew the answer, but I licked her asshole again as it released more ass juice. I swirled my tongue, taking more in.

“It does not taste like lube,” I conceded.

“What does it taste like? Do you taste my ass?”

I had eaten my fair share of ass and knew what it tasted like. This was not that either.

“It tastes like … It tastes like … I can’t describe it,” I stammered.

“Try. Does it taste like pussy juice?”

“No, it doesn’t. It tastes like sex. It smells like sex. But not vaginal sex. The best I can describe is that it is as ‘ass juice.'”

“Bingo! ‘Ass juice,’ ‘ass cum’, call it what you like. It is natural. It is not pussy juice. It is not artificial lube. It is an entirely new thing.”

“So, what is it?” I asked.

“This is Synorax for ass. The official name is Blatorimine, but I like to call it Ass-o-rax. The scientist at Black developed it for this year’s event, and I am one of the lucky few who gets to try it.”

“What does Ass-o-rax do?”

“I am not quite sure how it works, but it converts your ass into a sex organ for a few hours.”

“Some would argue the ass is already a sex organ. That is why people enjoy anal sex so much.”

“It is true that the asshole and the anal canal can function as a secondary site for sexual stimulation, strong sexual stimulation even, but that is not its primary function. Hence, no lubrication or easy entry. Ass-o-rax makes your butt a primary sex organ, much like a vagina or a penis. It makes the body generate ass juice in the rectum. And I am told that deep inside, it creates a bump of very sensitive nerve ending called the ass-clitoris.”

“Wow! You are not making shit up, are you?”

“I have been fucking my ass nonstop with any toy I can lay my hands on since yesterday. I stopped paying attention to my cunt and clit because this experience is so out of the world. Vaginal and Clitoral orgasm is old news. However, I have not experienced an ass-clitoral orgasm so far. I have tried dildos, anal beads, and butt plugs, but no luck.”

“Maybe it does not exist?”

“This is where you come in. With your skills, if you can’t find my ass-clit, nothing can. But you have to be gentle. You have to coax it out of hiding. Don’t just ram your cock in and expect the lady to appear. Hence the foreplay or ass-play.”

“I would love to try!” I said. “if you want foreplay, ass-play, gentle sex, and the likes, we need to get comfortable. This hard, narrow bench won’t do. Any chance we can find a couch or a mattress around here?”

“There is a loveseat in the gym lobby.”

“But there is also a gym attendant.”

“Not anymore. The gym is closed. We are the last ones here.”

“Let’s go, then!”

As we made our way to the lobby, I realized I didn’t know her name. I asked her for it.

“Call me PT,” she said.

The lobby held an oversized, comfortable, red couch.

We sat down on it and instinctively started kissing each other.

We clicked right away. Words were not needed. I kissed her, and she kissed me back. I caressed her breasts and body, and she ran her fingers over my chest. I sucked her nipples and kissed her breasts, and she cooed with pleasure. We were in sync, and we knew what the other wanted. As I was kissing her neck, she reached down and started stroking my dick. It was wonderful.

Kate was high energy. Our foreplays were very active and high-intensity. This, with PT, was very different. This was comfortable, relaxed, and gentle, and I was loving every second of it.

PT and I worked our way through kissing, nuzzling, cupping, fondling, stroking, and sucking to ass-play. She was on her stomach, and I was sitting beside her ass, kissing it. I parted her butt cheeks and licked around her black hole. She was sweating ass-juice down there.

It was time to try something more fun. I asked her to get up so I could lie down on the couch comfortably.

“Sit on my face,” I asked her.

“With pleasure,” she bursa otele gelen escort responded.

She squatted over my face and gently lowered herself. I spread her ass cheeks and adjusted myself so her dripping asshole was on top of my lips. She leaned forward and pushed her ass backward into my eager mouth. As she leaned forward, she grabbed my cock and started stroking it.

I grunted into her ass with pleasure. My tongue found its way to the hole and gave it a few strong licks. The asshole immediately opened, releasing a stream of ass cum into my mouth. This was a new experience. I swallowed her ass juice as I licked her butthole. In this position, she was stroking my dick, and I was fucking her ass with my tongue. A very nice setup.

“Why is this lovely lady giving my boyfriend a handy while sitting on his face?” I heard Kate’s voice ask.

I had forgotten entirely about Kate! Synorax does that to you. Your brain is consumed with sex and oblivious to the rest.

“I have been looking all over for you. I don’t mind you fucking another person, but at least do the courtesy of informing me so I don’t waste my time trying to find you.”

I couldn’t see her or reply because my face was tightly clamped between PT’s butt cheeks, but I could see her annoyed face in my mind.

“It’s my fault,” PT said without pausing or releasing my face. “I wanted to see if Ass-o-rax works as advertised.”

“What now?” asked a confused Kate.

PT explained what we had been up to as best as she could while riding my face and stroking my cock.

“I don’t believe you,” said Kate finally,

“Check it out for yourself.” PT lifted her ass off my face and got on all four, so Kate could inspect her ass. She also, in one smooth motion, switched her hand out for her mouth. From a hand job to a blow job without missing a beat.

Kate spread PT’s ass and saw it was leaking ass-juice. She bent down and gave it a lick.

“Mmmm…,” she said. “What do you call it? Ass cum? I like it.”

Without warning, Kate inserted her index finger into PT’s ass. As far as I knew, this was the first time Kate had penetrated someone’s ass. The finger slid in without any resistance.

“Ooohh..,” PT said, surprised. “I like it. Fuck me with your finger!”

Kate finger banged her ass for a bit while PT moaned.

“Wow! You weren’t lying,” said Kate.

“No, I wasn’t.”

“Do you mind if I watch? I am curious to see if the anal clit thingy is real.”

“Not at all. I am a little bit of an exhibitionist myself. I will probably get there faster if you watch.”

Kate sat down cross-legged on the floor next to me. Her eyes were trained on PT’s butt.

PT sat down on my face again and we were back to a hand job. I felt a pressure building up in my lions. I focused on PT’s ass, trying my best not to cum. I knew that the Synorax had almost worn off, and this would be the last one for the day.

I focused on eating her ass trying to take my mind off my own arousal. I did not quite know how to eat an Ass-o-rax-stimulated butt. The ring around her asshole felt engorged. The wrinkles on it were more pronounced. The asshole itself was, obviously, wetter and more relaxed. I decided to attack it like a pussy. I treated each ridge like a clit and licked hard and fast around the leaking hole.

Her sighs of pleasure told me I was headed in the right direction. I experimented with different angles on what I now considered the ring of pleasure. I went parallel to the ridges, perpendicular to it, at a forty-five degree, trying to find the best angle and rhythm. I was using PT’s moans and groans to gauge the success of my attempts. Finally, I got into a rhythm, licking the bottom of the ring perpendicular to the ridges. This position seemed to draw the most gasps out of PT. It was precisely the opposite of how one would eat a pussy.

After a minute of intense ass-eating, PT gushed out a copious amount of ass-cum while moaning loudly. Her whole body stiffened, squeezing my face between her shaking ass. I swallowed jets of her ass-cum as best as I could, but I wasn’t experienced at it, and I almost gagged. Luckily, her orgasm subsided as I was about to push her away, and she collapsed next to me.

“Was that ass clit orgasm you were looking for?” I asked, wiping her ass-cum off my face.

“No, it wasn’t,” said PT. “Unlike the regular clitoris, the ass-clit is located deep inside the ass. An Ass-o-rax stimulated ass works the opposite of the way a vagina works. The ass-clitoral orgasm comes from deep within, and the ass orgasm comes from outside. I just experienced the ass version of a vaginal orgasm”

“In that case, we will need to venture deep inside,” I said, getting off the couch

In response, PT got on all four and thrust her ass toward me. “Enough foreplay. Now you can fuck me. Hard!” she said.

“Pussy or Ass?” I asked.

“If you have to ask ..,” she responded.

I rested my raging hard-on between her ass cheeks and on her asshole. bursa sınırsız escort I usually took my time entering an ass, easing myself in slowly till it was comfortable for all involved. In this case, I just thrust in with all the strength I could muster. The ass opened up and swallowed my cock easily. It was like fucking a pussy, but different. It was tight but not hard to penetrate.

“Mmmm…Aaaahhh,” said PT validating my decision to go in hard instead of inching my way in.

I wasn’t accustomed to fucking an ass like this. My expertise lay in finding the right angle that provided the most pleasure. For this ass, I didn’t think it mattered.

I decided to enjoy myself instead of focusing on trying to get the positioning and speed right. I built up pace and started fucking her harder and faster.

“Aaaah, Mmmmm, Ooooh, MmMMMM. Keep .. going. Don’t STOP” cried out PT.

She was clearly enjoying herself very much. So was I.

As PT got more aroused, I felt the texture of her anal canal changing. It changed from smooth to one with bumps and ridges and ribs. As my penis head brushed past these bumps and constrictions, I felt sensations I had never felt before. I felt intense pleasure waves originating from her ass flowing through me. I couldn’t stop. The harder I went, the more pronounced the texture got. The more pronounced the texture got, the more it drove me closer to the edge.

I slowed down and pulled out to compose myself and regain some control over my body.

“What’s wrong?” asked PT. “I was loving it.”

“Wow!. Just Wow!” I said. “Did you know your ass develops textures?”

“I did not, but then again, I haven’t read through all the literature on Ass-o-rax. Glad to know it does something for you too.”

“Did you experience the ass-clit O?”

“No,” said PT disappointed.

Kate had been taking all of this in. “I think you need to fuck her missionary,” she said. “You have always fucked an ass from behind. At least you have fucked my ass only from behind. Maybe it is time to switch it up.”

“There is a reason I fuck you from behind. That’s the only way you orgasm anally.”

“But we are talking about an ass orgasm, not an anal one.”

“Huh, what’s the difference?”

“The way I see it, the orgasm that PT is experiencing is different from the one I experience when you fuck me. Hers is triggered by Ass-o-rax. I would call that an ‘ass orgasm.’ The natural orgasm, without any drugs, is what I would call an anal orgasm.”

“Agreed,” said PT. “We have a vaginal orgasm, a clitoral orgasm, an anal orgasm, which are all different. I would call this another type of orgasm. Ass orgasm sounds right.”

“You need to change the angle. Most people do anal sex doggy style. It is easier. But what if the ass clit cannot be reached in that position.”

“I have tried missionary anal, and it is not the most easy or most comfortable position,” I said. “I can’t see where I am going, so it is hard to position my cock. It usually slips into the pussy instead of the ass because that is more accessible.”

“This time it is different. You will be going into a welcoming wet ass, probably wetter than the pussy. It won’t be as difficult.”

“Worth a shot,” said PT.

I was doubtful. “I am not sure it will work. I will be going in blind with no idea where the ‘welcoming wet’ asshole is.”

“I will help you,” said Kate. “PT on your back, please. Jon, get on top of PT”

PT lay down on the couch. I climbed on top of her. I held my dick and tried to find her asshole, but I couldn’t. Her butthole needed to be higher up and more exposed.

Kate had to kneel behind us and peer between PT’s legs to see what was going on.

“Prop your ass on this cushion and lift your legs,” said Kate handing PT a cushion.

PT slid the cushion under her ass. That lifted her ass and gave Kate a better view. She gave her a couple of additional cushions to lift her butt higher.

“My view is obstructed by your big cock. Can you bury it in her cunt and spread your legs so I can help?” Kate asked me.

That was easy. I pushed myself into PT’s tight pussy and stayed there.

I felt Kate lifting my balls and adjusting PT’s butt.

“Perfect!” she said.

Then I heard a “Ummmm..” from PT. Kate had inserted her finger into that wet asshole.

“Pull out of her vagina,” said Kate.

I pulled out.

She grabbed my cock and moved it downward until the tip was on her asshole. I held still, not knowing what to do. Kate took my cock and pushed it into her asshole. It slid halfway in. Then I finished the job by pushing all the way in.

I was on top of PT with my weight pushing down on her and my cock buried deep inside her ass. The anal canal was almost smooth, with some faint bumps.

I was looking straight into her beautiful eyes, and I could feel and hear her soft breath. I pulled her close and kissed her luscious lips. She placed her hands on my cheeks and kissed back. Our tongues entangled as we once again explored each other’s mouths. As we kissed, I felt her ass getting tighter and textured. I could feel the distinctive ribs and ridges. She freed her lips, and whispered, “Fuck me!”

I started moving in and out of her ass slowly as we kissed. The texture got more prominent and soon I was driving through an incredibly pleasurable anal canal.

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