Amber’s Awakening Ch. 01

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This series has been inspired by my personal tastes and preferences in BDSM, and my varied experiences with women under the D/s and M/s lifestyle umbrella. It touches upon themes of BDSM, total power exchange (TPE), watersports, sadism, humiliation and degradation. If these themes make you uncomfortable, this story is not for you. If the aforementioned themes are turn-ons, enjoy! It is also my first ever submission here on Literotica, so any and all feedback is welcome.

Characters you will meet:

Master Trevor

Age: 43 years

Height: 6’2″

Weight: 185 lbs.

Build: very athletic

Penis size: 8.5 inches long, 4 inches in circumference

Race: Mixed


Age: 18 years

Height: 5’3″

Weight: 130 lbs.

Build: very athletic

Measurements: Breasts 32C, waist 24 inches, bottom deliciously luscious, yet firm. Creamy white. Long bonde hair, slender legs, blue eyes

Race: Caucasian


It was decided that her Master would meet her for the first time this weekend. Not that she was given a choice; she had learnt over the time she’d been interacting with this man over the internet that in order to see their interaction fruit into an Pendik escort bayan actual relationship, she would have to come to terms to the fact that she was completely stripped of any say or sway in virtually all matters regarding her own life.

The letting go had been difficult early on, but the man on the other side of the computer screen had been very persistent. Very persuasive, very in control and sexy as hell. It was like He knew more about her than she did herself. Over time as she was able to trust the man on the other side of the computer screen, she had opened up to Him like she’d never before to any human being. She had shared everything with Him. First had been her social media passwords: FB, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, even email. When Master had assumed full control over her online life, He had a SIM card shipped over to her place. The one she had in her phone was to be destroyed. She was allowed to copy a handful of phone numbers over to the new card, only immediate family and close friends. They were not to be given her new phone number. If there was something they needed from her or vice versa, Master would do that for her via her social media accounts that He now managed.

Amber had for all intents and purposes, been Escort Pendik isolated from the world around her as she knew it. She had a few qualms, and she raised them to her Master. Master listened to her complaints very attentively. She had to give Him that. Regardless if He decided in her favour or against, the one thing He did that was most different from her previous relationships was that He listened to her. He heard her. But the response was always the same: He had chosen to make her His slave. And as slave, she’d have no rights. Why else would He call her slave and not sub? Or she address Him as Master and not Dom? That made complete sense to Amber.

Most of her complaints also followed with a ban on any sexual interaction between them for a full week. Master would not allow her to sit naked in front of the computer camera to show herself to Him. There would be no touching, no sexually stimulating talks between them. Master would refrain from using the words ‘good slave’ for a full week.

It was this punishment that Amber could not bear. This was the part of their relationship that she craved the most. The part where Master would reaffirm how much He liked His slave being so obedient and dutiful to Him.

The complaints and the arguments Pendik Rus Escort quickly dried up and were replaced by a very eager and willing attitude to all the Amber was asked of by her Master.

Master noted this shift in behaviour and decided it was time to push for more control. He told Amber to share her bank account details with Him. Soon as she did, her passwords were changed. She was also told to expect a locksmith who’d drop by and change her lock to one of the new ‘smart’ ones. The ones where Master could monitor all of her going-ons via an app on His phone. That was followed by an electrician visit who installed a front door camera, and multiple closed circuit microscopic cameras all through Amber’s apartment.

When Amber told Master that her rent agreement with the landlord stated she would not be able to make changes to the property, Master simply replied telling her He now owned the apartment she was living in.

Amber realized two things with this gesture: the idea of this man becoming her Master for life that she’d been toying with in her mind was not just toying anymore. He was serious. He was invested. Second, there was no going back for her now. Her intense desire to give herself for someone completely was being accomplished very effectively by a man who she adored and loved, but had never yet met. He had removed her from her life prior to meeting him and from this point on, He would have her at His beck and call. 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. He was her Master and she His undying slave.

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