The Hidden Truth Ch. 03


“Sandy…Sandy, Jesus…I don’t know how to explain this to you…” Troy was groping for words as he pulled away from me. I quickly covered up with his comforter and stared wide eyed at the blonde in the doorway.

“I should have known, Troy…your sister, right? You liar!” Sandy stormed out of the bedroom and headed for the door.

“Sandy, wait! Please…let me explain this,” Troy yelled. He covered himself with a sheet, the material dragging behind him as he chased after her. “You’re right, she’s not my sister. Callie is my girlfriend from back home. Come on, San, we haven’t been together for over a year. Tell me you’re okay with seeing me with another woman!”

“I don’t know Troy! I just don’t know. I mean I still have keys to your place…we still go out on the weekends…Christ, we were fucking up until a couple of weeks ago, and now this ‘girlfriend’ materializes out here…” I heard Sandy slump down on the couch, the tears heavy in her voice. I almost felt sorry for her – almost. I was too angry at Troy to be sorry for anyone. He lied to me about his relationship with her, just like I knew he did. They were a lot closer than he had told me. Christ, how many times was I going to be burned? I got up quietly and put on a pair of white cotton panties and a white tank. I deserved to be in on this conversation, and I was going to go tell Sandy a few things myself. “No more playtime, Troy,” I thought.

“Sandy…I’m sorry…” I said softly from behind the couch. She whirled around to face me, her cheeks covered with greyish mascara lines. “I didn’t know anything about you, or I would have done something about this.”

Troy looked tortured on the chair across from Sandy, and I almost gave in to his face, but Sandy’s obvious distress steeled my resolve. “He’s a dirtbag…I don’t know how either of us got involved with him,” I said pointedly, looking at Troy angrily. “He doesn’t deserve either of us. I’m going back to Georgia in the morning.” Troy’s head snapped up suddenly and he groaned.

“Cal, would you get out of here for a minute please? I want to talk to Sandy alone,” he hissed.

“Sorry, Troy… I think I have a right to be in on this,” I replied.

“Troy…I’m sorry,” Sandy said softly, wiping her face with the back of her hand. She looked childlike and very vulnerable, and suddenly I noticed how soft and beautiful she was beneath that princess exterior. “I have to leave now. I think you should have these back.” She handed him his keys gently, resignedly.

“Sandy… it’s not you who should leave.” I said softly. “I should leave. I’m the one who doesn’t belong. Troy knows that…I know that. I’ve been fooling myself into thinking this could work, Troy. It will never work.”

“No, Callie, don’t do this to me,” Troy’s eyes welled up with tears. “Please just go to the bedroom and wait for me. I can’t let you go, sweetheart, I can’t.”

“Goodbye, Troy,” Sandy said.

“Sandy, don’t leave,” I said urgently. “I told you this isn’t going to work, and that’s because Troy is my brother. I am his sister. I should be the one to leave, because this relationship shouldn’t be happening anyway.”

“You…you fucked your sister,” Sandy breathed, a horrified look on her face. “You fucking pervert. Taking advantage of your sister. I can’t believe I was with you, I can’t believe I had sex with you…you…FREAK! You’re so dirty, I…”

Troy grabbed her and kissed her, hard. “You liked every minute of it, Sandy, you know you did. Loved that your daddy didn’t know all the dirty things you could do. Especially with someone like me right? Someone who didn’t belong at the country club? Yeah, I fucked my sister. I’ll continue to fuck her. She’s my baby girl and I’ll love her more than I’ll ever love another woman. But you like that anyway. You don’t want me to love you, you just want me to fuck you. Don’t you!”

“Troy…” she breathed, her eyes glassy and disoriented. “Stop it…”

“Like hell I will. Stay here, and don’t move. I am going to talk to my sister. She can’t leave me now, Sandy, no matter how fucked up you think I am. I need her here. You aren’t going to ruin that for me, not you! Not ever.”

I was a little in awe of my brother at that moment…nothing turned me on more than seeing him take control. Evidently Sandy felt the same way, because she sat on the couch obediently to await his return. I turned and followed Troy into the bedroom and waited for him to speak first.

“Callie, Sandy knows now. There’s nothing we can do to change that. There’s also no reason for you to go back to that molesting son of a bitch in Georgia. So for God’s sake relax! I want you here. Mom wants you here. She’s going to come up to see us soon, don’t you want to see her? Please don’t leave me, Cal. I’ll die without you here, I know I will.”

“Even with Sandy?” I spat.

“You can see what Sandy is. She’s a mindless fuck buddy. She’ll do whatever I tell her to. escort portalı I don’t want that. I want someone I can live with, work with, LOVE. I want you, little sister. I don’t care how sick that is. I want you.” Troy came over to the bed and sat down beside me. “I want your body beside me every night, your soft breath in my ear. Your warmth and smoothness. I want our children to have your beautiful hair. Please, Cal.”

“Troy, there are so many reasons why this won’t work!! What about Mom? What do you think she would think? We can’t have children. I…I don’t know what to do. I’m so scared, my whole world has changed in two days!” I started to cry and pushed him away when he moved to hold me. “You seem to think that we can all just adjust. We can move to accommodate you and Mom. But I haven’t talked to her in years. I feel like I’m getting to know you all over again. This is scary, I’m scared.”

“I know…” he sighed. “I know, baby girl. I’m scared, too. I’m scared that Sandy’s out there planning ways to tell the whole world about us. I’m scared Dad’s going to find out where I live. I’m scared of a lot of things. But the one thing I’m not scared of is you. I’m not scared of us. Please believe me, Cal.”

I sighed. “This is the last time, Troy,” I said. “Next time, I’m gone.”


Troy left the room and I heard him fucking Sandy on the couch. She kept screaming at him that he was sick and perverted, fucking her with his incestuous cock. I peeked around the door frame and saw her sexy breasts heaving as she rode him. “What is happening to me?” I thought. “Now I want to fuck a woman?” But the thought of licking Sandy’s tiny pink slit turned me on so much that I masturbated while she had sex with my brother. I imagined what it looked like – Troy’s huge cock going into her… imagined her pussy. She was probably waxed bare – she was that kind of girl. Her breasts were on the larger side and she had extremely sexy pink nipples. Her skin was tanned and soft. I imagined the scent of her pussy, the sensation of her wetness on my tongue. When I orgasmed, I whispered her name softly. “Sandy…”

Troy walked in the room as I was falling asleep. The sun was setting and Sandy had evidently gone home. My pussy felt bruised from all the use it had gotten and I hoped he didn’t plan on having sex with me after he slept with his ex-girlfriend. I couldn’t take another round.

“Cal, you awake?” he asked softly.

“Mm-hmm,” I mumbled.

“She’s gone…she wants to come back.”

“Come back when,” I said softly.

“I don’t know… with me. And with you. She thinks you’re beautiful, Callie-girl.”

I was quiet for a moment. “I’ll think about it, okay, Troy?”

“Okay. No need to rush.” The phone rang suddenly, the jangling startling me fully awake. Troy answered on the second ring. “Hello? Oh, hi.” I looked at him questioningly and by his eyes saw that it was our mother. My heart beat rapidly and I could feel my chest hurting painfully. “Yeah, she’s here. No, she doesn’t know yet. She’s going to college this fall, I think.” He paused. “No, I haven’t told her about that yet. I don’t want to. He tried…” his jaw tightened. “He tried to touch her. No, she says only that one time. He didn’t do anything, I…I stopped him. Yeah, he was drunk. Okay. Okay I will, Mom. Love you too. Bye.”

“What the fuck, Troy,” I said accusingly after he hung up. “What don’t I know?”

“Relax, Cal, I told you there were things I didn’t want to tell you yet.”

“Well you’re telling me now,” I said harshly.

He sighed. “Okay, but it’s not pleasant,” he stopped.

“I’m not looking for pleasant. I want the truth.”

“All right…you’re not the first person Dad…touched. Not the first family member,” he corrected himself.

“What do you mean? Did he touch you?” I was furious.

“No, Cal…don’t jump to conclusions, please! Mom is… his daughter. Okay? He forced his daughter to have children by him. We’re those children. Are you happy now?” Troy looked pained and unhappy.

“Oh my God…” I whispered. “That’s why Mom doesn’t want him to find her. She won’t go back to that either. I…I don’t know what to think. I can’t believe I was going to go back there! What would he have done to me if you weren’t there, Troy?” I started crying. “God, he’s a sick bastard to keep her there… against her will…” I was sobbing.

“Sssh, Cal…” Troy held me. “We’re okay, I’m here for you. We’re all okay.”

“What if it’s hereditary?” I asked suddenly. “What if what we’re…doing… is hereditary? What if we got it from him??”

“No, Cal…we love each other. It’s different, I promise. I love you.”

“God, Troy, my whole life has been a lie.”

“I know, baby. I know. I’m here now though, I’ll only tell you the truth, I promise you. I’ll keep you safe with me, baby.”

I leaned my head on my brother’s shoulder escort gaziantep portalı and felt his warm, naked skin beneath my cheek. Troy would keep me safe and warm and satisfied. Screw the world, I had my brother.


Troy and I fell asleep together that night in his bed…our bed. I loved hearing him snore softly beside me, his chest rising and falling with each breath. I knew I was falling in love with my brother, and that feeling has to be the scariest feeling ever! I’m not the type of girl to just give in…and here I was giving in to my brother, of all people. Sex was suddenly the only thing I thought about. Halfway through the night I woke beside Troy and saw his naked body in the moonlight that poured in through the window. An irresistible urge suddenly overcame me, and I knew that I had to suck his cock while he slept. I knelt down in front of him and stroked his member softly until it reached its maximum hardness. Troy hadn’t awakened yet, and I knew if I played my cards right he might not wake at all. I was careful to be quiet, and I knelt forward to take the head into my mouth. He felt warm, soft and hard all at the same time, and he tasted like salted butter. It was all I could do not to groan on his dick, but I managed to keep it to a low moan, and when I looked up Troy hadn’t stirred.

I started moving up and down on his cock, keeping my rhythm slow at first and using my hand to stimulate his balls. His breathing was a little heavier but I didn’t notice him waking. I wanted him to stay asleep, because I wanted him to come all over himself and then wonder what happened in the morning. I liked this feeling of power and control that I knew I had over my big brother. Especially after all those years of him having control over me.

Troy moaned softly and I saw him becoming slightly restless. I slowed my pace down – I’d been getting a little excited – and sucked in a ragged breath. His chest was rising rapidly now, and I heard him give a small whimper when I noticed his balls tighten. I pulled my mouth off him as fast as I could, but the first spray hit my face dead on. The second spray landed on his stomach and the rest quickly followed. I allowed myself a small giggle and then quietly got up to clean myself off.

After all that, my pussy was in dire need of some attention. I walked into the living room, still wearing only my white tank and panties, and sat down on the couch to watch downtown Dallas. It was about three in the morning and I knew Troy would be sleeping for at least another five hours. I was no longer tired and I loved that time of night.

All of a sudden I heard a very soft knock at the door. I was terrified and wondered quickly if I should get Troy. I walked silently in my bare feet to the door, peeking through the peephole before breathing a sigh of relief. It was Sandy, and she obviously needed a place to crash. I opened the door quickly and ushered her in.

“Sandy?” I whispered. “What’s going on?”

“You mind if I spend the night, Callie?” she whispered back. “I…my dad…we’re fighting.”

“Sure, no problem, honey. Let me get you a blanket. You need some PJ’s?”

“Yeah, thanks,” she smiled weakly. “Did I wake you up?”

“No, I was awake,” I said. “Troy sleeps like the dead but I like the night.”

“I do, too,” she said softly. “You want to sit up with me for awhile?”

“Sure,” I smiled.

I snuggled up close to her under the blanket I’d brought. Sandy was wearing a pyjama top I loaned her – a button down black satin shirt. I had seen her black panties as she changed and my pussy was warm and wet thinking about her. She had blonde hair that fell to the middle of her back and very clear, slightly tanned skin. I hadn’t caught the colour of her eyes but I thought they were probably blue. We were exact opposites – she the blonde wearing black, and I the brunette in white. I felt self-conscious against her, but she leaned her head on my shoulder and suddenly self-consciousness didn’t matter.

“Callie?” she whispered.

“Yes,” I replied huskily. She turned her head towards my own and then our lips were touching, hers soft and warm and inviting, like a woman’s lips should always be, and mine uncertain and clumsy. I felt my heart fluttering the way it had with Troy the first time, only this was more sensual and beautiful than Troy and I had been. Sandy was obviously aware of how to make love to a woman…her fingers slowly entwined in my hair, her eyes open and gentle. She took the lead effortlessly, her hand moving slowly to cup my breast, her eyes asking permission to take this further. I was scared and excited, and was more than happy to make love to her. She was beautiful, soft, caring.

Sandy slipped a hand under my tank top and squeezed gently on my breast, causing my nipple to harden to a point. I shivered a little under her fingers. She slid a hand down my stomach as we continued to kiss, my tongue flicking over her teeth, and she slid her fingers under the band of my panties. My pussy was so wet that the panties were soaked through anyway, and when her middle finger dipped into my hole I moaned into her mouth.

“Do you like that?” she whispered. Her finger crept to her mouth and she licked it clean of my juices, causing me to feel dizzy and hot.

“Yes,” I whispered back breathlessly.

“Do you want my tongue inside you, Callie?” she breathed.

“Oh, God,” I moaned. She helped me pull down my panties to expose my pussy to the silent night air in the apartment. Pushing me gently against the corner of the sofa she leaned forward and flicked her tongue ever so lightly against my folds.

“God, Sandy,” I hissed. “That feels…amazing…”

“I know,” she smiled. She buried her face between my legs and for the next ten or fifteen minutes I knew a pleasure I had never known before in my life. Her tongue knew all my sensitive spots…her lips caressed my clit.

“San…Sandy I’m going to come…OH God…”

“Come for me, baby,” she whispered. “Come all over my tongue.”

“MMmm!!” I muffled my orgasm into a pillow, my breath coming rapidly. “Oh, Jesus, that was amazing,” I breathed.

“Thank you, doll,” she said softly, sliding up my body to kiss me. It wasn’t the first time I’d tasted my own pussy juices but mixed with the taste of her mouth it was heaven. I knew suddenly I wanted to return the favour.

“Let me lick you, Sandy,” I whispered. “Teach me.”

Her hand went eagerly to the back of my head, her legs spread open for me. Her panties were wet with her desire and I could smell her already. She had a warm scent… like vanilla. I tried to move slowly, tried to make this as enjoyable as possible for her…but it was torture. I just wanted to rip her panties off and bury my tongue deep inside her. I knelt in front of her and touched her pussy gently, feeling another woman for the first time. She felt warm and wet, and her scent was sweet and intoxicating. I looked into her eyes and saw the same lust and anticipation I had so recently felt in my own, and I leaned forward and licked deep into her slit.

“Ooh, Callie, that’s it, baby,” she whispered. “Suck on my clit, sweetheart.”

I took her clit into my mouth, a hard/soft combination that made it delicious. She tasted tangy and sexy and sweet, like I imagined a virgin would taste. Her moans pushed me on; I loved her taste and the feel of her warmth and wetness in my mouth. I licked furiously, pushing deep into her hole, paying close attention to her breathing and her reactions.

“Callie, baby, I’m…going…to…COME, oh, that’s it baby…I’m coming for you, I’m…” her voice broke off and I saw her tighten up, felt her pussy muscles clench and release. I sat back and wiped my mouth with the back of my hand, foolishly, like a child, and waited for her to speak again.

“That was amazing, sweetie,” she breathed. “You’re a wonderful lover.”

“I agree,” said a voice from the doorway. We looked up and saw that Troy had been watching, for how long neither of us knew.

“Hi, baby,” Sandy said lazily. “Hope you don’t mind I stole your lover.”

“Not at all, as long as you plan to let me join in occasionally,” Troy smiled.

“Did we wake you up?” I asked, still a little embarrassed to be ‘caught’ like this by my brother. I mean, sure, Troy and I were hardly the average brother-and-sister anymore – but old habits die hard, and it was still strange to have him walk in on me having sex.

“Yeah, you did,” he paused. “But there’s nothing better than waking up to a sight like this.”

I blushed. It was still hard to realize that Troy found me so attractive. “Sandy needs to spend the night…I’m assuming that’s going to be okay?”

“It’s your place too, baby girl,” Troy answered. “But no, I don’t mind. Stay as long as you want. Daddy on your case again?” He walked into the open kitchen and cracked a beer.

“Yeah,” she replied. “I know I should just move out, but you know how it is.”

“Sure,” he grinned. “Don’t exactly want to try living a ‘lesser’ lifestyle.”

“It’s not that,” she smiled. “He wants me to get married…and unless I get married, he doesn’t want me moving out. So technically, I’m stuck there if I want to remain in the family.”

“So get married,” Troy said flippantly.

“Oh, sure,” she laughed. “I suppose you have someone all lined up?”

“Give me a year or two,” he smiled. “We’ll see how things go.” He looked at me pointedly. “Callie and I will never have a normal relationship again…but I would like to have her stay with me without attracting attention. You two are obviously lovers. It would be doing us both a favour for you and I to get married. Callie can stay with us. Any children will be passed off as ours.”

Sandy thought about it for a moment. “Well…if things keep on the way they have been the past day or so, we’ll talk,” she laughed.

I grinned. Sure, might not be the most normal lifestyle, but I was hardly a candidate for that at this point. This crazy idea just might work.

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