Backwoods Woman


My father had recently passed away. My Mom and I were going through his papers trying to get his estate in order. Mom reminded me that Dad had a cabin up north from where we lived. I had never been there. It had always been a man thing where my Dad and his brothers went to be together. I told my Mom I wanted to go up and visit the place. Mom said we should just have the lawyer sell it and be done with it.

It was supposedly in my name. I told Mom I was going to drive up and see this place. I had her give me the directions. Well, it certainly was up in the deep woods. I finally drove back along this dirt road until I came to the cabin. I tried to call my mother but I couldn’t get cell service. I guess I would be roughing it.

I unlocked the door to the place. It was musty smelling. I got some light in the cabin and luckily my Dad had cut wood for the fireplace. It was stacked up outside and covered with a canvas. It seemed like I was getting things in order when I heard a knock on the door. I got scared. Who could be up in the woods and in my vicinity.

I went to the door and asked who was there.

“It’s your neighbor just down the road.”

I cautiously opened the door and there stood this bearded man. He said his name was Mac and he saw a vehicle go by. He said there were vandals up in these parts. He was just checking to see who was here. I was actually glad to see a neighbor. I invited him in.

I told him my name was Sally and that I was checking out my deceased father’s old cabin. He said he was sorry to hear of my Dad’s passing. Mac said he met my father a few times when Dad was at the cabin. Mac didn’t stay long. He told me if I needed anything that his place was just a half mile back down the road. He got in his pickup and drove off.

I was actually sad to see him leave. I came to realize that I am not a country girl. I was actually sort of scared to be alone in the woods. An hour had passed or so and I got to thinking about Mac’s offer. I grabbed my bag and threw it in my car. I drove back to where Mac Gaziantep Mutlu Son Escort said his cabin was. I found the place and I pulled in. I walked up to the door and knocked.

I think Mac was surprised to see me so soon. I told him I was taking him up on his offer if that was okay. He invited me in and he took my bag. The fireplace was going and it looked like Mac had just poured himself a glass of Bourbon. He invited me to join him. Whiskey isn’t my thing but I decided to be sociable. He poured a glass for me and we clinked glasses. My throat burned when I took that first sip.

Mac laughed as my face betrayed me. I said that this was the first time I ever tried Bourbon before. He told me it was an acquired taste and that he had acquired it long ago. Somehow I drank my Bourbon and Mac kept refilling my glass. I had a warm glow going on before too long. Mac asked me about myself. I told him about my life in the city. It was pretty mundane stuff.

Mac said he grew up in a small town about an hour away. His parents were both dead and he had inherited the cabin from his father. Mac said he liked to be by himself and this was as good a place to do that. He said he tried to come up here at least one weekend per month. The time was passing and it was getting late. Mac said I shouldn’t be driving drunk. I could stay the night if I liked.

Mac offered me his bed but I refused. I said I could sleep on the chair he had in the small living room. It had a foot rest and I would be plenty comfortable. Mac went and got me a blanket and then he went to bed. I sat in that chair but I couldn’t sleep. My mind was on Mac. He was the kind of guy I should be attracted to. All those city men wanted one thing, sex. Once they got it they dropped you like a hot potato.

What can I say? All that alcohol had made me horny. I got up from the chair. Luckily it was warm with the fire going. I got out of my clothes and I slipped into Mac’s bedroom. Mac was sleeping on his side. I lifted up the covers and I moved next to his body. I put my hand on his waist. That must have woke Mac up. He turned over and saw that I was naked besides him.

“I was lonely,” I told him.

Mac didn’t need to be told twice. He pulled me closer and we kissed. His big body seemed to wrap around me. It got very steamy there in bed. Mac pulled off his shirt and underwear. I could feel his cock pressing against me. There was a small lantern burning in the room. Mac flipped over and he was on top of me. The covers got pulled back and I could now see his cock. I don’t think I ever saw a dick that fat before. He was long as well.

Mac took his cock in his hand and guided it to my slit. He started to rub up and down my gash with his large knob. I thought I might just cum right there and then. He certainly got me worked up. I felt Mac starting to push his shaft into my body. Mac took hold of my legs and he pushed them up towards my chest. He stretched himself out and his cock slipped all the way inside my tunnel.

It felt like a tree trunk was being pushed into my pussy. I am a petite woman and I can’t remember having a cock that size before. Mac went slow. He was getting me all worked up. I could tell I was all wet down below. Mac circling his shaft around inside my belly. All I know was he was hitting a certain spot and it was making me crazy with lust. I told him to go harder and Mac began to thrust in the whole way.

Our pubic bones touched and I felt his big balls hitting my cheeks. Mac was using me and I wanted him to. I got my arms around Mac’s neck. I pulled him down to me and he took a nipple into his mouth. He was teasing me with his mouth. He soon was biting the tips of each nipple. I think that is when I had my first orgasm. My pussy was going into these spasms. I was being stretched by his long cock.

Mac kept stroking my pussy. It seemed like we were both close to exploding. I told Mac that I wanted to feel him cum in me. He looked down at my face and then he went faster. My pussy was convulsing around Mac’s fat cock. He buried his dick in me the whole way and then I felt him seed me. It was like someone turned on a hose inside me. Mac’s dick was gushing and he flooded my tummy with his hot batter.

I just held on the best I could as Mac sent me over the edge. It seemed like Mac could go forever. I clamped down hard around his prick and I made sure I got every last drop of cum from him. Mac probably fed me his rod for a few minutes more. I was panting like some animal, trying to get myself calmed down. Mac went soft and then he pulled out. I could feel his seed spilling out and down my ass.

Mac and I had an intense kiss afterwards. He told me he hadn’t had sex in almost a year. He was all primed up. I ended up staying at Mac’s cabin the rest of that weekend. Mac took me in every position I could think of. I got on top and Mac fed me his cock. He would pump his dick into me as he massaged my tits with his big hands. I was made to get on all fours and Mac took me from behind.

His big hands were on my waist when he pushed his big member deep into my body. I pushed back against him as he filled my pussy with his meaty cock. Mac was like a superman in bed. He always seemed to have cum to give me. By the time Sunday came my pussy was sore from all that fucking I took.

It was time to part. I had to go back to my cabin and close things up. I drove back to see Mac. I asked him if we were going to see each other again. He said he was up here quite a few weekends. I asked him if there was any chance we could be together more than a weekend. I didn’t get the answer I expected. Mac said we come from different worlds. He was a laborer back home. He could tell I was an office worker through and through.

I almost broke down and told him I loved him. I caught myself before I became too foolish. He did say that if we got together some weekends we could see how things played out. I took that as a positive sign. We exchanged phone numbers and then we both left the woods. I am back home now and I already miss Mac. I know if I call him so soon it will seem like I am a school girl on her first boy crush.

All I know is that I never had another man make love to me like Mac did up there in the woods.

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