Bus Strangers to Lovers in Hotel Ch. 03


Friends this is Part – 3 of my story, hope you have read previous parts.

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As we were leaving from Hotel Sheetal Said: let’s not go to city area as someone might see her there, so we decided to go to different area of Pune City, She asked me to book a cab for Pimpri Chinchwad. Which I did. While heading towards Pimpri, Sitting in Cab I called a friend of mine and asked him to transfer money, within no time I received 20K from him, which I immediately transferred on sheetals number. She got happy and said Thanks. But I told her I just have 2-3k left in my wallet and she need to all expenditures and I will pay her after reaching to Mumbai, to which she said yap don’t worry. In some time we reached at Mall.

After Entering Mall

Me: so what all you want to buy dear?

Sheetal: nothing special, I will wear the same jeans. All I need is 1 top and maybe 1 set of undergarments that’s it.

Me: Why do you need undergarments… you look beautiful without it.

Sheetal: smilingly said, so you want me to roam without any inners

Me: yap, you will look gorgeous.

Sheetal: shut up nuts, let’s go to ladies section.

Me: (just showed her my tongue) Ok…

Then we headed towards ladies section, there I liked a pink 1 piece for her, but she refused Saying:

Sheetal: let’s not buy it, as I won’t be able to wear it later because of family’s restrictions

Me: okay, then what kind to top you’re looking for?

Sheetal: Nothing special, just a simple top or t-shirt, why to waste money on it, (came near me and said in my ears) as it is you like me naked.

Me: yap that’s true, after all you look beautiful when naked… Come-on lets continue shopping.

Then we purchased a t-shirt, undergarments for both of us, while she also purchased a cotton 3/4th for herself to wear at night. I also purchased a deodorant for both of us. Then we went to washroom, changed into our new clothes and came out. By this time it was around 2pm so I asked her lets have lunch first and then we will go for a movie. She was fine with it so we had pizza in food court, after that we went and booked tickets. The show was at 3.35, we had around half an hour, so I asked her lets go out as I want to smoke. So we headed out of the mall, purchased a packet of Cigarette and started to smoke. After that we headed to our screen.

The theater was almost empty, we sat on our sits which was second last row, and I was sitting on left while she was on my right. At the time of movie I started to move my hands on her thighs and even she put her left hand on my thighs… few min later I put my right hand around her shoulders and bought her closer to me then I planted a soft kiss on her checks and she smiled in the shimmering light and held my hand and started kissing me, we continued our smooching for some time then she whispered in my ears to press her mangoes softly as its hurting, mean while she was rubbing my dick over my jeans, I wanted to unzip and take my banana out so that she could play with it but till then the lights glow and I realized that its interval time.

So we came out from the movie hall, I wanted to smoke while she went to washroom, after that I purchased a popcorn & coke for us and we both came back to our sits.

Later once the movie started she started to feed me popcorn by her hand… and I too did same, after finishing popcorn, I again put my hands around her shoulders and pulled her towards me,… even she responded, she came little closer to me and put her hand on my thighs,. Slowly I started to move my hand on her breast and was shocked to know that she had removed her BRA.

Me: wow baby, so you removed your BRA

Sheetal: yap honey, u wanted me to wear t-shirt without it, so I removed it.

Me: (while putting my hand inside her t-shirt) thanks dear, its fun to play with boobs in public

Sheetal: yap even I liked that idea, but I am going to wear it immediately after the movie ends.

Me: come-on, let it be like that only, it’s easy to play with your mangoes this way.

Sheetal: no if I don’t wear the bra, my tits will peep out and people start observing it.

Me: so let them watch after all u have such a beautiful breast. (& then I planted a kiss on her chicks)

Sheetal: No ways I don’t like it, I am not an exhibitionist,

Me: okay as you say, but for now at least give me a good kiss.

Sheetal: Your kissing me since yesterday night, why are you still so eager.

Me: I had a wish to kiss my wife or girlfriend in public, and today you are there with me…so I want to try my kinky idea.

Sheetal: (Just laughed and gave me a smooch), after kissing, she asked me happy, is your wish complete/

Me: Yes, this wish is complete, Thanks

Sheetal: These means? How many kinky tricks you want to try??

Me: there are many, will let you know as we spend more time together.

Sheetal: (Hearing this, she pressed my cock hard & said) how about my wishes?

Me: let me know your fantasies, I will try to do it.

Sheetal: okay will Ataşehir Escort let you know when time comes (& then again gave me kiss)

We continued with our play till movie got over, after coming out she straight away headed to washroom, when she back I saw she had worn her bra. I just smiled at her.

As it was around 6.30pm, I asked her

Me: So what next, what should we do?

Sheetal: you say?

Me: is there any pub nearby… let’s spend our evening there and then at night we will go back to room.

Sheetal: no I don’t like to dance much in public as I am not a good dancer, but if you want, we will dance in our room.

Me: okay, then let’s roam in the mall only for some time, then we will go to some restaurant to have drinks & dinner

Sheetal: okay that will do.

So we both walked around mall, while on 2nd floor I saw a Thai massage parlor and asked her lets go in and have massage.

Sheetal: No, why to go there?

Me: come-on I like to get massaged, it makes me feel better.

Sheetal: No need, if you want I will give you massage in the room.

Me: I would love to get massaged by your baby, but having a couple massages together will be more fun and too it’s a Thai massage

Sheetal: No please, not today, maybe next time.

Me: okay…

Then we headed ahead and reached the gaming zone. We played few games there and left at around 8. After coming out of mall I just lit my Cigarette and asked her where to go?

Sheetal: Let’s go to some romantic place…

Me: yap but which place, tell me

Sheetal: I don’t know check it on Google for some good restaurant

Me: Okay,

After searching we decided to go to a hotel which was on the way to our hotel and had a specialty of candle light dinner. So I booked the cab and we straight away went to that restaurant. While having drinks we were just had general discussion on common topics, after having 2 pegs she said lets go to room and drink there only comfortably. I accepted, and then we left the restaurant, while coming out I was booking a cab for our Hotel where we had a room, but she stopped me and said

Sheetal: don’t book the cab

Me: Why?

Sheetal: first let’s go to some medical store

Me: Oh yes…

Then we both walked towards medical shop which was just few steps away from restaurant, after reaching the medical shop, I saw that there were 2 females at the counter and even the sale person at the medical counter was a female, so I asked sheetal to go ahead and bring the condom packets. But she refused and said

Sheetal: no you only go and buy it

Me: dear there is a ladies at the counter, it won’t look nice, please go, But she purposely refused and said okay lets go together. At the counter

Me: I asked the lady for a condom packet

Sales Girl: gave me a packet

Sheetal: baby don’t buy this, take some flavored condom,

Me: I again asked the sales girl to give different condom, then she gave me Kama sutra Thin Condom with chocolate flavor,

Sheetal: don’t buy this, it’s a thin one and yours is bigger, it may get torn (the sales girl was listening to this)

Sales girl: (blushing) gave us a Dotted Extra Long condom. (Without even asking for it)

I was about to pay her but again sheetal said: Baby buy 1 more packet as you do it lot of times in night (The sales girl just looked at us and was smiling, while I was feeling embarrassed)

Sales girl: kept 1 more packet of condom on counter,

I was about to pay then again sheetal said: also buy oil bottle (I saw at her in a bit angry way but sheetal just smiled innocently)

Me: I asked the counter sales girl to give some good almond oil for massage.

Sheetal continued saying that she is too tired today, (that too in front of that sales girl) baby you have to give me a full body massage so that I will better (Again felt embarrassed)

Me: I said okay to sheetal (and just gave small smile to counter sales girl with shyness)

I paid for condoms & oil and was about to leave but

Sales girl: Sir, this is our number, we do give home delivery of medicines free of cost in a radius of around 3 km.

Sheetal: oh that sounds nice, why don’t you give your personal number to sir (that’s me) so that I can order it directly from next time.

Sales Girl: (blushing with shyness) okay madam. (Then she wrote her mobile number on the back of card.

Me: (while taking the card from her hand) Thanks dear, I just gave her a smile and walked away. (She too smiled back to me a naughty way)

Then we took an auto and started towards or hotel. Now Sheetal saw at me and started laughing loudly.

Me: Dear you’re laughing, do you know how embarrassed I was feeling there

Sheetal: I know, I saw your reaction and that why I purposely did it.

I (just trying to hit her in a seductive way) pulled her close to me.

Sheetal: This was my kinky idea I felt good. But by the why were you so shy

Me: I feel shy asking for such thing to a girl and you never told me about this kinky idea Kadıköy Escort of yours earlier.

Sheetal: yap I know but it was unplanned. And also giving condoms is part of that sales girl’s job. And I think even she enjoyed it, you should have seen her face, she was blushing, especially when I said don’t buy a thin one.

Me: I know, it was a good incident, won’t forget it for life long.

Sheetal: me too Mr. Shy.

Then we reached our hotel and straight away went to our room, once inside she just kept her carry bag aside and straight away went to Washroom. While she was in the bathroom I ordered for 2 pegs in hotel’s restaurant. As soon as she came out I went in to get fresh. When I came out I saw she had changed to 3/4th with pink t-shirt which we purchased today. She was sitting on the chair while speaking on the phone (with her family) I just lighted the cigarette and sat on the corner of bed in front of her. In meanwhile the waiter came with drinks and starters. In sometime she finished with her call and said

Sheetal: did you locked the room

Me: yes baby, don’t worry

Sheetal: hey I don’t want to drink, I already had 2peg

Me: I have already ordered for you too, so please have it?

Sheetal: no please, don’t force me or else I will feel sleepy whereas I want to enjoy the time with you.

Me: okay at least take 1 sip from my glass.

Sheetal: (came and sat on my lap) okay just 1 sip for you honey (after taking sip she switched on the TV and started a music channel)

Me: (she was sitting on my lap) so I asked her to give me the cig packet from there the table.

Sheetal: (giving me the packet) she said come get up

Me- why, let me sit and drink.

Sheetal – (with angry look) someone wanted to dance, so I have started the music channel

Me- oh, my so baby wants to dance, come-on then

I got up from my place and started dancing, my hand was around Sheetals waist … she put her hands on my shoulders and we both started moving (with no dance rhythm) slowly I pulled her towards me, now I inserted my hand inside her 3/4th and started to massage her ass while she was put both her hands around my neck and gave me a French kiss. Within no time I pulled her t-shirt up and started to suck her nipples like a baby. We were just moving our legs as if we are dancing but we both just wanted to get fucked as we were to horny since morning. So I just pushed her towards the wall and lifted her right leg and started rubbing my dick from above jeans on her pussy. But she pushed me a bit and sat on chair which was next to her, I again went close to her and started pressing my cock on her mouth, she was sitting on chair and I was standing so I just pulled her face with her hairs on my cock, then she started licking my cock above my jeans, I removed her t-shirt while she unhooked my jeans and took my dick in her mouth, she continued to suck my dick for sometime while I was playing with her back and nipples. Then she asked for condom, I took the packet of condom from carry back and gave it to her, she removed the condom and put it in her mouth and started to apply it on my fully erected dick, this time she succeeded in doing it, so she gave a good spank on my ass in a very naughty manner.

I then passionately kissed her on lips and then inserted my cock in her heaven, as I was standing and she was sitting I had to lower myself to push my dick in and out. She understood the difficulty and both her legs in air, now it became little easy to pump in, we completed the act in same way in few moments, as my juices came out I immediately went to washroom, cleaned myself and just came out in towel, meanwhile she was sitting idle in chair only. I took the glass of whiskey and sat on the bed. After sometime she went to get fresh, when she came out she was completely naked, she came towards me and sat on bed.

Me: Baby wants to have a drink

Sheetal: No thanks

Me: come-on at least has more sips from my glass

Then she just extended her face towards me and I gave her a sip from my glass

Sheetal: how often you drink

Me: occasionally maybe be once or twice in a month, how about you?

Sheetal: I drink very rarely. Maybe once in a year or so

Me: hmm… but from now onwards you have to drink whenever we meet.

Sheetal: no problem dear, anything for you.

Me: (giving her kiss, thanks) By the way when can we meet again.

Sheetal: let’s see, first let’s enjoy tonight.

Me: but still

Sheetal: depends, we can always chat on whatsapp and decide it.

Me: Okay.

Sheetal: but next time we will go somewhere else, not in pune

Me: okay, where you want to go?

Sheetal: wherever, where we can roam around freely, maybe lonavala, mahabaleshwar, goa.

Me: Okay then lets plan for Goa, as it is December is coming near & Goa is rocking place to enjoy Xmas & New Year.

Sheetal: Okay, but for that I need to take off from office.

Me: off course yes, it has to be at least 4-5 days stay.

Sheetal: Dear if I take 4-5days off my salary gets deducted.

Me: Ümraniye Escort Don’t worry about that, I will take care about it

Sheetal: okay then go ahead and make the plan.

Me: (going next to her and hugging her) done, will plan for it and let you know.

Then we were silent for some time and then I asked her want to have dinner or is your tummy full having my banana, on which she just laughed and touched my dick (which was not at all erected) and said I don’t mind having your banana (and then she pressed my balls a bit) then I just gave her a small kiss on her chicks. Then she said order something light food to eat, so I ordered for vegetarian pizza and garlic bread and we both laid down curling each other chatting on some topics.

In some time the bell rang, I said it must be the waiter, go in bathroom but she said I am tired to get up and saying so she just took the blanket on her till neck and lay down like that only. I got up & opened the door, the waiter came to room to keep the food, he saw her while putting the dishes on the table, and kept glancing at sheetal till I signed the bill voucher copy and gave him. (Maybe he understood that she was naked below the blanket) After he left I locked the room and sat on the chair and asked her to come for having food. She got up from bed and sat on my laps. She was stark naked while was just in towel. we started having the pizza, she took 1 piece and gave it in my mouth to eat and then she had the same piece (meanwhile I was just fondling my hands on her thighs) she took the second slice of pizza and bought it near my mouth, but as soon as I opened my mouth to eat she took it away and put it in her mouth and started laughing, I got wild and put my lips on the second end of pizza and we both started biting the piece of pizza. We both had slice in same way, while the pizza was about to end we lipped kissed each other. After few min we stopped and completed our dinner.

Later I called the waiter to take away the dishes, (I wanted to see waiters reaction & observe sheetals move) but unfortunately as the door bell rang, sheetal got up and went to bathroom. The waiter came in, he was eager to see the female with me, but unfortunately she didn’t come out. As he went away I locked the room and knocked on bathroom door to tell sheetal that she can come out. She came out naked and straight away took the cigarette packet and lit 1 from it.

Sheetal: dear I am smoking too much since yesterday

Me: how much do you smoke per day?

Sheetal: I don’t smoke or drink regularly, I use to sometimes do it when my hubby uses to force me to do it.

Me: Well I never forced you, then why are you doing it now?

Sheetal: Because even I like it, but my husband was a cruel person, he use to ask me smoke, drink only when he wanted sex, he use to force me even if didn’t wish to have it at that moment.

Me: oh poor girl. Anyways it’s a past forget it.

Sheetal: Yap it’s a past. Once I get a divorce I won’t see that bullshits (her husband’s) face gain.

Me: (just hugged her) Relax, forget him and lets enjoy.

Sheetal: what enjoy, I am too tired and also feeling sleepy

Me: Okay lie down I will give you a good massage so that your tiredness will go you will feel enthusiastic, fresh and you will also get good sleep.

To which she said agreed, I asked her to lie down on the bed and took the oil bottle out from the carry bag. Then I took oil on my hands and pour it on my on her back. I rubbed my palm on her back slightly above her hips for some time then I massaged her back and shoulders (while doing this I was sitting on her ass) I then got up, took some oil and applied on her leg, I started rubbing it slowly one by one, then I shifted little up and pour oil on her ass… I started to press her ass gently while trying to insert my thumb near her pussy. I played with her ass and pussy for some time, (she got bit horny I guess) I then asked her to turn. and then again started to massage her hands from front… this time after massaging her hands I poured oil on her boobs and started to rub it… she got more horny and put her hand on my cock. I played with her boobs, pinched both her nipples she too started playing with my dick. Then I turned around… Sat on her boobs facing towards her feet. And pour oil on her navel and pussy. Mean while she put her hand around on my dick and masturbating me. I played with her navel, massaged her stomach and shifted my hand towards her cunt… I rubbed my palm on her vagina for some time then took some oil on my fingers and started fingering her. Even she started stroking me harder… within few min she stopped stroking my penis and sooner her juices was out, she again started stroking my dick slowly, I got up from her boobs and took my dick towards her face, I thought she will suck mine, but she just gave me a hand job. Soon even I ejaculated, all my juices flew on her hand. I thought she will rush to washroom but she just showed me her tongue and took my juices in her mouth. She drank it like honey. I got up to get fresh, after coming out she too went to clean her. While she came out I was smoking a cigarette. After coming out from washroom she directly came to me and took smoke and thanked me for such a wonderful massage, and straight away went to bed. Even I finished smoking my cigarette, switched off the lights and went to bed.

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