Healing Seduction


At seven-forty Thursday morning, in Berwyn, Illinois, Sammy White awoke from bitter dream, hold a hard pillow against his chest, calling his dead wife’s name in the silently, lonely room. The broken and chilled quality of his own voice had grabbed him from the clutches of the dream. The dream, like all the others, would leave his mind slowly, mocking him with the desires we will never again know.

When he realized that there was only a pillow against his chest, and that once again Annie hadn’t walked back into reality from his dream, he clutched to the pillow tighter, fighting back tears. Though the dream was long over, Sammy had came out with the strawberry smell of hair, and was afraid the smallest movement would cause it to leave his nose without a trace.

Unfortunately, the power to keep the surreal memories in his grasp was beyond his reach, and the smell faded into nothingness. The vividness of the dream turned into mere phantom thoughts and images. Annie was gone forever, and nothing Sammy did was going to bring her back.

Deprived, he got out of bed and walked to the bedroom window, slid it up, stuck his out and breathed in the crisp, cool air while looking into the empty alley below. The bedroom behind him was utterly empty. The television was always off, the VCR no longer played, the king-size bed seemed as vast as the Atlantic Ocean.

The two bedroom apartment was more than enough he needed, in fact, as the days of solitude increased, it became hauntingly spacious. The apartment also had a kitchen, a living room and stuffed bathroom. After selling the house where he’d spent so many wonderful years with his wife, he had come to the place to live, buying used furniture from a nearby thrift store, giving away everything from his old life except pictures and memories. Even the clothes from the old life were gone. Everything reminded Sammy of Annie and when he remembered, the pain followed, and when the pain came, the sadness stalked, and when the sadness sank its clutches into him, suicide entered his mind.

For an entire year he had been paying rent, working at the cemetery two blocks down, eating and drinking when necessary and living an absolutely miserable existence while waiting for death to knock at his door. He was forty and in pretty good shape, so he knew he had a long wait, but Sammy had nothing but time.

The window offered him a pretty fair look at the garbage truck half down the alley. He could make out the shapes of men tossing blacks garbage into the truck. Above the sky was overcast. It was windy, but hot all the same. The sun was hiding behind a cloud. Another empty day a world he longer belonged too.

He was disappointed not to be dead, but knew in his heart he hadn’t been alive in a year. Sammy didn’t know what that put him, but wherever this was, he definitely wasn’t in Kansas anymore. Somewhere outside them doors, an ending was suited just for him, he had to find it. Suicide was out of the question no matter how often it entered his mind. If he killed himself, there a chance he would wake up in hell, and if he woke up in hell, there was no chance Annie would be down there waiting. He kept himself away from guns and knives, but found himself getting into other’s people’s business all the time, walking in the wrong neighborhoods, doing really stupid things intentionally, hoping to catch his death.

He went away from the window, left his room, went to the kitchen, got himself a beer from the refrigerator, and grabbed a seat at the kitchen table. The apartment was big enough for two, had enough stuff two, hell Sammy even cooked for two, but these things were out of habit. Getting used to the single’s life was tough.

Beer for breakfast. Eight in the damn morning. The remains of a shattered man.

He kept seeing his wife’s golden blond hair, her sparkling gray eyes, her gentle smile. Sammy often heard her life, her voice, her sneaky footsteps. He thought maybe he could drink himself to an early tombstone, but he didn’t dare risk losing his precious memories. Memories are the only thing in his life worth holding on to. He drank heavily every twice a week and avoiding temptation five nights a week.

Other than the growling of the garbage truck outside, the entire town of Berwyn seemed unusually quiet. The shades were drawn, and the light were turned off, so the kitchen was rather dim, like a bar he’d once known.

Sammy needed to talk to somebody really bad, and there was only person in the world mardin escort who he hadn’t offended enough to keep away. With this person, he could be honest and tell the absolute truth. His mother was dead, he’d never known a father, he’d chased his closest friends away, he never knew the joy of having siblings and he didn’t ever keep in touch with other members of his family, but there was always Paige. She was the only person left in the shadows he now lived in. Paige brought light to world covered in darkness. She could help.

He picked up the phone from the table and began dialing Paige’s number. He was pretty sure she would be up.

Paige picked up the phone on the third ring. “Hello.” Her voice was filled with glee and energy. She was a morning person, but she could stay up all night.

“It’s me, Paige,” Sammy said softly. “I thought I’d give you a call.”

“Well its damn good to hear from you,” she said. Sammy heard something that sounded like relief in her voice. “After last week, well never mind, but I was really worried. You sounded more gloomy than usual. I guess I can’t blame you though.”

She took your ear off if you let her. Sammy loved that about her. And he did have a right to be extra gloomy that last time they spoke. It had been one year to the day that he’d lost his wife in an automobile accident. Paige and Annie had been sisters, separated by three years. Paige is a pretty thirty-seven year old blond, petite, tall and always wore a smile, even during times that were otherwise grim.

“I’ve been feeling worse lately. Ever since our visit to Annie, well the bad thoughts are coming to my head more frequently.”

“You’ve got to start doing something with your life again,” Paige said. “You work at a cemetery, you live alone, by God, you’ve practically surrounded yourself with death, and you’ve lost a lot of weight. Have you been eating?”

He thought about lying to her, but found it impossible. “Not much.”

“You got to get your life back on track. I’m worried about you, Sam. I loved Annie almost as much as you do, maybe as much, but you’ve got to let go. You’re ruining your life. You quit your job, chased away your friends.”

“Have I chased you away?” he asked.

“Never. But I would like to have fun with you instead sitting around in your world of despair. When Annie was around, you were actually a fun guy.”

“That guy died with Annie.”

“No he didn’t. He just got misplaced.”

There was a moment of silence. He could hear the roar of the garbage truck even closer now.

A tear rolled down his cheek. He felt as useless as anything the garbage men were discarding in their truck.

“Maybe you could help me find myself,” he ventured.

“I have been,” Paige said. “But first you got to let me. You don’t push me away as hard as you did other people, but you’re still shoving me.”

The thick lump in his throat was becoming thicker by the moment. Somehow this was the worst. In the old days you couldn’t draw a tear out of Sammy with a hammer. Now he was always sobbing or feeling the blues.

“What if Crystal and I drop by later?” she said. Paige probably knew he was on the verge of tears, but knew bringing it up would cause Sammy to push away.

“Crystal’s over there.”

“Until Sunday,” Paige said.

Crystal is Paige’s other sister. Sammy hadn’t seen her since the funeral a year and a week ago, but he knew she was twenty and attending Purdue University. Crystal actually resembled Annie at twenty.

“That sounds great. I haven’t had company in a while.”

“Just promise one thing,” Paige said.

“Don’t get hammered. Pour out the beer your drinking now, take a shower, and for God’s sake put a smile on your face.”

It was amazing how well Paige had gotten to know him over the past year. She was getting along in years and remained unmarried, but she’s had a succession of bad and decent boyfriends during all the years he’d known her. Paige seemed to master the single life, Sammy never saw himself adjusting.

“See you soon,” Paige said and hung up.

Not particularly good at taking orders, Sammy swallowed the remains of his beer while hanging up the phone. He went to the bathroom a minute later and prepared a shower. It looked like a pretty good day up ahead, maybe he’d even shave.

“I miss you, Annie,” he said before he stepped into the shower. Good day ahead or not, if he slipped on his way mardin escort bayan into the shower and managed to get himself killed, that would be just as good as twenty pretty good days.

There was no such luck, however. The journey into the shower successful.


Paige and Crystal came into the apartment giggling like a couple of schoolgirls. Sammy was clean, shaven and dressed good with what he had; black shirt, jeans and his shoes without holes. His hair was actually brown.

“Welcome,” he said in a soft voice.

Both girls looked stunning. Paige was wearing a blue tank top, tight shorts and wore a black purse with long straps over her shoulders. Her hair was long and blond, looked more wavy than usual, and there was an extra shine. Her full thick lips were glossy red, revealing a ravishing white teeth.

It caused him pain to look at Crystal because the similarities were so profound. She had the same sparkling gray eyes, golden blond hair, gentle smile and full lips. Her cheek bones were higher and her face was more heart shaped, but they both had naturally blushing red cheeks. Crystal was bit taller, her legs were longer, her breasts weren’t as full and her ass wasn’t as tight, but he could see Annie in her.

“Hello, Paige. Crystal.”

Crystal waved high to him. “It’s been a while,” she said.

“How do you feel?” Paige said. Her voice sounded extra sweet this afternoon.

“Miserable but better,” he said honestly.

“Well you’re about to feel a lot better. Crystal and I were discussing how to make you feel better. We had a lot of ideas, but one really great idea.”

Out the corner of his eye, he saw Crystal just standing there. She was wearing a pink shirt and black shorts. She looked nervous about something.

“When was the last time you got laid?” Paige said suddenly.

The question totally stunned Sammy. Its been well over a year in all honesty, and the thought hadn’t crossed his mind much, though he had thought about Paige in THAT way. He just refused to respond to Paige that way. But now that the opportunity presented itself, Sammy found himself intrigued.

“I wasn’t expecting an answer,” Paige said. “Now don’t push us away. You need this and I know you want this. Its every guy’s fantasy to get laid by two hot sisters.”

He was about to say something, but Paige hushed him with her fingers. “Don’t under estimate the healing power of two.”

Sammy was unable to stop himself from feeling desire. The walls of anguish were being tore down brick by brick. He didn’t have the defense to stop this kind of offense. Slowly, he gave in to Paige’s request, and went to bed with Annie’s sisters.

They took off most of his clothes during the short voyage from living room to bedroom, then Paige and Crystal took his breath away as they undressed for him behind the closed door of his room.

Paige wore only her panties as she pulled back the sheet of the bed. Crystal removed her own bra, tossing them in the room. She offered a pouting, seductive look. Laying in bed, the two girls caressed the other’s breasts, neck, shoulders and lips. Sammy eagerly slid between them so he could be in the middle of the sisterly passion and lust, feeling more walls of despair being broke down.

As Crystal passionately kissed his lips and his hand over her perfect young breasts, Paige rolled her breasts on Sammy’s back, occasionally reaching around to fondle Crystal’s breasts and stroke his cock through the material of the underwear. Sammy made sure to rotate between the woman, making sure to spend equal time with each, furthering the passion to greater levels. It was like crawling in a field of gentle flowers on the search for happiness.

After some moaning and screams of pleasure, the sisters decided to have some real fun with Sammy. They made him lay down on his back. They kissed long and passionately for a moment, fondling breasts once again. Crystal pulled his underwear down to his feet and throw them on the floor.

At that moment, Paige took a nine inch red vibrator from her purse. As she turned it on, Crystal’s sparked with lust and desire. Paige handed the vibrator to Crystal, who had move onto her back and parted her legs. Paige mounted Crystal in a sixty-nine position, and immediately began devouring her younger sister’s inviting pussy. Crystal, with the vibrator clutched in her hand, started to move the folds of Paige’s bald mound, using escort mardin her tongue around the swelling clitoris.

Sammy sat their in shock and awe as Crystal rubbed Paige ass with one hand and worked her pussy with the other. Paige moaned out loud when Crystal stuffed her vagina deeply with the loudly humming vibrator, and Sammy watched closely as a wave of pleasure rocketed from one end of her body to the other. Listening to Paige moan in orgasmic pleasure made Sammy more harder than before.

While Sammy knelt behind Paige, Crystal’s tongue nudged his balls, then she took him into her mouth. She never missed a moment with Sammy or Paige. Her left hand thrusted and churned the vibrator in and out her sister’s pussy while her right hand went back forth from delicate strokes of Sammy’s cock to rubbing Paige’s ass.

“I bet you never saw this coming,” Paige said.

“Never,” he admitted.

“You like.”

“Best experience in over a year.”

The foreplay took them to high levels of pleasure. The passion fueled their bodies as the sweat they created combined with the ceiling fan above made the heat less of an enemy. It was a real scorcher outside. As Sammy glanced down, he noticed that Paige had taken control of the vibrator and was starting to push deep inside her sister’s young cunt. He admired Paige’s more mature pussy from behind and he couldn’t wait much longer. He removed his cock from Crystal’s mouth and slowly entered Paige from the rear. She moaned her approval almost immediately, as did Crystal as Paige began pumping inside her more seriously.

The dark wall of despair suddenly at a gaping hole through, which drenched his world with light. With light came possibility. And with possibility came a certain willingness to be alive again.

When Sammy was close to ejaculating, he pulled out of Paige’s warm and wet cunt to make the experience greater. It was a sexual greed that he’d wanted to experience for a long time now, whether he wanted to admit it to himself or not. Crystal rewarded him taking his eight inches of pent of frustration back in her mouth. Despite great efforts, he came partially in Crystal’s mouth, and like Annie would have done, smacked him on the leg for shooting it in her mouth.

“Yuck,” she said. She closed her eyes and swallowed.

Crystal took the vibrator from Paige and began sucking him clean, until a second erection formed. It was then that Crystal placed Sammy’s dick back inside Paige, causing her to moan loudly in delight. He moved in and out of Paige’s cunt while Crystal ran the vibrator along the most sensitive parts of Paige’s clitoris.

With her hands holding her sister’s legs apart, Paige greedily ate Crystal’s pussy, devouring her willing cunt, stopping only to wipe the juices from her face on the inside of Crystal’s thighs. Crystal, still not missing a beat on Paige’s pussy with the vibrator, and began to moan non-stop, speaking in tongue never to be understood.

When Paige began writhing in orgasm, she fingered Crystal’s cunt until she also became washed in a convulsing sensation. At this point, Crystal slowly raised her head beneath Sammy’s humping torso and gently took his balls in her mouth.

As Crystal’s tongue softly nibbled his balls, Sammy could hold back no longer. In the last seconds before he blew his load for the first in over a year, he drove his cock so far into Paige’s cunt that Crystal’s mouth, which still playing with his balls with her tongue, pressed against Paige’s ass.

Sammy’s body jerked and stiffened. His heart shook, his mind swirled, his balls tightened, his legs got week and his body convulsed in a pool of lust as he shot his load deep inside Paige, sending her off into orgasm. She screamed loudly as Sammy ejaculated a ton of semen into her slippery. Some began to leak from her contracting cunt, dripping between her legs.

“Oh God!” Paige through a shudder.

Though she wasn’t crazy about the taste of cum, Sammy found Crystal licking around his prick as his cock deflated in Paige’s ass.

“Do you feel better now,” Paige asked. Crystal pulled his cock from Paige’s pussy and slid in her mouth, licking it clean. She didn’t like the taste of cum at all, but she didn’t mind taking some in her mouth as a favor to Sammy.

Later on, Sammy thanked both girls for their visit. “I actually feel a lot better.” Paige promised to pay more visits from now on. Things started to get serious after a while, which was a blessing for Sammy. He really liked Paige. Sometimes Paige brought along a friend. Sometimes Crystal showed up. In three months much of his depression had been decimated. Sammy became his own self again. Paige and him lived pretty happily ever after, and what went on in future sessions between him and the two sisters is another story for another time.

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