Damian Ch. 02

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Damian opened his eyes and for a minute he believed yesterday had been a dream, then he realized he was still holding Slut in his arms. She was wide-awake, looking at him. All the toys they had been using the night before lay around them. He knew if she would have wanted, she could have harmed him, maybe even killed him in his sleep. The fact she had not proved to him she had given herself to him fully. He owned a woman and a very good-looking one, although right at this moment she did not look that good. The room smelled badly from yesterday’s games. What had smelled like perfume to him had lost its perfume like qualities and now the smell was almost gagging him.

The dried blood, semen, pussy juice and pee definitely were not arousing him this morning. Damian rose and the first thing he did was open a window to let some fresh air in. The air did him good…his body hurt terribly… he had small crust all over his body, and his back felt like there were a thousand needles embedded in it. He walked over to the bathroom. “Follow me Slut.” Damian’s voice cut through the silence startling her.

She tried to stand but could not. Her body was too weakened. Slut had wounds all over her. She was covered in red marks and welts, and would definitely have a couple of new scars. Damian walked to the bathroom without looking to see if Slut was following. The bathroom was everything you would have expected in a house like this, big, no huge was a better word. His living room was smaller than this! In the centre of the bathroom stood a huge bath, and not surprisingly it was big enough to hold at least three to four people. Damian turned on the faucet to fill the bath and to his surprise the water started to pour in to the bath from several little holes in the sides of the tub. He had been staring in wonder at this when he realized Slut was not in the room yet. He turned around with the intention of finding out where she was so as to punish her when he saw her crawling over the floor, desperately trying to reach the bathroom.

She was dragging the sheet from the bed. It had stuck to her back, her dried blood functioning as glue. The site of Slut crawling towards him in the state she was would have turned his stomach yesterday, filled him with pity for her pain. This was however not the emotion that filled him now. He was annoyed, not at Slut, but at the situation. He had just gained a slave…he did not want to lose her that fast.

He walked over to her and lifted her into his arms. For a tall woman she was surprisingly light. Damian carried her to the bath and dropped her into it, before stepping into the bath himself and starting to wash his slave. The warm water helped to soak the sheet off her back. Slut looked bewildered…she had not expected this from her owner, anything but this. Damian was caressing the skin of his property slowly. The color started to return to her face as she began to feel slightly better. Damian and Slut soaked for a long time in the warm water. It felt good to relax, and the warm water was doing miracles

Damian was already feeling a lot better, for Slut however it did not work miracles. It would take a lot more than a bath to cure her and make her feel better. “Stay in the bath Slut,” Damian told his slave. He stepped from the bath and rinsed himself under the shower, then dried himself, and walked into the bedroom where he changed the sheets of the bed. He cleaned the room, disposing of the sheets and dirty clothes of Slut. Once he was finished he walked over to the bath. Picking up Slut he carried her to the shower, standing her beneath it’s flow to rinse off the bloodied bath water, dried her, and carried her to the bed.

“Stay in bed and rest. I need you to regain your strength”, Damian said before he walked out of the bedroom and started to explore the house. It was huge. The first floor had 5 rooms, all empty except for Slut’s room. All were big with a bathroom, but none as big or majestic as the room he had spent last night in. Damian went up to the second floor and there he found a .games room. It had everything you would expect in it…a pool table, several computers, game consoles, and a bar with a fully filled liquor cabinet. Damian walked over to it and found an unopened bottle of Glenfiddich. He poured a glass for himself. The warm glow of the 12-½ year scotch sliding down his throat was like the greeting of an old friend as he savoured the taste of it in his mouth. Naked, with the glass of scotch in his hands, he continued his exploration of the mansion.

He walked down to the ground floor which was like the rest of the house, huge, filled with expensive furniture and existing of two rooms; one huge living room and the kitchen. Damian walked over to the kitchen and found the fridge fully stocked with food. He made himself an omelette and brewed some coffee. After finishing his coffee and omelette he decided he needed to feed his slave. He made Slut a simple breakfast and carried it to his slave.

Damian found her lying in bed wide-awake. She had not moved an inch since he had left.

“Here’s something to eat. You might feel better Kurtköy Öğrenci Escort after some food”.

Slut started nervously eating the breakfast and then Damian asked her, “So tell me what the story is behind this house. Are you rich or what?”

“Yes my lord, the house is mine. I inherited it from my first slave.”

“So how much are you worth, how much money do you have?”

“I am not sure my Lord but it must be somewhere in the region of 50 million, which of course now all belongs to you since I have become yours.”

“Explain that to me. You give yourself to me and I get everything you own…and remember I know nothing of this world or the rules, if there are any that is.”

“Yes my Lord, it is very simple actually. I gave myself to you and became your property and since I am your property everything I used to own is now yours. Today is Saturday. If my Lord so wishes we can go on Monday to a lawyer and I will sign everything over to you”

“That might be a good idea but before we do that you need to explain to me what I have gotten myself into, what the rules are, how it works, what is expected of me and what I can expect from you.”

Slut looked at him in amazement, “You really are new to this My Lord!”

“Yes my little one, you woke up something in me that I had suppressed all my life, and now it is too late. Damian is awake and Frank is the one lying dormant. That is not something I wanted or wished for, quite the contrary, but it seems my dark side cannot be suppressed anymore. It has tasted freedom and is not going to give it up anymore, and to be honest I do not want it to be dormant. I enjoyed yesterday too much. So tell me how this works?”

“My lord it is actually very simple. I have become yours to do with as you please, I gave myself without any constraint voluntarily and of my own free will. I did not put any conditions on it, I just gave myself and you accepted me. I have to obey your orders and do as you please, I belong to you, and you can do to me whatever you desire.”

“Interesting, so you have to do everything I tell you, without question and without hesitation… good, I like that.”

Damian, being completely new to the BDSM lifestyle did not realize what he had just gained. Yes, the money, the mansion, and the prestige were all very well, but Damian had taken possession of another human being. It was not something that should be taken lightly or dispensed with only minor thought. He, from now on, owned Slut. She would listen to his every command. Her existence would be centred round him, her world, her life… even her soul belonged to him. Slut made this choice knowing what she was getting into, she realized what she had given to her Master. The power he had over her was total and complete, there would be nothing she would not do for him. This was the nature of the lifestyle she had chosen. Damian knew nothing of this world. He did not know the rules if you could call them that. He knew nothing of the honor and the commitment between a Master and a slave.

Damian eyes walked over his slave’s body. She was drop-dead gorgeous. “How do you feel Slut?”

“I am fine Master.”

“No bullshit, no telling me little lies, no embellishing of the truth, no hiding facts. I should know. I want total and absolute truth. When I ask you a question, you give me a complete and honest answer. Are you clear on that?”

“Yes Master, is that your first rule for me?”

“Rule… Yes…that is correct, my first rule for you to follow. Absolute and total honesty, so I ask again, how do you feel?”

“My whole body hurts, especially my back, hands and feet. I have trouble staying awake…I am very tired…my left butt cheek hurts incredibly. I feel as if a truck has run over me, reversed, and parked on top of me. Physically everything hurts, emotionally I am not sure of how to act or behave. I feel very insecure and uncertain. But also I feel very happy. I do not understand it myself, but I feel safe and secure with you Master, I feel fulfilled.”

“Thank you for the last, love. Is there anything I can do help you with your physical pain?”

“Yes Master, in the cupboard you will find some papaw ointment and vitamin E cream. Those will make me heal faster so I can perform my tasks for you better and faster.”

Damian took a minute while considering her words. Silently he walked over to the cupboard and looked inside. This time he was not looking for tools to hurt, or torture. This time he took a look at everything that was in there. Everything which remained was neatly stacked and every instrument had its own place, next to the whips, canes, handcuffs knives and every sort of instrument you could think of. There was a separate section with a small but very complete medicine cabinet. It was there that he found the ointment. Damian was not familiar with the ointment and had never used it before. He opened the tin. Inside was an oily substance with a very fruity smell. Damian’s mind did not stop working. He was learning and realizing something new every minute. Next time, after a session, he would Kurtköy Çıtır Escort take care of his slave and then his equipment before sleeping or doing something else. It made sense. Even a horse was cleaned, wiped and brushed after a workout. Damian sat on the bed next to Slut.

“Turn on your belly Slut.’

“Yes Master.”

He slowly caressed Slut’s back. The spots of skin which had no bruises, blood crust or welts on them were silky smooth and soft. His hands slowly continued to caress her back, still not putting the ointment on, instead exploring his property. Now and then his hands would stop on a bruise or welt and examine them. It was not as bad as he had feared. The wounds were clean and already healing. Slut was in a better condition than he had feared. His hands started to tickle her back, softly drawing circles causing Slut to moan softly under his touch. Although Damian was not an experienced Dominant, he was a very experienced lover. He had often used his skills of massage to seduce women, but this time he was not using it to seduce, he did not need to seduce Slut…she was there for him, to be used whenever and however he wanted. Already Damian started to realize what he had gotten himself into. Slowly the realization of what he’d gained was dawning on him.

Damian took a handful of cream and started to massage it into the back of Slut, treating her whole body. When finished he drew the sheets over Slut and gave her a fatherly kiss on her forehead before advising, “sleep now little one, you need your rest. I want you to recuperate as fast as possible so we can begin the rest of our life.”

Damian walked to the living room and sat there for hours thinking about what had happened that day. The hunger in him though could not be silenced so easily. He had ignored it his whole life, but the day before he had fed it for the first time and had fed it well, though just like a starving man cannot stop eating when confronted with a feast, he could not feed his hunger quick enough. Damian had a dilemma however. Slut was not in any shape to take more of what he had done to her yesterday, or he would maim her for life, or even worse kill her if he let the dark side out unchecked.

He started to pace through the room. He needed to give pain. His sadism needed to give pain…but he could not. It was driving him crazy. Then it came to him, he could give her pain without actually damaging her too much physically, feeding his hunger by having absolute and total control over Slut as he had learned yesterday. Damian was convinced it was possible. He walked up stairs to the room in which Slut was sleeping deeply, sleeping the sleep of the absolute exhausted.

“Slut wake up.”

Almost instantly Slut answered her Master, “Master, how can I be of service?”

“I need your advice, answer honestly without being afraid. Can you take another session?”

“My Lord, if you so desire I am ready to take whatever you need to give.”

“Can your body take it?”

“I you so desire Master, I can take it.”

“So in other words you cannot, shit, shit…shit. So now what do I do? Is there a way for me to inflict pain on you without damaging your body or only damage it minimally?”

“Master, you do not need to concern yourself about this worthless piece of meat.”

“Answer my question.’

“No Master, you do not posses the skill yet. But Master if you need to inflict pain and you do not want to damage your property I might have a solution.”

“Speak up woman, speak up.”

“There is a worthless pain slut I know who will gladly come here, but there will be rules for you to follow Master.”

“Tell me the rules.”

“You will have to use a safe-word, and you will not be allowed to damage her feet or hands, for the rest she will take anything.”

“What is a safe-word?”

“It is a predetermined word or phrase which will slow, change or bring the scene to a halt when spoken by the slave, Master.”

“So I am giving the slave power over the session?”

“Yes Master, it is normal when the slave you are playing with is not your property.”

“Well it will have to do; I hope she can take a lot of pain. Call her.”

Slut called the woman, and half an hour later the doorbell ran. Damian composed himself and strolled to the door. When he opened it a small overweight blond was standing there. He took her hand, dragged her inside and slammed the door closed. No words where exchanged until he had dragged her into the bedroom.”

“Your safe-word is Watchguard. Look Blondie, I am not interested in chitchat or in socializing, you are here because you are a pain-slut and I need your services. “

After these words he threw the woman to the floor and started to whip her. The girl cried and begged for mercy. However Damian did not really care as she had not said the safe-word so he continued, which of course was what the slut wanted. It took him a good ten minutes of whipping to bring his hunger down to acceptable levels.

The blond woman was lying on the ground crying, her back already open and marked by Kurtköy Elit Escort the force with which he had whipped her.

“Undress, bitch, show me your disgusting fat body.”

The blonde immediately stripped laying her clothes neatly on a chair.’


The blonde woman knelt in front of Damian. He put a collar he had taken from his cupboard on her. The bitches’ pussy was hot and wet from Damian’s commands, from her nakedness before him, from wearing his collar; from realizing that she was Damian’s to do with as he pleased. Damian of course did not for a minute realize the symbolism of a collar. He had just put it on because he liked the way a woman looked wearing a collar.

“What is your name bitch?”

“Marie, Sir.”

“Lie on your back, Marie.”

Marie found the usage of her name extremely erotic and overpowering. She was proud of herself feeling she had already impressed this strange Master in such a short time to the extent he was using her name. Damian parted Marie’s thighs as far as he could. Marie, being a good slave, tried to part them even more. The stretching of her muscles caused her pain but she took it for him. Damian walked around her watching how she lay there, watching the curves of her body, looking at the perfect shape of her breasts. At this moment in time he was so concentrated on Marie that nothing else existed.

He bent down and kissed her, soft and gentle. His tongue pushed itself into her mouth, her tongue becoming one with Damian’s. His hands moved over her body, gently caressing her. Marie gave herself completely over to Damian. She knew she would try to please this man completely. The touch of Damian’s hands on her body made her shiver and tremble in anticipation of what he was going to do next.

Damian’s hand slowly went down to her cunt, caressing her breast, her belly, all of her body on its path to Marie’s pearl of love. His right hand started to massage her breast; his left hand fingers circled her clit without touching it, just teasing it. Her fluids were running down her legs. Marie had hardly felt such arousal as was going through her body at this moment, she started to beg to Damian, “Please Sir, take me, I need you.”

“Not yet.”

Marie needed relief, her whole body screaming for sex. “Please, please Sir, I beg of you take me, I need it.”

Damian’s right hand slapped her across the face just once, but hard, his hand leaving a red mark where his palm had joined briefly with her flesh.

“You need it? Do you really think anyone cares about what you need? You are just a whore; a whore I use to relieve myself. “

Marie’s disobedience had annoyed Damian, she needed to be punished. Gone was the tenderness and softness.

He took her by the wrist and dragged her across the floor towards the bed, the bed in which Slut was lying looking with great interest at what was happening. Marie begged, cried for forgiveness, “Sir please, have mercy on me. I will obey next time.”

Damian hardly heard her voice. He did not listen to her. Damian had realised if he would, she would use it next time, if there was to be a next time that is. She would lose respect for him, think less of him as a Master. She might be asking and begging for forgiveness but she was only testing the strength and conviction of Damian. He could not give in without betraying himself. Right now showing mercy would be showing weakness. Damian bound Marie belly down. He bound her legs to the top of the bed and her arms to the bottom. Slut was in the way now, he could not freely let go while in his mind he was afraid of accidentally hurting his slave. Damian had no problems whatsoever in hurting Slut, giving her pain, making her bleed, but it had to be because he wanted it, not by accident. Out of the corner of his eyes Damian could see a chair in the corner of the room,

“Slut, go and sit over there on the chair.”

Damian took a cane and started to tease Marie with it, slowly dragging it across her back, hitting her very softly. She started to get excited again very fast; pain was an aphrodisiac for Marie and the anticipation of pain even more. A sharp, fast move of Damian’s wrist and the cane landed on her back, again and again the cane came down across her back and bottom. Damian was not hitting full force, he was just warming her up. He was filled with pure lust…seeing her body lying there bound excited him. He bent over and slipped a finger into Marie’s wet pussy sliding it deep inside her. Pulling his finger out he wiped her juices across her own face and lips before forcing his finger into her mouth allowing her to taste how hot she was.

Marie started to lick and suck on his finger as if it was a cock. Damian pulled his finger from her mouth and again wiped it across her face and lips, this time coating her with her own saliva.

Damian loosened Marie’s arms and forced her on her knees with her legs still tied. He stood in front of her pulling her head back. She knew what was coming and opened her mouth. Damian pushed his erect penis to her mouth and Marie started to kiss the head of his cock with her soft lips, before tasting it with her tongue as she ran it in circles over the hot flesh. She parted her lips and hungrily swallowed his cock deep in her throat; her sucking was hard and full of hunger and need. It was not long before Damian started to feel himself close to reaching an orgasm.

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