Timmy’s Talented Tongue


It was my traditional Fourth of July party at my house, a small gathering of friends and family, the usual crowd of young and older, coming together for a barbecue, drinks and watching fireworks at the nearby beach where I live.

They’d gotten smaller since my divorce, with my ex-husband’s friends and family staying away, which is fine, I liked smaller groups especially as it got harder to manage as I got older. I’m not ancient by any means, but at 59, a well-preserved, athletic and strong 59 I might add, it’s a lot of work.

My grandchildren were there, along with a few of their friends, including Timmy, a tall, gangly 18-year-old, cute blonde boy, a bit on the shy side. He was helping me a lot during the day, serving people, cleaning up, and now, just before sunset when people would be heading to the beach, he was by my side in the small pantry, helping me put things away. Such a good boy, I thought, eyeing the handsome young buck with his curly blonde hair and innocent good looks.

He was carrying a piece of cake, eating it, when a bit of icing fell onto his arm. As I put things away, I noticed peripherally Timmy’s incredibly long tongue dart out to slurp it nonchalantly off his arm as he continued to gobble his cake, thinking nothing of it.

I did, I couldn’t help it, his tongue had to be a good four inches long, the longest I’d ever seen and instantly the forbidden fantasy of Timmy eating my old pussy flooded my mind. It had been too long since anyone had eaten me, and when it did happen with my ex, he wasn’t terribly good at it. I tried chasing the naughty thought from my mind, but my pussy tingled under my mid-thigh summery dress as I looked at the boy.

“Wow, görükle escort Timmy…that’s quite…well, quite the long tongue you have there,” I said, emboldened by an afternoon of too much wine and the last few years of too little sex. “I couldn’t help but notice..”

“Yeah, the kids make fun of me,” he said, blushing, not making much of it and certainly not thinking what I was thinking.

“They do?” I asked, turning to him, folding my arms under my sagging boobs, giving them some lift and accentuating the cleavage in my low-cut top.

“Well…yeah…mostly the guys,” he said, swallowing the cake.

“Oh, just the guys?”

“Yeah, the girls….,” he said, stopping suddenly to look at me, my wrinkled cleavage leading his gaze. “Well…they…well…”

I couldn’t stop myself. I took a step forward, extended a hand and slowly swiped some icing from Timmy’s astonished face, holding it between us, he looking at it, then into my deep brown eyes, my silvery-blonde hair framing my face.

“Show me,” I hissed, feeling the full effect of the wine now, hearing the chatter of guests outside just feet away from us behind the closed pantry door at the end of the hall. “Show me that tongue again…”

Timmy gulped, looked at my icing-coated finger and slowly extended that amazing tongue, the tip tracing up and down the digit, licking off every sweet drop of cream. His eyes, wide open and incredulous, looked up into mine, heavy lidded with wanting. I smiled, and gently pushed his amazing tongue back into his mouth, followed by my finger, slipping it into his mouth to be sucked clean. I pulled it back out, and put my hands on my hips, very slowly hiking bursa escort bayan up my short dress over my tanned, sinewy thighs, taking Timmy’s stare with him.

I leaned back on the counter, spreading my legs, feet on the floor, pulling aside the tiny thong I wore, exposing the silvery gray bush and pouty lips within. I couldn’t help myself, reaching for Timmy’s head, smiling seductively, pulling the boy to me, kissing him and sucking that incredible tongue into my mouth where I sucked on it like a small, limp wet cock, his eyes still open and staring into mine.

“Show me, Timmy, show me just what that tongue can do, why the girls love it so,” I moaned, pushing his kissing mouth to my wrinkled neck, feeling that hot tongue lavish it with kisses, sucking the fleshy folds into his mouth, then down my cleavage to eagerly wrap that amazing tongue over each thick brown nipple that I pulled out of my skimpy bra.

“Show me!” I groaned with mounting need, pushing on his head until he knelt before me, staring wide eyed into my granny bush, then up at me.

“Are you…are you sure, Mrs. Leonard?” he asked, squeaky voiced.

Impatiently, I grabbed his ears and pulled him forward, moaning, spreading my legs and leaning back more on the counter, wrapping my muscular old tanned thighs around his face, until I felt his hot breath on my pussy, that tongue spearing the gray hair and finding its target.

“Holy shit!” I hissed, trying to keep my voice down as Timmy’s incredibly talented tongue dribbled my clit like a pro, its lizard-quick motion fluttering over it, drubbing it to engorged life, my pussy instantly flooding his trapped face with my juices.

He bursa escort never stopped, just moaned from the sheer joy of eating an older pussy as well as the slight pain I’m sure my very athletic old thighs were causing squeezing his head to the task at mouth! I gripped the back of his head as I came for his tongue, grinding myself on his trapped face, feeling the vibrations of his moans coursing through me. I looked down at his beet-red face, feeling his whopping tongue slow it’s clit assault and then spear my lips, drilling the hole, making me cum again.

I held his face in place with my scissoring thighs and my hands, pulling him deeper and tighter, his teeth mashed against my pussy and his tongue extended full length into my gripping cunt, sucking him inside me, pulling his face and grinding myself to the biggest orgasm I’d had in years, if not ever, cumming long and hard as his tongue plowed in and out of me at amazing speed. I finally calmed down, patting his obedient head, looking down at him as I uncrossed my locked calves and let him scoot back on his haunches, panting for air, a satisfied smile on his pretty young face.

“Wow, Timmy,” I said, sighing, slipping off the counter and pulling my thong back straight and dress down my trembling thighs. “You are…incredible.”

“Thanks..I get that a lot,” he shrugged shyly, standing, his stiff cock throbbing down the leg of his shorts.

He looked down at it as did I, then looking back up at him and smiling.

“Our guests will soon be heading to the beach, Timmy,” I said, pulling him to me for a tongue-filled kiss. “I suggest you and I hang back and watch from my upstairs deck. I promise, it’ll be the best seat in the house.”

On “seat,” I turned to flash him my tight, creamy smooth ass bared in my thong, quickly pulling my dress back up and down.

I laughed and left him in the pantry to attend to my guests, and let that gorgeous young cock deflate. For the moment…

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