Frank: Marge’s Mother


Two months ago I thought I was the most sexually deprived male in this city. Even though it effected only two people wasn’t the point. The other one it affected is under me at the present moment with my ten inch cock rove up her and she couldn’t be happier. Neither could I, for she was the best piece of pussy I have ever had.

It all started when Greg, Marge’s husband my next door neighbour who has been retired a couple of years was taken to hospital for some rare heart disease. Marge’s mother who lived with them was nursed by Marge and her daughter Ann during part of the day, the old lady Cath had had a stroke and lost all mobility and her speech. They decided to look after the old lady rather than take up a hospital bed.

I knew or at least I used to talk to the old lady, so I went in from time to time, to visit and sit with her. Marge was told Cath may remain in that condition or could snap out of it at any time. Also she needed massages daily to her limbs, I used to sit and massage her hands and forearms whilst I talked to her, I don’t know if what I did was any help though.

Marge came and asked me if I would sit with the old lady while she went to visit Greg, for at least two hours in the evenings. The daughter had her own family to look after so couldn’t do it then. At that time we had no idea how long Greg was to be hospitalised, so I agreed to do that task, as the old lady already knew me, and after all it wasn’t too difficult a task for a twenty eight year old man.

Cath took everything through a rubber tit on a bottle, but had made it clear she had to have her teeth in when she did so. Then when she was finished they had to be removed again.

I used to just talk about anything that came into my head; in fact I didn’t even know if she even heard what I said, for there was very little facial expression. The one thing she did when she wanted a drink was purse her lips, so that was a sign to let her drink, but first the ritual of the teeth.

After Marge had left and I was alone with Cath, I had been chatting with her and holding her hand, she pursed her lips and I followed the usual procedure and gave her a drink. Then I removed her denture and casually slipped my finger into her mouth, she sucked it, rolling her tongue round and round my middle finger.

Now why after all the times I had been sitting with her I suddenly got the urge to stick my cock into her mouth with her doing this I don’t know. “How would you like something better to suck on eh?” I asked her, knowing full well I wouldn’t get an answer. “A lovely big cock to suck on, wouldn’t it be nice with your gummy mouth, now you wouldn’t bite me now would you Cath?” I said looking into her eyes. Still she sucked at my finger, I slowly withdrew it and the lips followed until it popped out.

“Yes I think you would like a cock to suck wouldn’t you. I bet it has been a long time since you had a bit of cock between your lips,” I said to her.

Then I just undone my zip and out plopped my semi limp cock. I stood up and placed the head to her lips and she opened up and in went the head. She really had to open wide and I didn’t think she could do that, but she did and the lips closed around my cock and the sucking started as well as the tongue. This caused the rush of blood to my cock and soon I was rock hard, pushing a little more into her mouth so that the cheeks bulged, but still the sucking continued. I gave little in and out movements, my passion was ready to blow and I quickly withdrew my cock from her lips. Got a cloth and wiped all my come from her face where I had spurted. Her tongue just parted her lips and she licked the spill off them.

Christ I thought she liked what I had done. I sat down again beside her and again held her hand. This time I told her how much I would like to fuck her and all the other crap.

Every evening that week we went through the same, but now I swept my offerings into her mouth and she swallowed the lot. There was no spitting out, she swallowed it all.

It was then Marge told me that Reg will be in hospital for at least another month and she would have to get someone else to sit with her mother for these few hours.

“Forget it Marge, I’ll fill in these two hours for you, anyway I think your mother is getting a bit of movement in her hands.”

“You have your life to live, not sit nursing my mother night after night.”

“What are neighbours for, I’m sure you have helped my mother out many times before?”

Oh, by the way I still live at home with my mother and youngest sister, who the hell my father was I don’t know, my mother hadn’t told me. The same goes for my sister who had a different father.

Marge went twice a day to sit with Reg and it must have been a strain on her travelling back and forth on public transport, for Marge couldn’t drive. She was one of those motherly types who thought driving was a man’s job.

“Look instead of you dashing to hospital and then dashing back, stay a little while longer with Reg and catch Ankara travesti a later bus. I’ll be fine with Cath.”

“Thanks Frank, I would appreciate that.”

So I was committed to at least three hours with Cath to talk to. The first night I slid my hand into her night dress and had a good feel of her breasts they were a bit saggy but a good handful. I got one out through the neck and kissed the nipple and it even rose up. They were lovely and soft. I pushed it back the covers placed my hand on her nightie and pulled up the hem higher, it was up over her thighs exposing her grey sparsely haired pussy.

Moving her legs apart was easy there was no resistance and I was surprised on her having such a nice looking pussy, no bits of skin hanging out and slightly puffy outer lips, with the slit just showing.

All this time I was talking to her telling her how lovely her fanny looked and how I would love to stick my cock up inside of her. I even asked her if she would like me to do that, again knowing I would get no answer. I played around with her like a kid with a new toy, slipping my finger into her cunt and even playing with her clit. I got no reaction at all, her legs stayed where I had put them.

I was suddenly beginning to like the feel of an older woman’s body. I was comparing it with the sluts I had been going around with lately and I found I preferred the older woman.

That was all the mucking I did that night except the usual cock head in the mouth routine, but this time I got her head and fucked her face, the feel of the gums working the shaft was truly fantastic. I made sure she didn’t gag by not thrusting too deep, but a cock three inches in diameter really spreads the mouth and cheeks out.

If she hadn’t wanted me to do this she could have closed her jaws and prevented me doing it, but no she opened wide enough for me to get in and just that amount. Cath actually loved this, I realised.

When I got home I looked at my mother in a new light, she I am sure was like Cath. At one time I used to have lots of uncles who stayed with us, but the last ten years as she got older they dwindled off to none. She has also got grumpier over the last few years and she and my sister are always arguing. My sister changes boyfriends so much I can never tell who she is going out with. I suspect the reason for the grumpiness is my mother’s change of life. Also she is beginning to become more full figured, more mature, maybe this was what was making me give her a longer look.

The next evening I had made up my mind to actually fuck Cath. I heard of staff who nursed long term female coma patients often fucked them, and only recently one woman became pregnant and even gave birth whilst still in a coma. Cath though wasn’t in a coma she just couldn’t move herself.

After Marge left I packed pillows under Cath’s behind and pulled the nightdress up to her chin revealing to me for the fist time her naked body. I just loved her tits, and rubbed them together enjoying the texture. I slowly run my hands down her body, massaging and feeling as I went. I had full freedom to do or touch any part of her, but it was her cunt I was after to-night.

I had already taken off my trousers and my cock was like a bar of steel in anticipation of pinning Cath. I just guided the head to her lips and gently leant into her body and slipped my cock into her. Slowly sinking in and enjoying the feel of her body give to my assault. Once fully encased I just let it soak watching Cath’s face and I’m sure I saw a smile on her face. I then felt a slight tightening of her vaginal muscles. How could this be I thought, I must be imagining it.

I started a slow fuck and felt her hips roll under me and a slight movement to her legs, only slight but a certainty. There was definite movement, but I was too far committed to think of stopping now. I had a hold of her hips and pushed and pulled myself into maximum and thought I was in heaven. Then her legs wrapped around mine and held me by her heels. I nearly fainted by this, but I carried on and her hips were keeping time with mine now. Just as I was about to blow I quickly withdrew and moved up the bed and put my cock once more between her lips.

Then her hand came up and wrapped itself around my shaft guiding it in her mouth. The actions and sucking felt no different, but this time my whole load shot into her mouth. Just the tip of my head was between her lips and I felt her tongue lick and probe the small slit at the end.

She wasn’t fully conscious but she was now partially and she was moving her legs bending and straightening her legs. By this time I was again on the floor and had her nightie pulled down and the pillows removed from under her hips. I was talking to her all the time. Things like, “Wasn’t that nice Cathy”, “I sure loved sinking my cock into you.” “I am still here Cath speak to me and I’ll fill your cunt anytime you want.”

I got no more out of her that evening except she was moving her legs and bending Konya travesti and stretching them below the knee.

When Marge came home I showed her and told her she had also raised her hand. I didn’t say it was to hold my cock though, why should I tell her that.

I was thrilled and frightened all at the same time. Afraid that Cath will come to and tell everyone she woke up and found I was fucking her, or that I was sticking my cock in her mouth. I’m sure Marge and her daughter would be a bit upset about that.

Marge was so excited that she even hugged me. Marge was only a small lady no taller than five-three but Greg was huge and tall over six-four so my five-nine was more her size. She had the loveliest pair of knockers and wide hips; I suppose she had to, to accommodate Greg.

The next evening I was back and I went through the same routine as the previous evening. But when I was congratulating myself for once again having sunk into Cath’s wonderful cunt, her legs came up and her heels hooked into my buttocks and her arms came up and pulled me down on top of her.

“I have been waiting all day for just this moment Frank, I got you now and I’ll never let you get away. I don’t know what you did last night, but I suddenly came to and I loved the way you stuck your cock in my mouth. I wasn’t quite all with it just then, but I am now. This time fill my pussy and not my mouth. I much prefer it there. Remember I can get you for rape, but why should I do that, when you have such a lovely cock and willing to share it with me.”

I was still taken back and I just lay there sunk deep inside her. It was Cath who rolled her hips and thrust first, I just took over, and this time spilled my load into her eager old cunt. This was my first fully conscious grey haired lady, which wouldn’t be the last by a long shot. I have now got the taste for older women I knew right then.

When Marge returned I had Cath propped up on pillows drinking a cup of tea with me.

“Oh Mum, you are awake and siting up,” she cried out.

“I think I have to thank Frank for that he has the magic touch,” she said in a rather hoarse voice. “He tells me Greg is sick in hospital, I’m so sorry to hear that Marge, it must be a strenuous time for you.”

“Oh thank you Frank, I could kiss you, I really could,” she said with tears streaming down her face.

“Don’t let me stop you Marge, go give him a kiss,” Cath said

Marge did as her mother asked but it was a motherly kiss she gave me, but I realised that Marge was a right simple person and would be very receptive to a dominant man, which Greg was. That was why they were always seen together with Marge trailing behind.

“Now that Cath is improved, will you want me over to-morrow?”

“Of course I will, I’m still a bit weak and you can keep me company until Marge comes back, and until Greg comes out of hospital,” Cath cut in.

As Cath said I had better do as she says or she could call rape and anyway I think she wants to carry on from where we left off last night.

So once again I went next door as Marge was leaving all smiles. Just then the telephone rang and she dashed back inside. I went straight through to Cath’s room where she was sitting in an easy chair.

“So they have let you up, soon you will be up and about like your old self,” I said giving her a peck on the cheek.

“No Frank I’ll never be like my old self. I have you now and I can’t get over how I now feel, being loved.”

Just then there came a loud scream from the other room.

“Go and see what is the matter Frank, maybe Marge has fallen.”

I went out into the lounge and Marge was sitting on the chair with the phone dangling from her hand. I knew right away it was something that had been said over the telephone, so I put it to my ear.

“Can you tell me what the problem is, for this lady seems very upset?

“I just informed her that her husband died ten minutes ago.”

“Thank you very much I will take it from here,” I said

Marge was in such a shock that she wasn’t even crying, she just sat there gazing into nowhere. I put my arms around her and held her tight. I knew how much she depended on Greg, but the tears will come soon I knew. When they did they just flowed she had her arms wrapped around me crying her eyes out. I didn’t know what to say or do. I’ve never had a woman so overcome with grief before to contend with.

Then in the doorway I saw Cath standing there. “For Christ sake Cath sit down, you are in no state to be walking around,” I knew I could speak to Cath that way, somehow I just knew.

Still holding onto Marge I phoned the daughter Ann. When the phone was answered I was ready for her, “Ann, Frank here I want you round here immediately, your father has died fifteen minutes ago and your mother is in need of your help. Also Cath has got up out of her chair and I can’t look after both of them.”

“Oh my God, poor mum, I’m on my way,” she replied.

I was still holding İzmir travesti onto Marge as she continued to cry, Ann came right in crying as well, followed by her husband and their two children dressed in pyjamas.

“Thank you Frank, I’ll take over now, this is a family matter, I think you should go,” she said sharply.

“Hi wait a minute if it wasn’t for Frank, God knows what we would have done,” said Cath.

“Grandma, he’s not one of the family I don’t want him here, please.” She sharply spoke.

“That’s alright Cath, I know I’m not wanted, I’ll be seeing you,” I said making for the door.

Ann came running over and stood in front of me. “Please Frank, I didn’t mean it the way it sounded, I’m sorry and thank you for all the help you have done, I can’t thank you enough,” she said as I walked out the door.

I think she did mean she was sorry, but I will give her the benefit of the doubt. I walked into our kitchen and my mother had a foot up on the chair cutting her toenails with her skirt above her knees showing a very narrow strip of material not quite covering her genitals, but slicing through her slit.

“For heavens sake mum put your foot down you’re showing me all you’ve got and it’s winking at me,” I said to her.

“I never told you to look. Your mum turns you on does she?” she said laughing at her own sick humour.

“Not in a hundred years, even on a plate,” I shot back leaving the room and switching on the TV.

She had to push it though and she followed me in. “So you don’t like my panties then?”

“No you should be wearing something with a bit more material, so that it doesn’t ride up your crack.”

“So you saw that much, I had better watch you.”

“Go on mum, you are disgusting at times,” I said smacking her gently on her rear as she left.”

“Wow, he’s getting rough now. I submit, I submit don’t hit me.”

“Mum, drop it,” I shouted but I had to keep my leg up for I was hard as hell.

From that day, whether it was just accidental or otherwise I was always catching my mother in embarrassing situations. For example her sitting on the toilet with the door open, running naked to her room from the shower. Numerous occasions where she’s either pulling on stockings or shoes flashing her panty clad crotch and always the same type of panty. In fact my sister was just as bad. Maybe I was becoming more sensitive to those happenings whereas before I just ignored them.

I kept away from next door until after the funeral except for Saturdays when I went visiting Cath in the afternoon. This was when Marge went visiting her daughter. I had been visiting Cath every Saturday for two months and we spent it in complete sexual abandon. Cath couldn’t get enough and neither could I, because by the time Saturday came around I was on the point of bursting.

This Saturday was no different and I was up to my balls in Cath, she had her legs up the front of my chest and we both were pounding the flesh, creating that unmistakeable slap of flesh meeting flesh. The door opened and Marge stood there looking at us.

“Mum what are you and Frank doing?” she shouted.

“Well we’re not baking a bloody cake are we? If you don’t know what we are doing, you definitely need some lessons. So get out and leave us to it,” Cath said from under me. “Stupid bloody woman, what are we doing? Ha!”

The door slammed and we carried on as though nothing had happened. God I love the cool of this woman.

When we eventually finished our Saturday afternoon sport we redressed and went through into the lounge where Marge was still sitting with her handbag in her hand.

“That was disgusting mother, a woman of your age carrying on with a young man like Frank. As for you Frank, how could you, she’s my mother, and she is so much older than me!”

“Marge, you sound as if it should have been you under me and you’re mad at your mother because of this. We have been good friends for a long time, your mother and I. I didn’t know you felt this way?”

“I don’t, you are twisting my words,” she said crying.

“That’s what it sounded like to me also Marge,” Cath said.

“He was that kind to me when Reg died, he really made me feel he cared and I felt comforted,” she blubbered from her handkerchief.

“Frank, take care of her I’ll go make some tea,” Cath said as she left the room.

I sat down alongside of her and she immediately wrapped her arms around me and placed her head on my shoulder. “I’m sorry Frank, I have no control over your life, I’m just being silly, I wanted someone to just be there and somehow you always were. Ann was just saying that this afternoon.”

I took her chin in my hand and planted a kiss onto her lips. That was like a signal, for she now crushed her tear soaked mouth on mine and pressed with all her strength. “Oh why did my mother, get you into her bed before me. It is me who has had a crush on you for years. I dream about you Frank an old has-been like me, old enough to be your grandmother. I get all hot and sticky whenever you’re near.”

“What is it Marge, you need some stiff cock?”

“Need it I’m begging for it. Can’t you tell, I’m confessing to you like I’ve never done before? Begging to be taken to bed, by a young man, I must be sick.”

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