Dinner For Two

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I’d spent the entire day planning our dinner, you had just started a new job, so I wanted to do something special to celebrate your first day. Things had been a bit tense between us lately, so I tried very hard to make sure things were pleasing. I showered and pulled my hair back into a ponytail, toweled off and pulled my apron on, nothing else but the apron. This was a habit that I had grown accustomed to since we had been together, so even tho you weren’t home to enjoy the view, I still did it.

I started preparing dinner, shrimp cocktails for an appetizer, lobster gumbo for the main course and hand dipped chocolate strawberries for dessert. I made up the cocktails and had them chilling while I dipped at least two pints of strawberries into liqueur laced milk chocolate, laid them out on a plate to set up. Once that was finished, I put them away and stirred the gumbo pot and let it cook. I glanced up at the clock, smiling as I knew it would be time for you to get home. I untied my apron and slipped it off after stirring the gumbo one more time. I walk over to the door and peek out, looking for you, waiting patiently Ümraniye Ukraynalı Escort until you arrive.

I finally see you coming up the walk, I smile and unlock the door, stepping back three paces before slipping down to my knees, thighs parting to allow you to see my freshly shaved pussy and the wetness on my lower lips, arms crossed behind my back as I arch upward, head bowed in respect as you walk in the door. You inspect my body, finding the view pleasing, hopefully, you reach down and stroke your fingers over my already hardened nipples and tell me to stand and kiss you. I draw myself up, stepping into your arms, wrapping my arms around your waist, kissing you firmly. You pull me in close, our bodies pressed together so I can feel your cock, already starting to harden as you growl softly into my ear, “I’ve missed you today, my slut.”

I blush furiously, and respond, “I missed You too, Master.” You grin and kiss me, then ask about dinner, I tell you to go change and dinner would be on the table when you were finished. I slipped my apron over my head and tied it, slipping into the kitchen, Ümraniye Üniversiteli Escort pulling the cocktails from the refrigerator and setting the table for dinner. I checked the gumbo, stirring it again, adding the final touch, a shot of hot sauce, letting it sit on the burner as I walked into the dining room.

You were already sitting at the table, so I took my seat across from you. We chatted about work as we ate our shrimp, you tell me about your day and I tell you about mine. I get up, serve the gumbo and we eat, chatting a bit more here and there through the main course. Once we finished, I cleared the table and smiled, I told you to go sit in the living room and I’d bring you dessert.

I brought in the plate of strawberries, a bottle of sparkling cider because I don’t drink. You pulled me down into your lap, untied my apron and took it off me, leaving me naked in your lap. I fed you a strawberry, then licked the chocolate from your lips as we kissed, your hands tracing my body. I reach for another berry and you take it from me, tracing it over my skin, around my nipples Ümraniye Vip Escort and down over my stomach, nestling it at the v between my legs while you lick the chocolate off my chest.

You slide me off your lap and set me on the couch, putting the berry back where you had put it originally. You slipped down between my feet, sliding my legs apart slowly, making the berry slide down along my pussy lips, the cold berry making me shiver slightly. You lean down, taking the berry between your teeth, rubbing it against my clit before eating it. Once you were finished with the berry, you kissed my clit and sucked lightly before kissing along my wet pussy, making me moan and squirm until I couldn’t take any more.

When you had finally had enough teasing me with kisses, you slid your tongue slowly into my tight pussy, making me arch hard and scream from the sheer pleasure. You slid your tongue in and out of my pussy, licking with long slow strokes. I bucked hard, gripping the edge of the couch, moaning louder each time you caressed my clit with your tongue. I arched up hard as you bit my clit lightly, cumming hard as you slid your tongue back into my pussy. Breath ragged as you licked my juices up, I shivered, reaching for you to pull you up to kiss me, your cock hard and insistent against me. I groan, feeling your hardness, laying back on the couch, pulling you down with me, snuggling against you until I can catch my breath again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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