Tea and orgasm break


 I looked at my watch. It was 1630 so we’d been shopping for nearly 4 hours.  “I’m parched. Any chance we could have a cup of tea and a sandwich?” I asked Natalie. “Let me just finish browsing this rail,” she replied. Natalie normally didn’t enjoy shopping so when she was in the mood to shop, we made the most of it. Unlike most women, traipsing from shop to shop and looking through rail after rail of clothes really didn’t excite Natalie. The only thing that got Natalie excited about going to our local shopping centre was the chance to go out in public and tease me constantly. We generally only ever went into town to shop for a purpose and whenever we did, Natalie would usually wear a loose top with a skirt or if it was warm and the sun was shining, she would wear a lightweight summer dress but what neither of us ever wore was underwear! This was a deliberate ploy as she knows I love the thought of her being in public with no knickers and by wearing clothes that aren’t tight fitting, Natalie will tease me by flashing her gorgeous tits and shaved pussy at me whenever she can. And it was Natalie insistence that I went “commando” as she loved to cop a crafty feel of my willy whenever she could. Don’t get me wrong, I wholly enjoy these displays but her behaviour is thoroughly selfish because Natalie knows that the more she teases me, the more turned on I get and sooner or later, I won’t be able to resist the urge to have her. This is one of Natalie’s favourite fucks because when I’m that turned on, she loves the fact that I just have to have her and it’s a hard and Sex hikayeleri fast fuck, just the way she likes it. No style, no finesse, just animal passion. “What do you think?” I heard Natalie ask. She was holding up a sleeveless dress with a brown and orange print on it but what was more interesting was that with her free hand, Natalie had her wraparound skirt up at the front and was fingering her pussy. I looked around but fortunately, the store was quiet and there wasn’t much space between the racks of clothing. My cock immediately started to go hard at the sight of my gorgeous wife standing there in front of me masturbating. “Well, well. Someone’s awake,” said Natalie, looking at the very obvious bulge that had appeared in the front of my trousers, “shall we get him out?” “No, not here!” I hissed but given that both my hands were holding on to several bags of purchases, there wasn’t much I could do without risking a commotion and unwelcome glances. Natalie quickly unzipped my flies, put her hand in my trousers and took out my cock which by now was so hard and erect, I could have hung the shopping on it! Natalie stepped back and legs apart, once again parted her skirt up to show me her fanny. “I bet you’d like some of this,” she whispered, running her finger up and down her slit, “or how about some of this!” and with that, she took hold of my cock and gently wanked me. Natalie’s fingers were juicy from her masturbating and as she rubbed them around my head, my cock throbbed even harder. Nobody would have been able to see what Natalie Sikiş hikayeleri was up to but the look on my face would have been enough to get us arrested. “You’d better stop now,” I said, looking her in the eye, “because if you don’t, you’re going to get a handful of spunk!” Natalie grinned at me and said, “Ok, let’s go and have a break,” and put the monstrous brown and orange garment back on the rail before forcing my rigid cock back in my trousers and walking out of the shop into the busy mall. I hurried after Natalie, trying to cover the bulge in the front of my trousers with the bags of shopping and followed her into our favourite cafe. “I’ll order,” she said, smiling at me, “as I think you ought to sit down.” The reason this was our favourite cafe was because the seating area had several comfy sofas that you just sank into and could really chill out. I looked around and could see a couple of sofas free either side of a coffee table at the back of the cafe so made my way through the tables and chairs, still trying to hide my albeit diminishing erection. I sat down facing the front of the cafe and placing the shopping bags beside me, relaxed into the sofa. I watched Natalie as she walked towards me carrying her tray of purchases, her wraparound skirt swishing around her slender legs and her firm 34C boobs jiggling as she weaved her way around the furniture. She saw me looking at her and when she got to the sofas, bent low to put the tray down on the coffee table, knowing her top would gape open and that I would be able to see her tits in Erotik hikaye all their glory. “See anything you like?” Natalie enquired, grinning at me. “I definitely like the look of those,” I replied, pointing at her chest. “I’ll bet you do,” she said and sat down in the sofa opposite me. “And do you like the look of this?” and with that, she lay back in the sofa, opened her legs and let her skirt slide open, exposing her gorgeous shaved pussy. I looked around. There were very few people in but this was understandable given how late in the afternoon it was and most of the customers were at the front of the shop where the counter was. There was only one person nearby and he had is back to us anyway. “That look’s delicious,” I replied, “good enough to eat.” “How’s your cock now?” Natalie enquired. “Getting hard again!” “Show me,” she said. “What!!!” I exclaimed. “Show me your hard prick!” was the insistent response. I looked around again to check no one could see and with my heart in my mouth, surreptitiously unzipped my trousers and eased my cock out. He was rock hard again and very juicy from my pre-come. “Mmmmm, very nice. Now, have a wank.” “Are you mad?!” I protested. “Just do it!” I looked at my gorgeous wife sitting there, her legs wide apart, the wraparound skirt falling completely open revealing her pussy, her nipples clearly poking at the thin material of her top and heart pounding, started to gently wank myself off. As Natalie watched me rubbing my wet glans between my thumb and forefinger, she ran her fingers through her long blonde hair and licked her lips, knowing the sight of her half naked in such a public place was driving me mad with desire. “Okay, you can put him away now,” she suddenly announced, “and then pour the tea.” “Why me?” I asked, I hurriedly stuffing my hard cock back in my trousers.

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