Onyx Pt. 02

You make me wet as fuck. Without touching me, without tasting me, just with your eyes, yet we both know you’ll never let up until your teasing has me wanting to fuck you with every ounce of my pent-up energy.

Licking my lips as taste the rest of your pussy that lingers and reminds me of how good you taste — I watch as you join me in tasting you, licking the little wet gift you left on the vibrator.

You lean in to kiss me and share your gift and I grab the back of your head, gently, but steadily enough to kiss you deeply and communicate that you are MY slut. You know I only call you that when I see her coming out…your alter ego…so you never get offended. I love the flash of your smile when you notice that I see her. Without hesitation you break our kiss and bite my lip as you pull back, instantly making my clit and nipples hard at the same time.

I said “Your turn.”

You lick down the right side of my neck while tracing my left nipple with the vibrator causing me to exhale in anticipation and close my eyes. I feel a light “slap” on both sides of my nipples with the vibrator, but you never actually touch them…instead, I feel your tongue wrap around my nipple, bite, and softly catch between your teeth before you release me and follow with a blow of cool air.

“MMM Babe…” I mutter, lifting my chest from the bed and into you. You take your mouth away and use your tongue to trace the whatsapp escort path that you’ve started leading down my body with the vibrator as you turn it on. Around my belly button, in between my thighs, along my lips, and finally at the tip of my clit. I gasp.

“Where did you think I was going baby?” you chuckle sexily.

“Right where I needed you.” I reply as I feel the waves rush through my clit and seemingly through my body. I close my eyes and I’m not left waiting long for more as your warm tongue kisses along my lips and slides in between them.

“FUUUCK.” I feel my juices coming down as you go deeper than I knew your tongue could reach inside. You switch your arm’s angle so the vibrator is matching me as I grind into your rhythm. I grab both sides of your head and fuck your tongue harder, forgetting for a second that you’re actually attached to it because of how lost I am.

With your freehand you place your hand on my thighs to seemingly tap me back into reality, and I slow down, still lost in my pleasure. You put the vibrator down and in the same motion, slide your tongue from inside me and around my clit. I feel myself jump into another phase of pleasure, more sensual than before as it is now just the sound of my moans, your slurps, and the occasional wiry scratch sound of my nails scraping along the sheets as I squirm.

You continue this cursive istanbul escort bayan on my clit, tracing letters and words into me that only escape in between the phrases “baby, fuck yes”, and “damn babe”.

I wasn’t prepared, but you know I’m ready now.

You fill me up slowly, making sure I feel every inch. Another phase of pleasure — not knowing if I feel you inside me or INSIDE me.

Slow and steady, slow and deep, slow and…

You pound Onyx into me in one quick move that makes me lose the breath I had only halfway gotten in.

These same strokes continue as I feel your lips wrap around my clit, your tongue lightly flicking the tip as you suckle up and down my hardness increasing your suction as you go.

Looking up at the ceiling and trying to remember how to breathe, you hear me say “Suck that clit baby.”

That’s when you knew you had me, isn’t it?

I grind down on Onyx to match the intensity I feel building from this nut I want.

I was supposed to be your Dom tonight and look at me….

But you knew I wouldn’t stop you…not this time at least.

You’re sucking my clit so well that I’ll allow it.

You roll me slightly to my side and hold my thighs open as you continue fucking me. Fuck ME.

While still using Onyx to milk every drop of cream I have to offer, you take a moment to rub my clit with your fingers, then start to stroke özbek escort my clit between them as if to jack me off.

You turn me the fuck on.

I’m trying so hard to cum?

I’m not even sure anymore. Why would I want this to end?

I can’t get out anything else coherently other than a breathless, “Don’t fucking stop pleeease.”

Lick, Suck, Slurp. Suck. Suck. Suck. Suuuuck. Slurp. POUND. suck. suck. POUND. suck. POUND. suck. POUND…

You create this beautiful pattern that has me locked into ecstasy.

Lick, Suck, Slurp. Suck. Suck. Suck. Suuuuck. suck. suck. su…

“Shit, bae! I’m cuuuming!!!”

I grunt lightly and a shockingly enough to the both of us, high pitched “Yes!” bursts from my mouth as I feel myself explode over your tongue, over Onyx, over the sheets…

Only you can make me lose myself like that.

My breathing shaky, my body hot, I throw my head to a side angle while still laying down to gaze at you “cat-licking” my clit to get those little aftershock jumps out of me.

“Mmmm, I hate yooou!” I laugh and blurt out as I know you’re just trying to get that exact reaction.

“You made a big ass, satisfying mess.”

Your words coming out slow and intentional, trying to match the movement and rhythm of you climbing back up to the familiar place of my chest. You lay for a second…and then hop up and straddle me quickly, as if a puppeteer pulled your strings the instant you laid down.

Your clit against mine, you feel me still throbbing from the orgasm I just had. You look over at the closet and back at me. With a little clit hump, you smirk and say…

“I’m going to get some water…but when I come back…Get the strap?”

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