Memories Ch. 06

The following was copied from Chapter 5a in Erotic Coupling to begin the flavor for this chapter.

After showering and getting dressed we hugged and then I heard, “I am really glad that I got stiffed last night. Thanks Amy for making me feel so good. God I hope we can play a lot together.”

I just gave him an extra tight hug and said, “Well make sure you have lot of last deliveries here.”

We both laughed as he grabbed his container and was joyfully walking down the hall with one big smile on his face.

Just then the phone rang. When I answered I heard, “It’s Jean, anything-exciting happening? I’m horny are you?”

“Maybe this evening but I have some library stuff to do.”

“Okay, lets plan on it. Oh, by the way can I bring a friend other than Erin to play?”

My heart leaped and thumped. Was it going to be Jill, Mike’s girlfriend?

“I guess it will be okay Jean but I’m a little uptight about it.”

“I understand sweetheart but this will help you get relaxed sooner. See you at eight then if that’s okay. Can we spend the night then?”

“Sure Jean, see you and your friend at eight.”

Now for this chapter:

It was 8:15 when the buzzer rang. Assuming it was Jean and her friend I unlatched the main door and waited for them to arrive. They soon were at my unit. When I saw the girl with Jean, I was a little taken by surprise because she was no more than one-hundred pounds wet in a shower and maybe 5-2, whereas the rest of us so far are one-hundred and ten to one-hundred twenty pounds and are 5-5 to 5-8.

Amy meet Jill, Mike’s girlfriend, the pizza delivery guy that you met Monday night. Mike’s working this weekend so we thought we’d play without him.

I had to turn white. “Amy are you okay? You are white as a ghost.”

“I’m sorry it just the shock of meeting Jill. When I heard you tell Mike to say ‘hi,’ it never crossed my mind I’d be meeting her so soon and well you know what I am trying to say.”

“Relax sweetheart, Jill enjoys sex like Erin, me and you.”

I had to turn red then and then my mind went into gear. I wonder if Mike will be making a last delivery tonight, Oh God. Will Mike tell Jill he did some new meat? Will Jean kill me for not answering, ‘anything-exciting happening?’

“We understand Amy. We were all this way at the beginning,” came from Jill’s mouth as she walked over to me to hug me. I nearly died. My God, her boyfriend was in me a few hours ago. Would she be pissed?

“Here we brought some Chinese to eat. I figured you would not have much around.”

We sat around, ate and blabbed. All the time in the back of my mind was the possibility of Mike calling with the last delivery at one. What could I do? I was having trouble relaxing.

“Amy something is eating at you. I can sense the tension. Want to talk about it or do you want us to leave?”

“Oh God don’t leave Jean but can we slip outside and talk in private a little. You know this is overwhelming me?”

“Sure, Jill can make herself comfortable and we can chat and then come back to play.”

When we got in the hall with the door closed, I heard, “Okay Amy is it Jill that has you upset?”

“Well yes and no. Look I was not open this morning with you when you asked if ‘anything-exciting happening?'”

“Let’s go sit and talk and I hope you do not get pissed at me.”

“My God Amy why should I get pissed at you?”

“Look…,” as I went about explaining the night before and the morning.

I was crying when I finished the happenings with Mike, Jill’s boyfriend. Jean knew of my open invite to Mike. I was completely truthful.

“Let me hold you hon until you settle. I am glad you took me into your confidence to tell me so none of us would be shocked or hurt. Look I’m very glad it happened the way it did. It was spontaneous and you were a lot more relaxed with him that way than if in a swap situation. So, you are far ahead already now. Now if Mike calls this evening, just pass the phone to me and I will then meet him and talk things out with him. Knowing Mike he will keep mum about his extra thing with you and join us like it was a new start. Jill loves watching him do a new girl. I will figure out something to throw her a curve. Oh better yet I have an idea.”

Jean reached for her cell and made a call. “Mike this is Jean. Got a minute to chat? Say I have a favor to ask. Can you make your last delivery to the place you saw that pussy Monday night. Jill and I will be there and maybe we all can spend the night together. Slow down Mike I know your horny but we will have Amy all primed and ready for you. She will be so far out in space when you slip your cock into her that she will not know it until she regains normalcy. Then you and Jill can stay and play in front of us to show Amy how hot you get after your cock is in fresh meat. Amy and I will sleep together then. It might get Amy to swap a lot sooner than she was planning. See you after one then, sweetie.”

“There Amy we covered all bases to hide it from Jill. bursa escort Mike does not even know that I know. It will be like a first time encounter. I am sure he will not say anything because he probably has not mentioned anything to Jill yet. She would have spilled her guts if she knew anything.”

“You are a devil and slut Jean. I am so relaxed now that I told you. God I can go in and have fun now. Thanks for getting me out of a pickle.”

When we returned to my unit, Jill was sitting on the sofa, the spot that Mike did me. I had to chuckle internally. She had found one of my robes and put it on. Her hair was wet so she had showered.

“God where have you guys been? I thought you deserted me.

“Oh Amy had an issue with her boyfriend and we chatted about it. We are all set to play now.”

“Well let’s play. I got myself all wet waiting for you two.”

“Amy why don’t you and Jill get to know each other better if you know what I mean. I will watch you to play and join you later. In the mean time I will play with myself.”

I had to turn red again. Jill must have seen it and said, “It’s okay babe I’m so horny and wet. Why don’t you strip and come play with me. Well, really eat me. I want your mouth on my pussy. I will do you, then we can do each other in sixty-nine, then we can do a threesome with Jean.”

I was getting redder, and warmer. My nipples were hardening and my pussy lips were swelling.

I walked to the sofa and seen that Jill had already placed a towel down to collect the leakage and had removed her robe. Guys had to love her with the 32C breasts she seem to have. On her small frame, they looked like 36DD.

I was thinking to myself, wow not much foreplay with her.

As I was taking my clothes off, Jill said, “Look how wet I am for you Amy. I have been thinking of your mouth there all day. I can’t wait much longer for your to get your tongue in there and let me cream for you. You do like sweet cream don’t you?” as she was spreading her swollen lips apart for me to see.

I chuckled internally because Erin wanted my honey.

“Yes I will enjoy tasting your sweet cream. I am sure it will be as pleasant as Jean’s and Erin’s nectar. I am looking forward to it. Look at me. I am wet thinking of it, as I spread my lips apart for her to see my glistening lips.”

Just then it hit me. I am getting bolder and not so shy, wow.

I knelt and looked at her mound. The blond hair was trimmed very short. It appeared as if she was shaved. Above her mound was a beautiful butterfly whose wings tips extended the width of her hair patch. The blues, greens and yellow in it made it stunning to look at. In her naval was an Emerald. I looked into her pussy. It was all so wet and glistening. I could even see the entrance to her cervix. All this was sending blood to many erotic zones. Then I heard from Jean, “Amy on second thought I am going to kneel behind you and rub my mound into your butt and reach around and play with your nipples while you are making Jill feel good.”

I lowered my mouth to Jill’s mound. It was strange having my cheeks into pubic hair of my gender. She continued to hold herself open for me and said, “Amy I will hold myself open for you and I want you to play with my nipples and get rough with them. Squeeze them tight and pinch them hard the closer I get to cumming, will you please?”

I moaned into her pussy, “Mmmmmhuh.”

Jean knelt behind me as promised. Her warm, soft hands went to my boobs. The more Jean messed with my boobs the harder I went to playing with Jill’s nipples. I was cupping and holding her breast in my palms. They were so soft and warm. Jill’s clit was very hard. Jill was humping to get more tongue action. It was not difficult to know that the pace of things was picking up with moans and breathing and the oh’s and yeses and that’s it, yes, there oh god yes.

All of a sudden Jeans right hand left my right breast. She reached between my legs, slipped two fingers into my pussy, and started to finger fuck me. I began to moan on Jill’s clit and was licking faster. My orgasm hit me. I stiffened, pressing my mouth hard onto Jill’s mound, taking the clit into my mouth as I hummed my cum. She arched and screamed hers. As I was cumming down, Jean’s fingers were still in me but not moving much and I heard, “Great cum Amy. Do you want to clean my fingers?”

I lifted my head from between Jill’s legs and said, “Mmmmhuh!”

She reached around with her hand, placed it on Jill’s mound and then said, “Enjoy your cum juice Amy.”

I took my hand, guided her fingers into my mouth, and cleaned them good. The next thing I heard was from Jill. “Okay Amy let’s change position and let me get you off. Jean do me the same please. That was hot seeing you work on Amy.”

I was kind of in shock at the nonchalant attitude about this. It was clearly obvious it was a matter of cumming and feeling good. Then I heard, “Amy do you want me to get rough on your nips while you hold yourself open or do you want to play bursa ucuz escort with them yourself?”

“I’ve never had anyone get rough with them. It must feel good or you would not like it.”

“Amy it puts a new dimension in cumming like junior in your ass.” I died hearing that. Jean had to be talking.

“Okay I will try it. I will hold myself open and you treat me then.”

Jill stared into my pussy for a few minute and then looked me in the eyes and said, “Amy that is a beautiful sight there. I am going to really love playing with you.”

She placed her hands on my boobs. I opened my swollen lips for her. Her mouth went down on me and we were off to what we were here to do. I had closed my eyes but knew when Jean was attacking Jill. I was making the same noises and remarks that Jill had made as I was eating her.

Her playing with my boobs roughly was adding a new dimension to this kind of sex play. My God having someone of my gender rolling and pinching my nips was adding a new dimension to fun. I had placed me feet on the sofa’s edge so was lifting to get more tongue.

I was building much faster than normal. It hit like lightning; my hands left my pussy lips and went to Jill’s hands, pressing them harder into my boobs.

I assumed Jill and I had cum together. She was resting her cheek on my mound breathing hard. I opened my eyes hearing slurping noises. Jean was licking Jill’s juices from her fingers.

I then heard from Jean, “Okay break time then we can move to the bedroom.”

Jean and Jill had brought some wine with them with the Chinese food. We sipped on it and nibbled a little eating the fortune cookies.

“Okay Amy I’m ready for sixty-nine. Are you?”

“Sure, I am enjoying this cumming so often and much. It’s so much more relaxing doing it with you guys. I’m glad Jean that you and Erin picked me to initiate at the sleepover.”

Jill and I moved into my bedroom. She sprawled out so I took that to mean I was top. I heard, “Amy, lie on your stomach and lets press out tits into each other and kiss a little. Let’s rub our mounds together.”

“I climbed on the bed and lowered myself to her. Our mouths connected and we went into DFK. Our mounds rubbed each other and our tits were feeling good pressing into each other.”

“Umm, I like kissing you,” Jill said as she broke our DFK. Then we resumed the kissing as she drove her tongue into my mouth holding my head with her hands at my ears.”

She broke the kiss and said, “Let’s play.”

I lifted up and swung around. I lowered my mouth to her mound. She arched when my mouth contacted it. I lowered my mound to her mouth. After a few minutes of mouthing each other I heard, “Amy, let’s finger fuck each other while we do this. I feel slutty.”

I slowly inserted two fingers and made sure I did a very slow, long, lick up, on her slit from the entrance of her love tunnel to the clit with my tongue.

I was met with vigorous thrusting and moans.

I heard, “Oh God…umm…”

Jill had a succulent pussy and I devoured her pussy like it was going to be my last drink.

We both rode the wave to our mutual cums.

When we had settled I heard, “Okay guys, change of plans. Amy I want to stand chest to chest with you, DFK and arms wrapped around each other. Jill can finger fuck us to cums. I want to feel you building as we hold tight and kiss each other. You game?”

“I guess. This is all new to me. Let’s do it.”

Jean and I wrapped our arms around each other, tits pressing into one another, spreading our legs so Jill could access the dripping holes. We looked into each others eyes and heard, “You guys play I am going to potty.”

“Amy when its time for Mike to get here, I’m going to blindfold you. I will suggest Jill use a vib on you. Mike will see the scene, get rock hard and we will sub his cock for the dildo.” Mike will think he is pleasing both Jill and me; you are going to have to fake knowing Mike intimately already.”

“Okay Jean”

We buried our mouths into each other and Jill soon returned. We were warming up and as she began finger fucking us it got warmer and the breathing became more rapid and shallower. We had to break the DFK so we could breath. We placed our faces into each other’s neck pulled ourselves tighter to each other, moaning our feelings out loud. When the cum hit us we pressed boobs and mounds tightly to each other and announced loudly the pleasure wave consuming us.

After we settled Jill lifted from the floor and offered me the fingers that were in Jean and the fingers that were in me to Jean. We cleaned them for her. God I thought I have become a slut. This would have been revolting a month ago if I were asked an opinion.

“Okay break time, wine time.”

Jean and I looked at the clock. It was 12:45. We knew Mike would be there around 1:15 so we took our time drinking and chatting. At 1:00 Jean said, “Amy I want to blind fold you and let Jill use some toys on you. They bursa elit escort will be surprises so we don’t want you to see them. Is that okay?”

“You mean like junior maybe?”

“Yeah maybe like junior.”

“Com’on get near the bed so I can blind fold you and then Jill and I can attack you.”

I did as she told me. Jean placed my hand on the bed and then said, “Okay hon sprawl out and hold open your pussy lips so Jill and I can get a good look. Raise your legs so your feet our flat on the bed and spread your legs wide.”

My heart was beating hard because of the tension of more girl/girl sex but also knowing Mike will be in me shortly.

I did as suggested and heard, “Isn’t that a beautiful sight Jill, all wet, hot, and dripping for us. She is a slut.”

“Yes it is Jean. Let’s see how see enjoys this.”

I felt the bed move and something was placed at the entrance to my playground. It was creeping in slowly and stretching me. “Ohoooooo God that feels good,” emitted from my mouth.

Then a thumb went to my clit and rolled over it softly. I just relaxed and drifted into the cum that was building. “Hurry up you guys I need to cum. Relax Amy we are going to build you to a point where you have never been. When you cum it might be tomorrow when you are back with us.”

It built slow. I placed my hand on the hand that was doing my clit but it did not help any. It had a deliberate speed.

God, every time I got to the edge to go over they slowed down. “Com’on on guys get me off. This is torture. It is killing me. I need to cum so much, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

“Listen to her Jill she wants to cum. Poor baby wants to cum. Shall we let her cum?”

“Yeah just a little one and then we will do it again and again and again.”

They did just that. I was soaking wet with perspiration. I had not reached the peek I desired. How could they control me like this? I was humping the dildo faster and harder but they slowed it’s movements down. Every time I reached my hands down to get more into me they pushed it back.

“AAAhhhhh,” came out of my mouth as the dildo vibrated and set off my orgasm.

When I came down Jean said, “Amy lift up your legs and I’m going to hold them back at your titties and we will send you on your way.

I was a little delirious yet but managed as she had crawled to the head of the bed and held me legs at the calves and pulled back. It must have been some sight for Mike and Jill if they were looking.

“Amy I am going to place a pillow over your boobs so Jill can rest her face on it.”

I felt the pillow go in place.

“Okay Jill send her to the moon and beyond.”

I felt a body lean over me. The dildo slid back in. Jill had put a harness on to fuck me. She was leaning over me. I could smell her perfume. It felt so good as my pussy lips clamped on it. She started to fuck me with it. I was hoping so much it would have bee Mike.

“Oh God, Jill. Yes, Yes, oh God do me deep and hard like a guy. Make me cum, please Oh, I want to cum so much. This is the best fuck ever.”

My hands went to my breast and I was mauling them. Look at her Jill, you have her on her way.

I reached the peek, took my hands from my breast, wrapped them around her and screamed, “Jill, I’m cccc…ccc…cccc, Ohhhhhhhh, oooo…Oh!”

Then I heard, let me get into her now Jill from Jean’s mouth.

Jill backed the dildo out and some ones finger had slipped to my clit to keep me high.

Jean lowered my legs and Jill said, Amy I’m going to hold your legs like Jean did.”

I felt Jill at the top of my head. Jean lifted them and pushed them back for Jill to grab and hold onto.

“Here it comes Amy, I am going to send you to another cum,” was coming from Jean’s mouth.”

I felt the head pop in and instantly new it was real.

“Ohhhhhhhh!” Jean it feels so fucking good, God yes.”

“Oh this is awesome. I wish Rob were here to see this. Oooo…ooo…ooo.”

Assuming it was Mike, excited me more. I was humping to meet his thrust.

“You sure have her into it Jean. Bury it deep in her. Make her love fucking.”

I placed my hands on my tits to pinch the nipples hard like Jill did when she was doing me.

“I’m going to Ohhhhhhhhh!” as I lifted off for my cum and pressed hard into the thing in me.

My pussy clamped down hard on the cock. I then heard a muffled growl in the pillow.

“OH God another cccuuummmm. Ohooooooooo God! Oh God!” hearing Mike growl muffled in the pillow.

My brain saw nothing but white as lightning. I could feel my hands slide from my breast and fall to the bed as the orgasm overtook my body. It was so much harder and intense that last night when Mike was doing me. Was it the surrounding of people watching this time? Was it because I was more relaxed with Mike’s second firing into me?

When I recovered, I felt an arm over me holding a breast and boobs pressed into my back. I blinked and was looking at Jill with a hand on her breast. I looked harder, there was Mike holding his head up on an elbow, smiling at me, and he was the one with his hands on Jill’s tit. Jill had here eyes closed.

I decided I’d better close my eyes and wait to see what happens.

Well readers, back to Erotic Coupling for the continuation as Chapter 6a.

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