Yard Work

All persons are over the age of 18.



Ted backed the car out of the garage and parked in the driveway. Finally the weather was nice enough he could wash and clean the car out.

Winter hadn’t been too bad this year but he was glad to see warm weather get here.

Glancing up Ted noticed a young man ride up on a bicycle and park in the driveway.

“Ummm,” Ted thought when the young black guy walked up the driveway.

“Can I help you?” Ted asked noticing the young man was handsome and well built.

“Yeah, I came by yesterday and spoke to the lady of the house about cutting the grass today.”

“Oh that’s right my wife mentioned it, here let me show you where everything is.” Ted said walking to the garage. Patti had been right this guy was sexy looking.

James went and moved his bicycle parking it up close to the garage and followed Ted inside.

“Here’s the weed eater and there is more line for it if you need it.” Ted told him reaching for the gas can for the lawn mower. “The gas can is full, and there should be almost a full tank in the mower already.”

“Great, I can probably knock your yard out in a couple of hours.” James said pushing the mower out into the driveway. “Is it alright if I do the front yard first?”

“Sure, how ever you would like to do it.” Ted said when Patti walked out of the front door, carrying a step-ladder.

“Hi James! You’re here bright and early.” she said setting up the step-ladder and climbing up to water the hanging flower baskets. She was wearing a skimpy dress, hoping Ted and James both would notice. “Honey, this is James, James, my husband Ted.”

“Hey, how are you,” James commented going to shake Ted’s hand. “I wanted to get an early start, I have seven yards to work on today.”

“Hi,” Ted said shaking the young man’s hand, he had a strong grip Ted thought.

“Seven including ours?” she asked bending over making sure her skimpy dress rode up the back of her legs. She wanted to make sure Ted and James got a good look at her short dress and what she had on under it. Climbing up on the ladder she hoped they liked what they saw.

“Ummm,” James stammered watching while she watered the flowers and her dress rode up the back of her thighs, “fuck,” he whispered to himself she was wearing a pair of white lacy panties.

“Uh, no seven plus yours makes eight yards I have to get done today.”

“Be careful up there honey, don’t fall.” Ted warned her, he always worried about her, he just couldn’t help it.

“Oh I will be.” she said looking at them both, she hoped she could make one if not both of them horny.

She already knew Ted was in the mood. When she had been cooking breakfast he kept touching her when she walked by him. He reached out and squeezed her ass when she was at the stove.

“Oh that’s right you’re saving for college.” she said noticing Ted looking at James.

Ted had noticed she kept leaning over so that her dress rode up, he knew what he was going to do later.

“Yes Ma’am, I start in the fall and need money for clothes and things like that.”

Glancing at James, Ted noticed James had the beginnings of a hard on, James liked what he saw when Patti leaned over.

“Well, ummm I’d better get to work.” James said nervously pushing the lawn mower into the grass.

Patti leaned over again when he walked past her and made sure he could see her tits. He swallowed hard and went to the far side of the yard and started the mower.

“Fuck,” James said to himself, “I’d like to see those tits up close.” sighing he started to cut the grass. G lancing over once in awhile to watch her still watering the plants.

Ted shook his head and smiled, he knew what she was up too, she wanted to be a tease. She wanted to see how much she could drive that young black guy crazy. She was driving him crazy too, and she knew it.

They hadn’t made love lately, he was just working so many late nights. No matter what time he got home she had a hot home cooked meal waiting for him.

He told her to go ahead and have her dinner and not wait for him if it got too late, but she always waited for him.

She was right about one thing James was handsome and built very well. He had strong muscular arms, nice legs.

Shaking his head he laughed to himself, Patti sure did know how to get guys horny. From what he could see through the material of James’ jeans he had a nice sized cock too. Thank goodness James didn’t wear his jeans hanging around his ass like some guys did.

Ted saw how James’ jeans fit him just right showing everything.

Rinsing the car down Ted started to wash it, he continued to watch his wife taking her time watering her plants.

Ted would glance over once in awhile and catch James looking at her.

He had to admit she did look good in that skimpy little dress she had on, it showed her legs off to their best advantage. She leaned over again just enough to give Ted a peek at her tits.

“You guys let me know if you need anything,” Patti said folding görükle escort up the ladder, “I’m here if you need me.” she told them giving her comment a double meaning.

“Oh baby I need you,” Ted said to himself, feeling his cock start to stir. “Okay honey,” he told her. When he had awoken this morning he wanted to make love with her but she was already up and downstairs cooking breakfast. He could smell the coffee brewing and bacon frying so he just took a quick shower and joined her for breakfast.

Patti looked over at James and watched him, she felt her panties get wet. Ted always made her pussy throb and get wet. Not that she had dressed in a short dress and lacy panties on purpose, no not her. She would never do that, she thought with a smile and she went back into the house.

The more James thought about Patti the harder his cock became, and there was no way he would be able to hide the bulge in his pants. Maybe if he thought of something else he would lose his erection. He hoped so anyway, he would be so embarrassed if she saw him with a hard dick.

An hour and a half later Ted was finished washing and cleaning the car out, he pulled the car back into the garage and went into the kitchen.

Patti was at the sink doing the breakfast dishes and he walked up behind her and slid his hands around her waist. They had a dish washer but she hardly ever used it. She said she liked doing them by hand and it saved them money.

“Mmmmm,” he whispered leaning down and nibbling her neck. “Tits,” he said letting his hands wander to the top of her dress, he said cupping her tits in his hands and gently squeezing them. “Hi honey bunny.” he said calling her by his pet name for her.

“Hi,” she said liking the way he was nibbling on her neck, he knew that was one thing that she loved and that would send shivers down her spine. She turned to glance up at him while he kissed her neck.

“How are my girls this morning,” he said reaching inside of the bodice of her dress and gently pinched her nipples. He liked that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her nipples were hard and erect just the way he loved them to be.

“Turn around,” he told her, turning her around, he looked down at her and gently kissed her.

“Let me dry my hands…”

“Nope,” he said not caring that her hands were all wet. He continued kissing her, nibbling her neck, licking his way up to her ear lobe and gently sucking on it. He heard her gasp from the sensation.

Patti put her wet hands on his strong shoulders and enjoyed the way he was making her feel. “Mmmmm, yes baby.” she moaned when he bit her ear lobe, she felt her panties get wet.

“Nice ass,” Ted whispered to her, running his hands down her back, stroking and caressing her ass he felt her lean into him. He could feel the wetness from her hands soak through his tee-shirt. He squeezed her ass cheeks, heard her gasp.

“Mmmm,” he whispered kissing his way down her neck across her collar bone, teasing her with the tip of his tongue. Damn, he wanted her so bad, he wanted to take her right there in the middle of the kitchen. Tugging the top of her dress down so that he could get to her tits, gently caressing one then the other he flicked his tongue across her hard nipples. He had a hard on and he needed some relief and right now.

“Ohhh, yes, just like that,” he heard her whisper, she held his shoulders tightly. “Mmmmm, I love that.” she whimpered when he bit down on her right nipple. “Bite me…”

“I need you baby,” he tells her looking at her, reaching up under her dress he finds her wet panties.

“Ummm wet panties,” he tells her rubbing his hand over her pussy. “What made my wife so wet this morning hmmmm???” he asked pushing her panties to the side he gently rubbed her slit. “Maybe that young black guy outside???”

She didn’t answer him she just continued to enjoy the sensations he was giving her, “Ahhh,” she whispered when she felt him slip one then two fingers in her pussy, she spread her legs wider for him. Groaning Patti felt Ted pushing his fingers deeper inside of her pussy. “Ummmm yes…”

“You like that don’t you honey? Hmmm, like when your husband finger fucks you?” he asked her pushing his fingers in and out of her hole. He couldn’t believe how she could still be so tight after 37 years. “My wife would like to suck that black cock wouldn’t she?”

“Oh yes I would,” she said when he leaned down and kissed her passionately, pushing his tongue into her mouth. He fingered her slowly.

God but she was wet, he felt her pussy tighten up on his fingers, he heard her moans and sighs of pleasure. He couldn’t wait he had to taste her right now. He pulled his fingers from her slit and he pushed them into her mouth.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned tasting herself on his fingers, she hated when he took his hand away from her pussy.

“You don’t need these.” Ted told her reaching under her dress and slipping his hand inside the waist band of her panties and pulling them down her legs, she stepped out of them.

He reached eskort bayan for the hem of her dress and he pulled the dress off over her head. She stood there in the middle of the kitchen completely naked. Ted flung her dress onto the kitchen table.

Patti wondered what he was going to do, what ever it would be she knew she would love it.

“Up you go.” he said picking her up by her waist and sitting her on the edge of the kitchen counter.

She watched as he walked over to the kitchen table and pulled a chair over to the counter.

Ted sat down in front of her and knew it was the perfect height for what he wanted to do. “Just relax and enjoy it baby,” he told her looking up at her, he spread her legs wide and slowly licked her from behind her left knee up the back of her left thigh.

“Ooohhh,” she gasped watching Ted licking her thighs slow and barely using the tip of his tongue.

She felt a shiver go down her back when he licked her this way. She spread her legs as wide as she could exposing her pussy and ass to him, she held her legs open and just watched while he continued to lick and tease her.

“Mmmm baby you are soaked,” he commented reaching the top of her left thigh, he tenderly licked and kissed across the top of her pussy. He reached the top of her right thigh and did the same thing as he had done to her left. Licking and kissing the back of her thigh all the way down to the back of her knee.

Swirling his tongue all over her sensitive skin he heard her moans of pleasure. She had always wanted to be up on the kitchen counter and have him eating her pussy. Fuck, his cock was rock hard already.

Patti reached up and pinched her nipples, pulling and twisting them in her fingers. Looking down she watched while Ted continued to lick her thighs and back up to the top of her throbbing pussy.

“Ummmm,” she groaned when she felt him flick the tip of his tongue across the top of her slit.

Ted slid his hands under her ass and pulled her closer to the edge of the counter. Pushing her legs as far back as he could he started to lick and nibble on her pussy lips. God, he loved the way she tasted, she had the perfect pussy.

From the very first time he had ate her out those many years ago he thought her pussy was perfect.

Patti looked down and watched Ted licking and sucking on her pussy, she could feel her juices flowing out of her. She gasped when he pushed his tongue inside of her hot hole, fucking her with his tongue always made her cum fast.

Ted glanced up at her and saw how much she was enjoying his love making, she was pinching and tugging on her hard nipples, he heard her breathing heavily, moaning, gasping.

“Yessss, oh yes baby eat me.”

He had no intentions of stopping, well not yet anyway. He licked her lower and lower teasing her tight hole with his tongue. He knew how much this turned her on. Pushing one then two fingers deep in her pussy again he felt her wetness coat his fingers.

“Hmmm,” he groaned finger fucking her pussy while he flicked his tongue across her clit.

“Fuck baby!” she moaned loudly feeling her climax getting closer and closer. “Eat my pussy!”

Ted fucked her pussy hard and deep, she was humping her hips up off of the counter, he knew she was close to cumming…

James was mowing outside of the kitchen window when he heard Patti moaning. He couldn’t help but hear her. The window was open a few inches. He knew he should move to another part of the yard and give them some privacy. He had lost his earlier hard on but the more he listened, the harder his cock became.

“Oh fuck!! Yes honey lick my clit, right there…oh yeah there!” James heard her say loudly, he felt his dick stand at full attention.

He continued to stand there listening to the sounds of hot sex. He quickly unzipped his jeans and reached in and pulled his cock out.

Glancing around to make sure nobody was watching him he stroked his dick.

“Yeah eat her pussy,” James said out loud, listening to her moans of passion.

“Hmmmm, oh fuck baby, I’m gonna cum…” she groaned humping her pussy into Ted’s mouth. He held onto her hips so that she couldn’t move.

Ted moved away from her for a moment and looked up at her, fuck she looked so hot sitting on the counter top with her legs spread wide. “I’m gonna make my baby cum.” he tells her looking her in the eyes. “You want to cum baby girl?”

“Please let me cum.” she whispered looking at him, she was right on the edge of cumming. He would get her right where she was going to cum and then he would stop what ever he was doing.

Patti reached down and held his head down on her slit, pushing her pussy into his mouth. “Yes,yes,yes.” she chanted over and over watching him eating her pussy, felt him sucking on her sensitive clit.

Sucking her clit Ted flicked his tongue over her sensitive nub, he could feel her shaking, hear her moans of pleasure.

“Ahhh, fuck, ooohhhh cumming, ahhhh!!” she screamed feeling her climax over take her, altıparmak escort shaking and moaning she came.

Holding onto her hips tightly Ted felt her cum, he could feel her whole body shaking. He tasted her cum, kissing her pussy he kissed his way to her left thigh. He could hear her gasping for breath, resting his head on her thigh he felt her body relax.

“Mmmmm, oh my god honey.” she whispered looking down at him, “that was fantastic.”

“I’m so glad you enjoyed it.” he said standing, she wrapped her legs around his waist, she grabbed his tee-shirt she pulled him to her. “Mmmm,” she moaned when he leaned in and kissed her passionately.

Patti slid off of the counter, looking up at him, “My turn.” she said sinking to her knees, reaching up she unzipped his jeans. “Hard cock, mmm,” she whispered pulling his jeans and undies down.

Ted watched her every move, stepping out of his jeans and undies he pulled his tee-shirt off and threw it on the table with her dress and panties. “You are hungry for cock aren’t you baby?”

“Always,” she said looking up at him, she reached up and stroked his balls, flicking her tongue all over the underside of the heavy sac. She loved to lick and suck his cock and balls, loved to feel them in her mouth. She loved the taste of them, she got so turned on when she heard him moan from what she was doing to him.

“Hmmm, yeah baby,” he said looking down at her, watching her licking his balls. She held them in her hand, teasing him, gently sucking on them, finally after several long minutes she took one into her mouth. “Fuck,” he groaned holding her head in his hands, how did he ever get so lucky he thought she let his balls slip from her mouth.

Patti glanced up at him lovingly, stroking his rock hard dick. Licking his cock from the base, teasing him and taking her time. “Mmmmm,” she moaned licking the shaft of his throbbing cock.

Ted tightened his hands on her head, tangling her hair in his hands, wanting her to take his cock into her mouth. “Oh babe, suck me please,” he said wanting to push his cock deep into her mouth.

Patti pulled away from his cock, “You want to cum honey?” she asked looking up at him.

“Fuck you know I do.” he told her, pushing her head back towards his dick.

“Fuck my mouth baby, fuck my mouth like a pussy.” she said, feeling him pushing his cock into her mouth.

Ted loved the feelings she always gave him when she sucked his cock. Looking down at her he watched her bobbing up and down on his cock. In and out she took him deeper and deeper.

“Hmmm,” Patti moaned while she sucked her husbands dick, the tighter he held her head in his hands the deeper she sucked him. Tasting his precum she swallowed it. In and out she took him, savoring the taste of him.

Ted groaned feeling her sucking his cock, felt her putting pressure on his dick. “Ahhh, yeah.” he groaned loudly, she knew just how to make him feel the best. “Suck me,” he whispered to her, pulling his cock almost all the way out of her mouth he rammed it back into her mouth.

Holding onto Ted’s hips she took his cock as deeply as she could, fucking his cock with her mouth she wanted to make him cum.

James continued to listen to the moans and sounds of Ted getting his cock sucked. His own dick was rock hard. Stroking himself he needed to cum. James would have given anything if he could watch her sucking her husbands cock. “Ahhh fuck,” James moaned stroking his dick feeling precum dripping from the head of his cock. Smearing it all over the head of his dick he stroked himself faster.

“Suck that cock baby girl,” Ted moaned loudly, fucking her mouth, making her take his cock. His cock felt like it were on fire. She was making him feel so good, glancing towards the kitchen window he thought he heard James.

He wouldn’t mind getting some of that young mans cock in his mouth, maybe watch James fuck his wife.

Patti sucked Ted’s cock as if she had never had one before, in and out she took him, spit dribbling from her mouth onto the kitchen floor.

Suddenly Ted pulled his cock from her mouth and he helped her to her feet, turning her around he helped her onto the kitchen table. “James is outside the kitchen window, let’s give him a show baby.” Ted whispered in her ear.

“I’ve got to have that tight pussy baby,” Ted said loud enough for James to hear, reaching down he pushed two then three fingers inside of her tight, wet hole. “Mmmm, somebody has a tight wet, pussy.”

“Fuck me,” Patti said looking at Ted, it really turned her on knowing James was outside listening, wonder if he was jacking off Patti thought.

“Oh I’m gonna fuck you honey,” Ted said finger fucking her deep and hard. “I’m gonna fuck you on the kitchen table.”

“Ahhh, yeah baby fuck my pussy just like that,” she said loudly looking at Ted.

“Such a tight hole,”

“Fuck that tight hole baby.” she said as if it were a dare.

Taking his fingers from her pussy he licked her juices off of them, “Take me.” he told her shoving his cock inside of her.

“Yessss,” she moaned loudly, she pictured James jacking off, listening to them fucking.

Ted held her legs up and back and pounded his cock in and out of her, she lay back on the table and pinched and tugged violently on her tits, twisting her nipples.

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