Aratego: A Cuckold’s Paradise Ch. 01

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Tim nodded his head as he looked over at his wife, Rosa. Finally, he thought. I’ve pictured this moment over and over again. Hands wrapped around my cock, looking into the computer. Twenty more minutes and we’ll be pulling up at the Oceanaire. This guy’ll be standing out front, dressed in white with jewelry on, or at least that’s what she said.

Tim smiled, having recalled what Rosa told him before they’d left their Creampie Ridge apartment. As hard as it was to pull his eyes away from his wife and cease imagining her being fucked as if there were no tomorrow, he did just that and looked down the road. It slid down a slow decline and into Downtown Aratego. Soon enough, colorful, mid-rise storefront and apartment buildings hugged both sides of the street. Sidewalks swelled with cuckold couples and their bulls, visiting shops and restaurants block after block.

Rosa, who was wearing a tight red dress that showed the world the “Latina” in her, looked over at her husband Tim. Before speaking, she reached over and rubbed his thigh. “You okay over there?” she asked.

Tim took a deep breath. His cock throbbed in his pants. “Rosa, you know you shouldn’t be touching me like that when we’re on our way somewhere like this,” he said. He then chuckled nervously.

Rosa laughed. She’d been with Tim for six years, having been married for three of them. There were times she saw him get pretty excited — like the time she gave him a blowjob in his new office — ,but this certainly was something different. Immediately, she looked down at his bulge. A small giggle slipped out of her mouth. There was a small wet spot on the fabric of his jeans, just to the side of his zipper. “Tim, you never tell me to not do this any other time we are on our way somewhere,” she responded.

Tim chuckled. His wife’s teasing was almost too much. This was different, though. Oh so different. They were on the way to making his fantasy come true — bringing a raw, dirty fantasy to life, if everything went over smoothly. He’d already seen a picture of the bull’s “tool” a couple of weeks ago at the kitchen table. The bread he was eating at the moment became lodged in his throat when Rosa excitedly held up her phone to show him the picture. Quickly, he’d gone from kissing her and welcoming her home to seeing the bull she met, which was supposed to be to her liking and her liking only, to his wife patting him on the back to keep him from choking to death. While Rosa certainly wasn’t what anybody would call “conservative,” Tim was a little surprised to see his wife had such a big appetite. By the time he’d gotten over choking on the bread, the first words to slip out of his mouth were “Fuck, Rosa. That’s a big cock!”

“This is different,” Tim said, hesitant to say more. He smiled. “This… This is just different.”

Tim pulled off of the Vein — the expressway encircling Downtown Aratego— and zigzagged through South Aratego. A small neighborhood just south of downtown, South Aratego was known for its narrow, dimly lit streets with bars and restaurants on either side. On side streets, husbands walked their excited wives up to an upstairs apartment. You couldn’t miss other walking their sore, stumbling wives back out to the sidewalk and holding the car doors open for them. When he pulled into the Oceanaire parking lot, he looked down at his crotch. There was no way he could hide the pre-cum stain.

Tim then looked up at the sidewalk. Sure enough, just like Rosa said, the bull was standing up next to the restaurant entrance. His name was Nat, or so Rosa told him. Tim looked him up and down, figuring him to be at least 6’3″. His broad, muscular shoulders bulged through his shirt. The white fabric clung to his muscular arms and beefy chest, looking like another layer of skin. Khaki pants did absolutely nothing to hide his impressive leg muscles. Nat’s smooth skin looked as if it had been personally kissed by the sun — well-done chocolate having been stirred to perfection. Tim’s heart jumped — thumped in his chest at this point. This was the bull his wife Rosa had gone out and gotten, supposedly meeting him at a Deli. And, judging by the way he looked, he looked as if he could fuck the living daylights out of a 5’2″ woman like Rosa easily.

Nat smiled when the green four-door pulled into the parking lot. He’d just been looking at his phone, licking his lips as he looked at the picture Rosa sent: a photo of her plump pink pussy. Having grown up on Lascivious Island, Nat moved to Aratego to take advantages of opportunity. And from the looks of it — he watched Rosa and her husband climb out of the car — their seemed to be plenty of it. Nat noticed at the way the husband, Tim, looked at his wife. This guy was obviously trying to hide his nervousness. He then picked up on the wet blotch on the guy’s crotch. He chuckled, turning his attention back to Rosa. This wife did indeed say something about her husband not being a long laster in the bedroom.

Tim stood back as Rosa stepped up onto the curb. Nat leaned in, wrapping bağdatcaddesi escort his big arms around her then allowing them to go down toward the small of her back. Just as they’d been pulling away from one another, Nat’s opened hand ran over the top of Rosa’s butt check. Tim suddenly felt warm. He glanced away, in a fidgety way.

“You look nice tonight,” Nat complimented, looking Rosa up and down. The 25-year-old bull repressed his urges to hold the wife’s arm up in the air and help her twirl around so he could get a good look. He wanted to smack her ass, but knew that — and more — would come soon enough if he played his cards right. Her thighs were thick, which he liked. And her chest looked just as bouncy as it did the first time they’d met at the Deli up in Lust Park. He noticed she’d only been wearing one ring, like at the deli. She and her husband still hadn’t officially welcomed a bull into their union officially. Nat made sure she saw he had no ring as well, letting her know that he wasn’t committed to a couple just yet. From there, having been in line behind one another, the conversation flowed effortlessly. Tim reminded Rosa he was adamant about moving forward with finally bringing a bull into their marriage, but they both wanted to be sure she got the right one. And he needed to be right for her in every way imaginable.

“Hmm, hmm,” Nat added. “Real nice.”

“Thank you, Nat,” Rosa said. “You look nice too.” His physique drove her crazy. She felt her panties moistening between her legs. She then lost her train of thought when her eyes landed on a tube-like imprint in his pants. She’d looked at the picture she showed Tim over and over again, but wanted the real thing — to hold it and feel the depth, the stretch inside of her.

“Oh, this is my husband Tim,” Rosa said, snapping out of her daze. “Tim, this is Nat.”

Nat reached out and shook Tim’s hand. Tim wasn’t necessarily “scrawny,” as he did have some meat on his bones, but right away he didn’t look like the kind of man who could give a woman like Rosa what she needed. In many ways, Tim represented the very reason Nat moved to Aratego. Despite being in the middle of the jungle, the city had experienced explosive growth in the last couple of decades. It now attracted businessmen, and their wives, from other parts of the world to either visit or live. Either way, Nat, made sure the couples he met got to experience what the island truly has to offer. Now, though, he was looking for something different… And Tim looked to be just the right husband; this couple looked to be just the right couple.

“Hey man, nice to meet you,” Tim said. Nat’s bulky grip swallowed his hand.

“Nice to meet you too,” Nat said. The bass in his voice couldn’t go unnoticed.

Tim then noticed the way Nat’s eyes lowered for just a moment toward the wet spot on his crotch. This caused him to look across and noticed the fullness in Nat’s pants. Feeling his palms sweat, he asked briskly, “Okay, well, are you two ready to head inside?”

Inside of the restaurant, they sat like most couples and their bulls in Aratego. Tim sat on one side of the table while Rosa and Nat sat next to one another on the other. Once they’d ordered their drinks, conversation took off. Everything seemed so surreal to Tim. His cock throbbed in his pants so badly that there were moments he had to refrain from balling his fists and slamming them into the restaurant table like a madman.

“That’s interesting,” Tim said, having just listened to Nat talk about moving from a smaller place out in the jungle to Aratego. “It’s different for me too, man. It’s nothing like Boston. Well,” he chuckled “for one, it’s not so freakin’ cold here. When we got here two years-…”

Nat cut Tim off. “The thing that’s different the most for me with living in Aratego is how much more modern things are,” he said. He then chuckled and glanced away. “Really, I used to walk around with my dick just hanging out of my pants out in the jungle it would be so hot sometimes.”

Nat’s presence at the table, pushed up against Rosa, was too great to ignore. His cologne caused Rosa’s legs to squirm underneath the table. Anytime he spoke, she listened and her lips would inevitably curl into a smile. Badly, she wanted to reach over and fondle his bulge. Depending on how he leaned back when he talked, Rosa could look down into Nat’s lap and see the shape — the meatiness curved to the left and lay on top of his left thigh. “Oh, yeah?” Rosa asked. Her mind wallowed in the image of his big black cock dangling from his pants.

Tim abruptly stopped talking when he saw his wife paid no attention to him. There was a kind of sparkle in Rosa’s eyes as she looked into Nat’s cold brown eyes. A bit of jealousy came over Tim when he saw how his wife reach up and gently rub Nat’s bald head, seemingly not even knowing that she was doing so in front of him. Her movement was filled with so much affection.

“Yeah,” Nat said, nodding. He looked down as if he were beykoz escort talking serious business. “When I tell people where I’m from… That I actually grew up in a village between Aratego and the Lagoon, they always ask me what’s the hardest part about havin’ to adjust to a city like Aratego with traffic and tall buildings and a subway and all that.” He shrugged. “Yeah, there is more to keep me busy here, especially now. But it’s just funny walking around with my,” a chuckle slipped out of his lips as he let his words trail off for a moment. “Well… It’s uncomfortable and still taking some getting used to.”

Tim’s dick throbbed so hard in his pants he felt as if he were about to cum on himself. He imagined his beautiful wife Rosa wrapping her small hands around Nat’s heavy hanging cock. Just the thought of how he could fill her up nearly pushed him over the edge.

“Yeah?” Rosa asked. “So, what do you mean?”

Nat chuckled. “I mean, sometimes I’m walking down the street, especially when it’s hot, and I just want to undo my pants and let it all hang out,” he said. “If I gotta say I hate anything here, that would be it. I hate that part about living here. I say it should be more like the Lagoon…like the beach, but I know all the business people here won’t go for that.”

Rosa turned and looked at her husband. They looked into one another eye’s for a few long seconds — husband-wife subliminal conversation ensued. The love between the two of them had been so strong. And it was only growing stronger by the minute. For three years, Rosa had been missing something — craving a different sensation. She’d told herself she wasn’t going to have a bull when she’d first gotten married. The first few months passed, things had really sunken in, and she, and Tim, realized for the sake of their marriage they better go ahead and start off right while they were still young. Tim agreed, wanting nothing more than for his wife to get what she oh so deserved and needed.

The food came and they ate, drinking and talking the entire time. Tim noticed how Nat cut him off time and time again during conversation. It was almost as if the guy didn’t hear him talking. And Rosa reactions didn’t help. If Nat so much as breathed heavily, she looked toward him and was ready to hang on to every word. Nat dominating personality was almost unsettling, like earthquakes. He could carry the conversation well on his own, even dropping in a bit of humor here and there. What Tim did find interesting, though, was how Nat would rarely look directly into his eyes. Furthermore, references to his penis — either from Rosa or himself — seemed to pop up frequently.

When the bill came, the waitress slid it to Tim. Tim looked it over as Rosa and Nat talked to one another. They’d gone from talking about some crazy things Rosa had seen on the street and in parks up in Hung Low — a wealthier neighborhood on the northeast side of Aratego — to how Nat adjusted to going swimming in neighborhood pools rather than lakes and rivers like he did out in his small jungle village. Rosa, like it was the first time, smiled and glanced down at Nat’s crotch as often as she could.

Tim held the first then second restaurant doors open for Rosa and Nat. Nat made sure to have Rosa walk in front of him, never holding back the least bit to either get a good look at her ass or to push up against her a little too closely. There had been one instance where Tim could have sworn Rosa reached back and grabbed Nat’s crotch, but he wasn’t sure. Just as he’d stepped out of the restaurant, he looked at some of the other couples sitting in the waiting area, waiting for their tables. His eyes met with those of another husband, who was there with his wife and their bull. The husband’s eyes almost popped out of his sockets after seeing Nat’s bulge. Tim simply looked ahead, wanting to get home as quickly as possible.

Upon being transferred to Aratego by R Tech, the embassy made sure to go over some of the laws and important customs and traditions not only of Lascivious Island, but also specifically for Aratego, since the city could be so different in comparison. This was the moment Tim had been waiting on — a moment for which he’d been preparing. The pressure was immense. Rosa and Nat turned around and looked at Tim, the two of them with an expecting face.

Time quickly recalled what he’d thought about saying. “Nat, man,” he said, “I don’t know what plans you’ve got tonight, but my wife and I would love to have you over.”

Nat licked his lips then leaned down and hugged Rosa, again allowing his arm to slide down her lower back just a little too low once again. “Sure, I’m free to come over for a while,” he answered. He nodded. “A good long while, actually.” A sinister chuckle followed.

Rosa balled her fists, wishing she could jump into that man’s arms right there in front of the parking lot. “Well, just follow us. Okay?” she said.

Tim and Rosa climbed into the car then headed back toward the vein. The glass buildings caddebostan escort of Downtown Aratego faded in the background; the lush green jungle, climbing the rocky hills surrounding the city, looked so dark under the night sky. Tim drove the car toward Creampie Ridge, having to watch his speed because he was so anxious to get home.

Rosa noticed Tim’s silence. “What’chu thinking about?” she asked sweetly.

Tim looked at his wife, breathing deeply, then back at the road. “I love you so much, Rosa,” he said. “I really do. I love you.”

Rosa leaned over and kissed her husband passionately. Within seconds, a car swerved somewhere near them and honked their horn, causing them to snap out of it.

“You met him at the deli?” Tim asked. The night had been so erotic he wanted to hear his wife tell the story over again.

Rosa nodded. “Yeah, what do you think?” she asked. “And be honest, Tim. You don’t have to say you like him just because you think that’s what I wanna hear.”

Tim nodded and smiled, sighing softly. Hearing his wife ask him a question like that really cemented the love he had for her. “Rosa, it’s about you,” he said. “I…I…” The tone in his voice was very serious and convincing. “I just want you to be happy and to get what you deserve.”

“Tim, I love you,” Rosa said. She then closed her eyes, imagining herself sitting on Nat’s lap and bouncing up and down in ways she never could with Tim. “I told you. I talked to Nat a little bit and stuff, when we met up for dinner on our own. I wouldn’t have had us go out to dinner with him if I didn’t think he was the kind of bull you’d like.”

“No, the kind of bull you’d like, Rosa,” Tim stressed. “It’s about the kind of bull you like.” Tim then wondered what in the world there was to not like. Nat was built like a man who grew up in the jungle. Sitting at the table, so close with so bright light above them, Tim could only imagine what he looked like with his shirt off — the amount of power the man would have over his wife. Rosa liked being picked up and while Tim could do it somewhat, never had they been able to keep it going long enough for her to feel anything. If he didn’t grow tired from holding her up in the air, Rosa grew frustrated from limited range of motion — Tim slipping out constantly.

Rosa couldn’t hold back her excitement anymore. “You want to know what he was asking me in there?” she asked. “Before we got up from the table, when you were paying the bill and we were talking real quiet?”

“What?” Tim asked, smiling. “I was wondering, but I wasn’t going to say anything.”

“He asked me how many times do I usually like to squirt,” Rosa explained, blushing.

Tim’s eyes bulged. He looked over at Rosa just as they’d been getting off at the Mandingo Forest exit. He checked to make sure Nat’s car still trailed behind them. From the looks of it, he’d followed so closely there was no way he was going to lose him. “Huh?” he asked. “Really? How many times do you usually squirt? Usually? That’s what he asked you?”

“I know,” Rosa said, slapping her palms against her thighs. She then wiped her slightly sweaty forehead. The Long Island Iced Tea she had at the restaurant was causing her to loosen up a little bit. “I know, that’s what I was saying. That’s why I was telling him that I hadn’t even had a orgasm since we left the States. He didn’t know that the law says you can’t bring sex toys onto the island. I was like well, I guess you wouldn’t know that.”

Tim pressed the accelerator, zipping the car forward so they could get back to their apartment as quickly as possible. He wasn’t doing this for himself, but rather for Rosa. She was right. It had been three years since she’d had the orgasm. Her couple of outbursts about her sexual frustration some months after coming to Aratego would never be forgotten.

Tim whipped into a parking spot on their street then he and Rosa waited for Nat to walk up onto the sidewalk after parking his car. Even on the dimly lit street, at certain points where Nat walked under the moon, the couple couldn’t help but to notice his bulge. His soft cock looked as if it were pressed against his left thigh still, pointing to the side.

“This is our place,” Tim said, opening the door for his wife and Nat. He watched as they continued whispering to one another. Nat’s forearm rested on her lower back as he guided Rosa inside of her own home. Tim, seeming to be in the background and nothing more, pulled the door closed behind them.

“Nice place,” Nat commented. He never took his eyes off of Rosa. On the way across the city’s west side, Nat replayed over and over in his mind the moment when Rose and her thick thighs and big Latina behind had stepped out of the car. Almost like a mathematician trying to figure out a math problem, the 21-year-old thought diligently about how he’d dick this wife down and how he’d do it unmercifully. Having grown up in the jungle where social rules weren’t so strict, he learned how to read women at a young age. And something was telling him that Rosa was one frustrated wife. She even walked as if her husband wasn’t doing what she needed in the bedroom. He wasn’t surprised, though. After all, he noticed it was kind of common for some of the business executives’ wives to be sexually frustrated.

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