Gay Diploma Pt. 02: Ivan the Wonder


And so to the afternoon session. My arse still tinglingly aware of Dili’s attention, I make my way to bedroom 2 and the “ugly Latvian”. Ivan at least knows the English for “Come in”, or something like it. He is sitting in a chair, wearing a white bathrobe and when I enter he stands up and lets it fall from his body.

He has a pug-like face, with a large, flat nose and short blond hair. There is hair on his chest, too, but it’s silvery against his tanned skin. A large gold chain hangs from his neck. His legs are tanned too, but his middle section is white and he has shaved his pubic hair. What hangs there is as thick as my wrist, a pale, meaty, uncut todger.

Ivan gestures to me to undress, so I do, and as I do so I watch his cock fill with blood until it stands bold and brave like a pale golden cucumber with a purple knob. My arse reminds me of the orgy the next night and I resolve to get a bit of practice in and get stretched before then, in case Ivan decides to fuck me.

But first I have a training session to do: sucking a large dick. He stands there and puts his arms out towards me, unsmiling. He looks down to show me he doesn’t want a kiss or a hug, just a sucking. I kneel in front of the burly, unsubtle Viking and suck his cock as many must have sucked off his ancestors. Were Latvians Vikings? I don’t know, but my newly permissive self would have fought him until nightfall with my sword and fists before placing my mouth over his angry erection after dark.

Ivan holds my head close to his body and screws up his eyes as I do my best with his cock, but it is so big I feel I must be getting my teeth in the way. Maybe a hand job would be better, so I lick his member all over: top, underneath, up the shaft, under his balls and along his crotch as far Bayan Eskort as I can get, all the while working his shaft as best I can.

He picks my head up and I follow, then he throws me onto the bed. He straddles me, his knees on my shoulders so I am looking at his balls (and admiring them, I must admit). Then Ivan moves again and before I know it he has turned around and is sitting on my face, my nose in his arse. He grinds his valley up and back and settles over my mouth. I poke my tongue out and taste his arsehole. He’s clean but has a nice savoury smell and taste. I thought my rimming introduction was to be the next morning with the black chubs, but am perfectly happy to go along with whatever Ivan has in mind.

Suddenly he climbs off and as quickly as before changes our positions so he is licking my arse, but more strongly than Dili had. Ivan has a muscular tongue which he pokes into my anus and actually enters. He is tongue-fucking me as I kneel and let him do what he wants. His right hand is wanking me and I can tell he is enjoying this a lot. Then his tongue comes out of my ring and he bites me hard on the buttock. He is chewing me as if he actually wants to eat me. Then he kneels up and slap my arse. Hard. He spanks me again and then licks my crack. Then he sits on the edge of the bed and pulls me over his knees, like you see women being spanked.

I am experiencing corporal punishment, like I haven’t since I was a child, and the weird thing is that I like it. The more Ivan spanks me the harder my cock gets. Then he puts a finger in his mouth and shoves it into my hole. I am hoping he will let me off with the spanking and maybe cum in my mouth, because as abandoned as I am and as willing as I am to serve this man, I don’t think I can take the monster cock right now.

He pulls me back a little and snarls “Sock my fockin cock.” So he does speak English, but just the essentials, the stuff from the gay traveller’s phrasebook. I take his cock in my mouth and suck him for all I’m worth and jerk him too and he sighs with pleasure.

Then he pushes me hard so I fall on my back and he grunts “Lick my fockin ass”. He kneels and shows me his hole. I get up behind him eagerly and lick his arsehole. For the second time that day I am in heaven, and when I think of why I am so happy I feel a bolt of shame that it is because I have been overpowered by this big, heavy, strong man and am now licking his arse because he told me to. The fact that I want to is neither here nor there. I’m doing it because this brute will be angry if I don’t, and that gives me even more pleasure than doing it purely of my own free will.

I lick Ivan’s crack and suck it and love his bodily oil, his secretions and odours and the sweat that seeps from between his buttocks.

I am perilously close to cumming and he seems to sense this, so he suddenly turns and rams his cock into my mouth. Then he pulls back and starts to wank right in front of my face. He intends to cum on my face or maybe in my mouth and I decide to have the latter. My lips part and he sees what I want and likes it too. He has brought me to this moment of acquiescence and he will have his climax in the most satisfying way, by ejaculating into my waiting cavern.

He moves closer so his cock is in the entrance of my mouth and his knuckles touch my chin as he masturbates. Without thinking I reach out and gently cup his balls, which are hanging heavy between his legs. If I could lick his arse while he came in my mouth I would quite likely die of excessive thrill.

As it is, I manage to keep my balance while getting one hand into his crack. I rub it there and then bring it to my nose to smell it. Ivan’s arse on my fingers, Ivan’s cock in my face. He starts to straighten and then to buck and finally he shoots his spunk into my mouth. I swallow it and marvel at the strange taste and the way it slides down my throat.

Ivan lies down, exhausted, and I stroke his face like a fucking girl. His ugly, obtuse features look up at me and I can see he is happy. I show him my cock and make a wanking movement and he spreads his arms, inviting me to shoot wherever I want. I straddle the big man’s chest and lean down to kiss him gently, and he pulls me down to kiss the fucking life out of me. The monster likes me. He kisses and he sucks my tongue and his finger plunges into my arse. Then suddenly he turns over into the doggy position and grunts his wish that I cum in his crack.

I am thrilled and honoured at this turn of events. I look at his hole, dark and crinkled, and wonder if he has ever had a penis in it. Or is this how he likes to finish a session, with the other man cumming between his buttocks. Maybe Dili knows that and wanted to do his friend a favour by not milking me earlier.

I am panting with excitement as I wank and my knuckles graze Ivan’s buttocks and I can smell his exerted, sweaty body and finally my pent-up spunk shoots into his valley. My cum muscles squeeze out more than I have ever seen before. I bend down and kiss his buttocks and he hands me a tissue. I am wiping the arse of a man because I have just cum in it, or at least between his buttocks. For me to fuck Ivan would be a turn-up for the books. But somehow I feel he likes me and respects me for some reason and maybe one day, after he has ploughed me with his enormous cock, I can return the favour with my own perfectly adequate weapon.

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