Confessions in the Family Room Ch. 04


My weekend with my sister Lisa left me with mixed emotions. We both confessed to having developed strong feelings for each other that went beyond normal sibling affection. It even went beyond the amazing physical connection that she and I engaged in. This was starting to turn into true love. But how could it work? There are so many reasons why it couldn’t be that simple. She has children and I am their uncle. And how about the rest of society? We would have to up root our lives and move some place where nobody knew us and pretend to be husband and wife. Our lives would be one big lie and it would most certainly put a huge strain on our relationship and cause fights. Before you no it we would wake up one day to a horrid retched life. Now on the other hand you have my oldest sister Becky. She has no kids and is one of those people that wouldn’t give a fuck what people thought. I’m sure she would be quite open about an incestuous relationship with her younger brother except of course our parents which brings me to my last point. If our parents ever found out about any of this shit, at their age it could kill them and that’s just not an option. Total secrecy is what’s needed here so having an open relationship with Becky wouldn’t work at all. So what’s the answer?

I decided that the three of us needed to get together again and discuss things because someone is bound to get hurt and our lives are heading for a train wreck if we don’t put on the brakes before it gets out of control. I called them both and set up a date to talk. It was rounding the corner into spring time in California which is a beautiful time of year for this state. I wanted to air things out with the girls but at the same time I wasn’t about to make this only a verbal discussion. Once the air was clear and we were all in a good place about things then a weekend of fun and games would begin. At least that was my plan. A friend of mine has a private cabin in the woods and so I called him up to ask if it was available and got the key. I had some major planning and shopping to do so it wasn’t till a month later that all three of us could get a free weekend that didn’t conflict with the other persons schedule. This was going to be the best weekend yet.

My hard work and planning had paid off and every last detail was taken care of to make it the perfect and most memorable weekend get away of our lives. We all agreed to meet at my house bright and early on Friday morning. I had rented a small motor home for the trip and had it packed the night before. I needed to dip into my savings account to fund my little sexcapade but I had to do it right or not do it at all.

When the girls arrived I handed them their own personal thermos of coffee. They were surprised to see the motor home and excited that they would be riding in comfort and style. I loaded up their bags and we were on our way. As we hit the freeway on ramp I said,

“I bought some cinnamon rolls and have a jug of cold milk chilling in the refrigerator so help yourselves.” Becky spoke up saying,

“Right on Tone. You really went all out dude. This motor home is great.” Lisa echoed Becky’s thoughts and said,

“It’s awesome. How much was it?”

“You know what… it doesn’t matter. All that’s important is that we have a kick ass time but I do have one rule.” Becky said,

“Uhh ohh, here we go with the rules.”

“No really, it’s no big deal but on the drive up, I don’t want to discuss any sexual things that have taken place in the recent past okay. That portion of the trip will take place as soon as we get unpacked and settled into the cabin. Do we have a deal?” Both girls answered,

“Deal.” We took the coast up into central California and spring was now in full effect. It was stunning and the mood could not have been better. We stopped to take some great pictures and eat lunch and made the most of the drive up. When we finally arrived at the cabin it was about mid day and the girls were blown away to see how beautiful it was. I had been on a few fishing trips with my buddy so I knew how great it was but this was their first time up here so I was scoring points left and right with them. The cabin was right on a lake with a mountain setting for a back ground. It looked like it was straight out of a movie. Even if a girl wasn’t into the great outdoors, the sheer beauty would have her giving you her panties in a heart beat. Luckily both my sisters loved camping and nature and all that shit so I was hitting on all pistons with them as far as getting them in the mood.

I had said that the cabin was private and that’s exactly what it was. The nearest anything was a ranger station and small general store about five miles away. Other cabins were sprinkled here and there along the road leading up to our cabin but they were also miles away. We parked and got out to stretch our legs and have a look at the view of the lake. Lisa said,

“I can’t believe this place. It’s like a fairy tale. It’s absolutely gorgeous. This is exactly what I needed. Gaziantep Olgun Escort Those kids of mine were driving me insane.” Becky took in a deep breath of fresh pine mountain air and sniffed deeply saying,

“Ahhh smell that air. I can feel the shit in my lungs being filtered out as we speak. What a view. Tell your buddy Roger that I said thanks for letting us use the cabin.”

“No problem sis, I already thanked him. He’s a great guy. Let’s get unpacked and get all settled. We each have our own room and there are two showers. One outdoor shower and one indoor. We can get cleaned up and then see about dinner. I took care of all the food so you guys don’t have to worry about shit except enjoying yourselves.” Lisa spoke up saying,

“Wow Tony, you really are sweet. Thanks for planing all this. You’ve out done yourself.”

“Yeah, watch yourself buddy,” Becky said, “A girl could get spoiled and get used to this kind of pampering. If you’re not careful we may expect this kind of treatment all the time.”

“Hay that wouldn’t bother me,” I said, “It’s just that we never used to hang out like we did when we were younger. It’s like we’ve grown up and stopped taking the time to get together unless it was someone’s birthday or the holidays. This weekend for me is my way of letting you guys know that the past few months haven’t been a fluke and I really want to make an effort to hang more often.”

“Ha,” Becky scoffed, “I’ll bet you do you naughty boy.”

“No, it’s not just that. I don’t want us to let life put a wedge between us just because we have jobs and kids and things like that.” Still teasing Becky said,

“I’m calling bull shit. You’re getting laid and you want to make sure you’re still gonna get some buddy boy. Don’t try and bull shit me pal. I know your plan. You’ve got something up your sleeve for this weekend. You didn’t drag us up here just to talk.” I put on an innocent face and said,

“I’m afraid I have no idea what you’re talking about and anyway I wouldn’t exactly say that you were dragged up here. As soon as I called you it was ‘Great, count me in’ so don’t act like I had to twist your arm to get you up here dear sister.”

“So you’re telling me you don’t have something planned? Some big sexual fantasy that you want fulfilled? Come on bro, I’m not that stupid.”

“Hay, what ever happens, happens. I’ll leave it up to fate.”

“We’ll see, we’ll see. What ever it is I know it’s going to be twisted.”

So we unpacked and showered off then each pitched in to make a kick ass dinner. When we sat down to eat I got the ball rolling saying,

“Okay, so the main reason I have you guys up here is to get on the same page with each other and not keep anything in the dark. Now I know how close you girls are so I’m not sure how much you two have talked about but I will start things off by saying how I’m feeling about all this. First of all I have no problem with the whole incest thing. It feels as natural as any sex I’ve ever had with any woman I’ve ever been with, better actually. But there’s a snag, I’ve let my emotions get involved with both of you and as crazy as it sounds… I’ve sort of developed some feelings for both of you. Now Becky, Lisa and I have already discussed this but it’s the first time I’ve said anything to you about it. Are you shocked, pissed off, happy, what?”

“Well, I’m not that shocked no. You always fall for anyone you have sex with so no, I’m not surprised. As far as being pissed well, I’m a little bummed out that you didn’t come to me and tell me. You should know you can tell me anything but I can see how saying that you have feelings for me would be hard so I guess I can cut you some slack.”

“You have no idea how hard it is to tell you this. It took something as big as coming up here to tell you.” Lisa spoke up and said,

“Well, allow me to be the voice of reason here and give the two of you a great big spoonful of reality. I’m a single mom. You are Aunt and Uncle to my kids. We can’t have some torrid love triangle. This is impossible. What if mom and dad ever found out? That would be an unspeakable disaster that would destroy the family.” I said,

“I hear you Lis, I know. But if you think about it, no one has to know jack shit. This is a really easy secret to keep guys I mean who’s going to think anything out of the ordinary about three siblings spending a weekend up in a cabin or any other future plans we make. We’re brother and sisters, nothing strange about that.”

“Yes but now you’re starting to talk about feelings and emotions and all that kinda shit. Just what do you expect to happen? Are we all going to move in together and have sex with the kids in the next room or what exactly is the plan?”

“Of course I know we can’t just have some threesome type relationship where we live together but there’s no reason we can’t see each other regularly. And it doesn’t always have to be about sex either. We could just hang out you know. But I want to see you guys more than just some special occasion or holiday. It doesn’t have to be everyday like a marriage but why not two to three or even four times a month. Hell, why not when someone just has an urge to get together on some random night, fuck I don’t give a shit about booty call.” Becky asked,

“So what happens if one of us meets the guy or girl of our dreams, the person we want to spend the rest of our lives with?”

“Yeah, that’s a great question,” Lisa agreed, “What then Mr. man?”

“Look, you don’t want to get me started on the whole marriage thing. You should know by now that I have no plans to get married and never will. The only people we know for sure that are going to be in our lives forever is our family. A marriage like mom and dads is so rare that it can never hope to be duplicated. Their generation was too different than the pressures of today’s modern marriage. I could talk about this shit for hours but for the sake of argument, if that did happen then of course that person would have to stop. But they should know that when, not if, but when that relationship fails they can come on back to what they know in their heart feels right and this feels right to me guys. I can’t see myself finding a girl as fucked up as you two are in the sack. Let’s face it people, were are as fucked up as they come and there is no one for us but us.”

“That’s pretty sad,” said Becky, “But you do bring up some valid points. Mom and dad’s marriage is a one in a million shot. How we ended up so fucked up I’ll never know but you certainly can’t put any blame on them. They did their best to keep us on the straight and narrow. So here’s what I think, booty call fine. Let’s face it, we all need to get laid and we trust each other right? Hanging out is fine too, I’m all for it but we gotta be realistic about this whole don’t see other people thing. If we find someone that we like then we can’t just not explore that possibility and don’t be so sure that you can’t find your sexual equal little brother. There are chicks out there that will do all kinds of crazy shit.”

“Yeah but you know what they say, ‘Psycho in the bed, psycho in the head,’ and I’m not looking to date some crazy bitch that wants to cut off my balls cuz the voices in her head told her to. I don’t think the girl I’m looking for even exists but hay, I could get lucky, you never know.” Lisa said,

“Well, I don’t know if I’ll find another man or not, who knows. I do know that most men don’t want to date someone with baggage like I have and frankly I don’t blame them. Single moms are the black sheep of the dating world and we know it. I think that I would be able to keep the whole sex thing on the down low and absolutely hang out when ever you guys want to come over. I won’t be messing around when the kids are home but my doors always open to you guys.”

“Then it’s settled,” I said, “We keep the sex in the closet and step up the visitation and everyone’s happy, okay?”

“Sounds good to me,” Becky said.

“I’m good with that,” said Lisa.

“Okay, that’s fucking awesome. So… Now that business is taken care of… Any one up for a bit of a frolic?”, I said in a very poor Irish accent.

“A bit of a frolic,” Becky teased, “Who the fuck are you, ‘Lord of the Rings’ you fucking geek? Who the fuck says that?” We all laughed which is exactly what the room needed and why I said it. The serious factor in the room needed to be deflated so I’m always cracking jokes when it’s the right time.

After we cleaned up the dinner dishes we moved to what I’m going to call, “The family room” and got the weekends fun and games started. I was getting some pretty good dick control practice in lately so I didn’t take any of the viagra but brought them along just in case. The cabin has a great sound system so I brought some good stripping and fucking tunes and popped one of the cd’s on. We lit a fire to further enhance to mood and kind of just started kissing on each other in the middle of the room on a big shag rug. I went for Lisa’s neck and Becky started kissing and sucking on my hand and fingers. As we kissed, articles of clothing were being discarded with the help of one person or the other until we were soon fully naked as the day we were born.

I always break from the kissing when the two girls lock lips and was mesmerized by their long tongues that intertwined and swirled in and out of their mouths. They also traded sucking on each others tongues like cocks. It was so fucking hot that I was sporting wood in no time. Becky took notice of my meaty member and said,

“Well, look who’s joined the party.” She immediately groped for my cock and took me into her mouth. Lisa’s mouth was right behind and so I laid back and let them have their way with me. No part of my cock was being unattended to with some one on my shaft and some one on my balls. The visual was as hot as it gets seeing those tremendous tongues worshiping every inch of my manhood. Both tongues even invaded each others space and crossed over themselves in the may lay of cock sucking. Then Becky grabbed me behind the knees and pushed my legs back saying,

“Don’t fight it Tone, just go with it. I had a split second of terror with a statement like that but before I could protest I felt her long slick tongue invade my ass hole and took the full length of it till her chin met my ass. I have to admit that the feeling was great but what bothered me the most was having my legs pushed back like some chick and kind of, sort of being man handled by my sister. She just took control which made me feel very unmanly and I wasn’t sure what to do but I didn’t want to spoil the mood and make a big deal out of it so I just took one for the good of the team and let her go to town on my ass hole. And go to town she did. She fucking ass fucked me deep and fast with her mighty tongue and just about raped me like a prison bitch. I hated the fact that I liked it but she was correct in telling me that when all those nerve endings in there get messed with, the feeling is like no other. Just for the record people, I’m not gay and no man or woman is ever putting any cock up my ass. I made the sacrifice to tolerate her tongue for the sake of not upsetting the sexual flow of things but it is not something I plan to make a habit out of no matter how good it feels.

After my anal reaming the girls moved to the sofa and stacked themselves on top of each other. Becky sat down and pulled her legs back and Lisa sat on Becky and also held her legs. I knelt in front of the girls and had two sets of female plumbing to feast on. I ran my tongue from Becky’s ass hole all the way up to Lisa’s cunt. I made sure to never leave someone unattended so while my mouth was working on one sister my hand took care of the other. I was an octopus working my hands and mouth at the same time, darting my tongue in and out of this hole or that. Then for my grand finally I bowling ball finger fucked both girls till they came. What’s a bowling ball finger fuck you ask? It’s when you put your middle finger in a girl’s pussy and your thumb in her ass like you’re holding a bowling ball and finger bang them. I said,

“Okay girls, let’s see if you can synchronize your orgasms and give me a double drenching.” Becky said,

“Oh god I’m close.”

“How close,” asked Lisa, “Cuz I could burst any second.”

“Me too, just let it happen… And… Now… AHHHHHHHHH SHHHHHHit I’m CUMING.”

I pulled my fingers from Becky and she shot her squirt right in my face and seconds later Lisa exploded all over so I uncorked my fingers from her too. Both girls hosed me down and filled the room with screams of ecstasy. I was absolutely soaked with cunt cream like I had just stepped out of a swimming pool. It was awesome. I couldn’t help but crack another joke and said,

“You girls ever consider trying out for the fire department?” Everyone laughed and we joined faces in a three way kiss. When we broke the kiss Becky said,

“I’m ready to fuck, how bout you guys?”

“About that,” I said, “I did a little shopping and well…” I went to one of my bags and pulled out a strap on. Lisa erupted in laughter and Becky said,

“No fucking way, a strap on? That’s hot. I knew you had something up your sleeve this weekend.” She looked at Lisa and said, “What do you think Lis, you want me to fuck you?”

“Umm well, how about I fuck you?” Then I chimed in and said,

“How about we both fuck you?”

“Now way,” Becky gasped, “You wanna D.P. me? I’ve never done that before. I’ve fantasized about it but never had two cocks at the same time.”

“So is that a yes,” Lisa asked.

“Well, in the spirit of pushing past boundaries I guess I can’t say know.” Lisa and I cheered and I reassured Becky saying,

“And hay, don’t worry about a thing cuz we’re going to be as gentle as possible and you just tell us how it feels and if you need a break or whatever. So as you can see I didn’t get some big ol massive shlong. I tried to find one that is a bit more ass hole friendly unlike my rectum wrecker.”

“Aww no way,” Becky protested, “Once I get used to you, Big Tone, I love your fat cock up my ass. You fill me up so good.”

“Well, I’m not so sure Lisa’s into big dicks in her ass so I was more thinking of her.”

“That’s sweet,” Lisa said, “But I took you in my ass no problem and it’s true, once I was able to get used to that thing you’re packing, I loved it.”

“Okay, my mistake. Next time I’ll go big but I’m pretty sure there’s a no return policy on this item so let’s make the best of it.”

So Lisa got strapped on and before we got started I sprung one more surprise on them and said, “I don’t know if you guys would be against it but what would you say if had some video equipment?”

“Wait, you want to film this shit,” Becky asked, “Hmm, that could be interesting.” I said,

“Of course I’d make copies for all of us and you know mine is going in a vault but if you want to keep me from harassing you guys for sex all the time, this would give me something to watch and take care of myself to fill in those gaps when we can’t see each other.”

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