Hitchhikers: Day 03

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Summary of Days 1 and 2: My wife Jill and I were on our way to spend a long weekend at Cannon Beach on the Oregon coast when we picked up two young hitchhikers, Catie and Alex. We invited them to share our motel room when their plans for camping were rained out. That first evening, one thing led to another, and by the second day, Alex and I were fucking Catie and Jill in various combinations…

We all overslept the next morning and it was some time after nine thirty when I crawled out of bed to pee. Catie was still dozing curled up next to me, and Alex and Jill in the other bed were looking blearily around. Somehow, we’d all fallen asleep with whoever we’d been fucking last. It had been a long fun evening.

Catie was just starting to wake as I slipped back into bed, but Jill was sitting up peering at her phone. “Hey, guys,” she said, sounding surprised. “If we want any breakfast, we’d better move. This place quits serving at ten o’clock. In less than twenty minutes.”

Catie looked up. “Crap! I’m going to have to get up then. I need some food.”

Alex laughed. “She’s always hungry. I don’t know how she stays so skinny, the amount she puts into herself.” He ducked suddenly as a pillow flew over his head.

“Having energetic sex the way you’re supposed to burns a lot of calories, asshole,” Catie told him. Alex flung the pillow back at her. “Whoops!”

The four of us walked into breakfast slightly out of breath but fully dressed and just in time for food. Alex and I had pulled on whatever we’d been wearing the previous day, but both Catie and Jill had changed clothes. Jill was in a short dark blue skirt and a smart lighter blue cotton top. “I brought these in case we went out to eat, so I may as well wear them today,” she told me. Catie was more informally dressed, in tan shorts and a bright green tee-shirt with the words “Save a mouse, Eat a pussy.” A great idea as soon as we’d eaten, I thought.

It was another good breakfast, but more hurried than the day before. Jill had reminded us that we had to be out of our room by noon, and Catie and Alex were each supposed to be working in Portland in the evening. “We can get you back to the city by the end of the afternoon,” I told them. “So no problem.”

“Great,” Catie said. “Gonna be sorry to leave though.”

“Yeah,” Jill commented. “And we didn’t get any time lying on the beach.”

“There were consolations,” I said.

Jill laughed, then pointed out the window. “Shit, it’s raining again. No beach at all this morning, I guess.”

“H-m-m,” Catie said. “We’ll just have to head back to the room and think of something else to do.”

“Gee, I can’t imagine what,” I said.

Jill stuck her tongue out at me. “I guess it’ll be just the three of us, then.”

“Ooh, a threesome,” Catie said. “Fun!”

“Too bad, buddy,” Alex grinned at me. “We’ll let you watch, though.”

The three of them were still laughing when we walked back into the room. I checked the time and asked, “So how much fun can we have in an hour and a half, guys?”

Jill ran a hand down Alex’s arm. “You know what I’d like? Alex and I missed out on playing in the shower yesterday. And we’ve not showered yet today.”

“M-m-m,” Catie said. “Yeah, we do need to clean up. But it’s a real big tub, if you get my meaning.”

“All together?” Jill asked. “That would be friendly.”

I had an idea. “We could start by undressing each other. That would be friendly for sure.”

“Hey, fun,” Alex said. “How about guys undress girls, then girls undress guys?”

I reached for Catie’s hands and pulled her to me. A couple of feet away, Alex was already sliding a hand into Jill’s blue top.

“Shoes and socks, first,” Catie instructed me. “Don’t you know how to undress a girl?”

It had been a while. Jill and I had played at undressing each other when we were Gaziantep Sınırsız Escort first together, building up the tension before the sex started. I dropped to my knees and untied Catie’s shoes, then removed them and slid her socks off her feet. “Size five,” I said and gave each foot a kiss.

“Sweet,” Catie said. “Now the top.”

I moved behind her and ran my hands over her little boobs, then slowly pulled her green tee-shirt up over her head and tossed it on the floor, just as I heard Alex’s voice: “O-h-h! Beautiful!”

Alex’s undressing of Jill had moved a little faster than my disrobing of Catie, and Jill was now standing in front of Alex in just bra and panties, both in dark blue lace that I’d not seen before, and looking stunning. She smiled at me. “I brought these as a surprise for you, Nick, but I hope you won’t mind if you have to share.”

“That’s okay,” I said, “I’ll enjoy watching Alex remove them.” I felt my cock give a little twitch. “But I’ll be wanting to do some removing myself as soon as we get home.”

I turned back to Catie to give a quick lick to her nipples, already hard, then watched as Alex unfastened Jill’s bra and slid it slowly down, taking care to run his hands across her lovely naked boobs as he did so.

Catie nudged me. “Let’s move this along, we’ve got lots to do.” I pulled her closer and reached for the zip of her little shorts, then tugged hard at the waistband. A second later, Catie was naked with her shorts and bikini panties around her ankles, looking temptingly sexy. I licked a couple of fingers and ran them across her pussy, then noticed that Alex was doing the same to my equally nude wife.

“More in a few minutes,” Catie told me. “We need you guys to be ready too.” She dropped to her knees to loosen my shoes, then yanked them off with my socks. “Better, now the jeans.” Still on her knees, she reached up to the zip, jerked it down, then slid my jeans and underpants down.

Catie giggled as my stiff cock, released from the denim, leapt in front of her. “What’s this thing?” She took my cockhead between her lips for a moment, causing me to give a gasp of pleasure. “H-m-m, maybe I’ll look at this later. Now let’s get the shirt off.”

A minute later, the four of us were naked, with Alex and I both sporting big hardons. I put a hand on Catie’s little ass to push her towards the bathroom. “You were the expert with the shower control yesterday.”

The four of us climbed into the tub and Catie turned on the shower, adjusted the spray, and handed out a couple of bars of soap.

The tub was crowded with four bodies, but this didn’t seem to be a problem for anyone as we lathered up and ran our hands over each other. I slid a soapy hand across Catie’s little boobs then over Jill’s ass, encountering Alex’s hand coming the other way. Catie was running her hands across Jill’s nipples, then leaning forward in the spray to suck first one and then the other.

I moved closer to Catie and ran a couple of soapy fingers across her pussy. She smiled at me and reached with her own soapy hand for my cock and then my balls. Suddenly, I realized Catie’s hand was still on my cock and it was Jill’s hand fondling my balls. I looked down through the shower spray and saw that Catie and Jill were managing to play with Alex’s cock and balls as well as mine. I could enjoy this for a long time, I thought.

“I think everyone’s ready,” Jill giggled. “We can get dry now.”

Jeez, I thought as the four of us climbed out of the tub, Alex and I were ready before we got in the shower. Having two small soapy hands sliding across my very aroused prick and balls had been a lot of fun, though.

“Dry off quick, guys,” Catie ordered. “I’m not sure Jill and I can wait much longer.”

With checkout time approaching there was beginning to be a feeling of urgency, and we dried off fast before heading back into the bedroom.

“Blow jobs first,” Catie suggested. She gave exaggerated looks at our stiff cocks. “The guys look like they’re more than ready. Sit on the edge of one of the beds.”

Alex and I didn’t hesitate, and Catie and Jill were equally quick to drop to their knees in front of us. I gazed into Catie’s green eyes as she took my stiff cock between her lips and ran her tongue across the head. Next to her, my wife’s cap of dark hair was bobbing up and down over Alex’s rod. Christ, I thought as I watched my wife taking Alex’s engorged shaft in her mouth, I never in my life imagined I’d see this. Jill caught my eye and released Alex’s cock for a moment. “Yum, yum, yum.”

“M-m-m-m,” Catie murmured as her tongue moved to my balls, “So soft and full of good stuff.” I pulled her closer and moved my hands down to her nipples, tweaking them as she sucked each of my balls in turn. I was beginning to think I might explode if this went on much longer when I heard Jill: “Our turn now. Girls on the bed, guys on their knees.”

The four of us switched places so that Catie and Jill were seated on the end of the bed with their legs wide apart. I gazed at the two pussies, both already wet, and grinned at Alex. “Beautiful sight!”

I started running my tongue through Catie’s orange curls and across her pussy, then licking across the folds and deeper between the lips. Catie was making happy murmurs and Jill was producing soft gasping sounds beside her as Alex’s tongue delved deeper into her cunt.

“Stop!” Catie said suddenly. “Enough foreplay, or I’m going to come in a second.”

“Everyone on the bed now,” Jill proposed, then had another suggestion: “So how about threesomes? Like we were talking about?”

“M-m-m, fun,” Catie offered. “How would it work with four of us?”

“We could take turns watching,” Alex suggested.

“Yeah, I know some people who like watching.” Jill winked at me. We’d watched a lot of porn when we were first together and threesomes had been a particular favorite of mine. “Maybe Nick could watch first.”

“Okay with me,” I said. It wouldn’t hurt to give my cock a short rest.

“Okay, then,” Catie continued. “I want to eat Jill out while Alex fucks me.”

Jill smiled. “I’d like that, if we could switch halfway.” She edged up the bed and lay with her legs open as Catie moved between them. Alex waited until they were in position with Catie starting to lap at Jill’s pussy, then slowly inserted his cock into Catie’s cunt. I moved closer to get a better view of Alex’s long rod sliding between Catie’s pussy lips. As he picked up the pace I could see a little white cream appearing each time his cockhead came close to pulling out. Jill was starting to make panting noises and Catie was murmuring to herself as Alex thrust into her as she ran her tongue faster across the folds of Jill’s pussy.

“Switch!” Jill demanded. She looked up at me and smirked. “I want that nice lo-o-o-ng cock inside me.”

Little bitch, I thought, as Jill and Catie changed places. But my cock enjoyed the sight of Alex’s eight inches ramming into Jill’s cunt as she licked hungrily at Catie’s pussy. I moved closer to Catie to allow her to give my cockhead an occasional lick.

“Your turn to watch,” I told Catie after a while. My cock was now more than ready for some use.

Catie stuck her tongue out at me, but she edged across the bed to let me take her place. Now I was on my knees in front of my wife, still being rammed by Alex.

Jill ran her tongue across her lips and smiled at me. “Here’s an old friend,” she said as I waved my rock-hard prick in front of her face. Another smile, then her mouth engulfed my cock. “M-m-m,” I heard and felt her tongue exploring my cockhead as she sucked it deeper. Somehow she was managing to respond to Alex’s thrusts at the same time, but every so often she would gasp loudly and release my dick for a moment.

“Time to switch?” I asked Alex after a while.

“Okay,” Alex answered as we changed places. My wife opened her mouth to welcome Alex’s cock as I moved behind her to feed my own tool into her cunt. Like on the previous evening, I found it wonderfully exciting to be thrusting into my wife’s cunt moments after she’d been fucked by another man. Jill was pushing back against me as Alex fucked her mouth harder and harder, and I was starting to feel I was close to coming. Catie wriggled nearer and leant across my body to lick my cock each time it emerged between Jill’s pussy lips. “Yum,” I heard her whisper. “Now it’s a foursome.”

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door followed by a voice: “Maid service!”

Shit! It was lucky we’d locked the door, though. “We’ll be out of here in ten minutes,” I called. I looked at the others. “Let’s make the most of our last few minutes.”

“I’ve an idea,” Catie said. “Are the guys almost ready to come?”

Alex and I both nodded. I was already having to make an effort to hold back.

Catie whispered something to Jill. “That’s disgusting,” I heard my wife comment. “Really disgusting.” She grinned. “So let’s do it.”

“Okay,” Catie said. “Nick can fuck me for a minute while Alex fucks Jill, and then…” She didn’t finish, and I still didn’t know what she and Jill were planning, but Alex and I were already moving into position behind our respective partners.

As I rammed my cock into Catie’s little cunt, I saw Alex’s eight inches disappearing between my wife’s pussy lips. “Yes, Nick,” Catie told me. “Yes, fuck me hard.”

I was quick to oblige, but I knew I was very close to coming. I could tell from Alex’s “Fuck… fuck…fuck… fuck…” that he was close too.

Catie must have sensed my orgasm was very near. She pulled away and spun around on her knees, her mouth open wide. A moment later, Jill followed her lead, facing Alex’s giant prick. I moved closer to Catie so that so could run her tongue across my cock head.

That was all it took. I lost control and came suddenly, squirting a stream of jism between Catie’s lips. A second later, I heard Alex’s grunting roar as he came in my wife’s wide-open mouth.

I edged back a little, gazing first at Catie, then at Jill. Each had her mouth open, gently dribbling a thin stream of cum juice. I was just thinking, wow, that was hot, when I realized the performance wasn’t quite over. Jill moved closer to Catie, then opened her mouth wide.

Jesus, I suddenly knew what they were going to do. Sperm swap!

I was right. Catie pursed her lips a little and directed a trickle of my jism into Jill’s mouth. Then Jill swirled her tongue around, pushed Catie’s mouth more open and let some of Alex’s and my juices dribble between her lips.

Alex and I knelt on the bed, transfixed by what we were watching, until Catie and Jill each swallowed ostentatiously, gave each other a very long kiss and then burst out laughing.

They were still giggling when there was another knock at the door. “Maid service. Can I come in?”

“Just two minutes,” I called back.

“Okay, then.” The maid didn’t sound happy with the delay.

It took a little longer than two minutes, but all four of us were fully dressed and ready to leave by the next knock.

I opened the door and got a frowning glare from the middle-aged uniformed maid, wrinkling her nose at what she was smelling. I handed her a twenty and followed Catie and Jill and Alex out into the hallway.

Catie and Jill were giggling again.

“Oh, God, that was so disgusting!” I heard Jill say, followed by Catie’s “Yeah, really, really disgusting.” She was almost choking with renewed giggles. “Let’s do it again sometime.” A long pause. “What are you guys doing next weekend?”

I smiled. I already knew the answer.

Licking cum out of…

Deep throat

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