Carly Goes Down Under Ch. 01

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The Qantas Longreach Boeing 747 banked over Sydney’s magnificent harbour, the famous old bridge standing out blackly against the lovely blue of the water, the area dotted with bays, inlets and many of the houses revealing large swimming pools.

One of them, I knew, belonged to my delightfully randy Uncle Rick and my father’s sister, the equally lovely – but much more randy! – Aunty Jackie. From several thousand feet, of course, I had no way of telling which one, I only knew that within an hour or so I would be wallowing in its warm waters.

As I pushed the tray in front of me away and put my seat into the upright position before landing I stirred and stretched in my seat. The flight from Heathrow had been long, with only a brief stopover in Singapore. Once more, as it had done so often during the long, droning hours in the air, my mind wandered back to my first visit, almost exactly 10 years before. What a visit that had been!

I had been a child, really. I was 24 on that first visit, but apart from a few trips to London – which I hated – I had hardly strayed from my East Sussex home of Hastings. Now, thanks to Uncle Rick’s wealth, I was going to enjoy a month’s holiday with him and my aunty.

Uncle Rick, I knew, was 50 years old, and that Aunty Jackie was 15 years his junior. She was my dad’s youngest sister – dad was Uncle Rick’s age.

When I say I was a child, I certainly did not look like one. I had short-cropped dark brown hair, which I thought was stylishly cut and very chic. I had large breasts, which filled my 36D cup bras to perfection, an ample arse, but an arse which was in proportion to my bust, thighs and legs. I was fit, I was sexually active, and I had a lust for life. But, as I say, apart from sex with boys, which was very unsatisfactory, I was no woman of the world.

Much of the problem was, of course, impetuous, hasty, unworldly boys. All they wanted, as any woman knows, was to first get their hand in my panties, then their tongues and finally their cocks. When they did get to that so-called “third base” – or should that be “home plate”? – they would often ejaculate within a minute or so of entry, then roll off and leave yours truly lying in the sticky patch.

No, for Carly – that’s my name because dad was a big Carly Simon fan – the only way to reach a half-way decent orgasm was to use my own devices. In 1996, those devices were one, or two, fingers.

Uncle Rick was a famous Australian author, he wrote novels which were blockbusters and sold millions. Then they made them into movies, which were blockbusters and they made millions.

He had met Aunty Jackie when she had interviewed him for the magazine she was working on in London, they had “hit it off” and within a month they were married, and Aunty Jackie was winging her way Down Under with her dark-haired, handsome man and a life in far-off Australia.

That had been 15 years before my first visit to them in 1996, and apart from vague memories of a dismal, dreary rainy English day when they had married, I could hardly remember them. But when Uncle Jack had “shouted” me – an Aussie term, possibly, “to shout”? – a trip to visit them in Sydney I had jumped at it.

I had already decided I was going to like Uncle Rick if he was anything like the steward in the business class section, who had been flirting like crazy with me since take-off out of Singapore. He was tall, handsome and don’t believe everything you read about Qantas male cabin crew. They are not all “three pound notes”, as the Aussies have a quaint way of putting it.

But he was a little too young for me. He must have been in his late 20s or early 30s, and the way my boyfriends had treated me in the sexual department, I was looking for someone more mature. None of this “Wham, bam, snore” for me, any more, I decided.

I got through customs and agriculture, after answering seemingly interminable questions about whether I was bringing fruit or honey into the country. I felt like answering “Only my sweet-tasting pussy, thank-you”, but I’d read somewhere that smart-arsed cracks like that can get people into trouble, so I bit my tongue.

Outside the arrival area, I was stopped by a tall – six feet, two inches, actually – black-haired man, with flashing, dark brown eyes. His hair was greying at the temples and I liked the look of his rakish figure.

He held out a strong hand, grabbed me by the shoulder, pulled me to him and I felt a wonderful aroma of some sexy after-shave as he whispered: “If you’re Carly, I’m Uncle Rick.”

I kissed him on the cheek and laughed: “I don’t care if you’re Ned Kelly, take me home with you!”

Uncle Rick roared “Crikey, a Pommy sheila with a sense of humour”, added “You’ll do me, mate” and took hold of my trolley and pushed it out of the terminal into the blinding sunlight. I liked him already!

His vehicle of choice was a big, fire-engine red Holden V8. “It’s a bloke’s car, Carly,” he explained, as he drove towards the lovely mansion home on a point overlooking Sydney’s majestic harbour. “It’s a real Aussie beast, none Bayan Escort Gaziantep of your continental crap for your old Uncle Rick,” he said, driving it quickly but seemingly effortlessly towards our destination.

At the mansion, which must have eaten a couple of million or so out of his royalty cheques, Uncle Rick took my bags and ushered me into the air-conditioned comfort of the house.

“Jackie,” he bellowed, “get your sweet Pommy arse down here, your niece’s arrived.”

Down the stairs, wearing only a stunning red bikini and a pair of matching leather high heels came dad’s sister. Aunt Jackie was a sight to behold and I instantly saw what Uncle Rick must have liked so much back when she was a mere 20-year-old.

Her light brunette hair fell in waves onto her superbly sun-tanned shoulders, bleached slightly blonde by the sun she obviously bathed in much of the time. Her body was an all-over sort of chocolate brown which was obviously not the result of an application of something from a bronzing bottle.

Aunty Jackie had deep blue eyes and a great “set of jugs”, as the Aussies have it. They were about the size of mine, they looked as if they wouldn’t sag much when the bikini top was taken off, and her belly was taut and toned. Her thighs were to die for, her legs ditto. Like Uncle Rick, I immediately liked her.

“Welcome to Sydney,” she smiled, with a hint of an Aussie accent – after all, she had lived there for 15 years, “and take no notice of this loud-mouth writer I married, he’s full of Aussie bullshit.”

Rick roared with laughter: “Bullshit that keeps you in the manner to which you’ve become accustomed, you delicious Pommy bitch, you!” I could see there would be a lot of this kind of banter.

“Right, I’m going to throw a few prawns on the barbie, as we have a way of saying down here, Carly, and we’ll wash ’em down with a bottle of Krug, or two, whatdya say?”

I smiled and trying to adopt an Aussie accent, replied: “Bring it on, sport.”

Again he laughed and turned to my aunty and said: “This one’s going to be a hard case, I’m giving you the tip.”

After I’d unpacked and settled into my room, I went down and found Aunty Jackie lounging on a poolside recliner, and Uncle Rick attending to the prawns he’d “thrown on the barbie”. He was dressed now only in a pair of tight-fitting shorts, to reveal a body as tanned as his wife’s and a physique which spoke of either hours in the gym or hours in the pool, or a combination of both.

Aunty Jackie passed me a glass of Krug, clinked glasses with me and smiled “Here’s to a great holiday!”

After the prawns and Krug for lunch, I was feeling a little light-headed, but then my intention to ask if I could pop upstairs for an afternoon nap was thwarted by the arrival of a young man aged in his late 20s. A blonde, surfer-looking type, he was introduced to me as Bruce. It’s true, I thought, most Aussie men are named Bruce!

He turned out to be a man who worked for uncle’s publishers and said he was going to a “retro party” that night, would I care to go with him?

Aunt Jackie smiled and said “I’ve got a micro mini, that’ll look like she’s stepped out of the 1960s, Bruce” and Uncle Rick grinned.

“I know all about you publishing types,” he said. “Get her home by midnight, she’s had a long flight from Pongolia and will be jet-lagged, don’t get her pissed and keep out of her pants, Bruce, or you’ll have me to contend with.”

Everyone laughed, but Bruce, of course, didn’t obey a word of it. For the party I chose a little white sort of schoolgirl shirt, the mini aunty lent me was micro indeed, you could almost see my black lace panties beneath it, and Bruce couldn’t take his hands off me!

He plied me all night with some awful concoction called Bundy and coke – Bundaberg rum, apparently a Queensland product. As if that wasn’t bad enough, all night he was also constantly trying to get his hand up my mini and into my panties. I was having none of it, he wasn’t mature enough for me, I needed a father-type figure like Uncle Rick.

Eventually, I got him to take me home and when he dropped me off, muttering something about “frigid fuckin’ Pommy sheilas”, I saw, to my horror, that it was 2.30 in the morning! Shit, uncle would be furious!

I tottered into the massive lounge in my high heels, obviously I was a bit tipsy. Uncle and aunty were sitting on the couch, looking sternly at me, glasses of red wine in their hands.

Uncle Rick glowered at me, his brown eyes more like blazing coals. “And what sort of time do you call this, madam?” he asked, his voice thick with anger.

“Sorry, uncle,” I slurred, “time just ran away.”

“I’ll give you ‘ran away’, my girl,” he snarled. “Get over here!”

Something in his voice told me “Don’t argue, Carly” and I walked rather unsteadily towards him.

“Over my lap, you little Pommy tart,” he snapped, and before I could protest I found myself dragged across his lap, my micro mini riding up to reveal my bum covered in my shiny black lace panties.

“Jackie,” said uncle, his voice even thicker now, “get her panties down to her knees. Carly, spread your feet so your panties don’t drop to the floor.”

Like an automaton I obeyed. I knew I was pissed, I knew I was going to be spanked, and I knew I was going to love it! I may have been a somewhat naive young woman, but I was a naive, lustful young woman!

Aunty Jackie’s hand dragged my panties down to my knees where my feet spread stance prevented them falling to the floor. I was now completely exposing my bum. Aunty stepped back.

Uncle Rick’s voice boomed down at me: “Don’t.” And then his strong hand smacked down onto my left buttock with a crack. “You.” His hand this time struck my right buttock. “Ever.” Left buttock. “Disobey.” Right buttock. “My.” Left. “Instructions.” Right. “Ever.” Left. “Again.” Right.

After each stroke of the eight strokes which rained down on me, I was intensely aware of a throbbing, thrilling heat pervading my backside. I was also occasionally aware of wiry fingers flicking against my pussy. Both the spanking and the stroking aroused me enormously.

“Pull her panties back up, please Jackie,” said Uncle Rick, his voice now resuming some semblance of control.

When I was again clothed, uncle released me and I stood up. “Now get upstairs and get to bed, young lady,” he ordered. Then, as an afterthought, he almost smiled as he added: “It’s way past your bedtime.”

Upstairs I snuggled down into bed, sleeping as usual in the nude, and rubbed my hands over my sore bum. Sore it may have been, warm it may have been, but the soreness and warmth combined to make my buttocks feel alive. And my pussy was sopping!

I awoke to find the sun streaming through the windows and the clock reading 10.05. I felt fantastic after seven hours’ sleep. I pulled on a loose-fitting large white shirt and cut-away jeans for pants, and padded downstairs looking for uncle and aunty.

I couldn’t find them, but then heard voices coming from what I knew was Uncle Rick’s study, where he wrote all his blockbusters. I padded as quietly as I could to the sliding door, which was ajar by a sliver, and heard a conversation between them.

It was Aunty Jackie’s voice I heard first: “And tell me, Mr Sexy, did Mr Spanky enjoy that little display of discipline last night?”

Uncle Rick, in an emotionally thick voice replied: “Yes, darling, Mr Spanky got very excited, he thought it was fun.”

Aunty Jackie: “Is Mr Spanky still excited?”

Uncle Rick: “Yes, darling, he’s aroused just remembering it. And what about Mrs Spanky, what did it do to her?”

Aunty Jackie: “Mrs Spanky thought it was great. You see I stood behind her while you were spanking her lovely bottom and I could see her pussy!”

Uncle Rick: “Was it a nice view?”

Aunty Jackie: “Yes, it got Mrs Spanky all excited. Do you know why?”

Uncle Rick: “Why?”

Aunty Jackie: “Because the young slut shaves down there!”

Uncle Rick: “Oh, fuck, Mr Spanky’s gone all stiff just thinking about it. Does Mrs Spanky want to play?”

Aunty Jackie: “Does she ever. I’ll toddle off up to bed. If you see Carly, just say I’ve got a bad headache and I’m going to lie down for an hour to try and get rid of it. And don’t keep Mrs Spanky waiting!”

I turned on my heel and flashed away to the kitchen, where I was busily pouring myself an orange juice as Aunty Jackie arrived.

“Carly, darling,” she said, as if last night had never happened, “I’ve got a stinking headache so I’m going upstairs for a little nap. Why not lounge around by the pool and work on a tan? Only put plenty of lotion on, the sun here can be bloody murder.”

“Thanks aunty,” I told her, “I think I’ll do that.”

Aunty left to cure her “headache” and moments later Uncle Rick turned up. “Oh, hi Carly, sleep well?”

Not a word about the early morning spanking!

“Fantastic, uncle,” I said, enthusiastically, “I slept like the proverbial log.”

“Your aunt’s got a bad headache, so I’m going upstairs to keep her company,” he told me, standing there in a T-shirt and shorts which did nothing to hide his obvious interest in what he would soon be doing upstairs.

“Yes, she told me,” I said, “so I’ll lay around the pool.”

Uncle Rick grinned and almost ran upstairs, the randy old sod!

I went back to the fridge. I knew what I was going to do, I knew what I must do! But first, I needed a splash of that old Dutch courage to help me do it. Well, I thought I did. I was going to make a huge decision, one of the biggest in my so far unsatisfactory sex life, but it was a decision I knew I had to make.

In the well-stocked fridge, about the size of a small supermarket, I found a bottle of vodka, dragged it out, poured a healthy shot into what was left of my orange juice, drained it, then walked purposefully, steadily, upstairs.

In the cool of the upstairs landing I rapped quite sharply on the bedroom door, then said in what must have been a quavering voice: “Uncle, aunty, I need to talk to you.”

“One moment, Carly,” I heard my aunt reply, then “Come on in.”

I stepped into the semi-darkness and saw Aunty Jackie propped up on twin pillows, her face flushed, her hair in slight disarray, a sheet pulled up to cover her big breasts. Beside her, lying on his back, was Uncle Rick, a protrusion extending from his groin into the sheet like a tent pole!

I dragged my eyes away from it and so I wouldn’t have to look at my aunt and uncle, I settled my gaze on a picture just above the bed head. It was, I later learned, a picture of Victor Trumper, who played cricket for Australia some 500 years ago. He looked rather handsome, I thought.

“I’m sorry,” I began, “but I have to confess I overheard your conversation about Mr and Mrs Spanky. I know what you were talking about – looks like Mr Spanky’s still excited, eh, uncle?”

Uncle made as if to respond but I ploughed on, fearing that if he replied I’d “lose the plot”, as it were. “I just want to say that if it aroused Mr and Mrs Spanky, then it aroused me, too.”

Aunty looked at me with interest, uncle’s face started to break into a grin.

“You see, I know I was naughty and I deserved to be spanked,” I yammered on, “but I thoroughly enjoyed it. And if you enjoyed it, that’s great.”

I almost faltered then, but I summoned up a deep breath and roared to my conclusion: “I just want to say I think you’re both smashing and can I play with Mr and Mrs Spanky, too?”

A sighed “Well, fuck me, sport” issued from uncle’s lips, but Aunt Jackie was the first to react. She pulled back the sheet and stepped out of bed, revealing to me her wonderfully-built naked body and her shaved snatch.

“Well, let’s see if Mr and Mrs Spanky want to play with you, shall we, my dear?” aunty asked, as she removed my shirt from my unprotesting body. My breasts were fully revealed, hot and heavy, the nipples hard as organ stops and not much smaller!

Aunty stood behind me and cupped my breasts, sending a shiver of delight through me.

“They’re heavy, but beautifully firm,” she told her husband. “I think you’d love to tit fuck her, but what does Mr Spanky say?”

“Mr Spanky says ‘Yummy’,” uncle replied, his cock now thrusting into the sheet at his crotch.

Aunty then dragged the cut-offs from my hips and I kicked them away, then placed my feet a couple of feet apart. I have a small thatch of pubic hair on my mons, otherwise my pussy is totally shaved.

From beside me, Aunt Jackie peered around my front, leaning over to look at my sex lips. “Oh what a beautifully shaved pussy, but tell me, Carly, why do you shave down there?”

“Because I like the smooth feel it gives to my pussy,” I told her. Then she traced a finger lightly down my mons to my labia and then my cunt. I know it was wet.

“I like a shaved pussy and so do my girl friends,” said Aunty Jackie, still rubbing me up the right way. “Mrs Spanky says she likes what she sees, Rick. What does Mr Spanky say?”

Uncle Rick pulled the sheet back from his body and showed me a seven-inch, uncut cock standing to superb attention. “Mr Spanky says ‘Suck on this, you gorgeous young tart’,” he said in his twangy Australian accent.

“Well, Carly?” said my aunt, “you’re not going to disappoint Mr Spanky are you?”

I most certainly wasn’t. I moved from where I stood at the foot of their huge bed, to the side and leaned over, my breasts rubbing against the outside of uncle’s left thigh and buttock.

First I bestowed a slow, gentle kiss on “Mr Spanky’s” head, then I started to suck on him.

Uncle’s reaction was immediate. “Oh, fuck me days,” he groaned, “this little tart’s done this before. Fuck, what a mouth.”

Aunty climbed back on the bed and peered down to inspect my fellatio. “Pull his foreskin down about half an inch or so Carly, then ream around his helmet,” she instructed, “that drives him wild.”

I followed her instructions, tasting a slightly salty tang of his seeping pre-cum as I did. As I worked on his lovely hard-on, I saw Aunt Jackie arranging two pillows in the middle of the bed, about half-way up it from the foot.

“Mrs Spanky is feeling left out of all the action,” she announced, as she lay back on the pillows, spreading her lovely firm, brown thighs wide as she did so. “Don’t neglect Mrs Spanky, Carly, there’s a darling!”

So I pulled away from my uncle’s pre-cum weeping cock and stepped around the bed until I was at the foot, gazing down at my next target for oral adoration. I could see a stubbly splotch of light brown hair, on the mons where Aunt Jackie had obviously not shaved for a day or two, otherwise her full-lipped minge was hairless. It gleamed at me, proof of her arousal.

I bent over until my upper torso was flat on the mattress, then placed my mouth against the gorgeously-perfumed pussy, tasting a tangy quim taste that send waves of delight flooding through me.

“Start lower, start at my chutney chute,” said Aunt Jackie, using a term I had never heard before. Her anus was musky and inviting. The juices from her cunt were now seeping down her groin and lapping around my mouth as I worked on her back passage, so I soon transferred my attentions to her upper orifice.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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