The Video

Dan takes the USB stick out of his pocket and slots it into the television. It wasn’t often that he got the house to himself, and after working hard all day he felt that he deserved a little bit of “me” time, and what better way to relax than with a beer and a selection of his favourite videos. He turned around and settled on sofa, and began scrolling through menu’s until he found the file he was looking for: Grafton 2018. Pressing play, he settled back.

After a few seconds buffering, the picture faded from black to reveal what he knew to be the pedestrianised street running up to his local shopping centre. It looked like an Autumn day: despite the bright blue skies a blustery wind was blowing leaves in circles in the corners where buildings meet. Although there were a few people around, many carrying Primark paper bags, it was not exactly busy.

The video zoomed in on the back of a woman walking down the street – she has tight denim shorts and thick black tights but the look does not suit her (her legs are too short and she is too middle aged to carry such a young look off; the tights are stretched in places where they should not be stretched) and the man holding the camera voices his disapproval. He refocuses on another woman walking away from him, a tall blonde dressed in a mini dress and boots. It lingers on her bum and legs moving seductively before refocusing on a woman walking towards him.

She was young, 25 or 26, an attractive brunette with pale skin and large brown eyes. She was dressed in a denim miniskirt which reaches halfway down her thighs, brown patterned tights and knee-high boots. Her hair is pulled back into a ponytail and covered by a tweed like hat, and it was clear that she is wearing a tight striped top beneath her padded gilet. The camera picks her up some way down the road and watches her approach, walking fairly briskly, as if to meet someone

“Excuse me!” the mans voice says. The woman does not hear him and is almost walking past when he repeats himself. “Excuse me, miss! Can I ask you something?”

“Sorry,” she says and smiles at the camera. She is pretty (not beautiful, her mouth is too wide, her teeth slightly to large, her forehead slightly to big to be beautiful) in a girl-next-door sort of way. “Ermmm… yes?”

“Well, it’s a bit embarrassing.” says the voice. “You see, I have a problem… a big problem…” He pauses.

“Hmmmmm?” She lowers her chin and looks up at him slightly, coquettishly: eyes wide and a smile on her lips.

“Well… it’s my cock…”

The girl blurts out a laugh and puts her hand to her mouth, clearly shocked, before waving her hand dismissively at him and turning to walk away.

“No wait! Please!” he shouts. She stops and turns, one hand on her hips and a sceptical look on her face, eyebrows raised. “It’s just that I’m so… I was out with my friends last night… I think tecavüz porno they spiked my drink… Viagra I think…” She makes a half tutting, half-sighing incredulous sound and rolls her eyes. “It’s just that I’m so turned on! My cock is so hard it’s uncomfortable! I was hoping you could… you know… give me a hand?”.

The woman’s eyebrows raise further. “Give you a hand? You want me too…?”

“I’m sorry…” he whines. “I’m desperate!”

“Desperate? Is that supposed to be a complement?” Again an arch of the eyebrows.

“I’ve tried to do it myself, but it didn’t…”

There is an embarrassed pause. People walk by in the background, surely close enough to hear their conversation. Everyday life seems to be going on around them as if nothing untoward were happening. The woman continues to look at the cameraman, but there are a couple of surreptitious glances down towards his crotch. She begins to bite her lip.

“How turned on?” she asks suddenly.

“Oh, very… I don’t think it would take very long…”

“And you’ve tried to… you know…”

“Take matters into my own hands? God yes! I swear I wouldn’t be stood here asking pretty women…” (another eye roll) “… if I hadn’t already tried!”

The woman looks down the street to her left, staring into the distance, before seeming to make a decision and turning back to him. “Ok, but we can’t do it here. Follow me.” she says before turning decisively on her heel and walking ahead of the camera. She has walked a few paces before she glances back over her shoulder – “You will be quick, won’t you?”

Dan presses pause on the remote and unzips his fly, releasing his cock and giving it a couple of strokes. He’s not fully erect yet, but knows that he will be rock hard soon. Pulling his trousers and boxers down over his thighs, he looks at the girl frozen on the screen, admiring her legs and arse. Hand wrapped around his cock, Dan presses play.

The picture blurs where two bits of video have been spliced together, and when it clears the brunette is walking into a small graveyard next to a Victorian red brick church. The cameraman follows her as she makes her way through crumbling gravestones, the names of the deceased blurred with time, to a large tombstone. She constantly looks around her and when she arrives at the grave she turns and beckons him towards her nervously.

“Are you sure that…” he begins but is cut short as the brunette’s hands reach out for his groin. Her eyes focus and she licks her lips before the camera pans down and focuses on her hands undoing his belt and the button flies on his jeans, pulling both them and his boxers down and releasing a long, hard cock.

“Shit, that’s big…” we hear the brunette mutter as she uses her fingertips to gently stroke up and down his shaft. After a few seconds, as the cameraman moans travesti porno in pleasure, her hands wrap around his cock and begin to wank it hard, pulling the foreskin back as far as possible before tugging it back up and occasionally rubbing her thumb over the tip. His cock is long and points out towards her skirt – Dan can see her legs as she masturbates the cameraman.

“Good?” she asks. The camera pans back up to the brunettes face, smiling naughtily as her arm still moves back and forward. “You nearly there?”

The cameraman’s breathing is increasing, Dan can hear the heaviness that is almost panting. “Nearly there” he breathes. “A couple of minutes…”

The brunette glances to her right, and the camera quickly pans round to see what she is looking at: beyond the church is a busy street with buses passing and people walking along, some 100 meters away. They are only shielded by a few bushes and the large granite block behind her. “I don’t think we have that long…”

The camera swings back again. The brunette’s shoulder is still moving as she continues to wank the cock in her hand, moving up and down along its shaft. She looks at the camera for a couple of seconds and then seems to make a decision and pushes the camera man back a couple of steps so that we can see her whole body. Without a word she reaches down and hitches up the hem of her skirt, exposing her shapely legs and the gusset of her thick, patterned brown tights. Equally as quickly, before Dan has time to time to appreciate the shape of her calves, she sits back on her haunches with her knees spread. The message is clear, and the cameraman does not need another invitation.

Stepping forward, his cock bobs in front of her face before her hand wraps around the base and her tongue flicks out over its head before licking its entire length.

This is the part of the video that Dan enjoys the most and he begins to wank his cock more vigorously. The next few minutes are taken up by on of the most erotic blow jobs he has ever seen.

At first she takes the head of the cock in her mouth while stroking the base; then she takes as much of the cock into her mouth as Dan thinks is possible before moving her head back so that only the head is contained, and then manages to take some more on her next thrust. Sometimes she licks along the entire length and back again, flicking her tongue around the head and into its eye; sometimes her head bobs up and down rhythmically; sometimes she looks up at the camera, sometimes she closes her eyes and sometimes she seems to be looking at the penis in her hands with great intensity. There is a lot of saliva and she makes a lot of noise, grunts and slurps and moans of pleasure as she sucks his knob.

Eventually she takes his throbbing dick out of her mouth and holds it firmly on her cheek, rubbing it hard against xhamster porno her face and looking straight at the camera.

“Cum all over me. Cum on my face, cum in my mouth, I don’t care where you cum just cum…” she pants. Her rubbing gets quicker. “I want your spunk all over me. I want to taste your jizz…”

She puts the cock back in her mouth and again vigorously sucks. The camera man’s breathing is getting quicker and quicker, and he starts to moan loudly as he gets nearer to ejaculating.

“Oh fuck, that’s good… oh yes… oh…” he murmurs constantly as her blow job nears its end. She still looks at the camera, her brown eyes large and staring up at the cameraman.

“Yes!” he cries and thrusts his cock into her mouth. The first spurt of his cum obviously goes into her mouth but the sheer quantity of spunk takes her by surprise and she grunts and gags and jerks his cock out of her mouth so that the second spurt snakes across her face, drawing a line across her forehead and down her nose onto her chin. She puts his cock onto her cheek and the next spurt covers that and goes into her hair as well, before the last few dribbles run down her neck.

“Oh shit..” the cameraman says. “Oh I’m so sorry…” The brunette sits on her heels, exposing her legs, with her face covered in spunk. A large glob detaches itself from her and falls onto her tights She cups her hand up to her mouth and spits cum into them, before licking it back up again. She swirls it around on her tongue, mouth open, before theatrically swallowing with a gulp and a wince.

“Nice,” she says, scooping cum off her cheek and licking it from her finger. She giggles nervously. “I’m covered in your spunk!” she laughs. There is a moments pause as she stays crouched with cum dripping off her, before she slowly stands and lets her skirt fall. “Erm, I’ve got some baby wipes in my car… I’m parked just over there…” She begins to back away, the spunk running down her face and hanging from her chin. A blob falls onto her gilet.

“Er…thanks!” the cameraman says to the back retreating figure before the picture fades to black.

Dan presses rewind and finds the place where the brunettes face is looking up at him, covered in jism and pauses, He takes his cock in hand and begins to wank. Suddenly the door of the living room opens, and a woman walks in – it is raining outside and her coat is wet.

“Shit!” Dan shouts, fumbling trying to pull his trousers back up. “Alice! I was…”

“Looking at that video again?” Alice smiles, shrugging her coat off. She looks at the television, which is filled with her cum covered face frozen in time. “You’ll wear it out! And I’ve told you, the next time I get fucked hard! I don’t mind acting out your dirty fantasies but if all I get is the pleasure of eating spunk without even a nipple being teased…”

She sits down net to Dan, kisses him on the lips, and wraps her hand around his dick.

“How turned on?” she asks, mimicking what she said on the video.

“Oh, very…” he grins. “I don’t think it would take very long…”

As she bends over and takes him in her mouth again, Dan leans back and closes his eyes.

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