Lesbian Friends


I’m Saffra Jenkins. I’m a real estate agent in Eatondale, Canada. I have been married to my husband Mark for 15 years, and we have a son named Jeffrey. Although most of my business takes place in the downtown of Eatondale, we actually live in suburbs.

I grew up here; so living here and being able to connect with old friends was a great experience. Mark and I both work, and our son is just getting to the age where he wants to have sleepovers with his friends instead of hanging out with his boring Mom and Dad.

We have a strong family bond, and I love my husband and son very much, but I have always had yearnings that I couldn’t satisfy on my own. I have always been attracted to women- specifically, to other black women…

If I meet a woman with cocoa skin and a slim body, I naturally gravitate to her. If she has large breasts, I’ll be locked in. I am also an attractive Ebony woman, so I tend to like women who have a similar look to myself.

Makes me think that perhaps I’m in love with myself?

I guess I’m just wired that way.

I know that I am a bisexual, but I have never acted on it. I was always worried about someone finding out, or dealing with the risks and dangers of hooking up anonymously.

Mark was always okay with the idea of having a threesome that included another woman, but the timing was never right with our son in the picture. Who wants to have a night of raunchy sex and go home to an impressionable child? These roles were just too fuzzy to keep separate in my mind.

Now I’m 39, successful in my real estate career, with a beautiful home to prove it. When we picked this house, we fell in love with the area. It was like a dream to be able to afford a home on streets lined with 100 year old trees.

It just so happened that an old friend became my new neighbour. She lived a few doors over and I walked right into her one morning as I was putting our moving boxes at the curbside.

Her: Saffra is that you? It’s me! Abra!

I turned to see the stunning Abra Walters (now Fleischmann) standing a few feet away.

We were put together in so many classes, our classmates would say that the school administrators must have been having a joke at our expense. Saffra and Abra the two gorgeous ebony girls who mirrored so many features that people mistook us for sisters.

We had a falling out at the end of high school amid tensions between us. I was going to college 2 hours away from our hometown, while she had plans to leave the country to study abroad. Things were uncomfortable between us for a few months before we said goodbye, but I was so glad that we never had the “blow up” that usually causes people to never speak again.

Running into her brought back so many emotions. Right there in the street we gave each other a big hug and chatted at length; making plans for later that evening to catch up.

I was amazed that Abra was back in my life. The following year was a blur of phone calls, visits, birthday parties between the two families, movie nights; you name it, we did it. I felt like I had my best friend back.

One summer night after the kids had gone to bed, the four of us: Me and my husband with Abra and her husband were finishing our second bottle of wine for the evening. David, Abra’s husband, was clearly inebriated and started to ask questions about our past.

David: Hey Saffra, are you the friend of Abra that got caught shoplifting at Canada’s Wonderland?

Abra: David! No, that’s not her!

Me: I wasn’t that friend. I was the one who was always ahead of your wife on the basketball team, the badminton team, the volleyball team… oh and I think I kicked her butt in wrestling too!

David: I do remember now! My wife once said that she was always behind because she thought you had an amazing one. An amazing ass that is.

Abra: David! Be quiet!

David and Mark howled at Abra’s reaction. It was as if the two men could see something that I couldn’t. I looked at Mark and he looked at Abra with an amused and drunken smile plastered on his face. He shrugged his shoulders and continued to laugh at the joke that I clearly was not “in” on.

Abra lightly punched her husband on the arm and changed the subject. The night concluded soon after and I found myself in bed with Mark staring up at the ceiling as he tossed off his clothing and poured himself into bed.

Me: Honey, what was that joke between you and David all about? The joke he made earlier- I just don’t get it

Mark: I’m not entirely sure what he was laughing Escort Bayan at to be honest…But I was laughing at how tense Abra got as soon as David started on the topic. I got the impression that she probably has a thing for you, and that David was about to let the cat out of the bag

Mark’s comments stayed with me and served to propel a very erotic dream that very night.

In the dream, I could see myself walking into Abra’s home and sitting under her dining room table. I sat on my knees like a cat waiting for her to arrive. When she walked into the room, she rang a bell and called out “Here kitty, kitty”.

I crawled out from under the table and saw that I was indeed a cat- somehow transformed. When I approached my mistress who was holding the bell, she lifted her apron to reveal a shaved cunt. She expertly used two fingers to spread the lips of her gorgeous black pussy.

I sat there obediently: in the body of a cat, in her dining room, in a very odd dream.

While showing me her cunt, she continued to say “Here kitty” and I obliged by raising up my mouth to take a vicious lick of the flesh being presented to me.

I could almost taste her as I woke up from the dream.

The next time I saw Abra, I was at her home. Upon entering I immediately remembered the dream. I stared at the spot in her dining room where I had licked her, whilst in the body of a cat.

If I had to guess, my somnambulist sexuality took a stroll into revealing a desire for me to have sex with my best friend.

When she came to me at the door Abra could see that I looked distracted. I told her that I had a crazy dream about her the other night, but when she asked for the details I couldn’t find the words.

Abra: I just don’t see why you would bring it up if you didn’t remember the dream.

Me: I do remember. I’m just not going to tell you what happened.

Abra: [Pauses]…just such bad taste…

Me: I don’t want to get into the details. It was a dream. Its… weird. Just drop it.

Abra: [Mutters] …So typical.

Her demeanour was just like old times. Peppery and smoldering with attitude. She always called me on my bullshit. I stopped and turned just as we were about to walk out the front door.

Facing her, she winced as though immediately regretful of her razzing. Looking at Abra was like looking into a more gorgeous image of myself. We really did resemble each other. Her hair was longer, and also worn naturally. Her curl pattern was so sexy- one of those 3C beauties that gets those tiny ringlets…

She looked at me expectantly, because I had just turned around, and stared at her for 2.5 seconds too long without saying anything. I shook my head, turned around, and walked back to the car. I pushed the entire thing out of my mind.

It wasn’t until Abra introduced me to two of her book club friends from the neighbourhood that things began to change. Cheyenne and Patricia were the type of beautiful ebony housewives that you see around town, but never get the chance to meet. Pat, as she was known, was a petite former cheerleader for the CFL. She had been married to a guy on the Tiger Cats, but they divorced and she remarried a dentist. Cheyenne was a former athlete as well, but excelled in tennis and was once on the pro circuit. She still worked as an instructor at the Ontario Racquet Club, but mostly took care of her school aged sons who also went to my son’s school.

These ladies were so good looking and well groomed. I was in awe of their beauty, and feeling fortunate that they considered me as worthy of their attention and camaraderie. I was definitely attracted to each of them, and coupled with my long standing crush on Abra, I was looking forward to forming a closer bond with these three other women.

We met together regularly- falling into an easy routine. We saw each other at least once per week, and future plans were always being made. Our husbands even made efforts to socialize on occasion as well. Within the second anniversary of moving into the neighbourhood, we had found a place in the hearts of our new friends.

For my 41st birthday, we had been planning a girls-only trip to stay over for one night in Niagara Falls. Abra wanted everything to be a surprise, and they did an amazing job at keeping me in the dark about the itinerary. When the date arrived, I was given a list of things to do before Abra picked me up and drove us to the hotel. Cheyenne and Pat were going to meet us there.

We checked into the room and I was met with a beautiful display of rose petals on the large king bed.

Me: Wow, look at these roses! Abra, are we in the right room?

Abra: Yes, the card worked, and they confirmed the reservation at the desk.

Me: Well, there is only one bed, and it’s covered in rose petals.

Abra: Of course. It’s for us.

She sat me down at the edge of the bed, and explained that she was hoping, at some point during the night, that I would sleep with her. She explained that the other ladies knew about her feelings for me, and that they also had suspected that I retuned those feelings.

Abra calmly said that she was hoping I would accept the roses as a sign of her devotion to me.

What could I say?

I kissed her and let her words wash over me. My nipples stood up at attention as her hand grazed them over my blouse.

I was kissing my best friend, and she was kissing me back. Our intertwined fingers were like chocolate ropes of passion as they weaved betwixt each other. Her scent was sweet and her breath was warm. It was familiar and I had to admit that it was a lot like kissing a sister. My twin, even.

I was about to start overthinking the entire thing when a knock came at the door. Cheyenne and Pat had said they would meet us at the room.

I tried to compose myself out of that familiar fear of anyone discovering my bisexuality, but also quickly remembered what Abra has said. She had said that the others already knew. It was a good thing I could relax- because my pussy was starting to get really wet, and I was hoping for some help with it from my ebony sisters.

I sat on the bed while Abra unlocked the door letting in Cheyenne and Pat. They both looked like they had purchased their outfits at City Trends- you know, the store in the mall where everything is spandex and neon coloured? They looked amazing, but definitely like hookers.

The plan was airtight once it was revealed to me. The four gorgeous friends had planned a lesbian orgy in celebration of my birthday. Abra had wanted to fuck me for over a decade, and the other two were just so horny that they couldn’t deny themselves the pleasure of being involved. Pat and Cheyenne had brought everything we needed for the night- they wanted to make sure I didn’t find out- which is why they brought all of the lube, dildos, rope, and fun things to try after Abra and I had arrived at the room.

We broke into the festivities by drinking enough to become very friendly. Abra and I cuddled on the sofa in the den area of the hotel room. Our bodies were creating so much heat that it didn’t take long for me to be sitting in my bra and panties with Abra laying topless in my lap. We nursed our drinks so that Pat and Cheyenne could catch up to us.

After a while, we began to kiss, which initiated Cheyenne and Pat to start kissing as well. Abra pulled down my bra as she laid across my lap, to expose my breasts. She took the closest chocolate tit into her mouth and began to suck.

My hand moved between her legs. I could feel how hot she was for me. I pulled her panties to the side and allowed my middle finger to explore the edges of her nether lips. Abra, my best friend, was being cradled in my lap as she sucked on my tits. She spread her legs a bit wider to allow my free hand to continue to rub and dip inside of her.

I was getting so wet.

I looked over to Cheyenne and Pat to see if they were enjoying the show, however, they didn’t even seem to notice. Pat had the tiniest body- a true nymph- and it was teetered over Cheyenne’s face at that current moment. Cheyenne laid spread eagle on the bed, topless with a skirt still on. Pat expertly balanced her pussy lips directly over Cheyenne’s mouth- allowing only a few centimetres of space. Just enough room to get a slippery tongue inside….

I fingered my best friend’s pussy and she sucked on my tits. While her tongue teased my nipples, I watched our gymnast friend getting eaten out on the bed across the room.

Pat was teasing her pussy by hovering over Cheyenne, but not letting her take the long measured licks she craved. Pat was in control because she sat on her friend’s face; however I could see that Cheyenne was more of an Alpha, and she wanted to be in control.

Pat held Cheyenne captive, teasing a delicious treat just far enough that she couldn’t get a good lick. I could see myself giving Pat a lesson or two for being a cunt-tease later on.

My thoughts were like an aphrodisiac. My hot desire to dominate Pat made me want to grab the person closest to me. Moving on to the floor, Abra and I laid some bedding down amidst pillows for leverage. With our steady hands, and a very confident drunk-girl mentality, we readied a double ended dildo for some fun.

Sinking the dual dildo deep into my pussy first, I rubbed my best friend’s clit as I helped slide it into her as well. I was floating on a cloud at the feeling of our cunts meeting. When they came together, both impaled by the cock we shared, I knew I was changed. I was now a practising bisexual, and I would crave pussy again and again.

At first it was a matter of getting used to the size of the dildo; then it became almost casual. In my experience, that casual feeling is the point where lust has completely taken over, and you do things you wouldn’t normally do to feed your desire.

In the backward-bending crab walk position: Abra and I rocked back in forth rhythmically to fuck ourselves on the now creamy double ended dildo.

My pussy felt too good to not take inventory of the sensations:

Feeling the softness of her thighs rubbing against mine as we moved; seeing her wet creamy pussy slide on a dick; the feeling of being stretched open; and the building orgasm that was reaching critical level deep inside of me… It was all too much for me to handle.

I felt shock waves of an orgasm flow through me.

I screamed with pleasure, while furiously rubbing my clit.

It was a big one!

So big that someone in that hotel now knew exactly how loudly I can cum. Abra didn’t seem like she had climaxed, so she helped me finish off my orgasm by pulling out the dildo and sucking some of the wetness off to taste the spoils of her victory between my legs.

Abra and I continued to make love on the floor. It was a meeting of two minds that has been separated for much too long. As my best friend proceeded to lick cum out of my twat, she put her fingers inside. My walls were assaulted as she pounded her fingers in and out of my opening. I felt a second orgasm coming on when she slowed her pace. Just then, Cheyenne called us over to the bed to continue our pussy games as a group.

Pat was on the bed with her wrists tied over her head and her legs held apart by longer rope. Cheyenne had signaled us over to take turns on her. I was looking forward to running a train on her sweet-petite black pussy. I was already envisioning how she would feel: with my tongue dipping into her spread apart cunt-hole while her arms were restrained.

I was so happy to have friends like this: friends who would offer their bodies to be explored without letting societal hang-ups get in the way. We were just a group of girlfriends who wanted to fuck other women. In the worst case, our husbands would be happy knowing that we weren’t satisfying our desires with strangers off the street… This birthday gift was more than a girl could ever ask for. It was the gift of mouth-watering clits!

I mean really at the end of the day: what are friends for?

Going down on Abra, I started licking her sweet pussy hole over and over again until she came; lapping my tongue like a kitty-cat licks up milk.

My tongue dipped inside as far as I could reach. I swirled the cream that dripped out, and as she calmed down from what I had done to her, I pushed a dildo inside of her.

I absolutely reveled in the experience of fucking another woman with a dildo. Watching her squirm from getting her hole stretched out is miraculously sexy. I licked her clit as I fucked her with the dildo. It wasn’t long before cream began to ooze again.

We were carrying on in our hedonistic activity when to my side, I sensed a climax about to occur. Cheyenne brutalized Pat with a strap on dildo. Pat took the pounding in good spirit, gritting her teeth and rubbing her clit as her itty bitty tits bounced from the force.

Pat: Cheyenne, baby, it feels so good.

Cheyenne: Good. I want to see you drip cum all over my cock.

Pat: Fuck me Cheyenne. Fuck me like a little bitch.

Cheyenne smacked Pat’s thigh very hard. I was sure a mark would result. At that time Abra had flipped herself over my face to enter a “69” position with me. She licked my clit upside down with her ass up in the air and hovering her pussy over my face.

I was spent soon after that.

The events of the rest of the night were like a dream. Once we got our first lesbian foursome under our belts, we moved on to very intimate ways to spend time with each other. We swore each other to secrecy, but I can admit that I’ve now tasted each one of my gorgeous ebony ladies; and that my craving for pussy is here to stay.

To be continued…

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