G Ch. 02

My wife and her friend G have grown more inseparable over the past couple of weeks. As the holidays approached, G’s husband increased his hours at work, leaving her plenty of free time. The afternoon visits between my wife and G grew into the occasional “girl’s night out.” To tell the truth, I am glad to see my wife enjoying a little bit of the life she gave up when she took on the role of new mother. She was only 22-years-old when our daughter was born, and that cut short her “roaring twenties.” Don’t let me give you the wrong impression; my wife is the only woman I could ever imagine being a mother to my daughter. She is dedicated, open-minded and even-handed. And she loves our daughter more than anything in the world. But, I know sometimes she does lament what she has given up. That is why I am so pleased to see her enjoying herself with a girlfriend again.

And now let me tell you the real truth; I’m quite happy with her choice of friends. G is a gorgeous brunette whose exotic look turns a great many heads. She is a thin, dark-skinned beauty whose heritage is, I think, about 1/4 Native American. She has been the source of several of my fantasies, and at least a few my wife has joined me in exploring. I will never forget the first time we met G and her family. Later that night, at home, my wife drove me close to insanity as she straddled me, looked down with lust in her eyes and kept repeating, “You want her don’t you?” Slowly sliding herself up and down on my rock-hard cock whispering, “You want to fuck her, don’t you?”

Needless to say, I love my wife and I certainly don’t mind at all when G comes around to visit. In fact, I have even caught myself fantasizing about her while she is here. But it’s always just a fantasy. Once I thought I saw G and my wife touching, but it was an innocent girl bonding moment that I nearly ruined when my over-sexed imagination got the best of me. Or at least that’s what I had told myself for the weeks that followed the incident. I had been by the pool when I thought I caught a glimpse of these two beautiful girls touching each other. But I talked myself out of what I had thought I’d seen. I convinced myself I had not seen anything extraordinary. And so I went on believing until last Friday night.

G had invited my wife to a local concert. It seemed one of her friends was in the band and he and G were pretty close. My wife said something about G not wanting to go alone for fear she might start to fall for this guy if it turned out he was actually as talented as he was cute. I made a half-facetious comment to my wife about her not falling for the guy too, and said my goodnight. Since I would have to entertain our daughter most of bursa escort the night, I didn’t expect to be awake when my wife got home.

Sometime around 1:30am I woke-up. I wasn’t sure if I heard something or if I was just missing my sleeping partner, but I decided to head downstairs and get a glass of water. It was about mid staircase that I realized the living room was occupied. I froze in my tracks and sat on the steps as quickly as I could to avoid being seen. I strained my eyes to see in the lamp’s dim light. There, on the same sofa I would have sworn I saw them touching, sat my wife and G. They were talking and I did my best to hear every word. After a moment, my wife stood and walked to the far end of the room.

“I’m just saying that it isn’t fair,” my wife said without looking at G.

“I’m okay. Honest.”

“I’m sure,” my wife answered as she turned back to face her friend. “But I think it’s only fair.”

“I really do appreciate the thought,” G said as my wife made her way back to the sofa. “But I had fun even if I didn’t come.”

Then I knew it. I knew for sure that what I thought I had seen, really happened.

“It isn’t that important,” G continued to explain as my wife stopped and stood in front of her.

“It is to me,” my wife replied as she dropped to her knees in front of the sofa. She placed her hands on G’s thighs and gave them a light squeeze. “I want to make you feel as good as you made me feel.”

As I watched these two ravishingly beautiful women lean in to kiss each other, I could feel my cock twitch. I don’t know if I had ever gotten that hard, that quickly, but when their lips finally met, I could feel the electricity shoot through my body. I was so taken by surprise that I was convinced they would notice me; hear my ever-increasing breathing or catch sight of me shifting positions. But they were too involved now in what they were undertaking to pick up on any other sounds or movements.

Their kissing broke just long enough for G to slip my wife’s shirt over her head. And when it resumed, my wife began her work on G’s belt. It did not take her long to have G’s jeans opened and her shirt lifted just enough to reveal G’s navel. My wife paused, then gently lowered herself to place her lips on G’s flat, tanned belly. G let her head fall back against the sofa and slowly raised her hips as my wife’s hands slid under her lower back. Arching up, G let out a breath. My wife stopped her kissing just long enough to hook the belt-line of G’s jeans. She worked the jeans and panties down over G’s legs. Both women giggled as the jeans got stuck on G’s shoes, but the mood returned to serious passion once the shoes and pants were out bursa escort bayan of the way.

My wife’s kisses turned into soft licking as she traced her way up G’s legs. With her tongue on one thigh, her hair fell across the opposite leg. G slid her hand down to touch my wife’s hair and it was obvious she drew as much pleasure from her own touch as my wife’s kisses. Opening her eyes, G watched her fingers glide through my wife’s hair and then turned her attention to my wife’s face. Reaching out with a caring only lovers could share, G touched my wife’s cheeks and lifted her face to kiss her lips. It was a gentle, light kiss of appreciation and understanding. After which, G closed her eyes again and let my wife’s face slide from her hands.

It was at this point I was truly grateful to my wife for having switched me to wearing boxers. I never used to wear them, but at this moment they were especially nice because of the easy access they offered. In the past it was access my wife appreciated as she would kneel before me and reach into them to grab hold of my cock. Sometimes playful, sometimes for a serious cock-sucking, but always convenient. Now they were aiding me in the quick-release of my aching cock that was so engorged from watching my wife on her knees for someone else.

And what a beautiful sight it was. My wife kissing and licking straight down the center of G’s chest as she unbuttoned her blouse. Once exposed, my wife began cupping and stroking the outer edges of G’s breasts as her lips made their way to G’s belly once again. G rested her head against the back of the sofa and her hair draped and framed her face perfectly. My wife lowered one hand to grip G’s waist as her other hand slid slowly up to G’s neck. She caressed G’s neck and worked her way up into G’s hair. As she lowered her kisses, her hand slid down farther to G’s face. G instinctively opened her mouth and grabbed one of my wife’s fingers. She mimicked a passionate bite, and then began to lick and suck gently like a child with the sweetest of candy. My wife moaned as her other hand moved to G’s pubic hair and began rubbing and scratching.

“Mmm, you like that, do you?” G mumbled through her sucking.

My wife chose this moment to lower her lips and tongue onto G. “Oh yes,” she answered as she pressed he face against G’s warm pussy.

G’s head shot back and her mouth fell open as her breath escaped her lips. My wife never let her finger out, instead hooking it onto G’s jaw and pulling on her slightly. The rest of her hand grabbed G’s face as it rocked from side-to-side slowly. My wife let her tongue run up and down the outer lips of G’s pussy while her hand continued its light scratching escort bursa of her pubic hair. My wife’s head stopped moving in small circles and pressed forward as she pushed her tongue into G’s wetness.

“Oh damn!” G nearly shouted. My wife’s hand dropped from G’s mouth to rub and massage her chest as it rose and fell with every frantic breath. G was truly enjoying every aspect of my wife’s touch; her hand on her breasts, her arms resting on her thighs, her hair tickling her belly and her tongue pumping into her burning pussy. She loved the whole idea of my wife as her lover, and it was pushing her over the edge quickly. My wife sensed this, and slowed her pace.

G was simultaneously grateful and frustrated. Her whole body relaxed as my wife slowed her manipulations. “Damn it you are so good,” she managed to tell my wife. I think I heard my wife smile. I knew my wife was good at everything, so this revelation was no surprise, but as I sat on the stairs stroking myself, it was nice to hear. In fact, it was just nice to hear either of them speaking at that moment. “If only one of them would moan some more,” I thought as I smiled to myself.

Just then G let out a moan that sounded as if she were as equally shocked as she was stimulated. I looked downstairs again at my wife on her knees before her friend and lover to see G staring down at my wife with a look of passion and shock. My wife was sliding one of her fingers deep into G’s pussy as she rubbed and licked her burning clit. G’s face was filled with lust as she reached out and grabbed my wife’s hair. My wife returned the aggressive gesture by forcing a second finger into G’s dripping pussy and lowering her head onto G with a renewed determination. G’s head dropped back and pushed itself into the sofa as she moaned. My wife was working harder now pressing her tongue against G and pumping even faster with her fingers. G let go and her arms stretched out to each side of her convulsing body. She was reaching and grabbing at the sofa. One of her hands found a pillow and brought it quickly to her face. She pressed it hard against her as her screams exploded into it. The muffled squeals only encouraged my wife and they pushed me over the edge as well. My cock exploded; shooting cum into my hands and onto my belly. I squeezed and stroked as hard and fast as I could.

Somehow, my wife knew exactly when to ease-up on her new lover. G’s body tensed, and then collapsed into the sofa. A moment later my wife lifted her head to look at G. When G opened her eyes again, they both smiled.

“Wonderful,” was all I heard G say. As my wife rose to kiss her friend, I got up to make my way back to the bedroom. I did take one last look at the two women as they let their tongues playfully express their desires. As I turned to make my way back up the stairs to get cleaned up, I realized something; now, these two would be even more inseparable.

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