Tracey Takes on…Herself? Ch. 02

Big Tits

Author’s comments:

“This is, clearly, a continuation from the 1st chapter. This story picks up right where the first left off. So this really won’t flow well, if you haven’t read the first one. I would also like to thank everyone for the wonderful feedback on the first part!!!”

This has been another addition of author’s comments. Brought to you by the letter F.


The two quickly kissed again. Passionately and lustfully, the two girls tongue wrapped around and played in each other’s mouths. The twin placed her right leg between Tracey’s legs and began to rub her pussy with it. Tracey let her body slump a bit, allowing herself to grind against the girl’s leg. Tracey’s eyes rolled back as they closed. Never had she felt like this before. Tracey slid her hips up and down the thigh that was pressed against her. She could feel it getting more and more slippery each time she moved.

Then the thigh pulled away, and Tracey kept moving her hips a bit afterwards, hoping it would comeback. Then she felt the hands press against her chest. She opened her eyes in time to see her Twin push her over. Tracey landed on the bed and moved herself so she was completely on it. Her twin then crawled over her, and made her way up, until her head was over Tracey’s breasts.

“Now we really start, Tracey. We’re going to do things you’ve never even dreamed of.” The voice filled Tracey’s head again.

‘Oh God.” Tracey thought over and over in her mind.

“No, my sweet thing, not God.” The feminine voice echoed inside her head.

The twin’s eye color had changed to black. As Tracey looked into her double’s eyes. A fear filled chill crawled down from Tracey’s shoulders. Downward along her spine it crept, past the small of her back. Down it seeped until it merged with the lust filled fire that burned between her legs. Causing Tracey’s body to shutter and squirm. Her pussy to spasm, a mini climax, that caused her to only ache for more.

The other woman, Tracey’s doppelganger, opened her mouth and bought her tongue out, placing it in the space between the breasts. Slowly and with a smile she dragged the tip of her tongue across Tracey’s left breast and over the nipple. Her smile became more mischievous as she held the tongue still and let beads of saliva slide over her taste buds and drip onto the once dry nipple. Tracey’s nipple slowly began to redden and harden. Almost as if it was reaching out, trying to push itself against the pink fleshly object. The cool breath that blew onto her wet breast only heightened the feeling that dwelled within her.

Tracey gasped and moaned, she raised her hands up and gripped the pillow that lied above her head. She arched her back a bit, trying to bring her breast up and into mouth that hovered above it. The double moved up in synch with Tracey, continuing the tease.

The double chuckled in a low, soft tone right before she opened her mouth widely. She swiftly brought her face down, clamping her mouth over the tit that laid below. With the tongue swirling on her body, Tracey arched her back and fell on to the bed. The only noises that enveloped the room was a sucking sound and Tracey’s gasping breath. A gasping breath filled with lust and pleasure. Tracey brought her hands down and rubbed her hands all through the other woman’s hair.

“Oh fuck…” Tracey whimpered in a gasp.

Tracey’s body writhed in pleasure as her double suckled on her nipple. Tracey’s görükle escort pleasure heightened as she felt her twin run her hands gently up and down her tummy. Tracey closed her eyes and brought her head back. Within the darkness behind her eyes Tracey could feel the soft feminine fingers softly sliding down her stomach and towards her dampening and burning sex. Then, teasingly ,the hands slide very close and slowly past her hungry pussy. Then she felt the gentle massage of her inner thighs. Tracey tilled her head back even farther and bit her lower lip.

“Do you want me inside of you, Tracey?” The voice once again filled her head. Tracey tilted her head back up a bit and looked into the black filled eyes of her double. She bit her lip a little more and nodded. “Do you want me to feel you?” The voice penetrated Tracey’s head, as the double moved her hands up over Tracey’s pussy and began to very gently massage it from the outside.

Tracy felt an electrical shock of pleasure surge from inside her womb and spread out within her entire body. Another mini orgasm racked her body. She leaned her head, arched her body and twitched from the pleasure. The double just kept on massaging the outside Tracey’s pussy. With a very seductive smile she spoke.

“Do you want in me in you, Tracey? Tell me you want me inside of you.” The doubles voice was soft and low. Tracey raised her body with her elbows and brought her head up. She looked into her twin’s eyes.

“…Yes, oh god yes…I want you in me…I want to feel you inside.” Tracey begged of the other woman.

The doppelganger smiled even wider, and began to massage the outer walls of Tracey’s cunt with a little more force. Tracey immediately bent her knees and spread her legs wider. She tilted her head back once again. She moaned and let out a couple of gasps. Her body was filled with warm , intoxicating lust. The double giggled and licked her lips.

“Tell me where you want me. Come on Tracey.” The voice re-entered Tracey’s mind.

“In my pussy!” Tracey cried.

Tracey brought her head up and looked into her double’s eyes, “I want you in my pussy.”

“That’s a good girl.” The seductive voice echoed over and over in Tracey’s head.

Tracey bit her lower lip as she watched the double bring her right hand to its mouth and began to suck on the index and middle fingers. The other hand moved up and exposed Tracey’s clit from underneath it’s hiding place. Tracey’s hips moved back and forth subconsciously. The double pulled her fingers from her mouth and placed them in Tracey’s. Tracey closed her eyes and, filled with greed and lust, she sucked the fingers hungrily. The double stared her colorless eyes into Tracey’s.

“That’s right Tracey, be a good little slut for me.” The voice filled her head making Tracey extremely dizzy and shooting more erotic heat throughout her body.

Tracey closed her eyes as the double slowly slid her fingers over Tracey’s tongue and out of her mouth. Tracey was so filled with wicked lust she didn’t even notice the saliva that was dripping down her chin and on to her breasts. The other Tracey stopped her pussy massage and instead slightly opened Tracey’s sex. Tracey’s head dropped and her hips instinctively raised, as she felt a breeze of cool air hit the warm liquid that was slowly leaking out of her.

“That’s a girl. Raise those hips for me.” The double spoke this time, in a seductive bursa escort bayan voice.

She brought the saliva covered fingers to Tracey’s opening. Tracey body twitched as she felt the fingers touch her pink outer petals and a whimper escaped her mouth. The other Tracey turned her hand palm up and laughed a wicked laugh, as she very slowly edged her two fingers past Tracey’s lower lips and into her body. The other hand massaged Tracey’s hood and clit.

“Oh oh, mm.” Tracey moaned as she bit her lower lip again. Her body squirmed and her hands subconsciously grabbed at her own breasts.

Tracey’s eyes rolled back into her head as she felt the two fingers slide not only inside her, but across the top of her inner velvety flesh. Tracey moved her hips slowly in rhythm with her double’s hand. She felt her body heating up more and sweat beading off her body as she rode her mirror image’s fingers. The double smiled and brought her head down. She used her other hand to pull back on Tracey’s hood. She blew softly and gently on it.

Tracey raised her hips even higher, as the other woman moved her hand from Tracey’s clit and placed it under Tracey’s ass. The double opened her mouth, and extended her tongue. Slowly she made very small circles over Tracey’s pink hood. Meanwhile, with one hand massaging her ass, another inside her increasingly wet pussy, and a tongue rubbing over her clit, Tracey was in ecstasy. Her hips bucked wildly, her hand pulled at her nipples and her head turned as she bit her pillow

She bit her pillow harder as her double slid the tip of her tongue under Tracey’s hood. Directly and gently, she licked her clit.

“Oh my fucking god!!” Tracey screamed through her clinched teeth. Drool ran out her mouth and began to puddle on the pillow.

Tracey’s body squirmed from all the stimuli. Her body ached with a feverish lust, her head swam and her sight was dizzying. Her pussy was dripping out, down her ass crack and on o the bed. Then without warning, the double stuck one of her fingers right outside of Tracey’s asshole and, from inside Tracey, she turned her hand and pushed Tracey down onto it. Tracey’s eyes went wide and she let out a slight scream. She immediately stopped moving her hips. The combination of pleasure and pain took her body by surprise.

“Shhh, just relax.” A soothing voice filled Tracey’s head.

Tracey’s double turned her hand palm up again and continued to rub the top of Tracey’s inner pussy walls. Tracey slowly closed her eyes and began to slowly ride the 2 fingers in her sex and the one in her ass. The double wiggled the finger deeper into Tracey’s ass, and just as quickly as the pain came, it was washed away by extreme pleasure. Soon Tracey’s was bucking her hips wildly, never in her life had she felt so good.

“That’s it. That’s a girl, you’re doing so well.” The double said out loud as she pulled her fingers out from inside Tracey.

Tracey opened her eyes and looked at her the woman who came out of her mirror. The double smiled as she moved over Tracey. She laughed as she put the two fingers that were just exploring the velvety hole, and put them up to Tracey’s mouth.

“Open up sweetheart.” Tracey heard in her head. Tracey turned her head and opened her mouth without even thinking about it.

Next thing Tracey knew she had had the fingers deep in her mouth. She licked and sucked on those fingers like her life depended bursa escort on it.

“Such a naughty, naughty little thing you are.” The double said as she watched Tracey suck on the finger.

Slowly the double pulled the fingers out and sucked on them herself. Then the double moved their bodies , placing her pussy against Tracey’s. The double grabbed Tracey’s leg and began to rub her own wet pussy against Tracey’s. Tracey body couldn’t take much more with out exploding, she was sure of that.

“You wanna cum don’t you Tracey?” The double said heavily, sweat falling from her face.

Tracey just screamed and moaned. Both women washed over by the sexuality, began to grind each other harder and faster. The double closed her eyes and laughed excitedly. Tracey eyes went wide and her body shook with tremendous force.


Tracey could feel her pussy open up and felt a warm liquid shooting out of her. Covering the bed, her double’s pussy and on both girls stomachs.

“Ohh fuck yea Tracey! You dirty whore, fucking cum. Cum, slut… CUM!!” The double yelled at the exploding girl.

Tracey grabbed her tits hard and continued screaming with pleasure as she rode the warm waves of pleasure that intoxicated her body. Sweat poured wildly from Tracey as she shook her head and convulsed orgasmicly. Then as the waves began to wash away from Tracey, she looked up at her double. Who’s eyes were glowing a darkness out of them.

“You got me all dirty, slut” The double said wickedly as she began to move her body.

“Aaa…w-what?” Tracey muttered softly, her body relaxing, her eyes began to close.

“Oh no, you’re not done yet.” The voiced filled Tracey’s head again.

Suddenly Tracey’s eyes went wide, and a powerful hungry swept over her body. She shook her head and drooled as her pussy demanded to be filled. The double laughed as she turned her body and placed her pussy over Tracey’s face. Without a word or a thought Tracey, crazed from the whole experience, grabbed her hips and buried her face into the pussy that was above her. Tracey could taste herself as well. The other Tracey’s eyes still glowed darkly. She continued to laughed and brought her head down and began sucking on Tracey’s clit wildly.

There in the middle of the bed the two girls, identical in every physical feature, wrapped each other in a cocoon of lust. Both losing themselves in the pleasure and ecstasy. Tracey was lost in it all, her face pressed against a wet pussy and her buried inside of it. All the while she could feel the same happening to her as well. Tracey screamed as she felt the ever growing fever in her stomach, her body buck wildly.

“That’s right, oh fuck yeah” The double purred into Tracey’s wet sex

“Ahhh I wanna cum again!” Tracey screamed again.

“J-just a bit more, slut…eat me a little more!” The double moaned excitedly.

Both girls began to twitch, as they we both begin to feel the pleasure swell within them. Both girls screamed and yelled at each in perfect union.


Both pussies shot onto the other face into each others mouth. Tracey opened her eyes as she came. She felt her body shaking and pleasure she had never felt before as her eyes sight quickly began to fade to black…

* * * * *

The next morning Tracey turned over and turned her alarm clock off. She smiled at the eight and two zeros that were in front of her. She pulled back the white and red rosed bed spread, and hopped off her double brass bed She walked across the lavender ’70s shag carpeting, to the full length mirror. She smiled widely as she looked into it.

“Finally I am free.”

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