Birthday at the Lake


The sun danced silently on the lake, a slight gentle breeze created coolness in the air.

K opened her trunk to get out a lawn chair and some fishing poles. She sat her chair on the beach and went back for her tackle box.

A blue and white Chevy van was slowly driving down to where K was parked.

“Oh my god,” K thought to herself as she locked her car. She was shaking terribly as he got out of the van.

A straw cowboy hat shaded the sexiest blue eyes and orneriest grin K had ever encountered.

He moseyed down to the beach, “hey kid.”

“Howdy L,” K grinned.

“Catching anything,” he asked.

K laughed and looked out over the water. They talked, fished, and drank Rum and Cokes until the sun was set. K was dizzy and drunk.

L reached over and grabbed her hand, “you alright kid?”

“Yea,” K set her pole down, “will you dance with me?”

L stood up and kicked his boots and K’s shoes out of the way, “sure.”

K stood up wobbly and fell against L laughing.

He pulled her close, “get Ataşehir Escort your feet right.” K squared her feet and was fine as they swayed holding on tight to one another.

L made the first move; he leaned down and kissed K on the cheek. She grinned and looked into his eyes. They closed in towards one another and kissed slowly as if it were their first kiss.

L pulled K even closer and she sighed. They stood together kissing for several minutes. It was audibly evident that both parties were taking great satisfaction in the act.

“Are you ready for this,” L asked K.

She nodded, “yep.” They put their shoes on and carried the chairs back to their vehicles. L opened the side door on the van for K.

She crawled in on her hands and knees and made her way to the back. L, a little toasted himself, stumbled his way through the complete darkness to find K.

She was already stretched out on the bed by the back doors. L lay down beside K, “are you comfortable babe?”

She stretched, “yes. I’m fine.”

He Acıbadem Escort touched her face gently, “I know you are!”

“Oh jeez! You!” K laughed. L leaned down and kissed K gently. She responded by putting her arms around him.

He moved to lie on top of her as they kissed feverishly. The mixture of alcohol, quiet and months of lusting after each other was creating quite the passionate escapade.

L started to unbutton K’s shirt; she reached up and tried to unbutton his shirt.

“Snaps kid,” L laughed as he single-handedly unsnapped his shirt. K laughed and ran her hands over his chest. She had no inhibitions or nervousness about L seeing her bare chest or the things he did to it.

But, when she felt pressure on the top button of her jeans she froze. “Uh, I uh,” she started to mumble.

L put his finger across her lips, “shh. You are okay. Just relax.”

K tried to sit up, “No. I don’t want to.”

L held her down and fumbled in the floorboard for something. The sound of metal clanking İstanbul Escort was music to L’s ears, “ah yes. Here we go.”

He caught K’s flailing wrist and clanked a handcuff around it, “where is your other hand?”

K had her hand tucked down beside the bed. L leaned down and started kissing K’s neck. As an instinct, K brought her right hand up and rested in on L’s shoulders.

Fast as lightning, she was in handcuffs. L tied the chain on the cuffs to something above K’s head. He went back to work unbuttoning her jeans.

K kicked and yelled for him to stop. Her shoes landed in the floorboard and her jeans soon accompanied them.

L moved back up and put his lips against K’s ear, “you can’t move. You are tied down. Scream all you want because no one will hear you.”

A lightning hot bolt of electricity ran through K’s veins causing her hair to stand on end. L chuckled low as he moved down to her feet.

K was trembling, “oh god.”

L leaned over K; “did you want me to do this?”

“Untie these cuffs,” K said straightly. L untied the cuffs.

K sat up, pulled L up against her, and started kissing him wildly.

They made love for over an hour.

After the rush they were lying quietly together, every few minutes they would make eye contact and kiss deeply.

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