CD Internship Ch. 03

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All the characters in this story are above 18, so thank you and enjoy the story.


Next day I woke up at 6:30 a.m. and took a long nice warm bath; I also shampooed my hair & came out tucking the towel around my chest and went to my room to wear panties, after which I dried my hair and went to the kitchen to make my tea, then went to collect the newspaper and on the way to my room collected my tea. Then I again wore the same t-shirt and skirt and started doing my morning chores while reading the newspaper and sipping on my tea.

Then at 12:30 p.m., I started to dress up for the work. First; I wore the nicely ironed white shirt which was mandatory now. I decide to go with the light grey mini pencil skirt with a black overlay. Wearing mom’s burgundy lipstick, just a little bit after applying face powder I put on my raincoat leaving it open till the upper two-buttons of my shirt & from the bottom 5 inches a.t.k. leaving an inch of the overlay in clear view which was 3 inches a.t.k as while walking it will ride up till 5 inches leaving only a hint of it visible.

Then, locking the main door after checking on everything, I put on my sandals and went to the bus stand to catch the bus. The bus was sparsely crowded so I open my raincoat and sat on one of the middle seats; where no one was sitting and climb down on my stop still leaving the raincoat open as the main gate was just meters away & the footpath was also empty.

Then as usual on reaching the main gate I removed my raincoat and started walking towards my dept. when I reached the entrance I stopped for a second; took a long breath pass through hundreds of eyes on my way, each pair carrying varied emotions with shock in them.

When I entered my dept. closing the door behind, I was almost going to collapse as I feel like my heart was going to come out because it started pounding.

But I regain my composure and took my seat, where mam offered me a glass of water while giving compliments to me as she saw me on CCTV by saying, “nice; I like how you wear your confidence while passing through that many people as well as your miniskirt, even the lipstick, you show tremendous daring. So, keep wearing.”

After regaining my breath in control I went on doing my activities; which were mostly carrying files from my dept. to other & vice-versa, but I was also given other activities relating to DTP and typing or data entry.

This went on throughout the week and I started to get into a routine of wearing a skirt not only at work but also at home. Yes; after going home on Monday and feeling confident & more comfortable in walking while wearing skirts after wearing the mini pencil skirt the whole time at work.

I collected all my male undies as well as Bermuda the miniskirt was still clearly visible and even after it got a ride up from mini to micro-mini, I mostly got positive comments.

On Sunday; after coming back from my lectures, I had my lunch and was going to take a small nap when I received a call from mam to remind me of the beauty parlor appointed.

Yesterday; while talking with mam we saw secy. coming to our dept. to which we wish her good morning and on asking the reason for her coming. she said, “I am going to beauty parlor tomorrow and thought if Mrs. Ruby would like to join me, so came to invite.”

While saying this she took a good look at me and complimented on my choice of skirt which was the teal mini skirt; saying, “it looks great on you, but.” While saying she stopped for a second and then resume saying, “your nails look very dull.”

“And, if you, want to become a secy. like me, you should start grooming yourself.” Secy said. Then suddenly she invited me to join them and backing her, mam just ordered me to do so.

So as per the scheduled appointment, here I was waiting outside the told beauty parlor for mam mam wearing a white printed top and blue skin fit jeans with caramel color high heel sandals & secy. in a white off-shoulder crop top and mini fikirtepe escort denim skirt with red cone heel sandals.

Then we went inside; once inside secy. called her friend whose parlor it was and she showed our seats. First; mam & secy. sat down and while doing so I got a peep at secy.’s panties which were teal. Then I removed my raincoat I gave it to one of the girls to hang it and turn around to see a surprised expression on everybody’s face.

Then I sat down and asked secy. what she thinks about my look; to which she said, “I didn’t think that you will be wearing a skirt under it, I thought you were wearing half jeans.” For the parlor, I wore the shorter denim skirt with elastic waistband & faded print, which comes 6 inches i.e. a cheeky skirt which was between short and mini.

And I said that from last Saturday I am wearing only skirts in & out, taking full advantage of the situation that my mom is out of town for a month as a dad don’t mind, as well as my panties and today I am wearing purple.

I also complimented her, by saying she looks very sexy in that outfit; even her teal panties look good.

Listening to this she got shocked putting a hand on her lap & said, “naughty how could you see it?” To which I said sorry saying, it’s a merit or demerit of my height depending on the situation as I am only 4’7″. So, she removed her hand and said, “okay, I like your honesty so look how much you want.”

She also complimented my look as well as on my confidence and daring.

While we were talking, mam already started getting her treatment, so we also didn’t waste any more time and started getting ours.

First, the girls gave us a facial, which was just a normal one to remove the impurities, mine took a little bit of more time than secy. then the girls started with our manicure and pedicure and while pedicure we both caught the girls peeking at our panties, even though they put hand towels on our laps.

After finishing it the girl applied a coat of clear nail polish on my nice round shaped nails as per the instructions given by secy. which gave a nice glossy texture and a more feminine look to them. Then, mam & secy. had their hairs treated.

After getting ourselves groomed and paying the bills we came out at around 4:30 and started to feel a little hungry. So, we went to the nearby cafe and had grilled cheese sandwiches with tea and started gossiping.

While gossiping we all came to know that the three of us have gotten very close to each other like BFFs and so we decided to ourselves similar tattoos. So we then went to a nice tattoo parlor and decided to get a tricolor ribbon bow tattoo in pink, black and purple starting from left with a lifeline in the background on our upper butts but, below our waistline, so that we can hide them with our panties.

After which I went home and had dinner with dad while talking and watching an action movie and by 10:30 went to sleep all the time making sure to hide the covering over the tattoo from his view and fall asleep recollecting the day.

The next two weeks went on roughly as I was made to try my hands at various depts. were gender-neutral but some were female dominant which included wearing the female uniform, e.g. as a receptionist, I had to wear a saree because I am now wearing a skirt.

Then in the second week; which was the last week of August, I worked in the night shift as mam had night shift for that week and some day’s secy. also did work for long hours.

So, till the end of the month, I got value experience from mostly all the sections of the hospital. The experience of work how to handle saree while performing activities which were kindly taken care of.


Even after, ending last month on a high note with gaining valuable experience in various jobs I started my third month of internship due to unavailability of the regular one, as he fell ill with dengue.

While still working in the remaining positions which ended as a gebze escort salesgirl that too in full uniform. This lead to me reaching home late in the night on Saturday and falling asleep in work clothes only as I was tired to get changed without thinking what will be there for me on Monday.

On Monday; 9th of September I got up early at 5:30 feeling refreshed and energetic after resting my body for most of Sunday. So to get early at work I got up, took bath and wore the mandatory white shirt and for skirt; I choose the teal color circle mini skirt with a darker overlay which gave it the look of a short skirt. Then I did my eyebrow, wore lipstick and took a bus.

As it was still 6:15 the bus was almost empty with only three students sitting in front while I as usual sat in the middle of the bus. I decided to dare myself, so I removed my raincoat and kept it aside, at the same time the bus stop and the students got down.

So now as there were only three people the driver, conductor; both of them looking in front and myself or so I thought, I stood up came out from my row and holding the pole did some sexy thinking myself as a stripper giving those two a private show.

Then suddenly on hearing a whistle I quickly sat down covering my lap with the raincoat and look back from where the whistle came only to find secy. sitting in the last row and laughing insanely.

At that time I thought of being caught by some students or rowdies she then came and sat beside me & teased me saying that day by day I am becoming more naughtier than the day before.

Then on asking, “how come you are so early;” I said that I woke up early and felt so. To this, she commented that I look very sweet & sexy in this skirt and gave a peck on my lips.

On reaching our stop we get down & started walking towards the main gate with secy. talking and myself blushing, still in shock thinking about the kiss. When we reached the main gate I tried to remove my raincoat still in my world and notice something is weird.

Then with again a shock, I came to the real world remembering that I forgot to wear it while getting down and tried to find the bus. That’s when secy. brought her hand forward with my raincoat & again asking, “which thought did you got lost that you got down from bus showing the driver & conductor you skirt?”

But then after a pause, she laughs and told me not to worry as she covered me while getting down. To which; I thank her and told her that I was shocked and was thinking about the kiss.

Then she asked, “Was it your first one?” To which I truthfully told her; ‘No, it was my second but first from a female. The first one was from a boy when I was in sixth.’

Hearing this she started laughing again and continued till we reached my dept.and saying, “sorry.” she left for her floor, while I entered the office and exchanged good mornings with those who were working in the night shift.

After setting down from all the emotions I started my work at 6:45 a.m.

At 7:00 a.m. mam came and complimented me on coming early and told me to go to the accounts dept. to collect my paycheck. She said, “the board had decided 15 days ago, to start your paid internship after they saw you honestly following the orders & how you even wore saree and other female uniforms when told to.” Also, “it is special as normally paid internship starts after completing 3 months while yours started within 1 and half only.”

While our conversation was going on, secy. came to me carrying what looks like a uniform; which she gave it to me & said, “go and get changed quickly, we have to go collect The CEO.”

To which I asked her to explain to me as well as tell me where to get change as our dept. didn’t have any changing room. Then realizing her mistake she took both mam & me to secretaries’ office

Where she started to explain while I was getting changed; she said, “the original driver who fell ill from dengue; died on Thursday. So I was told to get a uniform stitched içerenköy escort for you as The CEO liked your driving skills and selected you to be his driver as well as assistant secy. either till the end of your internship or till He finds a new suitable driver; whichever is early.”

The uniform was, of course, a female one. It was a micro-mini length white jacket dress with black collar and cuffs, black hat, black stockings and above ankle length boots; both black.

After wearing secy. took a look at me and saying, “you look good in it but something is missing.” Then suddenly reacting like she remembered something she went to her desk; took out something and came back, it was a packet and inside was a bra with pads which she told me to wear.

I did, just like the bra with cotton, stuff to give the look of AA cup when I wore the saree, but this time it was a black bra with C cup removable pads which on wearing the uniform look like B cup.

Then secy. made my hairs which had grown till shoulder length after not cutting them as told by her; in a girly way and applied a light makeup with foundation, eyeliner & eye shadow as well as did re-did eyebrows and finished with a dark pink lipstick to look passable as a girl.

So here I was sitting in the driver’s seat in The CEO’s car given by the hospital. While secy. sat next to me and gave a black cotton glove. Then I wore it and headed towards CEO’s house to pick him up.

On reaching the house I saw The CEO was having tea with his wife in the garden, so I parked the car near them, then we both got down and exchanged good mornings with my introduction.

After listening to secy. CEO’s wife stood up & giving a fierce stare told me not to think about sleeping with her husband & then went inside the house.

Hearing her comments I felt not only like passing as a girl but passing with flying colors. Then I took the CEO and came back to the hospital. Where; secy. & he went ahead & after parking the car, I removed my hat & gloves and got into the role of assistant secy.

Then I started assisting secy. it was my first time working fully dressed as a girl. After lunch secy. told me to get the car ready. So I went and brought the car in front of the main gate where The CEO & she got in the car & I took them to Meeting Avenue.

On the avenue, I remain seated in the car as mine help was not needed. After the meeting got over we came back, but while coming at a check post the traffic officer asked for my license and I had to lie to him that I forgot it at the office. So after paying the fine secy. had to take the driver’s seat and on reaching the office I got scolded by both secy. & the CEO for my license mistake.

Then I told them I didn’t forget it, it was with me at that time & explain to them my point of view. After which they said sorry to me as they realized it was not my mistake as in my license I don’t look like a girl.

So we started to think about a solution & found one to carry a color copy of my license instead of original one with my female gender, face & name on it i.e. we first scanned my original license & then using DTP changed it to female one, then took printout of it and laminate it to use it in place of originals as well as Hospital ID.

That’s also at right time; because CEO just received a call from its branch in another metropolitan city which was a 3-hour drive away; for a week-long conference.

It was a prescheduled one with all the hotel bookings and other reservations made. From the other branch and I was told to get ready to leave at 7:30 a.m. so for that, we all left early as I dropped The CEO & secy. at their respective homes, then came back to park the car and went home taking with me another pair of uniforms which secy. gave before leaving the hospital.

Anyway; so I first changed back to my clothes, removed my makeup and then went home with both the pairs of uniform and my new IDs. after reaching home I told father about the week-long conference while having dinner, then went to my room to pack my clothes; which included 2 pair of drivers uniform, 1 saree uniform, 2 white shirts, 4 skirts( 2 formal,2 casual) 8 pairs of bra and panties, bra pads, boots, shaving kit I slept early imagining about my week-long fulltime female disguised.

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